Marc Savard Can Dodge a Wrench

marcsavardThe time has come.  The Earth is finally ready for the World’s Greatest Hockey Astrologer:  me.  So what if I’m the only one?  Don’t try to rob me of my victory!

I am a fan of the greatest sports team in the world, the Boston Bruins.  I’ve never even been to Boston, I just have excellent taste in hockey teams.

Understand that I’m autistic, so I don’t watch sports the same way other people do.  I won’t even try to explain, except to say that certain people and things jump out at me as interesting, and I don’t actually care who wins or loses.  I only care about intensity.  I only care about heart.

Marc Savard brings a smile to my face.  Check out this highlights video.  My favorite part is at 2:05, when he scores, and then races over to try and hug all the fans through the boards.

Plus there’s stuff like this:

marc savard jumping


The thing that I really like about Marc Savard, though, is his overall story.  In a nutshell, he was a very good player on a powerhouse team.  He got taken out by a cheap shot to the head.   He later got another concussion, and after the first one, it was no bueno.  No more hockey for the excellent Marc Savard.  The Bruins took care of him, though.  When they won the Stanley Cup he hadn’t been able to play the big games.  He would’ve played except for the injuries, so they gave him one, too.  I think he deserved it, and I’m glad they did it.

I wouldn’t like this story hardly at all, because I hate to see someone getting shot down out of the sky.  But when I look at Savard’s chart, I see that if anyone could make lemonade out of this, it’s him.

So let’s put the astrology in hockey astrology.

Here’s Marc Savard’s chart on  (That one is interactive, which may be helpful for such a dynamic chart.)  The one below is from, as shown.  (Both very worthy sites IMHO.)

marc savard chart

Note that I don’t have an actual birth time, so the houses, ascendant, and midheavean are probably inaccurate.  And by all means, if you know Marc Savard’s birth time, holler at your girl.  Keep in mind, too, that I’ve never been within 100 miles of Marc Savard to my knowledge, so I’m pulling all of this straight out of my astrological butt.

So it’s hard to even say which is the most interesting aspect of this chart.  Let’s start with the first things first.

He has the Sun in Cancer, making him a somewhat heartfelt, sentimental kind of guy, a “homer.”  Fits right in on the Bruins in that way.  Then he has the Moon (ruler of Cancer) in this little huddle with Mercury and Saturn.  So his heart (Moon), mind (Mercury) and backbone (Saturn) are united in their desire to work with everything that happens in his life.

They’re exactly 4 degrees apart, so each one very solid in the group, very nice little equal triangle.  Think of three hockey players with their arms on each others’ shoulders in a huddle, or linked at the elbows facing outward.  Either way, they can move in circles and be very hard to penetrate.  This chart shows a remarkable internal smoothness and cohesion.

The problem child in this chart is Uranus; the planet of shocking, off the wall surprises, is square the Savard X-Men (Moon/Mercury/Saturn).  The only other planet causing any disruption in his peace of mind is Neptune, the planet of confusion, illusion, and the need to relax and go with the flow.  Neptune plays nice in the sandbox with the big three plus the actual problem solver in this chart, Pluto.  But let’s come back to Neptune.

If you’re not real big on astrology, here’s a simple way to think of it.  The red lines are conflict, and the blue lines are cooperation.   Savard has an enormous amount of internal cooperation — stunning, really.  He uses his heart, mind, and discipline to overcome whatever the world throws at him.  And life is definitely teaching him to dodge a wrench.

That Uranus conflict  (as well as all the fire and air signs)  will keep him from ever being complacent.  His Uranus isn’t wasting any time trying to throw him off in small ways, it’s going for his jugular.  He’s potentially capable of being an extremely calm and steady person, but it won’t come easy.  And for me, that’s what makes a man, he builds his own castle one brick at a time.

Before I leave the topic of Uranus, note the inconjunct (the dashed line) from Uranus to Jupiter.  In one context, Jupiter is the Bruins and the league — the establishment, Big Daddy.  An inconjunct is something that just doesn’t sit right.  In this case, they can’t accommodate his unexpected setbacks.  For Savard, Uranus is like the Jersey cave devil from Real Housewives, flipping tables over.  You can’t take Savard’s Uranus anywhere.  He was born with a thorn in his paw, and when he pulls it out (which he will) there will be another one.

His Jupiter (a “benefic,” or helpful planet) is in a happy relationship with Pluto, which is about transformation through crisis.  Pluto, the lord of death, is normally feared and dreaded (a “malefic” or harmful planet).   (Pluto is often the bringer of bad news, but Savard’s Pluto is so great I’m putting it at the end.)

His Jupiter is somewhat awkward with the Sun, too, in a semisextile.   It’s not that the Bruins don’t like him.  It’s that he was born to grapple with questions of fairness, i.e., the fact that life doesn’t give a shit about it.   It’s not just the Bruins.  Savard has set himself up to be in no-win situations, where he should be able to go forward, but realistically can’t.  He has the heart, brains, and soul to make almost anything happen.  That’s why he created this mechanism where the outside world will occasionally blitz attack him (Uranus), and there won’t be anything Big Daddy can do about it.  Ruck up and press on, Troop.  Remember, women find scars attractive.   (Savard’s face matches almost any decor, and at least in the picture above, he seems to somehow still have real teeth.)

Understand, astrology is about decoding the unconscious choices people make before they are born, the reasons their souls choose to suffer the agony of birth, death, and everything in between.  There are no accidents, only decisions we’re not aware of.  Marc Savard is a great example of someone who didn’t sign up for easy.  He came to push through it, and he’s very well equipped.  (Get your mind out of the gutter, I’m talking about his whole life.)  Bottom line:  no guts, no glory.

Where was I?  Oh, right.  Jupiter.   Savard’s Jupiter does a few other, less obvious things.  For one, it trines his north node.  (Remember that trines are supportive.)  In his case, that’s like “tough love.”  Jupiter loves him enough to let him fight the battles he needs to fight, because these are the things he needs to accomplish, to become the man he was born to be.  It’s like the butterfly thing, where the young butterfly needs to fight its way out of the cocoon, to develop the muscle strength to fly.   Jupiter also trines his “part of fortune,” which bears a little looking at in this very interesting chart.

Savard’s part of fortune (his luck) does three interesting things:  It trines his Jupiter, squares his Sun, and biquintiles his Moon.  In other words, luck keeps punching him in the face, and it could keep him in a bad mood if he allows it to.   He has everything he’d need to stay on track, though, and I suspect he will.

His part of fortune, Pluto, and north node (destiny) are all in Libra, the sign of the scales.  So it’s all about finding balance for him.  That’s his road to redemption.  When he finds that balance point inside himself he can overcome anything, and when he does find it,  a lucky star will shine on him.

So how does he find his way home?  Well, for one thing, his Sun (sense of self) and Mars (action).  These are the least aspected planets in his chart.  They’re sort of quietly playing very well together in the sandbox.  He has a good grasp of who he really is, what he needs to do, and how he can do it.

Then there’s Savard’s real superpower, Pluto.  Pluto is the lord of the underworld.  It’s about death, violence, victimization, and everything people dread.   It would be really easy for him to feel like a victim, and maybe he does, I don’t know.  But what I see in his chart is that if he does feel like a victim, his Moon, Saturn, Mercury trio is keyed into making lemonade, bigtime.   With Pluto in Scorpio, he’s probably tempted to take the slings and arrows very personally, and could be tempted to wallow in revenge fantasies.

Pluto here is sort of a “good cop/bad cop,” in that it’s cooperating with both his focused problem-solving team (Moon/Mercury/Saturn)  and Jupiter, “the man” who keeps closing doors on him.  Again, it’s the tough love thing.  Think of Pluto this way:  death may be the winter, but there’s nothing more charming than the flowers of spring, popping their brightly colored faces out from under the snow.   When we learn to digest the crap sandwich of Pluto, by God there’s no bringing us down anymore.

I don’t know Marc Savard, so I really can’t say how he’s assembling the parts of his life.  But I do see him having everything it takes to be truly indomitable, unstoppable no matter what happens.  This chart shows someone who was born to master equilibrium, at great personal expense.

It can be noted that his chart is a blend of fire (drive), air (intellect), and water (emotion).  Think about how that would work.  Fire heats up water, which evaporates into air, which condenses back into water.  He has a very good internal mechanism for handling change, and with lots of Gemini and Libra, he’s flexible and adaptable, prefers to be optimistic and easygoing, and is probably brighter than average.   But because of his Uranus situation, he has to work to stay that way.

The element that’s noticeable in its absence is Earth.  I don’t know his birth time, so he may have his ascendant in an Earth sign.  I think it’s uncommon for a professional athlete to have no Earth in his chart.  Oh, wait, did I say no Earth at all?  Pardon me, he has Chiron in Taurus, the most grounded Earth sign of all.  Think of Taurus as a bull laying in a field, in no hurry to get up and do anything.  Chiron is sometimes considered a minor player, but I think it’s a really important clue here.

Chiron is the “wounded healer.”  In this chart, it’s a strong contrast point.   With the constant fluctuation of fire, air, and water, a lot of that is about internal processes.  There’s nothing in his chart to say that any of this makes any difference to anyone but him — except Chiron.  By getting through his ordeals and finding a way to still have equilibrium, finding a way to take responsibility for his life even when things seem so random, he can become a true master.  This is not only in his life, but the example he can set for others.  He’s not the only person walking around who got cut off at the knees, so to speak.  What makes a person heroic is what they do after the bomb drops.  He has a chance to show people how it’s done, how disappointment breeds wisdom if you let it.

Here’s the Kozminsky symbol for 5 Taurus from Cornerstone Astrology:

5º Taurus: Two young men carrying huge bunches of large grapes on a pole between them, giving freely of the fruit to troops of children.

Denotes one who will gain greatly through his own efforts and perseverance, and who will be blessed. He will bring happiness to, and relieve the burden of, many, accounting it pleasure. Thus will he draw unto himself the good thoughts and prayers of others. It is a symbol of Benefaction.

I haven’t talked a whole lot about Savard’s Neptune, which is pretty interesting.  Neptune is a bit of an instigator here, with two oppositions.  But it’s in harmony with his Moon/Saturn/Mercury, and most importantly, with Pluto.

I’d actually say Neptune is one of the dominant players in his chart.  For one thing, it’s out in front as the whole thing moves around the circle counterclockwise.  Neptune in Sagittarius is again going to be focused on ideas of fairness.

He has Neptune opposition Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius), and this can do a few things.  For one, it can sort of put him at constant odds with the establishment.  Neptune is about dissolving — think about the sea, with its waves and foam, no hard edges at all.  Then Jupiter is about the established order, the government, authority figures, and large organizations.  So he may be perceived as a threat by authority figures throughout his life, like ocean waves eroding the walls of a fortress.

Plus he won’t automatically go along with the status quo, because he gets how unfair things can be.  That theme of fairness and balance is consistent throughout.  He’s his own man, his own thinker.  Not so much one who goes along to get along, you could say.

I happen to have Neptune opposition Jupiter, and now that I’ve dodged a few wrenches of my own, I can tell you it’s one of the best things in my chart.  Here’s why.  For me, having the bottomless depths (Neptune)  directly across from the door to unlimited expansion (Jupiter) is a bit of an escape hatch.  Savard doesn’t have to get trapped in the muck like many people would in his situation.  He may have to go through hell, but he has what it takes to get all the way to the other side, and when he does, he’s king of the shot callers.  Potential for the ultimate win after the ultimate challenge.

Neptune is about imagination and intuition, and he has a lot of water in his chart.   He’s likely to be very intuitive, aside from being intellectually bright.  Especially after two serious head injuries, I’d say he has the capacity to be extraordinarily insightful, and could become a gifted thinker, writer, or mentalist of some kind.

Neptune also rules things like movies, and Savard definitely has the looks to make a splash if he wants to.  I suspect he can be extremely charming and fun at parties, and if he wanted to go into movies or TV he could probably have some success.  If I had one warning for him, it would be to avoid the Neptunian tendency to get into an emotional quagmire of alcohol, drugs, escapism, and self-pity.  He has enormous inner strength, and I like to believe it’s more than enough to pull him through, because I quite like him.

In researching this, I was thrilled to see a hypnotist named Marc Savard.  That would be a truly amazing outcome, if it were him.  But I don’t think it is.  (My autism involves some degree of face blindness, but I’ve looked a number of times and I don’t think so.)  However, if hockey Marc Savard ever did want to become a stage hypnotist, he would utterly dominate.  That would be a great way for him to use his quick wit, charm, good heart, intuitive abilities, and wisdom gathered through pain.

I look forward to seeing what Marc brings to the  world in the next phase of his life.  I think the best is yet to come.

Just for fun, here are the Kozminsky symbols for Marc Savard’s planets from Cornerstone Astrology:


24º Cancer: A graceful dancer smilingly receiving applause and floral tributes.

Denotes one of charming manners and graceful style, poetic and artistic, who will be a general favorite. He is fortunate in an artistic or professional career or any calling which brings him in direct touch with the public. The infant life is threatened and should be guarded. It is a symbol of Pleasing.


9º Leo: A lady, elegantly dressed and bedecked with many jewels, standing before a mirror.

Denotes one fortunate, but somewhat vain, whose desire it is “to make a good appearance’ and who expends much money for this purpose. But the glories which shine forth from a great soul glitter more than the choicest diamond in the daintiest setting, giving a lasting beauty which age cannot change nor time obliterate. There are two sides to this symbol, and both reflect, for it is a symbol of Reflection.


13º Leo: An old oak-tree over which shines the noonday sun in a clear sky.

Denotes one of rugged, conservative, and patriotic nature who will be blessed with the goods of the world and who will use his blessings well. His position in life will be distinguished and his sincerity will command respect even from his enemies. He carries about him a fine and pure aura which benefits all who come within its radiations. It is a symbol of Exaltation.


11º Gemini: Interior of a stock exchange, a number of men shouting, jostling each other, & holding up papers.
Denotes one of speculative tendency who endures pain for the chance of gain, and who has much fighting and anxiety in the pursuit. He may find that, after all, the “game” is not worth while, and that the energy expended could be more profitably employed in more useful work. It is a symbol of Hazard.


1º Gemini: Two Ionic columns adorned with globes–a burst of flame issuing out of clouds behind.
Denotes a double-natured, cultured, and gifted person who gains reputation through his acts. He has great mental energy and will, combined with an impetuosity which directs to good or evil results. His over hastiness may lead him to mistakes which incur displeasure and court danger. It is a symbol of Animation.


23º Gemini: A triangular-shaped hill. On one side the sun is shining on pleasant paths and beautiful foliage–the other side is dark and gloomy.
Denotes one who should make the most of his first half of life, when fortune will favor him, and when the happiest and most useful thoughts will reign supreme. The latter part of life promises nothing. It is a path of a peculiar and mysterious nature, and must be approached with caution. He will possess a love of refinement, especially early in life. It is a symbol of Trial.

[Note:  I don’t think it’s fair to say that his later life promises nothing, especially with all of the other excellent stuff in his chart.]


17º Leo: An architect standing by a desk with the plans of a building before him.
Denotes one of understanding and power of purpose who is gifted with fine perception and a lively imagination. As a theorist he is generally correct in his deductions and he can quickly clothe his thoughts in material dress. It is a symbol of Knowledge.


7º Scorpio: A winged horse flying over a fortress.
Denotes one whose destiny is to triumph over mere material force. One of great spirit, who will be enabled to demonstrate how much grander and how much more uplifting are the applied thoughts of man than the crude assertions and denials of materialism, no matter in what garb it may appear. His nature is free, his thoughts are free, and he desires to see all men aspire to true freedom and understanding. It is a symbol of Raising.


13º Sagittarius: An archer, with bloodstained dress, shooting at a stag.
Denotes one of very strong vibrations and martial nature who will have responsibilities and power to fulfill them. He will meet with oppositions and be exposed to considerable danger, especially in the latter part of life. He is prophetic and gifted in certain directions, but he must control irritation in himself and soothe it in others. It is a symbol of Provocation.


11º Libra: A crow with a large rat in its beak.
Denotes one who is liable to be assailed by enemies, but who, being conscious of his own strength, is content to wait patiently until by frequent attacks they fall at last into his power. He is gifted with patience and sagacity, understanding and diplomacy. It is a symbol of Defiance.  [You go, Marc Savard.]

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