Art Bomb North Carolina

Celebrating independence day with a belated art bomb.

Location:  Across from a county mental health center  in North Carolina.  At the top of a hill next to a car repair place. I think it’s called Success Auto Body.  This was the target area:

002 You can see on the right, there’s a bench and an ashtray.  This is in front of the county mental health facility, where people can be treated regardless of ability to pay.  People sit on the bench and smoke sometimes.  Behind the trees there’s a small hill leading to the back of the garage.

Here are the after pictures:


This tree looked like it had some kind of tumor or ulcer or something, so I used this white rose to spiff it up a little.  All flowers are glass beads on wire, French beaded.

art bomb 2 015 art bomb 2 013 art bomb 2 014


This one, with the berry branches and then the hot pink one.  Fancy!  The little red and yellow one on the left is very small and there’s no explanation for why it’s there.

art bomb 2 002 art bomb 2 003 art bomb 2 004 art bomb 2 005


The white rose tree is on the left of the one with the bouquet, the pink one and the others are to the right.  Only the finest industrial staples were used.


The view from the road.  I like it that it’s not all that noticeable.  They might even leave it up.

The easiest way to notice the flowers is if you’re sitting on the bench, smoking or not.  The hot pink one catches your eye from way over there.  I am not sure if the people who just walk in and out will even notice them at all.  Wheee  [Update:  They did notice, and they left them alone.  See the ongoing saga.]

art bomb 2 007 art bomb 2 008 art bomb 2 009 art bomb 2 010 art bomb 2 011 art bomb 2 017

One thought on “Art Bomb North Carolina

  1. Subtle! A little encouragement for those who need it most. Nicely done, as well.

    Glad you used “the finest industrial staples.” This is a badly underserved population, and they are often not given good-quality encouragement. But you stepped right up and raised the vibration of the whole place!

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