North Carolina Art Bomb Part 2

The bombs are much less noticeable in the pictures than they are from the front door of the mental health place.  The pictures don’t do it justice.  I know, that sounds like a cheap excuse.  But I was told people noticed them immediately, just from passing by, and you can see them very clearly from the reception desk.

art bomb 2 001

Further reconnaissance of the area also revealed that it’s a bit of a human ant trail; the people from the county offices cut across that parking lot to the back of the one at the mental health place, then up the hill to get food.  I’ll get a better picture of the overall shape of the place, because it’s a little hard to explain.

Anyway, as people walk or drive up/down the hill past this stand of trees, there are now flowers every here and there.  Bit of an Easter egg hunt.  I’ve put them in such a way that the bright color may catch your eye… or maybe not.

art bomb 2 031  art bomb 2 030art bomb 2 029 art bomb 2 028

art bomb 2 026

This one seems so trampy to me.  Like it wishes it was Paris Hilton, so it could step out of a limo in a mini skirt and accidentally flash the crowd.

art bomb 2 027art bomb 2 024

This tree was almost dead, so I gave it a black flower.

art bomb 2 022  art bomb 2 020

In case people want to get a closer look at them, here’s the back side of one.

art bomb 2 018

I’ll add some more, and take more pictures as I go.  Eventually I’ll get a picture of the whole site.  I need to be a little thoughtful about it, though.  You’ll never take me alive, coppers.

Anyway, it’s their own faults.  That’s what they get for being nice to crazy people over there.

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