Alpha and Omega Art Bomb

I made this alpha and omega from a Priscilla pattern.  (If I come across it in my travels I’ll post the pattern in the patterns section.)  I used floche and Kreinik metallic threads for the outlining.  I can’t recommend the Kreinik metallics highly enough!)


I came to a spot by the river where I stayed for a few days.  My site was only a few feet from the river, and I walked past this tree.  It was enormous and sprawling; I couldn’t really photograph all of it at once.  I guessed it was a few hundred years old.  Parts of the tree had died off entirely, while there was plenty of new growth in other areas.


There were insects and animals living in the open, dead areas of the tree.  That was why I decided to place the alpha and omega here.


083   Note the river on the right side under the tree.  I slept just to the right of the frame and listened to the river, it was so loud rushing past.  While falling asleep I felt that I was at the junction of life and death, and I allowed the rushing river to carry away everything in me that had died off.

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