Altar cloth

I made this for my adopted dad.  He’s a eucharistic minister, which means he goes around on Sundays carrying communion to homebound people, in nursing homes and the like.    So I made him this little altar cloth, which came out about 8″ x 7″ total, on 36 count evenweave.


I had to fudge the crown a little bit, because the pattern is from a Priscilla Publishing book.  So I couldn’t quite make it out, and I stitched it straight from the pdf rather than charting it out manually on graph paper.  I think it looks okay.


I used Kreinik metallic gold for the accents on the stitching as well as for the tatted edge.  I love that stuff.  They make it in a lot of different sizes, as well as braid or cord, so you can have it flat or rounded.  I can’t sing their praises highly enough, especially compared to their competition.  There is no contest IMHO.

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