Kiss The Cook Apron

Well I’ve been on the road.

I’ve been working on this Breaking Bad series.  I’ve been waiting until I could get them nicely photographed to post, but that’s turning out to be tricky.  So please forgive the weird pics.  I have a few pieces in progress, and some more ideas ready to roll.  But I tend to let the perfect be the enemy of the happy, a habit I’m breaking.

I made this apron,  which I absolutely love.  I’ve never worked with this kind of fabric before, plus I’m working out of a van, so it was a little boo boo on my part to let it get wrinkly in the dryer.  I had this whole thing in my mind of ironing it really nice and hanging it from the side mirror of an RV, with the big sky as a background.  Totally convenient in terms of my ability to stage the shot, if I could’ve gotten it pressed nicely.  I might have to take it to a dry cleaner to press.  Not a bad idea.


This is just one of the $5 aprons I got in the sewing department at Wally’s.  Next one I do will use thicker thread.  Better durability, and faster sewing too.  I used perle cotton for the stitching, which is filled with chain stitch if you are wondering, and a little blue crystal for the glint.  More to come in this series!


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