Ivanka Trump, Astrosplained


Speaking of people I can no longer avoid thinking about, Ivanka Trump.   I’ve been busy not caring about anything she does since I became aware of her sometime in the 2000s, I think.  That no longer feels like an option.  Like her stepmom, IMHO she is one of the below-radar Trump Admin people worthy of scrutiny.  (In looking for chart data on her and Kellyanne, I see that Good Golly Astrology is on the same page with me, wanting to know what makes this crew tick.)

There was an incident wherein Ivanka and her children were on a commercial flight, and a passenger confronted her about her complicity — not using Ivanka’s definition, but the usual one.   She was incredibly poised, managing two kids perfectly despite the whole thing being extremely awkward.  She seemed to 100 percent validate the other person’s anger, even as it slid off her Teflon coating and vanished.

Then there was the heroic German moderator who asked Ivanka to clarify her role on the dais in question.  Is she speaking now as a daughter?  A ranking White House official?  A CEO?  Ivanka’s Teflon coating was in place.   She legitimately didn’t seem even a little bit flapped.  It was absolutely not a problem for her.  Contrast her response to the German humiliation with that of Kendall Jenner, who may never show her face again after that Pepsi ad.  Is that a superpower, or a psychological deformity?  I want to know.

ivanka trump chart

Before we crack the acorn in question, let’s look at the oak tree it fell from, Don Trump.  A chart with all planets in only six signs, like Don (and Don Jr.) Trump’s, is called a bowl.  It looks half-empty, half the circle is blank.  Bowl chart people remind me of someone who halves a recipe to save on ingredients, and is disappointed with how few cookies they get.  The bowl chart can exacerbate a sense of entitlement, even in people who don’t come from privilege.  There’s usually a sense of a life unfulfilled in some way, like someone who lives in a mansion with half the rooms sealed off.  Bowl chart people tend to feel like they’re missing out, and in my estimation, they kind of are.

In my experience people with bowl charts, for example George W. Bush and Ivanka’s dad (and brother), Don, can be intractable.  They see things as they see them, and stuff that originates in the empty side of that bowl literally doesn’t exist in their consciousness.  It’s the unmade half of the halved cookie recipe above — which, again, they can’t smell or eat, they only have a vague sense of missing out on.  Especially if there’s a lot of Earth in the chart, a bowl chart can be someone who is blind to nuance and impossible to please.

In short, stuff that originates with other people isn’t quite real to many people with a bowl chart.   It’s not that they refuse to meet others halfway, it’s that they’re not wired for it.  It’s much the same way Fox News truly feels fair and balanced to the people who watch it.  People and things have to come to them, always.  They can’t stand up on legs they don’t have.

Ivanka doesn’t have a bowl chart.  She has a wedge chart, where all the action happens in only four signs — like her brother Eric and Kim Jong Un.  I would not be surprised if his father, Kim Jong Il, also had a bowl for the same reason as GW Bush and both Dons Trump.  I was surprised neither of the Hussein boys had it.

Where a bowl shows a mind that locks itself away in half of a mansion, a wedge chart shows a consciousness in a bubble.  Where the bowl person starts with half the ingredients and on some level knows there could be so much more, a wedge person thinks they are actually going all the way around the circle.  This because their planetary activity happens in each of the four elements — fire, air, earth, and water.  To the wedge native, that feels like a full deck, no sense of missing out.

A wedge indicates a very limited personal range, someone who lives life to the 1/3rd-est.  That’s not to say they’re stupid or their lives aren’t fulfilling.  Their lives are extremely fulfilling, because they drill their caring down to a very tight focus.  This is someone who never goes more than 20 miles from where they were born in their entire life, so to speak.  They marry the boy next door.  They like to watch the big world out there, but all of that is outside the bubble and this not entirely real to them, even if they really like it.  Ivanka does have a couple lucky stars that make her specifically more open-minded and willing to get out there, and lots of Jupiter to do the same.  For her this provincial streak plays out in the actual cast of her life, not the geographic location.  That’s the real point of it all, anyway.  Wedge people care very deeply about their core group.  But that feels 100 percent fulfilling to them, and they can’t apply it outside that specific group.

Based on this chart, I’d say fully 2/3 of what most of us call “reality” doesn’t happen in Ivanka’s consciousness.  Her chart shows a marked lack of self-awareness.  It may be impossible for Ivanka to take things that originate with others personally, especially if they’re strangers.  She literally has no frame of reference outside herself, based on both her chart and what I’ve seen of her.  She literally cannot see your point of view, her eyes will not register it.  Again, she’s simply not wired for it.  You can’t get a car loan from an ATM.  This terminal doesn’t process that request, sorry.  In other words, Ivanka comes by her poise honestly.  You really can’t bother her.

Like her definitely-not-wicked stepmother, Venus is one of the co-leaders in this chart.  Ivanka has a cluster of planets, in Libra, ruled by Venus.  This much Venus in a chart would automatically give someone a lovely exterior — especially when it’s in Libra, the charming, socialite side of Venus as opposed to the selfish, stubborn homebody side, Taurus, as seen in Melania’s chart.

(Let me take a moment to say that the potential bright spot in this karmic septic tank is Barron Trump.  At a glance I say he’s a beautifully gifted child, quite likely autistic.  Importantly, where his siblings’ charts are significantly limited in an expected way, Barron’s is not only well-rounded, but shows higher-level organization, a multidimensional thinker.  He’s the only one of them who stands a chance of getting famous completely on his own merit.  He could go very strongly in either direction.  If he decides to be evil, he will put Heinrich Himmler to shame.  But he won’t be mediocre.)

The Libra focus of Ivanka’s chart explains why butter doesn’t melt in her mouth.  Anyone with this much Libra was born polished.  Libras abhor unpleasantry, and naturally create the calm and inviting vibe she’s becoming known for.

With her unwillingness to have a scene plus her Sun in wily Scorpio, you have someone who plays it very close to the vest, and is almost certainly a candidate for the Manipulator Hall of Fame.  Then with her Venus conjunct Neptune in Sagittarius we see “daddy’s little princess,” with possibly unrealistically high expectations of love in the form of lavish gifts and surprises.  And based on what we all know, her dad is that guy in real life.  Also note, Scorpios don’t get mad, they get even.  She seems to all the world like a Libra.  But Ivanka has a stinger that she keeps well-hidden.

Jupiter is the other key player in Ivanka’s chart, alongside Venus.  Due to his role as the Greater Benefic to Venus’ Lesser Benefic, and the bigtime Sagittarius here, Jupiter becomes the grand prize leader of this chart.   I have joked about the strange sexual boundaries between Ivanka and her father before.  Now that I’ve looked at this chart I will have to stop joking about it, because it really makes me throw up a little in my mouth.   Jupiter very much represents her literal father here, in my opinion, and this what I see grosses me out.  What I see here is “my heart belongs to daddy” in a truly disturbing way.

Don Trump naturally personifies Jupiter very well, as do the Koch brothers.   A normal filthy rich Jupiter is larger than life, and donates enough money to get a library named after himself not because he loves books, but for his name to go down in history.  Don not only wants things named after himself, he wants to literally, visually see his name, his mark, on the world.  More is always better for him.   Don also has the classic Jupiterian “ends justify the means” mindset, where he’s a big-picture guy and details are somebody else’s job.  He’s the leader, the loudest voice in the room.  It’s his dynasty.  The opposite of a major philanthropist  is a kleptocrat, and both are represented by Jupiter.  Jupiterians are very comfortable making decisions for others.  Jupiter is not mean (that’s Pluto), but can be oblivious to others except as they reflect on himself, especially in a bowl chart.

Jupiter in general represents the “big daddy” role, one who can be very generous and make things happen.  All of this describes Don, at least with respect to Ivanka.  The dynamic wherein she’s acting as first lady is reflected in the relationship between her Jupiter/Pluto and Venus/Neptune.  Those four planets are sort of on a perfect double date in this chart, each pair closely conjunct and working well with the other pair.  They would light the world on fire for each other, I have no doubt.

There is a “look out, world” aspect to Ivanka, fully aside from her Scorpio Sun, that she keeps hidden.  She has the Moon conjunct both Antares and Lilith.   Antares is a lower, less-evolved echo of Mars, the god of war.  That means Antares has the aggression, impulsiveness, and restlessness without so much the clarity, courage, or leadership of Mars.  Kind of like astro Goofus and Gallant.  Then our Lilith is a notorious ball-buster.

Those two are arm-in-arm with Ivanka’s Moon, the way she feels.   This all takes place in Jupiter’s sign Sagittarius, which makes her a generally “set course for adventure” type, not one to sweat the details, especially if they’re unpleasant.  Expect her to shoot first and ask questions later, always in a covert manner (Scorpio Sun).   Antares is said to have a more positive influence on a Moon conjunction like Ivanka’s, and she does display some of the traits Ptolemy described, such as broad-minded and influential.  And I’m not mad at Lilith, you know.

But all of that rebellion is contained inside Ivanka’s Jupiter/daddy bubble, and it’s not directed at him, is it?   Does she strike you as one who would bite the hand that feeds her?  Where does her desire to lash out get directed?  Who is daddy’s little soldier shooting at?

The more I look at this chart, the less I like it.  Jupiter, as I said, is conjunct Pluto in this chart.  Pluto is the Greater Malefic, the one who famously ripped a hole in the Earth in order to drag the child Persephone into hell and rape her.  Pluto is at the outer limit of our solar system, and represents lines that cannot be crossed.  Pluto is about destruction, polarity, and specifically the point of no return, and Don Trump is notorious for not getting that last concept.  Consequences aren’t entirely real to him.  As president, he aptly personifies the authoritarian, mean-spirited, selfish, rapist Pluto.  Put Jupiter and Pluto together, and you have either a very ugly kleptocrat, or one so generous that he radically transforms society for the benefit of all, just because he can.  Which one you see in Don Trump depends on you.

Pluto and Jupiter conjoined as they are here, inside a Jupiter bubble-reality, create a suitable environment for a person without a moral compass, no appropriate concept of absolute limits, especially with her real-life circumstances.  The Hero (Jupiter) and the Villain (Pluto) are the same guy in this chart.  Her own real-life Daddy Warbucks is quite Mercurial, switching from one ideology to another with the tides, but at the end of each day she wins.  That’s what she knows for sure.  He is her only benchmark.  Remember that everything described above takes place within the wedge chart, or bubble reality, created by Don Trump both literally and figuratively.  Ivanka’s world is meta-Donald Trump.

This chart displays a marked lack of grounding, both in the wedge/bubble-reality shape, and the complicit Neptune.  Neptune is about inner life, escapism, dreams, illusions, delusions.  In a chart this myopic, I don’t see how that lack of reality checking leads to the highly evolved, mystical, and insightful part of Neptune.  She doesn’t strike me as a substance abuser.  I get that her fierce escapism — into daddy’s bubble — is the essence of their bond.  At a minimum, it almost certainly facilitates seeing things the way daddy tells her to, even when her own eyes disagree.  The two of them have an unbreakable positive feedback loop, and they both depend on it.  The fact that Ivanka’s complicit Neptune is opposite Mintaka, combined with her role in my world, honestly freaks me out a bit.

Then there’s Mars, the locomotive on this karmic trainwreck.  That’s her best chance at being grounded.  Because of the wedge shape with only four signs in play, the other signs have multiple planets.  But the one sign with only one major planet is the Earth sign, Virgo.  That’s where we would normally get our “four-square” stability.   If Ivanka’s chart were a coffeehouse table, you’d need a matchbook to put under Virgo.   Earth can be used to quell fire, which is not good for Mars.  Ivanka does have the naturally simpatico Pallas Athena in Virgo, but not interacting with Mars.  I can observe her as someone who feels like a leader and is treated like one, largely because her family grades on the curve, and her chart supports that.  Anyway with Mars and Pallas in Virgo, her leadership may come mostly in the form of nitpicking, or in this case shepherding.

Importantly, Antares is a VIP in Ivanka’s chart, and he’s literally anti-Aries, or anti-Mars.  So for the Gayle Kings of the world, I hate to be the one to tell you, I don’t see her being anywhere near the leader you hope she is.  This chart says she has no fixed ideology other than self-service, due to setting her watch by Don himself plus her overall chart factors.  She has no concept of integrity.

Ivanka’s  Mars, the part of her that would potentially be the biggest adult in the room and take this whole thing in a better direction, is also positioned to do so at the cutting edge of her wedge chart.  But it’s in hard angle to the Moon/Lilith/Antares.  So Ivanka’s clarity of thought and leadership qualities (Mars) are at odds with their own evil twin (Antares), plus his two girlfriends (Moon/Lilith).   Things that grate on the Moon put people in a bad mood, and putting Ivanka in a bad mood is not allowed, what with all that Libra.  She’s not a “rise to the challenge” girl, that would be strong Mars.  Ivanka’s Mars is off by himself, doing his own thing, in a sign where he doesn’t belong.

Also her complicit Neptune lets her blow anything and everything off.  In other words, based on this chart, I would say Ivanka has every inclination to take the low road, and with her Venus, the social skills to get away with murder.

That’s a bummer way to end the post, I know.  Sorry.  On the bright side, she does look very pretty and has better taste than the others.   I’m sure she’s a lovely homemaker.

6 thoughts on “Ivanka Trump, Astrosplained

  1. I was born on the same day in the same hospital in the same year as her. And I’m a novice astrologer. I’m a cap asc born at 11:16am. I’m guessing she is a sag maybe Libra rising. Perhaps perhaps cap. Because Kush. I see her as dangerous and deceptive to the dad with kush behind the curtain. Look at the Syria bombing. I also think Kush maybe the frign antichrist and her Babylon. Or at tleast pushed into those roles.

  2. this was such a thrilling read. oh goodness. i am so fond of .. truth . thank you . thank you very much

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