The Trump Boys, Astrosplained

The more I look at the Trump coterie, the more I need to look at them.  Like the dismantling of the American government, there aren’t enough hours in the day to absorb it all, the whole thing just keeps getting bigger.  Thus I’m going to handle both of the Tweedles here, to save time.  Hopefully I’ll never need to do Tiffany.

Trump family attends ground breaking of new hotel in Washington

Let’s go left to right, first Eric then Junior.

eric trump   eric trump chart

As discussed in Ivanka Trump, Astrosplained, Eric has a wedge chart.  Like Ivanka, Eric lives in a bubble of dad’s beneficence both literally and figuratively.  Eric’s major planets are situated Libra through Pisces, so a slightly greater personal range than Ivanka.

I astrosplained that Barron was the potential bright spot in this family, and he is.  But he’s also vastly more capable, infinitely more likely to be a person whose name people will rue even more than his father’s.  Barron could go either direction, either being a wonderful gift to the world or someone like Heinrich Himmler.  I have faith in him.

Eric has no such potential for menace.  Eric has the most positive and well-organized chart he could have with such a limited range.   All of the connecting lines in this chart are blue, with the exception of one — a square from his Saturn to his Moon.  All of that is internal cooperation, like a finely-tuned machine — one that may or may not ever do anything.

The one stress point is Saturn (the authority figure) versus the Moon (the way he feels).  I would say that his father (and as discussed below, Junior) can utterly wither Eric, who is very easy inside but probably self-critical.  Eric has a low-testosterone chart.  He’s the Trump least likely to grab your pussy, possibly including Barron.  Compare to the gentle tapir.  Bit of a Jeb!.


Don, Sr. placed his children into a financial and intellectual bubble, and Eric is the sort who does beautifully in a terrarium.  Eric isn’t the one out there shooting elephants, that’s Don.  Eric’s Pluto in Scorpio (where admittedly it’s meaner and sneakier) conjuncts his Mars in Libra (where it’s passive-aggressive).  So he’s okay with the he-man stuff of his father and brother generally, but I don’t see the literal blood lust.  And besides, he doesn’t need the ego stroke.  When his dad sues people and makes them shut up, all is right with the world.  He just doesn’t care that much.  Eric mostly stays in the golden terrarium where he was born, with some beautiful blonde, not giving a single fuck as long as he wins, every day.

Eric’s Neptune plays a key role in smoothing him out.  It’s closely flanked by Mercury on the one side and Jupiter on the other.  Neptune-Mercury keeps his thoughts daydreamy.  Like his sister, all of this, the entire chart itself, happens within the bubble Don, Sr. created for them, both literally/financially and figuratively, represented here by Jupiter.  Those three factors form a hub, which the rest of his consciousness can flow around as smoothly as Don, Sr. can glide down an escalator.  This is the one who splained that nepotism can be a great thing, continuing the wedge/bundle or bowl with a lack of self-awareness theme.

Again, as with his sister and brother, Eric’s Jupiter must on some level represent his literal father, based on what we all know of them.  Neptune is about escapism, denial, and illusion.  Ivanka puts it to great use in her chart, as does Melania.   Things can be whatever you want them to be, what you need them to be, no problem.  Eric’s chart is all set for him to be the emotional center of that family, the guy who really cares, the soft one.  God bless.

Then there’s Don, Jr.

don trump jr

Sorry I had to make the pic so small, his face makes my teeth hurt.  I just wanted to be clear which Tweedle I’m talking about now.  This is the least interesting, most annoying one, so this will be comparatively brief.

donald trump jr chart

Like his dad, Don, Jr. has a bowl chart, as described in-depth in comparison to Ivanka’s.  One characteristic of the bowl chart is that they have enough range to have all of the major aspects, including the 180-degree opposition.  That opposition is seen as the lip of the bowl, a demarcation line across which the bowl chart native does not wander.

This can manifest as a person who is oppositional, bull-headed, or refuses to listen or hear others.  This is an intense focus, where about half of life just never happens in their minds.  It can be unconscious way of blocking out other people, speaking from personal experience with bowl-chart loved ones.  They can be belligerently self-referential, and they’re not doing it on purpose.  Bernie Sanders also has a bowl chart.  With him I get that much of his personal life is in the empty spot, everything he didn’t think about while fighting the good fight.

Anyway, for  an example of the complete lack of self-awareness, Junior was the one who said that if women can’t deal with workplace sexual harassment, the only part of the workplace fit for them was teaching kindergarten.  That’s a classic bowl chart viewpoint.  “Everyone else lives in my life, too.”

He went on to further say, on another day, (in front of a camera, while sober and dead serious) that yes, his father got him in the door, but that he stays there on his own merit.  Again with the lack of self-awareness theme they all share, though his Neptune is nowhere near as groggy as the others’.  He doesn’t need the denial Kool-Aid the way they do.  He’s authentically on board.  He is the chip off the old block, appropriately named.   I’m sure Don, Sr. is both thrilled at the faux-macho hunting, as his progeny reflects on his own testosterone, and at the same time on some level feeling the classic bowl-chart disappointment about who Junior actually appears to be.

Importantly, Don, Jr. has a little bowl-chart quirk.  Rather than having a straightforward rim, like a normal bowl, Don, Jr. has the Sun poking out just 5 little degrees from the rim opposition, like one of those annoying earthenware soup bowls that has a hand-formed lip spout.  It’s still a bowl, only with a blip on the lip.  A bowl that thinks it’s a gravy boat.

But this particular blip, just poking its head out past the opposition, happens to be the Sun, his sense of self, his conscious mind.  I would say, based on what I know of him, that minor technicality about his bowl chart gives Junior a whole different perspective, one he mistakenly believes to be a non-bowl, well-rounded, informed vantage point.

He reminds me of a turtle that feels super clever when it learns to poke its head out, and doesn’t know that there are birds, who have no shells at all.  It legitimately makes him feel bold and adventurous, like he has gone beyond all the others, because none of them get that life can actually be a 360 affair, not just a 180.  Taking your life 185 degrees around the circle isn’t an option, much less a major accomplishment, in any family I know.   Like with Ivanka being treated as a highly qualified Pallas Athena stand-in, this family grades on the curve.  He really does believe he’s the best guy for the job, or he wouldn’t still be in it.  Bless his heart.

Importantly, his Sun isn’t in the rim opposition to Jupiter.    He probably — not incorrectly — believes that he has taken over the family business, adding his own Eddie Bauer flair to the brand.   In Trump’s bubble, doing whatever the hell you want at all times is a business, one they make lots of money at.  Just ask them!

If you ask Junior what he does for a living, I have no doubt he says “deals.”   I’m sure it’s the suit and tie version of his prairie dog-shooting thing.  His father is in the real estate-golf-vodka-steaks-education-politics-beauty pageant-treason business, and he is, too.  This is the one who told Mike Pence he’d be in charge of domestic and foreign policy, was asked what Don would be doing.  He replied, “Making America Great Again.”  Unfortunately Junior is not wired to see that the way the rest of us do.

Off to shower!





2 thoughts on “The Trump Boys, Astrosplained

  1. YOur interpretstion of Ivanka’schart explains a lot of ‘hidden’ elements that I have felt since the appearance of this family onto the USA political scene and not living in the US I wasn’t aware of it prior to current events. I look ofreward to reading more posts

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Please check out my other site, I will let the webmaster know to set you up with a freebie if you would like to ask a question.

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