Barron Trump, Astrosplained

Barron Trump

Although I may get sued and/or sent to Gitmo for posting this, fuck it.  I’m an astrologer.  I Astrosplain because I need to know.  I didn’t sneak into Trump Tower and snap the above picture on my phone, nor violate HIPAA to get his birth data.  Barron is by far the most interesting and well-rounded person in his gene pool, as far as I can tell.

My very first thought when I saw the above picture was sadness.  Keeping it 100.  But his chart is truly a ray of hope in this whole debacle, and I feel better about it the longer I look.  I hate to be the one to break Gayle King’s heart, but Ivanka will never cross or challenge her father.  Never McEver.  I have great confidence in him.  He could very well be a lion of the people, a wheel-turning king.  Fingers crossed.

There’s so much going on here.   This is a truly complex and powerful person.  He’s enormously gifted, easily lapping the next closest contender in his family, Melania.  For one thing, his overall personality would serve as a sort of tumbler, constantly polishing the rough edges off his ego.  That’s pretty amazingly great of him, especially considering his circumstances.  Such people are rare treasures.

The young Jedi has his work cut out for him.  There are other things that pack a wallop in here, plenty to derail even a brilliant and high-integrity person like the one I see here, even in an ordinary family.

barron trump chart

The more I look at this chart, the more I get a sense of my little kindred spirit, up in his tower.  First let me say that I’m sure his mother loves him, with his Ceres conjunct Venus, in the 12th house.  Unfortunately there is a marked depersonalization to Melania, reflected here in Barron’s Aquarius.  There are many things in this chart that could trigger a deep sense of alienation.

That 12th house, (Home of Pisces/Neptune with a cluster of planets) and its inward-looking, nebulous, passive quality, is the crux of this chart.  The boy has his Sun 20 seconds from the end of the entire zodiac, clinging to Pisces by his nails even though he had to go into the 1st house (the spotlight) to do it.   He could correctly be an Aries; I note the birth time may well have been rounded by the nurse who charted it.  But to me, both his chart and himself as seen on TV show a person with an inward-focused, Neptunian/Piscean personality.

Overall, this is the chart of someone who is all about his inner world.  As his new friend from the ethers, I’m glad his mom stood up for keeping him in Trump Tower.  God bless, the boy really does need his private mental space and I’m glad he’s getting it.  As a taxpayer, I think if she gets socked with some huge unexpected childcare expense, she should hit the payday loan place.  That’s what I would do.  Anyway if she does sue me, I’ll continue to be one of his mentors in the ethers.  If she has Putin send somebody to shoot me on the street, I’ll spend even more time with him there.  You can’t stop autism, fuckers.

Anyway, Barron is the “hiding in plain sight” Trump, the only one with a fifth gear.  Must get that from his mom.  So far so good in the looks department, too.

The Ascendant is the first impression of you, what people make of you at a glance.  With just Mercury on his Ascendant, we see someone who is very wordy (even if only within himself), who may or may not be smart as hell, but definitely looks the part.   Barron has that plus Uranus, which can be personified by Nikola Tesla, adding a wildly inventive, humanist, and iconoclastic streak.  All of this in dreamy, mystical, mysterious Pisces, smack dab on the Ascendant.   The fact that he’s a profoundly thoughtful person doesn’t belong right on his sleeve, if you think about it.  But there it is, forming the paradox in the photograph above.  All of his thematic elements are in place in the above picture, which I find utterly bizarre.

We all have free will 100 percent of the time, at least internally.  So I’m not saying there’s fate per se.  But there is destiny, or we wouldn’t be talking about him.   His free will is always a wild card, and I imagine it could take him quite a while, if not forever, to fully clear his head.  The child is inundated with extreme craziness, and he already experiences things very vividly and has a lot to integrate.  That much Neptune/Pisces makes it really hard to tell where your inner world ends and the outer world begins — believe me, I know.  Dealing with reality is a full-time job, and none of them have to work.  The whole family has toxic Neptune, i.e., living in a fantasy world.

So I don’t really want to pick all the way on through this chart, mostly because he’s a child and thus a work in progress.   I’m glad I looked, because I’ve discovered that I quite like him, and he gives me hope in a great way.  But mostly I’m doing it because I see my world going over Niagara Falls in a barrel, and he’s one of the clues.  So I’ll give my opinion on the quick and dirty, and go back to connecting with him in the ethers.

Barron has a prominent Pluto/Mintaka opposition.  I got into exploring Mintaka while Astrosplaining Ayn Rand.   Basically I am seeing the core causes of the many genocides we’ve experienced on Earth (including many that we know nothing about) coming to a head.  Things can’t go on like this forever, they will stabilize one way or another. Ayn Rand has a prominent Mintaka, and aptly personifies the mindset of Orion, contempt for all but one’s ego.

I’m still studying up on the whole Mintaka thing, reviewing a bunch of charts including the A-list demons we all know.  Having Pluto on the Midheaven as Barron does is frankly terrifying, even for someone who isn’t the billionaire president’s son.  Put that across from Pluto, and as his dad would say, “Not good.  Not good.”  Barron doesn’t have an Arcturus connection to assure me that the adults in his world won’t just hammer his mind into a hot mess of high-speed craziness.

But I also have prominent Mintaka and Pluto, commensurate with the violence I have experienced.   In my hypothesis, Mintaka makes people hyper aware of genocide and exploitation in every form, and propels them in one direction or the other.  The darkest topics are not only in their thoughts, but they can feel the suffering.  What makes one person regret the suffering of others and another revel in it?  That’s the thing that will decide how Barron turns out.

Unlike Ivanka, it’s entirely possible that Barron is here to bring his father’s corruption to resolution.  One thing for certain, he knows the mass’ suffering in his bones.  He is more aware of death than most adults.   He undoubtedly gets that he lives on a different planet than Don, Sr. and his mother (despite her love for him).  Neither of them can get beyond the very tip of his intellectual iceberg.   He’s the only one of them that isn’t in the bubble reality of his dad. He also has chart factors that add grace and gentleness, and a sense of duty and correctness.

I see a person who wants most of all to make a meaningful contribution.  But he’s going to have to carve that out of thin air, because nobody in his world is modeling it for him at anywhere near his level of capability.  He must envy Eric.  So he could very easily fall prey to Little Prince Syndrome, and end up using his gifts to lash out at the humanity that doesn’t need him, or simply decide it’s all too much for him and retreat into inventing a new form of math or hand-copying sacred texts in ancient Sumerian.  Which direction Barron goes will be up to him, and even he won’t really know until he chooses a spouse.  The two of them will be a force to be reckoned with, for better or for worse.   If he decides to switch off his empathy superpower, or toggle it in the other direction, there will literally be hell to pay.

There is reason to believe that Barron is generally easy inside, in terms of feeling good about himself and his ability to pursue the things that interest him in-depth, which is what he wants.  His chart says he wants his contribution to matter, to make a difference.  He wants to be of service.  He wants to get to the bottom of things and sort them out, because balance and fairness are a more efficient and effective way to design a society.  Or he could go altogether the other way, and bring back the days of ancient Orion.  I have faith in the little man.  I know he can do it.  See you in the ethers, kiddo.

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