Because, Los Angeles: In the 562

  1. Weed is delivered in the 562, like pizza.
  2. People walk everywhere in the 562, even sometimes on the freeway.
  3. In the 562, people have everything in their cupboards to make both spring rolls and street tacos, authentic style, because they recognize the greatness of both.
  4. Children in the 562 are afraid of both cats and dogs, because they pee pee outside.  But even the smallest ones enjoy a balloon — anytime, anywhere.
  5. Firefighters and paramedics riding through the 562 with their sirens on dont know it, but some of the neighbors are praying for them.
  6. So much fun is had at the dog beach in the 562 that angels sometimes leave thank-you notes.
  7. Herbs grow hydroponically in the 562 in very little sunlight, because people so enjoy eating them.
  8. Pinatas are esteemed visitors in the 562, and are grateful when smashed open.
  9. Sandwiches in the 562 are delicious, and anyone with money can have one.
  10. Not everyone has money in the 562.  But everyone can hear the music.
  11. Dancing in the 562 is not as common as music, except among children.
  12. There is always music in the 562, even when nobody hears it.
  13. Music flows everywhere throughout the 562, in loud, commanding waves.  Some music comes from cars, others from bicycles, people singing, and passing foghorns that hate to be forgotten. The sirens practice all night long, but nobody minds.
  14. In the 562, people sing songs and ring bells to sell nopales or corn on the cob.
  15. Things are eventually forgotten in the 562, because the sea salt dissolves them.


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