Erik Prince, Astrosplained

Lucy, I got some Astrosplaining to do. There is quite a backlog.  I want to get Roger Stone Astrosplained before he actually gets pardoned.  First, let’s look at Erik Prince and (soon) his sister, Trump Education Secretary and Men’s Rights Advocate Betsy Devos .

Astrosplaining is my way of looking at how the malignant energy of ancient Orion plays out in modern society, not only in America but globally.  That is to say, the same issues of violence and exploitation appear to be recurring in the same patterns, all these millennia later.  My idea is that the fixed star Mintaka is now roughly in the former position of Huva, the long-destroyed center of extremism in the misery that was ancient Orion. I also have very strong Orion in my own chart, this is personally relevant for me.  (Remember there are two sides to every epic battle.)  So I seek to Astrosplain the players who show up on my personal radar.

Gentle reader, meet Erik Prince.

erik prince chart

First things I note about this chart are the oppositions, the big red lines across the middle.  This is especially pointed with the opposition hitting Antares.  Antares is literally anti-Aries, or the sign ruled by Mars, the god of war.  Antares is the lower octave of Mars, the worst sort of rotten brat energy.  Antares is all of the restlessness and violent impulses, with none of the clarity or integrity of highly evolved Mars.   Prince shares the Mars conjunct Antares aspect with his sister.  But his chart is vastly more complex.  Hers is a bowl shape, one of the recurring themes of the Trump administration, where there is less rounding of the personality overall.

Importantly, Antares the antagonist is always directly across from Aldebaran, the most noble fixed star.  They are like the astrological Goofus and Gallant.  Although Prince doesn’t have a planet conjunct Aldebaran, Aldebaran and Antares have irreconcilable differences, like Cain and Abel.  You can’t keep them any more separated than they are, and it’s still a problem.

A quote from AstrologyKing on Antares conjunct Mars:

Ptolemy classified Antares as a Mars-Jupiter type, and all astrologers have noted it as an indicator of success in war, and high command therein, but not forgetting that one’s opponent may have the support of Aldebaran, the star opposite to this one, and star of Archangel Michael, commander of the Heavenly Host itself!

[Full disclosure, like General McMaster, I have Mars conjunct Aldebaran.  Prince and I are natural enemies, like a snake and a mongoose, or maybe a shark and a tornado.]

The Antares-Mars makes all the sense in the world for Erik Prince, right down to the impulsivity and abiding belief in war as a solution.  More importantly with Prince, he was custom built for war profiteering, using that sour Venus and empowered Jupiter to good effect.   The two ordinarily work together well anyway, with Jupiter the Greater Benefic and Venus the Lesser Benefic.  This chart is like an Ikea box with all the parts you need to make a perpetual war machine, some of them pre-assembled.

Prince’s Mars-Antares conjunction is also in a T-square, that big red triangle, with Mercury (his conscious mind) and the Moon (his moods).  This is a person with a great deal of internal friction.  His Moon is at the apex, making this burning war machine a thing he can feel in his gut 24 hours a day.  One of the elements of this three-legged table of misery, Mars, is located sort of at the mouth of a volcano (Antares).  For most people, this could make them just irascible as fuck, non-stop aggressive.   My sense of Prince is that he largely controls and harnesses this, as discussed below.  Aggression is a commodity in his mind, not something to squander.  There is a great deal of organization in this chart.

Prince also has a complicated ability to love and be loved generally, with Venus conjunct supergrump Saturn.   The linked article adds beautiful depth to the understanding of this aspect if you are so inclined. This is happening in Taurus, which is all about nesting and making oneself very comfortable.  Because Venus is in her own sign of Taurus, she takes the lead in this arrangement.  So, he genuinely loves the pain and suffering that Saturn brings.  That is how he feels love, intertwined with misery.  In this chart, Venus/Saturn in Taurus are specifically about making extreme sacrifices to keep a spouse safe and happy.  I’m sure that is how Prince views his career.  He would have zero moral equivocation about who he is.  He was born to be the guy he is.

Generally speaking, the Saturn conjunction is a dampener on his flow of love.  Saturn brings a coldness and sourness, and conjunct Venus it can be a bit of a permanent buzzkill.  At the very least, the sort of person who needs  time apart in a marriage, much as you find with military deployments, extreme personal space within the relationship.  His Pallas/Juno conjunction adds dimension to this, but I am not so interested in his marriage.  Back to the sour Venus, note the face of a resigned sourpuss who trudges on anyway, evident in pictures where he is ostensibly smiling, or at least has willingly posed:

erik prince 1erik prince2

This is not a happy camper, even when everything is going perfectly.  The picture on the left looks like the mug shot of a hit man.  He’s the opposite of sorry, he doesn’t care.   Time wasted posing for mug shots could be better spent making money doing what he loves.  It’s the old, “People to kill, things to do.”  And he will never run out of ideas.  He also has a minor superpower of being a highly intuitive liar and verbal manipulator, discussed below.

It’s not that he’s not loving.  He does it all for love.  It’s that his way of loving has a very particular perspective, and it has everything to do with the art of war.  What he does is his way of expressing his love.  Prince is a mercenary largely because he was born to prosper from war.  But also he probably believes that making as much money as possible for his family is the best thing he could possibly do, not only for them but for the world overall.  It must feel perfectly right to him.

In this chart, Saturn serves Venus, then both of them serve Jupiter, the overall chart leader.  So at the end of the day, the thing driving Erik Prince and his entire philosophy, is the rock-hard belief in and commitment to embiggening himself for fun and profit.  He shares this Jupiter-driven life with many other Trumpets, including Paul Manafort, and all of the Trump/Ivana offspring.  In the kids’ charts, Jupiter is so prominent it stands in for Trump himself.  Jupiter is for adventurers, party animals, and/or greedy bastards.

Prince’s Neptune-Mercury opposition is pivotal.  Neptune is a tricky planet, representing ideals, imagery, metaphors, dreams, illusions, delusions, addictions, and all things that are kind of murky, like the bottom of the ocean.  The parts of life that you can never pin all the way down, by definition.  Here, it is in opposition with Mercury, his conscious mind and written/verbal communications.   So he should be a super smooth liar.  Also with his prominent Uranus, a very clever, resourceful, imaginative one.

There is a certain oppositional/defiant flavor to folks with strong oppositions in their charts.  But as that dynamic matures, or if it is nurtured well, it can become a constant exchange, like a sub-circuit within the personality that runs on AC while the rest of the chart (and astrology) runs on DC.  That is what I see happening here.  I believe Prince uses his intense internal friction for energy, like an electric car.

This Mercury/Neptune thing, even without his empowered Jupiter, makes Prince likely to believe that the ends justify the means, any and all means.  Like Ayn Rand (and me), this individual’s chart shows one who came here with a mission.  He meant to be exactly who he is.  Erik Prince is a natural born killer, re-enacting some ancient Orion concepts on Earth now for fun and profit.  Just like the good old days!

That sounds super harsh.  But hey, check out Erik Prince’s curriculum vitae.  He has a few other very special features that I haven’t gotten to yet, like his Vesta conjunct Mintaka, or the real little nasty in this chart, the Jupiter/Pluto/Uranus cluster.  With respect to the latter, I believe this little troika of planets is what makes Prince who he is in the public eye. There is nothing inherently negative about any of these planets, it all depends on how things are used. Things can always go the exact opposite way, by the native’s choice.  Here, I can go by what is readily observed from internet searches.

Jupiter is the desire to be the winner, as opposed to the desire to conquer or fight (that would be Mars and Antares).  Daddy Warbucks or the Koch brothers can personify Jupiter.  It is both a philanthropist and a war profiteer.  Jupiter is a good-time Charlie who doesn’t sweat the details as long as the house (himself) is winning.  The ends always justify the means as long as you go down in history.

Then Pluto is the desire to control, manipulate, and exploit.  On higher notes, Pluto is about transformation, like when human bodies are transformed into dust.  Before I caught on to Mintaka, Pluto was as close as I could get to understanding the Orion energies.  It represents the outer limits of human experience, the willingness to go to extremes.  (Prince’s placement of Vesta will further that, discussed below.)    If Pluto is the devil, Mintaka is a shade of black so much darker than him that I can’t fully imagine it.  Pluto is as close as my brain can get.

As with Ayn Rand, in this chart the flow of love is restricted by design.  (Astrology assumes that the consciousness chooses the life and all factors in it  before birth.  Thus the natal chart can be seen as a list of the choices the individual made in the planning stages.)

So with the inner lover impaired and co-opted at the outset, the real malice can begin.   Uranus adds inventiveness, and a personal detachment or willingness to look at humanity in the big picture.  This would play off of Prince’s Ceres (the Earth Mother) in Aquarius, where on some level he feels like what he does is the absolute best thing for humanity overall. He is a true believer.  That plus the fact that he actually personally goes scary places and does scary things makes him vastly more respectable than anyone in the Trump family IMHO.  A lot of the Trump-related charts really don’t appear to believe in much of anything or care a whole lot.

In his own way, he is quite honest.  Prince has Vesta conjunct Mintaka, bringing my Orion hypothesis back around.  Vesta is the vestal virgin, representing our personal true north, that which is pure and sacred, and that we would kill or die for. This conjunction tells me Prince feels just as strongly about his side of the ancient Orion wars as I feel about mine, for the same/opposite reason.  He is a reminder that all life choices are equally valid, to be made however the one doing the living sees fit.  I find his values deeply disturbing, but that is my own personal issue.  Enough about me.

This fascinating chart is unusual in that I am perhaps controversially calling it a bucket chart with three handles — that Pluto/Jupiter/Uranus conjunction referenced above.  The three planets are spaced a total of 7 degrees, which seemed much to me.  After reflection I would call it elbow room in an uncommon arrangement.  This chart could also be seen as a locomotive, with approximately 1/3 of the chart empty.  That interpretation would also fit with Prince’s history of blazing his own trail.

However, upon much consideration, I feel it is that these three planets are truly unified and operating as an energetic troika in his consciousness, with Jupiter the most prominent bit.   A bucket chart is one where one planet sits off in a patch of blank real estate with empty space on each side.  That makes the singleton planet (in this case group of planets) like the handle of a bucket, the focal point and leader of the chart.

If you are ever wondering how that combination of planets might appear on a person’s resume, what it would look like in practice, check out this article from The Intercept.  Jupiter is about expanding, having a good time, making and spending money, getting your name out there.  Uranus is about inventiveness, unpredictability, bolts from the blue.  Then our good buddy Pluto, who you may recall from ripping a hole in the Earth so he could drag a little girl into hell and rape her.  The thing to understand about Pluto, he is located at the outer limit of our solar system, and thus represents the outer limit of human experience, the threshold of what we can imagine.  So Pluto is about polarity and going to extremes.  It is also about transformation, just as with death.

Of the three, I am calling Jupiter the leader, because he rules Sagittarius, the location of Prince’s prominent Mars/Antares.  Mercury is technically the chart leader, but Prince’s Mercury is severely afflicted, whereas his beefed-up Jupiter would tend to endear one to large institutions, especially if they are of the conquering or colonizing mindsets, and he appears to have accomplished just that.

Prince has invented his own special brand of double-clever war profiteering.  This work that he does is the natural byproduct of his Orion connections and his own personal set of talents and skills, the only logical outcome of this chart.











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