General John Kelly, Astrosplained

Like everyone else writing about the meltdown of the US government, I am having trouble keeping up with all of the people that need to be Astrosplained. Stay tuned for Roger Stone’s chart, hopefully before he gets pardoned.  The Mooch and Reince Preibus  both have charts in the works, though their sell-by dates have passed.  But first, wow, the new White House Chief of Staff, General John Kelly.

john kelly chart

Super interesting chart here, and I want to be quick enough to get on record before anything else blows up.

I am calling this a locomotive chart, showing one who is not here to fiddle-fart around, but rather to blaze through life like a coal train.  He has 139 degrees of empty space, the dead center of which is always important; by my calculation, here the bulls eye is 24 Sagittarius.  Almost in that exact spot, General Kelly has two asteroids, Ceres and Chiron.  In general those are lesser chart factors.  However, their position within the dynamic here makes them pivotal.  Being in the right or wrong place at the right time in astrology is called accidental dignity or debility, a major theme of this chart .

In any chart with this sort of vast empty space, the personality seeks to fill that void as a subconscious drive.  The life goal is reflected in that midpoint, in this case 24 Sagittarius.  He has two asteroids near there, creating an inherent balance, like two matchbooks under a wobbly table leg.  Thus both of those minor asteroids have accidental dignity, continuing that theme.

One of those asteroids is Ceres, the Earth Mother, a lower octave of Venus.  Ceres is conjunct an obscure fixed star called Sabik.  Not a hugely influential star on its own, Sabik shares asteroid Ceres’ accidental dignity here, and thus is exaggerated sort of like a zit on HDTV.  I need to circle back to the Ceres/Chiron conjunction that is pivotal in this chart later, there is too much to discuss.  I note here that the Sabik influence on Ceres will be that of further debasing or debilitating Venus.   The simultaneous empowerment and debasement of Venus is almost an energetic fulcrum of this chart.

General Kelly has also almost no air in his chart, which would represent flexibility, versatility, chattiness, wordiness or cerebral overtones.   In that way he is a perfect foil for our extremely Mercurial president.  He has Earth and fire, a bit of water, and a dab of air.  A very capable and grounded individual.  He does not have any internal chart patterns, like a T-square or grand trine, only individual aspects.  This actually would make him somewhat less effective overall, I would think.  He is very powerful, but does not have internal circuitry facilitating that energy flow, he just makes it all work through discipline.

I had high hopes when he canned the Mooch.  Like if General Kelly was a substitute teacher, he would walk in and everybody would be scared shitless.  The problem is, the class is already trying to work.  It’s Principal Trump throwing spitballs at the mail carrier and letting the air out of her tires.  So for Kelly to stand up to his full potential would basically cause a coup, disrupt his own chain of command.   Interesting paradox.

General Kelly is a remarkably capable individual, who has the potential to jerk a knot in Trump’s ass, if he were so inclined.  IMO Kelly has the potential to ride this thing down in a blaze of glory, like the Sully Sullenberger of the crashing and burning America.  General Kelly isn’t a spoiled brat.  He is a real live general of the Marine Corps, knows a lot of people and understands some things, and is positioned to manipulate or drive Trump.  Unfortunately, I do not believe he will become the Sully Sullenberger of our republic.  Maybe I’m just a cynical Gen Xer, but what I see in this chart does not look like it will fall to the good when placed under extreme pressure.  I regret to say that Trump will derail the Kelly Express, and horribly.

[Update:  Unfortunately I seem to have been correct in predicting the brutality of this on General Kelly.  After watching him lose his bearing during the “many sides” fiasco by grimacing in pain, I am truly sorry for what is happening to him.  I believe that now his choice is to throw everything he believes in down the toilet, or commit mutiny by disobeying the commander in chief.  He is trying to fix this mess with his heart, which no human being possibly could other than you know who.  That guy could quit being a dick, and that would be a total game changer.]

There are three important fixed stars in this chart.  The most important one is Algol, the blinking demon.  But Fomalhaut and Seginus also play key roles in Kelly’s future political demise.

General Kelly shares his Mercury conjunct Algol with Saddam Hussein.  Ptolemy and Pliny say a lot of things that I take with a grain of salt, including that an Algol connection can cause you to lose your head.  But it was stunning when Saddam got hung, a little on the nose.  Or on the neck.  Anyway, Algol traditionally brings a great vulnerability to the head and neck, possibly like the head or neck of our government.  I guess that could also look like an epiphany, a light bulb popping on over the head of the entire republic, if you had enough integrity to harness a blinking demon in that way.  Is General Kelly that guy?

I reviewed a lot of charts of famous hangings/beheadings, i.e. Daniel Pearl, and found no strong Algol correlation.  But I did find a number of prominent people with Algol connections that made a lot of sense when Algol is viewed in a larger context, of unstoppability.  For example, Nikola Tesla had Algol conjunct Uranus, the planet of electricity and invention.  He was able to take the concepts of that planet in any direction, like no door was closed to him on those ideas represented by Uranus.  Algol is like a master key that allows you to explore every corner of a concept, things other people cannot even dream of.

Integrity is the key to your success with Algol.  Integrity gives the ability to remain stable at high speeds and pressures.  Without strong integrity, Algol makes you likely to crash and burn.  Few people have the kind of integrity found in Nikola Tesla.  Kelly could be the one, but I say no.  I just don’t see him riding two giant tigers like Algol and Fomalhaut and having it end well.  I pulled a card to see if I am wrong, because I definitely want to be wrong.  The card was the 8 of Pentacles, upright, with the man working very hard at a thankless job that will eventually pay off.  I will make it a point to fantasize about him being the real-life Captain America, to throw my energetic support behind him just in case.  But my gut feeling, he doesn’t stand a chance.

So Algol conjunct Mercury can makes someone as sneaky as Saddam Hussein, basically.  There is an unparalleled cleverness and quickness, and gift with words.   Because of his otherwise complicated Mercury, not sure how this would play out.  Maybe he is quick and clever but his verbal timing is off, something like that.  May involve his siblings in his plans, or be involved with sibling pairs like Erik Prince and Betsy Devos.  I will need to do some research into General Kelly beyond just the news that he is in and Mooch is out, and his natal chart, to see who he is personally involved with.  But again, chop chop before everything changes again.  Mooch’s interesting chart is obsolete before I can type it up.

It should be noted that General Kelly’s Mercury is in the unfavorable condition known as combust.  Because the Sun has a huge corona, any planet within 8 degrees of it cannot be seen.  Thus the combust planet never fully comes into its own, always overshadowed by the Sun, or sublimated to the overall life.  You could say to some extent his ego has overtaken is conscious thought processes.  That is not necessarily negative ego, just there may be some self-awareness issues in the thought process and communication, almost like a Mercury retrograde effect with delays, mechanical problems, ineffective communications, and bad timing.

So Algol impacts that afflicted Mercury, and makes Kelly sneaky AF, and it is in Taurus, near his Sun.  Venus, the ruler of Taurus, is technically the chart ruler.  Venus represents the ability to love and be loved, the way one experiences and expresses love.  And she has some issues here, along with a dominant influence.  Kelly’s Venus is super complicated, and I do not wish I was her.

In astrology, each sign is ruled by a planet, like an individual’s office within a firm.  The ruling planet will set the tone, how it feels to be in that room or sign.  So Venus loves being in her own office (as all planets do), and she has two:  Libra and Taurus.  She does not like being in Mars’ sign of Aries, the man cave, as she is in Kelly’s chart.

Venus is conjunct the North Node, which is said to help one marry up.   The North Node is the life’s overall direction or trajectory, from a past-and-future-life perspective, and must be viewed as a perfected spot in the chart.   In general, Venus on the North Node can only be a positive thing, even for a severely afflicted Venus like Kelly’s.  And good lord, his Venus has accidental debility issues.

Aside from being stuck in the stinky man cave of Aries, Venus is across from her own sign, Libra.  The goddess of love is not comfortable in the god of war’s domain.  So sort of on the outside looking in at her life, while under attack from Neptune in Libra.  Neptune is about dreams, ideals, fantasies, illusions, and delusions.  Opposition Venus it can make you madly love your ideals, be really delusional about the people and things you love, or both.  Venus is not on her good foot here.

To make matters worse, Neptune is conjunct Seginus, another fixed star that would otherwise be quite minor but for the accidental dignity.  Seginus has a tendency to debase or bring out the worst in Venus, similar to Antares and Mars.  Neptune is a generally soft planet, which has a softening effect.  But it can also be that slippery slope to the blind eye, like one glass of wine can lead to washing down a Percocet with a glass of wine.  I am not necessarily calling Kelly’s Neptune debilitated, as we see in many of the other Trump folks, like Melania and Paul Manafort. But Kelly’s Neptune is afflicted enough that I do not see integrity carrying the day here.  I will work on giving him a chance to surprise me.

The Seginus contact is worse for Venus than for Neptune.  But it is integral to destabilizing Venus.  With Neptune in Libra, there should be a love of having things always appear balanced, whether they are or not.  In the Marine Corps they call this bearing, the ability to look calm no matter what.

The actual thing that will not allow his house of cards to ultimately stabilize itself fully, in my estimation, is Fomalhaut.  There is an old saying, something like:  The lady who enjoys riding the tiger is afraid to dismount.  Fomalhaut is an extreme boon and/or burden, depending on your integrity level.   Based on the Algol and other fixed star impediments to Venus, the chart leader, I suspect that his integrity is greatly challenged.  I could be wrong, I know very little about the man.   But I see him about to have his locomotive massively derailed.  Were his Venus not such a mess, I would have higher hopes.

Saturn, Mars, and Juno in Virgo suggest to me someone with rock-solid discipline and attention to detail, a strong sense of duty and obligation, the sort of leadership we look for in an evolved Mars.  This stands in stark contrast to the Antares connections of Erik Prince and Betsy Devos.

General Kelly has a lot of aspects coming off his Sun, which is generally a person with a lot of heart, a lot of ability to connect with other people.  Sun aspects are also generally about ego.  Without a proper birth time there is a lot I cannot know, about how this and other things ultimately factor into his life.

General Kelly reportedly made a pact with General Mattis to never leave Trump alone to make decisions.  This is the only sane thing to do, and it makes me want to think that maybe he will rise to his full potential.  I love to think that people who actually understand the government are ready to get us back on track, even as I watch my republic plunging into the ocean.  I would have more faith had General Flynn not sold us out to the Russians, not even for ideology, just for cash.

That important asteroid pair, Chiron and Ceres, need to be discussed.  Chiron is a little fragment of a planet that exploded.  It is described as the wounded healer, as in teaching others the things you learned the hard way.  It can be seen as the energy of picking up the pieces and carrying on.  There are excellent factors for that sort of thing to go well in this chart.  Ceres, the Earth mother, adds an interesting quality of nurturing and support to this very pragmatic and seasoned energy that both Chiron and Kelly bring.

Ultimately I do not see any strengthening factors in this chart that would make him this remarkable person who can save us all.  I could be wrong.  I do not have access to his vertex, houses, angles, lots of things that would help me get a more definitive look.  But from what I see, he is positioned to be as tempted as anyone has ever been to serve himself rather than his country.  And he is not a guy who can afford to get anywhere near that line, much less cross it.  Fomalhaut will do him in if he is not careful.  It is not as clear-cut a question for him as I think it would be for me.

The bigger they come, the harder they fall, when dealing with President Wrecking Ball.











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