Robert Mueller, Astrosplained

Gentle reader, behold the hidden-in-plain-sight greatness of Robert Mueller.  For weeks now, nobody has heard much from or about him, though we know he is quite busy.  I have known of his existence for several decades without having any opinion of him.  In general, my faith in all of these people is nonexistent.  But this is a really interesting guy.  And his chart gives hope.

Synopsis:  I believe Mueller will act with integrity, in service of our country.  This is the only person in the Trump conversation so far in whom I see true backbone. [This was before I did General McMasters chart.]   After reviewing his chart I have confidence in him.  They not only hype him as the anti-Trump, I believe he actually is that guy.  I am going so far as to say I trust him.

One thing I always look at is the chart shape, the overall play of the planets within the 360 degree horoscope.  This gives a feel for the sort of person we are dealing with, their overall range or potential, what they are built for, how they roll.   Robert Mueller  has a bucket within a bowl, two simultaneous shapes.


Robert Mueller chart

In a bowl chart, 180 degrees of the chart is empty, like a glass half full.  And it can feel that way to a bowl person.  They are often people who put half as much into life, and are disappointed when they only get half back.  Many of the Trump crowd have this sort of chart, it is a theme among them.  That red line across the middle can be almost like a red line that the individual does not cross, a part of life they do not explore or get the benefit of.

People with bowl charts are generally really stubborn, because they can be entirely self-referential and hard to get through to.  They do not meet others halfway.  You have to meet them where they are.  Bernie Sanders is an example of someone who uses his bowl chart tendencies for the good of all, by really focusing and prioritizing his life, only using his energy in very self-directed ways.  Bowl chart people are hard to sway.  If Bernie feels like he has missed out on anything (and I am sure he has sacrificed a lot) he probably just doesn’t think about it while there is still work to do.

Then a bucket chart is an entirely different sort of person.  The difference between a bowl and a bucket is a planet in the middle of the empty spot.  That singleton planet, in this case the Moon, becomes the focal point or fulcrum of the chart. It allows the person to have a more well-rounded experience of life, by expanding into the whole circle instead of the half-empty bowl.  The consciousness becomes very dynamic rather than stagnant or limited.

In this highly unusual chart there are six empty signs, a perfect bowl.  In an ordinary bucket chart, that focal point in the empty space permits the individual’s energy to move all the way around the circle.  Very interesting to see this pattern all within 180 degrees.  Where a normal bucket actually looks like a bowl with a handle, Mueller’s looks quite like a slingshot.  This suggests a compacted, directed, and focused life, remarkably so.

Because all of the other planets are so close together, the chart above does not include all of the ordinary asteroids that I routinely look at, like Ceres, Pallas, etc.  The chart is just already way too cluttered.  The fact that everything is piled up together is more important than the individual positions here.  Also there are some unique factors that do need to be displayed.

Any chart shows a person who can go in either direction.  The chart shows us what the person is working with, not what they do with it.  But with my Astrosplaining subjects, their direction has already manifested enough that I became aware of them through public information.  That does not mean that the chart can tell me if someone is good or bad.  But I can take what I know of astrology, and what I can see of the subject, and compare the two.  In this chart, the hopeful things are the fixed stars.

Fixed stars add a flavor or inflection, another layer of metaphor, to the planets they conjoin.  Of Mueller’s fixed stars, none are the ones I routinely work with.  So I would like to take some time to reflect on each of them more, but again, the pace of things in DC is intense these days.  And I have a ton of splaining to do.

Mueller has a fixed star called Dubhe conjunct his Sun.  The Sun in the chart is just like the Sun to our planet.  Life exists because of the Sun, it all begins there.  So anything conjunct the Sun is automatically important.  Dubhe is the back of the bear, Ursa Major.   My sense of this is that it gives the constitution of a bear, makes you a bear of a person.  I take this as a neutral, in terms of his integrity or intentions.  We can see that he is a formidable person without looking at the chart.  [Update:  I have seen that my “bear of a guy” idea was correct.  Coworkers have described that Mueller was not well-liked personally.  He was gruff and hard to get through to.  He must have impossibly high ideals.]

Mueller’s Sun is exalted in Leo, the sign it rules.  Leo is the sign of the lion, and like a lion, Mueller has a certain gravitas about him.  He comes across as one who may be a truly honorable man, capable of rising above. When they go low, expect him to go high.  Pride and dignity are key concepts with Leo, along with of course ego and desire for attention.  But we do not so much see the desire for attention with Mueller, rather a very disciplined communicator.

Mueller’s Moon is conjunct a fixed star called Scheat. This is said to bring misfortune to him.  However, I have no real sense of this, and only mention it because it is conjunct the Moon, the focus planet of his bucket.  He does appear to have experienced at least his share of suffering.  But that could also be from the sourness of his other focal planet, Saturn.  First I need to discuss the Moon a bit here.

The red triangle in this chart is called a T-square.  The red line going straight across from the Moon to Neptune is an opposition.  That is a source of constant friction, two planets who are directly opposed and must interact with each other.  This can mature into a cooperative relationship, but there is always a challenge with the red lines, two parts of the personality in each other’s faces.

The Moon is our feelings, our intuition, our moods and gut reactions.  It is reflective in nature, and thus Moon contacts may create internal dramas that play out by way of other people, where other individuals stand in for the various parts of the personality in the things that they say and do.  This should be especially so when opposite Neptune, which always fudges boundaries and makes things unclear.  Moon opposition Neptune could be one who seeks to escape their intense feelings, gets drunk, and then can’t stop crying.  I don’t see that with Mueller. I suspect it is more of a true, deep remorse for the crappiness of the world, and a strong desire to escape it, which he disrupts with the discipline and focus of Saturn, which controls his thoughts and words.   Mueller is a highly disciplined and detail-oriented thinker and talker.

The Moon and Neptune are the two planets of intuition.  Based on the fixed stars, and particularly his Pluto, I suspect that Mueller is a highly intuitive person, remarkably so.  He has a tremendous inner life, which I would not expect to see in a police officer.

What I do expect to see in a police officer, however, is the strong Saturn connection at the apex of the T-square.  The apex is in the middle of the two opposing planets, and is said to be what the person does to mitigate the stress of the opposition.  Saturn is the planet that represents the police, and all other forms of authority, anyone who tells people no.  That sense of discipline and attention to detail represented by Saturn fits very well with what I know of Mueller.  He may be a man of true depth, and have a compelling internal world.  But he has that reality checking squarely in the middle, bringing things back to Earth and making sure they square up.

Mars, Chiron, Mercury, and Jupiter are all in Virgo here, ruled by Saturn.  This is important.  Saturn is non-stop persnickety, detail oriented, and willing to be a pest.  With the important apex position of Saturn in the T-square, that makes Saturn almost a co-leader of the chart.  (I say almost; the Sun is the official leader, then the Moon, because it is the bucket handle.)

That gives me a lot of hope.  You see, the T-square is not necessarily a bad thing.  It is internal friction, the sort of thing that drives someone.  When people learn to use their challenges instead of labeling them problems, the T-square is highly empowering.  Mueller appears to be a fairly mature and self-actualized person.  All that Saturn in his chart, this is why he looks so intimidating.  Saturn also gives a prominent nose or bony appearance to the face, especially if on the Ascendant (which we don’t know without his birth time). But his face and head are a bit bony to me.

Mueller’s Saturn is conjunct Tejat posterior, a star of the nature of Mercury and Venus.  Saturn and Mercury co-rule Virgo, thus Tejat adds a layer of beneficial influence to all of the planets in Virgo, including Mercury and Venus.  Mercury represents the thoughts and communications, and is highly empowered here.  Venus represents the ability to love and be loved, but in this context it can be thought of as charm, likability, and grace.  He is possibly quite a finicky eater, or has very strong opinions about health.  I would expect him to use words with extreme discipline and effectiveness.

I would expect the Tejat connection to provide him with that excellent ability to communicate, not only in terms of the quality of his ideas and the skill at expressing them, but through a marked awareness of how his words will be perceived.  All of that would be reconciled through Saturn, which is really all about integrity in a way, making sure everything adds up and evens out.  This is someone with enhanced maturity and leadership, or at least the potential for it, which he seems to have manifested.

That Saturn influence  would do a few good things for that particular set of planets in Virgo.  For one, it would pressure Mars to evolve into a clarity and leadership aspect as opposed to a restless and aggressive one.  Again, depending on the person and their choices, all of this could make someone quite the opposite, like a person whose anger and sense of right and wrong could drive them to drink.  But I don’t get that sense from Mueller.  His life seems to have been well on track as long as I have known of him.

It is important to note that Virgo is about service, being of service, being served, and the body itself.  Saturn’s rigidity and reconciliation with cold, hard facts are central to Mueller’s life work.  I also note that his Sun is little-aspected, and has a positive major aspect with Uranus.  Uranus is shocking surprises, inventions, weirdness, and things we can’t predict.  Such things are normally anathema to Saturn, they represent opposite ideas.  Mueller’s ego can roll with the changes, even if he doesn’t like them.  Again, potential for excellent maturity and leadership, which he appears to have manifested.

Mueller’s Saturn is in Cancer, opposite of where it belongs.  That makes Saturn subject to the Moon’s rulership overall.  In other words, at the end of the day, he follows his gut.  He works very hard at his integrity and his craft.  But he trusts himself.  Again, this chart could be quite the opposite.  But if he had not mastered this, you would not see a highly accomplished person like Robert Mueller, he would be yet another suicide that no one has ever heard of.

His Pluto is conjunct  Asellus Australis.  I will leave you to read the linked article if you wish, but I see it as major stubbornness.  In light of the heavy Virgo and service themes, the presence of a donkey here almost makes me feel sorry for Don.   This is one of the things that gives me some confidence in Mueller.  I do believe he will try like hell.   This placement of Asellus suggests he will kick like the devil’s donkey.  Between Mueller’s Saturn and his Pluto, he is Trump’s worst nightmare, a guy who is not afraid of anything, and would die for the truth.   Pluto brings hell to the daylight, and vice versa.

With the relentlessness of Pluto and the discipline of Saturn, plus the craftiness of Mercury and Venus, Mueller is literally the anti-Trump, a smooth and disciplined servant who would rip a hole in the Earth for the truth, even if it would swallow him.

It is interesting that Mueller’s Pluto is conjunct his Sun.  Just as the Sun is where it all begins, Pluto is where it all ends, at the outer edge of the Kuyper belt.  Beyond that, you are in outer space.  So there is an alpha and omega feel to this chart and to Mueller’s life.  And the probing, relentless, no-stone-unturned nature of Pluto fits very well with what I know of Mueller and how he has lived.   Pluto is an all-or-nothing planet, and conjunct the Sun, it makes you a high-stakes kind of person in general, one of the indicators of integrity IMHO.  Pluto conjunct the Sun will make you take your life very seriously, or not get it at all, like waste your energy on petty control trips with everyone you meet.  Mueller seems to have taken the former route.

Mueller has Mars and Chiron conjunct Asterion, adding more nuance to his Virgo and Saturn.  I love the idea of Mars and Chiron together, especially in Mueller’s role as special prosecutor.  Mars, the god of war, is unafraid.  When Mars matures, he is exceptionally clear-minded, and capable of leadership through the darkest of times.  Chiron, the wounded healer, represents a wound that will never heal, in this case bittersweet feelings about aggression and leadership.  Chiron is also a fragment of a destroyed planet, and has to do with picking up the pieces and moving on.  Since we do not see evidence of negative behaviors from Mueller that would suggest he has not risen to the challenge of his anger, this Mars-Chiron connection adds a level-headedness and perspective that suits the themes of this chart, and our country, very well.

Importantly, Jupiter does not play any important role in this chart. Trump personifies Jupiter very well, and in the charts of his family, it is so prominent that I believe he literally personifies abundance for them.   Jupiter is considered a benefic planet, because it expands.  But it also represents selfishness run amok, negative ego gone off the rails.  The lack of heavy Jupiter here contrasts beautifully with, say, Paul Manafort or Erik Prince.  This suggests to me one for whom self-service or embiggening himself is not such a huge focus.

Lastly, the main thing that makes me fall to the side of believing he has risen to the challenge of his integrity is Mueller’s Saturn.  In any bowl chart, the point of power is the center of the big empty spot.  That is where the individual can focus their energies to open themselves up to a fuller experience of life.   The way to empower a T-square is similarly to look for the empty spot across from the apex planet, and put something there in the center.

In this chart, Mueller’s ideal bucket handle spot is 28 Sagittarius, and his T-square sweet spot is 6 Capricorn.  The apex planet is Saturn, making Capricorn an ideal sign for him to focus on anyway.  Located in Cancer at the apex of a T-square, his Saturn must feel very homesick.  There is a very solid commitment to truth balancing out a Moon-Neptune opposition that would definitely make many people avoid at all costs.  From his public persona, he appears to have intuitively developed that 6 Capricorn power point by remaining stable and working reliably over decades.

In terms of the Sagittarius influence, again, Jupiter is downplayed in this chart.  Not only is Jupiter less relevant overall, so less focus on self-service and hedonism, but Mueller just doesn’t strike me as a good-time Charlie kind of a guy.  He has a very Saturnian, deep, serious vibe.  His brows furrow even when he laughs.  The way to balance out his bowl tendencies would be for him to let his hair down once in a while, have a laugh and sing a song.

The two power spots exist independently in this chart, giving him sort of a clear path to extreme personal power.  At least with the Capricorn power point, the key phrase would be Better Living Through Coming Correct.  Mueller appears to have taken that route, based on what I can see of him.  This is ultimately what makes me decide I trust him.

Godspeed, Mr. Mueller.







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