Hope Hicks, Astrosplained

Someone I knew almost nothing about — including what she looked like, until I decided to do this chart — is Hope Hicks.  I have heard the name several times before, but always in a context where someone else was more compelling.  Last night, Hope Hicks showed up on my radar, so here she is.  To be clear, Hicks is the one who isn’t Omarosa, Kellyanne Conway, or Farah Suckabee Flanders.

hope hicks


hope hicks chart.gif

Step 1:  Sun is in Libra, Venus is the ruler.  This is a traditionally feminine woman.

A few key points leap out.  First, Hicks has a Jupiter bucket chart.  Jupiter, the Greater Benefic, takes on added significance here for a couple of reasons.  One, the singleton planet in a bucket chart is always an energetic fulcrum.  Jupiter is also key in Hicks’ chart because her chart leader is Venus, the Lesser Benefic.    Those two have a mutually beneficial effect on each other, the planets they influence, and the personality overall.

Also, on some level, anyone who wants to work in government should have a strong Jupiter.  Also Jupiter is well personified by her boss, the guy who lives to run around the world literally plastering his name on giant buildings so he can get richer and more famous every day.  She has some very strong positives, and is very well-suited for her role.

The overall tone of this chart, with the Sun in late Libra and Pisces Moon, is polished.  Venus has a way of smoothing everything over and softening people and situations.  (Or hardening certain people in other situations, D’OH!)   I expect butter to never melt in Hicks’ mouth.  She is apparently too smart to get into any position where she would be stuck trying to smooth out things Trump said, at least on camera.

Her pronounced Neptune is also critical to making her perfect for the role she is in.  Neptune is about appearances, smoke and mirrors, entertainment, illusions, and delusions.  She needs to have master ninja skills on all of that, and I believe she does.    Neptune is also about intuition and emotional fluency, and I believe she also has that going for her very much, especially at the head of that mini-kite and with her Pisces Moon.  Like Erik Prince, Hope Hicks should have a superpower of verbal manipulation.  She is their Counselor Troi.

Her Neptune is also inconjunct Jupiter, which seems fairly self-explanatory when you think about her job, the roles of the two planets, and an inconjunct as a rerouting or redirection.  That particular aspect could be in her job description as White House Spin Doctor, like you need a degree in communications and Neptune inconjunct Jupiter.

Depending on the birth time, Mars could be in either Aries or Pisces.  What do we know?  There is an inconjunct to the sun, so the Mars energy is being redirected.  Mars at 1 Aries is unredirectable.    If Hicks were overtly aggressive, we would all know about her, and she would be long gone, faster than Spicy.  Women would never get that surly in front of Trump and be kept around.  (Seriously, look who his crowd labels a “thug woman,” because that’s totally a thing.)  No, I think especially with her hyped up Neptune, we can call that Mars in Pisces with the covert action, fairly straightforward passive-aggression, working behind the scenes.  Mars works for Neptune here.

I don’t have her birth time to look at her houses, and see what’s happening in the third house of communication or on the angles.  But my MO with Astrosplaining is to go with what I know:

  • Hicks has mostly stayed below the radar despite being deeply involved from the beginning.
  • Trump has apparently never yelled at her, which is a special distinction based on the two minutes of research I did.

That is winning with Venus and Neptune.  When playing ball with Jupiter (big daddy), it’s good to know when to tickle his proverbial  balls, and it seems like she does.  Knowing how to always rub Trump the right way is a skill that even Melania doesn’t have (need).  Really, it is phenomenal skill on Hicks’ part that she is still there.

The Pisces (Neptune) Moon lends the ability to actually feel the energy of the room, the energy dynamics between the players, the way others can see the dynamics visually.  I have this same thing, but I don’t use it anywhere near as effectively as Hicks clearly does.  That is a classic 12th house (Pisces) thing, hiding in plain sight while automagically using your superpower.  Then she has that enhanced, traditionally feminine Venus for the win.

Hicks has a large empty spot in her chart, about 106 degrees from Jupiter to Venus.  Directly across from the approximate midpoint of that blank area is Pallas Athena at 3 Aquarius.  That becomes a key energetic point, because of both the location in the chart and the relationships between Neptune and Pallas, described below.  Nature abhors a vacuum, and consciousness is natural.  That hole always seeks to be filled, and Pallas is directly situated to address it.  The Kozminsky symbol for Hicks’ Pallas:

3º Aquarius: A white-haired man, holding a cross before him, walking over a mosaic pavement.
Denotes one of a truly religious mind whose career will be as full of incident as the many pieces which go to make a mosaic pavement are full of color. Material life is not without its dangers-moral and physical-but the native is not born under the heel of fear. He sees beyond his times and bears his cross. It is a symbol of Faithfulness.

Neptune famously raped Medusa, who was at the time a priestess in the Temple of Pallas Athena.  After the rape, Pallas beheaded Medusa to balance the defilement of her temple.    The ordinary understanding, as it was told to me at least, is that Pallas acted there as the field marshal, doing what needed to be done to fulfill her mission, regardless of her personal feelings about it.  Athena is still seen as the goddess of wisdom, yet in that same interpretation she was an anti-feminist who blamed the victim, killing Medusa for Neptune’s crimes, and turning her into a monster as the abuse snowballed.

That was how I understood it until the first time I drove out of Los Angeles.  I had never seen anything like that indescribable, extreme spaghetti-bowl traffic, with at least 30 or 40 lanes of traffic all merging and diverging near the Staples Center.   When I saw the stadium and before I knew what it was, I imagined it perfectly covered Medusa’s head, and the lanes of traffic were her hair.   Once that image came to mind, I couldn’t shake it.   I felt like the nub of her neck ended in approximately El Monte, California, 13 miles away.  Anyway, after successfully riding the big Medusa out of LA, I had a different understanding of Pallas Athena.

When Medusa entered Pallas’ temple, that initiation was an ego death.  Her body was still alive, and she lived as a temple virgin, so she didn’t necessarily notice.  But on a deeper level, her soul merged into a much larger being, Pallas Athena, and she became another appendage, another jewel in Athena’s crown, another finger on her hand.  That eternal vantage point from Athena’s crown was a far greater existence than Medusa could ever have achieved on her own.

While Medusa may not have been fully conscious of it at the time, her soul’s capacity expanded exponentially, to the full extend of Pallas Athena’s spiritual mastery.  So Medusa’s body was only symbolically relevant even before Neptune raped her.    To Athena, removing Medusa physically from the temple was like cutting out a tumor, leaving only the healthy tissue behind.  Like an animal chewing its leg off to get out of a trap.  Pallas teaches us to define our own wholeness.  Also to fight like a man.

Pallas refused to be who Neptune said she was:  a victim.  Medusa didn’t fully know it, but Athena already knew Medusa was much more than anything that could be raped or overcome.  The part of Medusa that believed she could be disempowered, the ego mask, is the hideous part that her abusers can still see.

Mythologically, Pallas was born fully formed, springing from the head of Zeus.  It is said that Zeus pulled the unborn Pallas from her mother’s womb and into himself.  Thus she sprung out of his head fully formed, and has a hypermasculine quality.

Astrologically, asteroid Pallas  has a glyph like Venus’, but with a diamond-shaped head, like a cut diamond popping out of a head.  Where Venus looks at herself in the mirror, Pallas looks at dynamics.  Pallas is the field marshal, who identifies patterns and creates strategies.   I think of Pallas’ diamond head like the stone at the top of Indy’s staff:

staff of raI have learned mythology by doing astrology, and I find that the two influences go back and forth quite a bit, in some charts more than others.  In this case, I am finding the old stories to track very well with individual characters in our palace intrigue.

Trump is quite the Jupiterian character.  Hicks is very Neptunian, which allows her to be something of a chameleon.  That and her strong Venus and Libra make it easy for Hicks to know who you want her to be, and then appear to be that.  If she ever writes a book about working women, I would definitely buy that one before Czarinka‘s.  Based on publicly available information, Hicks has mad skills.

At the end of the day, I don’t expect Hicks to need a pardon.  She is one to play chess, not checkers.  She has managed to dodge every landmine, grenade, and artillery strike the maniac in chief has thrown for this long, because the bitch is good.  She is the sort who covers her own butt for the most part, I would imagine.  She’s a smoother-over.

She may have overstepped though, especially if she does have the Algorab contact.   If she came here as part of that group of crows listed in the recap here (wait, what is a group of crows called?) she may have gotten carried away by her own Neptune.  It is possible she believes her own propaganda.  I do not perceive her using the escapism of Neptune in terms of substance abuse, which is another possibility with strong Neptune.   Lies are the cheapest and easiest form of escape.  The problem with drinking the Kool-Aid is, well, it’s poisoned.  The person who mixes it up should remember that.

The possibility that she stepped in it is especially likely if she does also have that Seginus contact with Vesta.  Of all things, Hicks appears to have Vesta the True Believer conjunct Seginus, and thus Trump’s Jupiter.  (In case that Jupiter focal point in Hicks’ chart and/or Trump’s personification of it wasn’t already clear.)   Seginus-Vesta could easily lead her to be swept up in the river of lies and drown.

Remember, Hicks’ razzle-dazzle Neptune and Pisces Moon aren’t the main point of this chart, they are an added bonus in service of Jupiter.  More than a lagniappe, though, Neptune is the WD40 that allows Hicks to slide through the pre-apocalypse unscathed and almost entirely below radar.  It is at the head of that pattern I call a mini-kite, with the Moon and Pluto.  So she is fearless in her intuition and ability to roll with the changes.  But make no mistake, this is all about Jupiter, that bucket handle planet which represents the government, and specifically Trump.  And if Hicks does have that Vesta on Seginus, conjunct Trump’s Jupiter?  Then yes, this is the hill she wants to die on.  People come among the crows of Algorab on a very specific agenda.

Saturn plays a lesser but crucial role in this chart.  Venus, the chart leader, is in Virgo.  Venus in Virgo is the Virgin.  She is very, very picky, well aware of her own needs, and plays it close to the vest; a material girl in a material world.   So Saturn does have some say in things here.  Where is Saturn?  Conjunct Uranus, in Sagittarius — ruled by Jupiter.  If this chart were paper-mache, Saturn would be the paste.  Saturn stabilizes the connections between the key players in her chart — Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune.

Saturn is a truly brilliant factor of Hicks’ chart, and a perfect reflection of the woman herself.    Aside from adding stability to the co-leader, Jupiter, and reinforcing the co-leadership with Venus, adding resolve to that whole thing, but it makes her perfect for Trump.

Look at the close conjunction between Hicks’  Saturn conjunct Uranus.  Uranus is the wild card, the loose cannon of astrology.   Here, Hicks has kept her friends close and her enemy (Uranus, the uncontrolled) closest of all.  This is how she rides out Hurricane Donald.  Saturn is her amazing equilibrium source.  Hicks has Saturn wrapped so tight around Uranus, it is like she has contained the maelstrom, using her Saturn to ride herd on the industrial-grade mayhem.

Everything about this chart says Hicks is a true believer in what she does, and she was born to do it very well.  I am working without a birth time, so to some degree I am spitballing it based on what I can observe.  Trump has Seginus conjunct Jupiter, and I have found several other Seginus contacts among his crew, including Hicks’ possible Seginus-Vesta.  I use a fairly ruthless orb for most fixed stars of 1 degree.  But again, I am spitballing without the birth time and do not have precise natal degrees.  Jamie has done the math on each one and assigned them orbs.  He gives Seginus an orb of 1.40.  So I go with what I know.  Hicks has been Trump’s gal Friday this whole time.  I am giving her the Seginus-Vesta connection, because of her intense Jupiter, and Trump’s Jupiter-Seginus.  She is somehow in Trump’s sweet or blind spot.

Hicks, the Communications Director I think, also possibly has Mercury conjunct Algorab.  I was unaware of that star (and Seginus) until I began Astrosplaining the Trump-adjacent, and I found that many of them have this connection as recapped here.   So Hicks’ Mercury is right in that neighborhood, and Mercury is technically what she does for a living.  So I’m giving her the Seginus and Algorab connections based on the evidence of her brilliant swamp survival.  The way to survive in a swamp is to be an alligator, basically.

That sounds like I am calling Hicks an alligator.  No, I am convincing myself not to like her just based on the intense moxy in this chart.  I really don’ hate players, but I hate this game until I can taste it.
























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