Roger Stone, Astrosplained

roger stone

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Roger Stone presents a conundrum.  In the brilliant Get Me Roger Stone, he’s very straightforward about his simple set of rules.  One of them is that being ignored is a fate worse than death.  So it’s like when a spree killer goes on a rampage because he wants to be famous.  Should we pay attention to him?  Can we not?

I appreciate that Stone tells people directly that he will lie anytime it serves him.  Here we can take a tip from Maya Angelou and believe him.  Roger is wearing the proverbial sign.  Except he’s not stupid, he’s a misanthrope.   Not quite as intense as Ayn Rand, but a Hall of Famer nonetheless.

I’ve decided to let him have his 15 minutes, he’s earned it.  I also don’t care if he likes it or not.  Also, it’s in the public interests.  Thus, gentle reader, I shall Astrosplain Roger Stone.

roger stone chart

First things first, determining a chart leader.   Virgo Sun, ruled by Mercury. Overall, Roger does come across as Virgo with his natty dress, physical fitness lifestyle, and obvious fussiness for details.  The Sun is our conscious mind, the ego, our sense of who we are in the world.  Virgos can be very hard to get close to, staying in their head minds.

A bowl chart is one in which all of the major planets are in half of the chart.  This creates a certain type of focus or partial obliviousness.  The red line across the middle of a bowl chart can be sort of a personal line of demarcation.  It’s the boundary the person places between themselves and the rest of the world, i.e., everything that begins and ends in that big empty side.  (For a bowl chart, we’re only looking at major planets; I have other asteroids and points displayed above, so the empty half doesn’t look perfectly empty.)  Bowl charts can be “glass half-empty” people, intractable and never satisfied.  Bob Mueller and Bernie Sanders both have bowl charts, as does el presidente.  There is a stubbornness or refusal to see it any other way.

Next most prominent thing, the big red triangle is called a T-square.  It’s like a fistfight within the personality, a sort of personal combustion engine wherein different aspects of the personality don’t mesh well.  His T-square explains a lot.  The two cutting planets, the red line going straight across, are Jupiter and the conjunction (or coupling) of Mars and the Moon.  If you allow Trump to stand in for Jupiter, this could look like anyone who attacks Trump gets the ugliest scorn Roger can muster.

Any planet at the apex of a T-square is an MVP, especially in a bowl chart where it’s basically the soup in the bowl.  Roger uses thoughts and words in a Plutonian/controlling way to settle the constant conflict between his self-promotion and the way he feels and acts.  Pluto with that Moon/Mars conjunction in a T-square, I would expect someone quite moody and snappish, but he has other factors that lend polish as discussed above.  This is a complicated individual, driven, and never satisfied.

Roger’s line in the sand is his obstinate (Taurus) desire to self-serve and self-promote (Jupiter) in opposition with his gut feelings, especially anger (Moon conjunct Mars).   Roger may seek to address that burning desire for war in his gut by self-promoting.  Or when Roger feels blue about his self-promotions, he goes into attack mode.  Both of those last two ideas may bounce back and forth, tag-team style.  Whenever Roger needs a pick-me-up, I imagine he reaches for a cocktail and shifts into attack mode. He never stops working, especially while relaxing.

That stubborn late-Taurus Jupiter is why Roger is still in the game.  He is basically a Washington camp follower, who has never been and will never be actually a part of the government (Jupiter), but makes his living participating in it.  He is archetypally a court jester, trading in tricks and surprises more than humor, who also serves as a spy.  He used his clever Uranus to create a niche for himself.  Then like the bull, he stood his ground and dominated his patch.  The intense Saturn in this chart makes him extra stubborn and willing to wait as long as it takes.

Roger has some beautifully bright stars.   His Moon is conjunct a lovely star called Agena, adding the nature of Jupiter and Venus to his emotional self.  Roger clearly likes the good life, self-pampering, all of the Venusian attributes, plus Jupiterian politics is obviously his life’s blood.   The softening, enhancing factor of Agena may be what makes Roger less snappish and more Venusian/polished considering the profound snarliness of this chart.  He is obviously very high-functioning, and able to channel his anger into productive avenues that serve his overall goals.  He also has Mars on Toliman, another inflection similar to Agena’s, but applied to his aggression and assertion.  Roger does to some extent show a more evolved Mars.  While his bile is not a secret, he is, again, very high-functioning and has carved out an Oval Office-adjacent niche for himself.  No mean feat for a humorless court jester.

Then the apex of this internal pyramid, the thing he will use to try to resolve the conflict of his T-square, is his Pluto/Mercury conjunction, where again the two planets are merged.  Pluto is the one who ripped a hole in the Earth, so he could drag the child Persephone into hell and keep her for himself.  Not saying, just saying.   We all have this dark side somewhere in our charts, this inability to know when enough is enough, desire to control and destroy, the desire to take people past their limits.  The question is how much we evolve, and how we use this energy.  Pluto sends people in one direction or the other, there is no middle.  Pluto makes you either give in to your lowest urges, or transcend.  Roger and his words are very polarizing.

Mercury represents our thoughts and communications.  I think that’s fairly self-explanatory here.  Roger uses aggressive, controlling words in his self-promotion, and can be very nasty about it, too.  He is a culture warrior, who makes his living being clever and chatty.   And like Hope Hicks, he has that Neptune inconjunct Jupiter that would give him the ability to say what daddy wants to hear, the way he wants to hear it, intuitively.

In this chart, Aldebaran is conjunct asteroid Ceres, the Earth Mother.  Ceres is a minor chart influence, but Aldebaran is always a big deal, especially in the Trump administration.  For one thing, it is in permanent opposition to Antares, the astrological Cain to Aldebaran’s Abel.  Antares is a prominent star in the Trump crowd, as discussed in the recap here.  The natural antagonism of these two stars is self-perpetuating, like rust or credit card debt.  When you stand on one or the other position, align with either the hero or the anti-hero, you immediately show up on radar for those in the other position.

Bashar described Aldebaran as the Department of Archetypes, a sort of universal master key that enables one to make any sort of psychic connections.  This undoubtedly assists Rogers Uranian inventiveness   However, like Algol and Fomalhaut, IMO the key to success with this star is integrity.  Actually I recommend maximizing integrity at all times, but that is a personal preference.  And importantly, it is one I do not share with Roger Stone.  It’s not that Roger has no personal code of ethics.  It’s that he arbitrates his rules, regardless of other people’s considerations.  At the end of the day, this puts him more on the other side, in the Antares camp in my estimation, at the less-evolved, self-serving, angry end of the masculinity continuum.  Aldebaran is like a Willy Wonka golden ticket, yes.  But Stone has it on an asteroid, Ceres the Earth Mother.   And with Aldebaran as with Mr. Wonka, you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself.   Also his hatred of General McMaster must be visceral, judging by InfoWars.

At the end of the day, despite the bright blessings of Aldebaran, Agena, and Toliman, Roger does not register to my eyes as a hero or one who will ultimately win the day, despite likely being pardoned and living out his life quite well.  And clearly there is a perfectly valid opposite viewpoint.   For those who share Roger’s values, he looks like the Archangel Michael aspect of Aldebaran, boldly striking down what he perceives as the devil attacking his child.  Again, Stone and I simply disagree on our core values.  I do believe he will get what is coming to him, mostly after death.  But he will also not fully prosper as he believes.  He will define it as a win, because that is what he does.

That said, again, the key to Aldebaran is the high road.  A person who flatly explains that he will lie whenever and however it suits him seems to present an integrity paradox, but not really.   The devil is a liar, and he doesn’t always lie about it.  Roger’s rationale for manipulating, lying, and cheating people is that if they are dumb enough to go the integrity route, they deserve whatever they get.   At least that was my take-away from the documentary, your mileage may vary.  Again, I appreciated him delineating the rules.  Very Virgo of him. Virgo and Saturn both love to sort, categorize and break down, and the Saturn in him is quite materially fixated and results-oriented I am sure.  That is his version of integrity, telling you up front that he is fighting dirty.  Saturn on Vesta believes in being the bad guy, especially on the vile Algorab.

Roger was the first person with whom I noticed the Algorab connection, which he has conjunct Saturn and Vesta.  Vesta the True Believer is another minor chart factor like Ceres.  However, context is everything.  If I were looking at a parent’s chart, Ceres would bring more to bear.  In this chart, Vesta and Juno (opposition the chart ruler Mercury) are both important.  Vesta represents core beliefs, that which we hold most sacred, that which we would kill or die for.  Based partially on reviewing this chart and Paul Manafort’s, I am rethinking Juno as purely partnership, not so much domestic partnership.  Juno is about the people with whom we interact most closely.  Ceres is about those we nurture and protect.

After looking at a dozen or so charts of Roger’s friends, I have come to understand the Algorab connection as marking a soul family, individuals with multiple interactive incarnations over millennia, who incarnated as a group on the very specific agenda that we are watching play out.   That may sound drastic, it really isn’t.    There are many soul families on Earth working through their shared agendas.  Every religion, group, and club of every sort meets that description to some extent.  But the Algorab thing is a much smaller group of individuals overall, and I believe their ultimate goal, whatever it may be, is negative in intent.  We may be seeing the full extent of it coming to fruition by virtue of the fact that we are all saying President Trump now.  Knock wood that this is as far as it goes.  I do not really see how much farther they could take things, but that seems like opening an unhappy door in my head.

Also Roger has Saturn on Algorab.  The nature of Saturn is to literalize and materialize, thus to the extent you may consider him successful or highly functioning, what we can see of his handwork, the things he has manifested, must on some level reflect Algorab.   This is how I am discovering the meaning of Algorab.

Uranus, Jupiter, and Juno all deserve some discussion.   Trump is quite Jupiterian, and this planet also features in the charts of everyone from Melania to Ivanka and the Tweedles to Hope Hicks.  Literally almost everyone in Trump’s daily life has intense Jupiter.  Again, Roger has Jupiter in the rim opposition.  That lust for fame and fortune has everything to do with it.

Then he has Uranus at the head of what I call a mini-kite, the blue triangle from Uranus to Jupiter and Venus.  Again, as with Hope Hicks, both of the benefics are emphasized in a positive way, furthering the theme with Agena and Toliman discussed above.  If the Emperor and Empress tarot cards were planets, they would be Jupiter and Venus.  Roger knows how to sit well with people in power.  And importantly, he knows how to be a wild card (Uranus) for them in a positive way, like a court jester.

Okay, this is a lot of words about Roger.  I started this quite a while back and haven’t felt like it was fully Jello yet.  I hope Bob Mueller rips him to shreds, because Roger has made it his life’s work to antagonize people like me.  He is also coming for General McMaster in no uncertain terms these days via the wingnut interwebs, for the same Mars/Aldebaran reason.  I predict, again, that Roger will not serve the prison time he deserves.  His fate will be what others would call ruin and disgrace, but he will still have money and a certain portion of the rich will always love him, and that is what he cares about.  And again, he will declare victory, because that is what Roger does.





















6 thoughts on “Roger Stone, Astrosplained

  1. Interesting…this astrology blog goes virtually unnoticed for 18 months until I make a positive comment – within 24 hours some troll has to chime in. What are the chances of that?

    To the astrologer – back in 2017 this horoscope was amazingly prophetic in its portrayal of a self-described master of “dirty tricks.” We should try to remember what a famous astrologer once said about astrology and free will: “The stars suggest, they do not impel.”

  2. From the many Jupiter-Pluto charts I’ve seen, it is simply a case of lawlessness, as in “I make my own laws. Other people’s morality/laws don’t mean anything to me.”

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