Bob and Bekah Mercer, Astrosplained

So, these two.  Like the Tweedles, I am doing them together because they are a matched set, also because they really kind of make me throw up in my mouth a little.

Lets start with the oak, then the acorn.  I trust you can tell the father from the daughter in the photograph above.

Robert Mercer chart

I take this opportunity to note the greatness of, where all of this magic is free, and people do things like research the birth certificates of Bob Mercer and Stephen Miller, and then care to share with the class.  We have a solid birth time here.

First things first, chart leader.  The Sun is in Cancer, so the Moon is the chart leader.  This is a person who is dominated by his gut, his moods and feelings.  Look at the action-packed (ruled by the Moon) 4th house, with Jupiter.  Then the Moon in Jupiter’s Sagittarius, so that Jupiter is crucial here.  They are said to be in mutual reception, each one a guest in the other’s home.

The red triangle is a T-square, the proverbial pebble in the psychic shoe.  At the head of this is Mars, creating a sort of three-legged table of anger management.  (Ask me, I know!)  That Mars is also in Virgo, ruled by Saturn, where it is likely to be very picky and self-centered.   With both the Sun and Saturn in the 1st house, Bob is probably in your face with his sense of entitlement, especially in a Moon-dominated, highly moody chart.  I would expect someone very sure of his authority.  Leo the lion and Saturn the tax collector/police man, standing together front and center.  Fun!

Before I get too much further, this is a bowl chart, with the whole party happening inside 180 degrees of the zodiac, like a glass half empty.  A person with a bowl chart is unlikely to be a glass-half-full type.  They do not meet people halfway, either.  I am not hating on the bowlies, again, some of my favorite people, i.e., Bernie and Mueller, have bowls.  But the key theme is mentally stubborn as a brick, does not understand the concept of seeing it your way.  Add that to the above paragraph.

In the 2nd house, we have Mercury and Pluto.  The 2nd house is about that which we value.  Bob is not only the physical oak tree of Bekah, but the ideologue of the family.  (She is not as much an ideologue as a hater.   Bob is the stone-cold Trumpeter, based on his fixed stars, but I don’t want to skip ahead.)   Mercury is about the thoughts and communications, the stream of consciousness.  Then the 2nd house is about money, prized possessions, and literally that which we value.  Plus, there’s Pluto, the darkest part of any chart in the same spot as thoughts and words.

Pluto is located at the outer edge of our solar system, and represents polarization, zero-sum thinking, secrecy, and control.  Again, there are positive sides to all of that.  Most of the above also describes Mueller’s investigation, of which I am a fan so far.  There is a time and a place for everything, including all the things I just listed.  Is that time and place correctly Bob Mercer?  Pluto, being about death, is also about rebirth and reinvention.  Did the society that made Bob rich also make him the one who should take us to/past the point of no return?  Remake us in his image?  His thoughts and control issues about his values are currently pushing our society to the brink, as displayed in his 2nd house.

Then importantly we have Jupiter and his entourage in the 4th house, ruled by the Moon and the sign of Cancer, the rulers of this chart.  Jupiter is at the head of the little blue triangle pattern that I call a mini-kite.  I find this to be a highly beneficial circuit within the personality.  Here, it is linked to the T-square by the Moon, which is in both patterns.  The Moon and Jupiter are truly co-equal leaders in this chart IMO.

In terms of my Astrosplaining the apparent resurgence of fascism in the world, Bob has Mintaka on the North Node and Uranus, in that T-square, in the 12th house, the house of secrecy, lack of self-awareness, and self-undoing.   This activity is in Mercury’s sign of Gemini, giving that planet added significance as this is a key energetic point in the chart.  It really is about his personal thoughts and values, probably much more than he admits even to himself.  All of this refers back to the Mercury/Pluto 2nd house.  For me, the North Node, the life’s karmic destination, conjunct Mintaka is self-explanatory.  Bob is all about the Orion wars deep in his heart, just like I am.

Bob also has Vesta the True Believer opposition Neptune, which probably makes him very good at bullshitting himself about his values, and facilitates lying to the rest of us about them or at least manipulating us in a smoke-and-mirrors way.  If you think of Neptune as show business, i.e., the media, this makes sense. Jeff Zucker’s comments were self-explanatory about whether this is journalism or not.  Actually now that I actually typed his name, I realized that (a) I feel like his first name should be Cock, and (b) I am going to Astrosplain his personal malignancy to my own satisfaction.  If he is even slightly interesting I promise I will share, same bat time, same bat channel.

(I will say that one good thing Don has brought us, almost overnight, is a return of the adversarial media, the 4th Estate.  No more of the “access journalism” that was making my teeth hurt any time I thought about it.  No, Chuck Todd went from unarmed to phasers on maximum almost overnight.  The media could be about Mercury and/or Saturn, especially in a highly adversarial milieu (I would call the Intercept or Democracy Now Mercury/Saturn media).  But American media has been part of the problem for a long time, like the Democratic party.  So the net result of all of this, as I see it, is that the lunatics are now clearly running the asylum.  That is a splendid opportunity in a “survival of the sanest” sort of way.  Make America Sane Again!  Speaking of which, back to Bob and his delusions.)

This fluidity with appearances is also reflected in the 12th house placement of Uranus, with ideas coming like bolts from the blue, then being incorporated into the personality in insidious ways, or a prominent fantasy world narrative about same.  Both of those are likely.  The controlling, manipulative nature of Mintaka, and Bob’s likely strong sense of purpose about it, color his thoughts and communications.  I have some 12th house action, and there are certain things I am completely blind to.  Bob probably doesn’t find any of his work strange or divisive, and is probably oblivious to how his Orion connection, and the weird ideas it spawns, colors his every thought and word.  The North Node is a perfected spot in any chart, and anything happening there is automatically woven into the DNA of the native.

Then the Moon is in opposition to that Uranus/North Node/Mintaka situation, in Saturn’s 6th house of health and service and Jupiter’s sign of Sagittarius, the party animal.  So his moods, his gut reactions, are one of the constant friction points in his life.  His feelings work on the agendas of Saturn and Jupiter, and probably wax and wane between those two luminaries like an internal tide.  Bob being one of the people who secretly launched a sideshow freak into the White House makes all the sense in the world with his 12th house Uranus, plus his Jupiter and fixed stars.

Since we have an actual birth time on this bowl chart (Thanks Viktor!) let’s look at the unoccupied half of the chart.  Here, the inactive portion of the chart is roughly from the 7th through 11th houses.  The midpoint of the big empty spot, the thing that tugs at Bob from a deep place of dissatisfaction, is Jupiter’s 9th house in Neptune’s (and co-ruled by Jupiter) sign of Pisces.  So again, Jupiter and Neptune find a way to be important in this chart.  I need to circle back to Jupiter, hold that thought.

The unoccupied portion of this chart is mostly the part that is about other people, the outside world.  The 7th (it’s actually the middle of the 6th to the middle of the 12th) is about marriage and long-term partnerships, committing to someone or something outside of yourself.  Then the rest of it covers the career, work, extended family, associates, clubs, communities, and organizations, all of the stuff that is not so immediate, up until death.  All of that stuff is sort of  conspicuous in its absence here.  Bob keeps it super close to the vest.  I do need to talk about the 8th house before I move on.

The 8th house is ruled by Pluto, and is importantly in that big empty spot, featuring asteroid Ceres the Earth Mother and the Part of Fortune.  The PoF is the “you are here” of astrology, and marks the location of the Earth itself in the chart, the old third rock from the Sun.   That makes it a prime spot to take action for the chart native, a way of ultimately grounding the sum total energy of the life in an appropriate way, like the X marking the treasure chest on a map.  That is where to dig.   Bob’s PoF is over there in the walled-off portion of his consciousness, next to his desire to nurture and protect (Ceres, the Earth Mother) all mankind (Aquarius).

Back to the Jupiter conversation, which gets trippy.  Again, many people in Trump’s orbit have extreme Jupiter, including most of his family and close associates.  I believe the highly Jupiterian Trump can stand in for Jupiter in certain ways in their charts.  Trump is the action figure with which Bob can work out his Jupiter issues, which are in the 4th house and thus deep in his bones.

That Jupiter has a little entourage, made up of Chiron, Seginus, and Juno, as well as Neptune, if you want to include stragglers.  The old timers sometimes considered all planets in the same sign conjunct, and I get this.  Anyway Bob’s hotspot is in Venus’ sign of Libra, somewhat lightening the obvious emotional depth of the chart overall with an air sign in the 4th house.  But even so, Venus is all about love.  She likes things to appear pleasant and charming, and Neptune is nearby to assist with that.  Like with Roger, I suspect Bob comes across socially as much more pleasant than he really is.  Also Bob probably by no means thinks of himself as a hater.  He is motivated by his heartfelt — if somewhat disconnected from reality checking — feelings of love.

Importantly, Bob has both Juno and Jupiter conjunct Seginus.  Trump has Jupiter on Seginus, and it features prominently in the recap of Trump-adjacent people and their chart factors here (as do Bekah’s Antares and Algol connections discussed below).

With the Mintaka connection firmly in place, Bob is happy to be the engineer of the Trump train.   The things Trump says tickle Bob’s fancy.  His 2nd house Pluto and Mercury are opposed to the 8th house Aquarius and Ceres, which might make Bob detach from his own personal needs and feelings (the Moon and Saturn) and take a more “Age of Aquarius” posture in the public domain.  Here is where I have to take what I can see in the chart and check it against public information, and it does not seem to be playing out quite that way, in fact the opposite.   It could be that Bob feels deeply threatened by that hippie nonsense, of caring about people you don’t know versus money you do in fact own.  That would make sense.

Then we have darling Bekah.

Rebekah Mercer chart

The easy part, Step 1, the Sun is in Sagittarius, Jupiter is the overall chart leader.  Then with the Moon in Venus’ sign of Taurus, we again see the Greater and Lesser Benefics, Jupiter and Venus, highlighted similar to Hope Hicks.

This is obviously a highly dynamic chart, and honestly determining the overall shape is probably more effort than I am willing to put into her.  It is not a locomotive, tripod, or hourglass chart.  I guess that makes it a splay, one who is not easily pigeonholed.  I would imagine that description would fit anyone with a chart this dynamic to some extent.  I don’t know anything about her except that she is a huge toxic dumper of money.  But I imagine she is a bit of a dilettante, doing whatever she wants mostly.

Bekah has a grand trine, (the blue equilateral triangle), a T-square headed by Venus (the red triangle), and a couple of kites headed by Neptune and… Antares!   The great news is that the Antares contact makes her a natural enemy of the Aldebaran-aligned General McMaster, who I really hope fucks her world up beyond all recognition and burns everything she loves to the ground.  [Your friend in Christ, Artnunymiss.]

So Bekah has prominent Neptune and Antares, again in keeping with the recap linked above, wherein lots of Trump-adjacent people have hardcore Neptune and Antares, including Czarinka.  That particular combination seems to me like the source of the refusal to clearly self-identify that I have observed so many times on the right.  Another great thing about the Trump presidency is that the right wing of this country can no longer pretend; they are either with the KKK or not.  Conservatives may no longer sit on the fence and pretend they aren’t deeply aligned.  If they want to clean house, the time has come.  I never thought I would see them forced to reckon as they are now, and it feels good.  Neptune with Antares, a mislabeling of hostility.

The grand trine with kites and T-square configuration makes for complex dynamics and a person who is not so easily explained, especially with multiple inconjuncts or redirections.  Generally speaking, the T-square provides friction, and the grand trine provides flow.  In my own life I experience this as maybe higher highs and lower lows.  The kites make you one for the gifted class, a more capable than average person when you have your heart and mind set on something. The T-square make you able to care more and try harder, plus the trine kicks in to get your whole person working together in concert.

Importantly, daddy’s little Antares antagonist has the Moon on Algol, late in Taurus.  That puts the Moon squarely in the middle of things, like with her dad’s chart.  Bekah’s Venus is in both the trine and the T-square, in my opinion making it a co-leader with Jupiter based on its energetic value.  Algol, as I have discussed elsewhere, is about taking the lid off of things.  Conjunct the Moon, and especially in the chart of an heiress, I am afraid it may take the old “Whatever Lola Wants” idea to extreme new places.  Anything that makes her feel good is okay.  Her dad probably supports that 100 percent.

The Moon does a few things.    It is the mechanism by which we may experience the hologram of our physical experience and find it real.  We do this by having feelings about it, not just thoughts.  Feelings happen in our bodies, in our guts, which if you think about it ghosts don’t have.  Everything in existence, every person and situation, is inherently neutral other than our feelings about them.  Anything can be used in either a positive or negative way, including being murdered — and I say that as one who has had a violent near-death experience, i.e., I have personally been murdered.  I have turned that into a positive by way of this blog, among other things.  It can be done.  Not saying it’s always easy, just that it’s always possible.

So the Moon makes us very changeable, can take us to very dark places inside, and allows us to project our emotions onto other people and things in order to fully experience ourselves as physical beings.   Projection is tricky business, and people trade in it as often as we breathe.   But it doesn’t seem that way, does it?  Not usually.  After working with my Moon for many years, I totally get it now.  Before completing all that work, I felt very much like a victim, and was very moody and angry all the time.  The Moon can make people want to drink, and if Bekah drinks, I would expect her to be a mean and/or weepy drunk.  Getting “in your cups” is likely with both her and her father, with their prominent Moons.  I would not want to be anywhere in the vicinity if either of them were drinking.

Bekah’s Moon is also opposed to both Neptune and Mercury, adding a likelihood of self-deception and rationalization.  The Antares connection will keep things angry and aggressive no matter what, conflict-driven and resentful of integrity and maturity on some level.  Then Neptune, again, is about intuition (especially in a strong Moon chart) but also escapism, substance abuse, manipulation, and lies.

So there is a whole lot more to say about both of these charts, and the comparison of the two.  But what I have already said is the need-to-know. Bottom line, Bob is the true believer with the Mintaka and Seginus connections, the one I would expect to love Trump.  If he were into something else, she would direct herself elsewhere.  She does what she does in response to her dad and because she is a complicated woman with angry, complicating stars.

As I mentioned above, everyone and everything is neutral other than the meanings you discover in your emotional responses.  The Moon is neither your friend nor your enemy, she is both.  So I keep to that point by not focusing on unhappy or negative things like the Mercers any more than is necessary to find my own clarity.  Toodles!


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