Crime Horary: Did Mr. Square Kill Them?

The original question posed to me about the murders was a very specific and concise one, a yes-or-no.  While I am truly an entry-level dabbler at horary, I am hoping that others who are knowledgeable about horary may find this an interesting opportunity to share with the class in a way that makes a meaningful contribution.

For those who may not be familiar, horary is the astrology of answering questions.  It is a form of what is called mundane astrology.  Horary honors the asking of the question itself as a unique entity that contains its own answer.

One thing I am rapidly discovering as I begin this whole new exploration (sorry for anybody who was waiting to see Stephen Miller, Don McGahn, and Omarosa Astrosplained, this is more important) is that I need to go with my gut versus traditional knowledge when the two are in conflict.  That feels really huge and scary.  Not as scary as being murdered by a human trafficker.

On that note, this was the original question that I received:

Did X kill Y and Z?

And I cast this horary  chart on the time and location the request was emailed to me.

horary answer

Now again, let me be clear, buckle up because we are astrologically going off-road.  For example, I know that the outer planets, asteroids, etc. are not considered in horary.  There is no quote to Lilly or Ptolemy that backs me up here.  Our information base changes all the time.  And I am being told not to be nitpicky about orbs or classical rules, but to rely even more on my intuition than I already do.  Full disclosure.  That said, the divine hand is definitely in play for me to even be in this conversation.

One example of such a deviation from the classics, I have displayed all of the planets, and included not only the goddess asteroids that I always like to see, but Nessus, Dejanira, and Toro.   I am going out on a limb here and saying that all of our classic citable astrologers would tell me to consider the sexual deviant, the victim, and the raging bull when seeking to answer such an important question.  Synchronicity led me to Toro, and I trusted my gut, and wow, there it is across from Nessus, the Raging Bull in opposition to the Sexual Deviant.  Again, this is not the chart of the suspect or victims, but of the investigator asking me if he is the killer of those two.  Cue spooky music.

One thing I like about horary is that it is really literal.  Venus here represents not only the wife, but every woman.  Literally the one in the dress on the bathroom sign, just that basic.  But I am a self-taught astrologer and do not know how to determine some of the key questions in horary.  So for now, I will put this out there in case some horary astrologers have any input.  I will post updates as appropriate.







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