Crime: Moonflower, Astrosplained

As I am getting grounded in helping investigators look at a variety of murders and see which dots can be connected where, my first step is getting a sense of the individuals.  This young woman I am calling Moonflower.   She is one of the victims in the horary question posted here.

Moonflower chart

First things first, as always.  The chart ruler is Mercury, Sun in Gemini.  And also Mercury is king of his own castle in Gemini, so that is settled.

Because I am Astrosplaining a murdered woman, I am in the curious position of suddenly dispensing with all of the wiffle-waffling that normally goes into determining whether something pertains or not, agonizing over orbs, etc.  Here, I can truly just work with what is known and see how it is reflected in the chart.

I am calling this young lady Moonflower, because she was one who suffered extremely dark moods.  Most of her nights were dark nights of the soul, unfortunately.  I feel the pain of her life in this chart.  She has the Moon at the head of that T-square, with Neptune opposing both the Sun and Mars.  There is no more need to wonder if that extreme Neptune is about substance abuse or simply an inner life.  We can look at the completed facts of her life and see how that almost certainly played out, in substance abuse.  Mercury is really uncomfortable with feelings.  This is a very difficult chart.

I really hate it when a sex worker is killed, and they say “a local prostitute was found…” instead of “a local woman.”  Like killing a prostitute is worse than killing a dog, but not quite as bad as killing an actual person.  Moonflower’s violent end was not her fault.  She was 5’2″ and very young.  It is the fault of the animals that killed her.

Anyway this is why I am not going to drill down deep into her personal issues.  The crosses she bore were not an excuse to act out on her.  She is not being investigated.  What I see in brief is the glaring pain of one whose emotions are so raw, so uncomfortable in her own skin, that she was desperate to escape.  She would have craved the sort of bliss that heroin users describe.  It is perfectly understandable from this chart.  Obvious even.

So the important things for my purposes is understanding how this particular trafficked woman died, and also how what I know about her can inform me as an astrologer.

  1. Moonflower has the Sun, North Node, and Mars conjunct Mintaka.  My main thesis in the Astrosplaining series is that those of us who incarnated to work through our ancient Orion issues will have a prominent Mintaka in our charts, as described at the link.  This is a murdered, trafficked woman.  Mintaka on the nose.
  2. Moonflower has Antares just a smidgin out of proper orb for Uranus.  I have to wonder if her death involved a blitz attack or an ambush, something she could not anticipate.  This is one of those things where my Kipu tell me to look at what feels right, not what fits the technical specifications.  Either way, her Uranus is conjunct both Antares and Jupiter.  We know she was financially exploited, as Jupiter is prone to do.  We know toxic masculinity had everything to do with it.
  3. Moonflower has Algol conjunct Dejanira, the sexual victim asteroid.  If we slightly fudge the orbs, also add Chiron, the wound that will never heal, and Vesta, that which we would kill or die for.  This little cluster is in opposition to Toro, an asteroid I was unaware of until researching this chart.  Toro is the raging bull, and there it is rampaging directly toward Algol, Dejanira, and Chiron.
  4. She has Nessus, the sexual deviant/predator asteroid, 8 degrees from Venus.  This strongly suggests my orb ideas may need to be reviewed.  We know she was killed by a predator, that is not in dispute.  Only which one.
  5. Moonflower’s Saturn and Pluto are only one degree apart.  This is all more gasoline on the excruciating pain in her soul shown in the T-square.  Importantly, the individual suspected of killing her is Mr. Square, whose chart I am still working on.  His unique chart has basically a piston engine of T-squares, with Saturn and Pluto as the two pistons.  If he is in fact the one that murdered her, that is quite on the nose.
  6. That Saturn/Pluto conjunction is happening in Venus’ sign of Libra.  Moonflower’s Venus is in Leo, ruled by the Sun, conjunct the North Node and Mintaka.  Venus here represents her literal physical body.  Again, all of that Sun/Mintaka stuff is opposite Antares and Uranus, the angry surprise twins.



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