True Crime: John Bittrolff, Astrosplained

Here I am reviewing the chart of a man suspected in multiple sexual-deviant type murders of women who were sex workers.  I will begin with what I know, as always.  The question about this individual is not simple guilt.  He is already convicted of two similar killings.  For now, I am looking to understand him and the other women he may have attacked, whether they might have crossed paths, and if so, how that might have gone, how I would expect the interaction to look energetically.

Mr Square chart

As always, I am using my Pluto skills to get to the bottom of why violence manifests the way it does, though I normally look at it from a societal rather than interpersonal level.  This is a whole new thing, so you are reading my working notes as I learn how to do this new skill of criminal profiling.

Quick caveat:  I normally like to look at the positives and negatives of the different signs and planets in my interpretation.  I try to include those things in my written narratives, but do not always manage or bother.   However, I am not being asked about him because the Lions Club wants to give him an award.  So as with Moonflower (Jessica Taylor), I am not going to dither about other potentially more positive readings.  There are actual bodies in the ground.  Square is already a convicted sex fiend.

First things first, we determine a chart ruler.  The Sun is in Cancer, Moon rulership.  Square was born to feel things.  The Moon herself is late in Sagittarius, giving Jupiter no small say in how things go for John internally.   Then lo and behold, there is Jupiter conjunct the Sun, combust even.

So his personal greediness is woven into the fabric of who he knows himself to be.  His self-service is automatic, he knows no other way.  Jupiter is the original good time Charlie, and Sagittarius is about setting course for adventure.  But looking at the rest of the chart, that adventure had to be more of a non-stop hell ride.  This chart actually has a big energetic fire right in the middle of it.  The Moon and Jupiter are in mutual reception, so he really wants to feel that high roller, good time Charlie feeling more than anything.  That raucous good time will be very, very hard to achieve in a chart this dark.  It’s the old Johns Just Wanna Have Fun.  But there is no song like that, because (a) John really, really hates girls, and (b) he is not a fun guy.

The red triangles are T-squares.  As discussed all over this blog, the T-square is an internal sore spot, a constant friction point, a pebble in the shoe from birth.  T-squares give people drive, make them not feel complacent.  They have a burning problem in their lives, an itch they cannot reach.  John has two, back to back.  That aspect pattern makes this a really unique chart.  I have never seen one quite like it before.  There is a somewhat common configuration called a grand cross, which is quite like this except with two oppositions making an X in the middle of the chart.  The lack of an opposition from Pluto to Saturn makes a huge difference here.

With an opposition, there is a way for energy to flow back and forth.  It forces people to reckon with whatever planets are involved in a full-tilt way.  At lower levels of self-control, that can be like a ping-pong effect, where the person is bounced from facing the hard part of one planet to the other, back and forth.  It is important to note that this is a constant issue, an internal perpetual motion machine.

As people work through their life challenges and evolve, that opposition can become a well-worn path.  (Ask me, I know!)  The more completely the individual reconciles that core question in the opposition, the less friction there is, and after the river of blood, sweat, and tears you end up with enhanced connectivity.

A T-square tries to disrupt that ping-pong feedback loop by bringing in a referee, a third, to make the magic number.  One T-square will provide more than the average drive for the entire life.  A T-square can become beautifully balanced, but that is a ton of work and always creates propulsion.  When there is a very nice balanced flow, like with a bucket handle across from the T-square apex, you have an energy-generating circuit like a piston engine and a logical way to ground it.

In this case, all of the friction is directed outward, because there is no opposition in the middle.  There is no way for the two big malefics, Pluto and Saturn, to communicate, no way for them to sort their differences.  There can be no evolution, because there is no footpath from A to B, you can’t get there from here.   It is like two Rock’em Sock’em robots duct taped back to back, permanently swinging outward.  This is especially true in this afflicted-Moon-dominated chart, where the opposition is perpendicular to the T-square apices with no road from Saturn to Pluto.  It is like trying to rub your ears by punching forward.

rockem sockem robots

Of course there is a way that those two could communicate, along their shared opposition.  They could go the long way around, and have their corner planets, the Moon and Mars, pass messages back and forth.  “Yeah?  Well tell him I said…”  And that is probably how it works for him, because all of that energy has to go somewhere, and it all has to be grounded through his body.  He has to be the one to find some way to express it, because it is all inside of him.  He has to make that work somehow to survive.  That is an enormous amount of steam to blow off.

Again, I sense an enormous physical output of work and effort.  I would expect him to have done a lot of murders if he was roaming free from the first one to his arrest.  He would have gotten extremely efficient and workmanlike about the whole thing, and be able to knock out a murder between work and dinner, so to speak.  I can only imagine choking a prostitute would be his version of smoking a joint after work, even if he didn’t kill her every time.

Then there is the question of whether John’s Mars is in late Pisces or early Aries.  I would say almost certainly he has Mars in the 1st decan of Aries, unredirectable.  His ideas about manhood and himself as a man are in no way squishy or vague around the edges.  He is all about it.  This is not the guy to ask, “Honey, why don’t you watch the kids so I can go out with my friends?” unless you want to be thrown down the stairs.  Anything like that would sound as emasculating to him as if you had suggested he service another man orally.  Pluto would fill him with rage, and Saturn would punish you.

The Moon, again, is that central planet in this Cancer Sun chart.  It is literally in the crossfire of this intense anger and lust for vindication, and the spine for same.  I can’t believe I forgot to show it on the chart, but that Mars is conjunct the famous Mintaka, the original subject of my Astrosplaining.  So the investigator who reads my blog homed in on the Mintaka connection energetically.  If you think about it, the odds of that individual reading this blog, which has 50-ish subscribers years later, are pretty remarkable.  I think I am the only one investigating Mintaka, and this suspect has it conjunct Mars in this super ugly position.  I already did not believe in coincidences.

I am also learning a lot about reading charts in this process.  I am being shown my interpretations need to be quite literal and gut level, like Mars is the body of a man, and Venus is the body of a woman  (King, Queen, or Page of Pentacles in tarot) if you are reading for Jane or John Doe.   Square has Mintaka on Mars.  The above link to my thoughts on Mintaka discusses Joe Arpaio. The two actually have a lot in common, like Saturn, Pluto, and Mintaka.

Saturn is about the physical body and material world.  John Bittrolff is a builder, who makes and breaks things all the time.  He has a very strong sense of his command in the world as a man, a very strong drive to express that, shown in the Saturn apex.   Saturn spawns a demand for answers.  Saturn represents authority figures generally, and thus pronounced Saturn may make a native feel himself to be an authority figure, one who is just, one who is right.  He does not question his right to his anger.  Saturn doesn’t double-check the authority figures to see if he is correct.  He is the authority figure.  So when this planet goes wild in a chart, expect to see someone very money-oriented, very picky about food and hygiene, his body and his money.  Very detail-oriented and shrewd.

Importantly, when Saturn goes deviant, look for the Punisher.  Because of the self-righteousness and linear disposition, a bad Saturn is judge, jury, and executioner.

I also get a sense of one who has a tremendous amount of physical energy, who requires very little sleep and is very work-ready.  He is able to accomplish a lot physically, major stamina.  John also has Pluto and Uranus conjunct in Virgo, Saturn’s sign.  So overall this chart is like an All-Star Game for malefic planets.  Really hard to say who the MVP is.  Mercury, though not a malefic, should be included with two ugly hotspots in Gemini.  Mars is a raging nightmare in this chart, and Antares is activated too.  The benefics, Jupiter and Venus, are also both pretty bad.

Then I talk about Pluto quite a lot on this blog, the one who ripped a hole in the Earth so he could abduct the child Persephone and rape her in hell.  Again, we are not talking about me or the investigators, the non-toxic side of Pluto.  We are talking about a convicted predator.  The question really is how many other women did he get before they convicted him of one?  And which women were those?

The key thing to understand about John is that he is moody as hell, because of that Moon-dominant chart with this horrible opposition placement.  Adding Jupiter into the mix with Venus, instead of having the blending of the two benefics adding a gold star to the whole personality the whole thing goes quite another way.

We see toxic Venus and toxic Jupiter.  Toxic Venus is in this case a debased or degraded woman.

Jupiter can be an exploiter, because he is selfish and quick to externalize, or blow off consequences.  Jupiter is the guy who will make it rain at a strip club, because he is having a good time.  But he won’t give money to a homeless guy unless someone is watching, and then he will give the minimum to look good.  He can be enormously generous, but strictly within his own context and always on his own terms.  The house always wins, and the house is Jupiter.   Trump is highly Jupiterian, (also Mercurial) and we can basically just put a little picture of him next to that word in the dictionary.  Maybe one of these.

fat trump golfing

A big fat guy with crazy-looking hair, golfing while his responsibilities go to hell in a handbasket.  Jupiter just does whatever the fuck he wants, all the time.  Other people exist to facilitate that.  The whole world exists to facilitate that.  He doesn’t care what part of the above you don’t understand.  Consequences are for other people, people he will never meet.  [How does that song go?  Tameka got a big ole butt! LaShawn got a big ole butt! Donald Trump got a big ole butt! Shake them birthday cakes!]

So back to the much worse criminal, John Bittrolff.  In this chart, the Jupiterian influence is that of feeling entitled to have fun specifically with women as he sees fit, like a beauty pageant owner who abducts and chokes instead of just peeping and groping. Also not exactly a swimsuit competition, and no prizes.

This exploitation idea played out with women in particular, as opposed to wanting to own a sweat shop full of men or children, because wow, look at Square’s Venus conjunct Nessus, the sexual deviant asteroid, the perpetrator/predator.  Nessus’ counterpart is Dejanira, the sexual victim/domestic violence victim asteroid.  This is a hypothetical chart, so the degrees are not confirmed.

John has Dejanira most likely right at the beginning of Taurus, a sign ruled by Venus.  He expects women to know their place.  His wife was born to be battered, and that is how his queen should expect to feel, that is how he glorifies her.  He expects her to come unto him like a disobedient child for punishment.  My sense is that he liked “barely legal teen” or “babysitter” porn, and selected younger-looking, smaller victims.  He would prefer a smaller victim all around, because this guy does everything for himself.  If he wants something done right, he does it himself.  And he wants every single thing exactly right, every time.  Anyway the guy who does every one of the tasks at hand thinks about the ease of carrying basically a roll of carpet across the sand for a certain distance, and selects smaller victims.  John is also not a physically huge or scary-looking guy, and that is part of his insecurity.

One of the questions regarding this individual was that his wife claims ignorance.  This seems incredible to the investigators.  I agree.  John’s wife and mother both know better than anyone that he acts out on women.  He has both Juno the Spouse and Ceres the Earth Mother conjunct Venus and Nessus, the abuser:  Ceres, Juno, Venus, Nessus, at 4, 5, 6, and 8 Gemini.

Then of course Aldebaran is at 9 Gemini.  But since we do not see any integrity in this individual, that means his demons got the better of him, his Willy Wonka ticket did him in.  When the native’s integrity fails, an Aldebaran contact becomes a trap door to their personal demons, a dishonest manifestation of the antagonistic Antares.  So, one who pretends to be Gallant, but is actually Goofus, in terms of his Nessus and (if we slightly smudge the orb) his Venus.  I am getting a lot looser with my orbs because of things like this.  John’s inner antagonist clearly did access Venus, and Nessus is right there.  And of course then he has that prominent Mars/Mintaka in Gemini as well.

Speaking of that, with all the hardcore Saturn, the desire to make them pay, literally and figuratively, and Jupiter, wanting to have a good time, Mintaka adds the sense of expecting to own slaves, basically.

There could very well be a sense of a double life or dual persona with the extreme Gemini.  I initially explored whether this guy could be part of a trafficking ring, because there are a lot of overlapping crimes, unfortunately.  But no, Mr. Square doesn’t trust anyone else enough to be involved in a ring.  He works alone, always.

The Saturn and Jupiter influences, plus multiple threats to Venus, all add up to one who fully expects to exploit women.  Saturn in this case I need to take super literally and interpret as the body, that just clicked into place.  It is his physical sexual need for women, just on the factual level with Saturn.  Then Jupiter is about having a good time, letting the good times roll, letting it all hang out.

Mintaka just adds an exponential and over-the-top quality to the most abusive human behaviors on this one specific theme of harming captives for money and fun.  And he has the energy to carry on two physically demanding full-time occupations, no problem, especially if he loves one of them as much as he loves harming women.  But ultimately the key to this guy is that he is judge, jury, and executioner.  He would never trust a dipshit like Michael Pak to bring him a woman he intended to harm, nor would he waste the money of a middleman, nor expose himself to Pak’s exploitation like the goofy Dr. Hackett.  But overall I see him just hunting and stalking his own prey all the time, constantly.  He looks at every woman like a garage he might knock down and rebuild, how he would go about it.

John has white-hot flashes of violence, yes, and not for nothing, forgot to mention Algol on the North Node.  I would expect some degree of trickiness in finances for sure with this non-stop, hypervigilant individual and his intense Saturn and sense of entitlement.  He is one who feels like taxes should be paid to him, not the other way around.  Bittrolff definitely needs to be his own boss.  There is no way he answers to another man, and most definitely not a woman, never.

Pluto is where we get the sadism, at the apex of the other T-square.  Pluto and Saturn, that two-piston engine of malice, is about lust and rage, anger in the moment, cruelty and sadism.  It would add bursts of power to an already high-physical-energy chart, adrenaline bursts of rage in that highly unstable Moon-Mars axis, like a nitro booster on a race car screaming down the autobahn.

Pluto conjunct Uranus speaks of sudden urges, strange ideas that evoke the white-hot rage that this entire chart generates.  It adds a marked inventiveness to the sadism and general high-level detachment, which is just what you want in a guy like this.

As I murderer, I would expect to see:

  • Saturn making him very organized and careful about evidence
  • Extreme control freak, handles every single thing himself both in his business and his murders
  • Pluto making him a torturer and highly volatile, a choker.  Very, very secretive.
  • Mintaka making him one who seeks to hold them captive for some length of time doing whatever makes him happy
  • Jupiter making him over-the-top
  • Mercury making him possible to involve siblings in criminal activity and likely to maintain a double life or secret existence with that Pluto
  • Extreme violence against younger, childlike women victims, the wife, and possibly the mother
  • He is highly methodical but also unstable and prone to extreme rages.  Think of the Moon, his entire inner world goes back and forth.  It depends on how he feels in the moment.  But he is always ready, he was born ready.
  • I had wondered if he would be able to work with a brother or cousin, and maybe a laborer.  No, he is way too much of a control freak for that.  If you want something done right, do it yourself.  Michael Pak may be knowingly providing women to a serial killer.  However, John would not trust anyone else for a second.  He gets his own victims.
  • He is workmanlike, and on some level fancies himself an empire-builder.  I would expect his construction business to roughly parallel his murder business, in terms of scope and scale.
  • [UPDATED]  I have learned that the serial-type murders this individual is suspected of involved carefully packaged bodies, disposed very neatly, like carefully packed and stacked.  This was done cheaply and efficiently, in a way that would tend to minimize evidence transfer.  This strongly indicates John as the suspect.  I expect his tools, his truck, his materials, to all be immaculate.  He is very fussy about his belongings, including the murdered women, because he literally cares much more about possessions than other people.  If the women packaged and disposed this way are his victims, he is storing them there as the materials for that particular project.  He owns them like he owns lumber and drywall.  However, it is not clear to me the facts of his prior victims.  All of his victims will fit the same workmanlike pattern of procuring, torturing, killing, and disposing.  He would love keeping trophies.














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