Stephen Miller, Astrosplained

IMO, Stephen Miller, the gargoyle on the wall above, needs Astrosplaining.  By now I believe most people have seen him playing out his Great and Powerful Oz fantasies in that iconic press conference where he advised us that “the president’s powers are very substantial, and will not be questioned.”  The guy whose beef is underworked immigrant janitors.

If you didn’t catch that stand-up routine, you may have caught his handiwork in the “You’re doomed, obey or die” inaugural speech that he wrote, which Trump assumed would include tanks in the parade and made GW Bush say, “That was some weird shit, man.”  Cover the eyes of the children, and behold the chart of Stephen Miller.

stephen miller chart

First things first, the chart leader.  The Sun is at 1 Virgo, and again thanks to the nice people at, we have a confirmed birth time.  With the Sun at 1 Virgo, Mercury is the chart ruler.  Then we have Saturn’s sign Capricorn on the Ascendant, said to give a bony face or appearance, as well as a grim or sour demeanor.  Ding!

Speaking of the Ascendant, we have Jupiter in the 1st house, making that planet extra important, as it is front and center in the native’s life.  As I mentioned in another post that nobody will read, Trump is actually a perfect example of Jupiter, as depicted below:

fat trump golfing

No, I am not saying that if human, Jupiter would have a Minnesota face and an Oakland booty.  Not saying that at all.  I am saying that Jupiter looks like a big fat guy with crazy-looking hair, playing golf while his responsibilities go to hell in a handbasket.  And Stephen Miller is all about that shit, Priority 1.

So we have a Mercury-led chart with Saturn on the Ascendant and Saturn in his own 10th house, in the sign of Scorpio.  That sign is ruled by Pluto, who is approximately 1 degree off the Midheaven.   So it is pretty close between the two, but I will say Saturn is the ultimate warlord of the God-forsaken despair hole behind Miller’s eyes, having overtaken Mercury.  His caporegime is Pluto.  Then Jupiter, the man who would be king, is how Miller presents that to the world in his 1st house.  This is consistent with a senior White House aide.  He is famous for being in government.  The locomotive chart is what makes him so accomplished at such a young age, despite his apparent mental illness.

Importantly, let’s look at that high-falutin’ government job of his.  The Midheaven reflects the public persona, and the 10th house reflects the actual career.  Miller has Pluto directly on the Midheaven, and in technically in the 9th house, but thought of as the 10th.  Anything within 5  degrees of the Midheaven is said to be a marker of fame.

So let us look at his internal wingman on of the Midheaven, Pluto.  It is so important in this chart that I am going all the way into it, at the risk of repeating myself.    Saturn and Pluto are both in Pluto’s sign of Scorpio, and Saturn’s 10th house.  This is a sort of mutual reception, where they have done a sort of trust fall with each other.  But because of the nature of those two planets, genuine trust will probably never arise between them.  There is a great deal of competition in this chart, both internally and externalized.

Pluto is at the head of a mini-kite, the blue triangle in the chart.  Pluto is truly a co-leader of this chart, with Jupiter running a close third.

When I started learning astrology I was surprised to see the obvious meanings in things I had always taken for granted.  For example, I watched every episode of Popeye at least twice as a child, and then I learned about Pluto, and realized that was Bluto.Bluto

The planet Pluto is in the Kuiper belt at the outer limit of our solar system.  That is in and of itself a controversial statement, because everything is moving, for one, and there was a time when we did not know of the existence of Pluto.  But of course it was still there.  That implies that we may need to be more flexible with where we perceive our outer limits as a human race.  And also that the ones who push society to the outer limits do us a favor in some way, by expanding our overall awareness of the human condition, allowing us to be bigger people, even if it can be terribly painful.

Bluto was the guy in the picture above, at least twice the size of Popeye even after eating spinach.   His goal on every episode was to abduct Olive Oyl and keep her for himself.  In classical mythology, Pluto was the one who ripped a hole in the Earth in order to abduct the child Persephone and keep her in hell with him.

Anyway, once that reference clicked for me I can never forget it, and it may help you understand Pluto, the ultimate conflict-driven motherfucker, to just think of Bluto.  He doesn’t like anything but Olive, and he only likes her because he wants to hurt her.  He is the thing that pushes Popeye past his limits, and makes him hit the spinach and become something bigger than he imagined he could be.

[While I was in the middle of writing this, I got approached about the crime stuff.  It was a smooth transition from my end, totally a propos even if the topic switch seemed jarring to readers of the blog, for which I apologize.  But all of this Pluto business pertains also to Mr. Square, if you want to see how Pluto and Saturn look when expressed physically instead of politically.]

Think about the scrawny, bony-headed Stephen Miller pictured above, and compare his ability to control and intimidate to Bluto’s.  Mr. Square somewhat physically resembles Miller, and is not a huge guy.  He walked around for years passing for just a creep, not a murderer.  Miller obviously cannot meet that need to bully and terrorize with his physical presence, unless maybe he is holding a grenade.  He also probably does not have all the extreme woman-hating stars that Square has, judging by how Miller has spent his time.  He is a senior White House aide in his early 30s, like Hope Hicks.  So he obviously uses the resources he does have quite well, toward the thing he cares most about, which does not appear to be strangling.  Let’s look at those strong points now.

  1. Greatly empowered Saturn and Pluto
  2. Locomotive chart, highly capable and motivated
  3. Emphasis on fixed signs, adding inherent rigidity like a concrete mix with more aggregate and less water
  4. Pluto mini kite
  5. Pluto mini-kite on the Midheaven
  6. Pluto mini-kite approximately opposite the middle of the empty bit, the psychic focal point where there is a vacuum to be filled.

I have already discussed the first two, and explained the third.

The mini-kite pattern is headed by Pluto in his own sign, and Neptune and the Sun in Saturn sign of Capricorn and Mercury’s officially chart-ruling Virgo.  Neptune in any sort of harsh aspect will tend to add delusion or dilution, a blurring of lines and focus.  Neptune opposition the Sun can mean a lot of things, as Sun aspects are so central to the personality and Neptune is by  definition — where exactly is the bottom of the ocean, how deep precisely?   This opens the door to Miller believing himself to be whatever he wants to believe.  All of that is facilitating Pluto, who is at the head of that warm fuzzy mini-kite right at his public image, on the Midheaven.

This is one of those examples of a very obvious hole in the consciousness that is seeking to be filled, the giant empty space of a locomotive chart.  In a locomotive, the engine is said to be the first planet counterclockwise from the empty part of the chart.  In this case that is Venus, in Cancer.  Miller has some very old-fashioned gender ideas, with Venus in the traditional Cancer.  His connections to other people get him where he wants to go.  Like John Kelly, it’s the company he keeps.

I am sure he also expects home-cooked meals and hand-knitted socks.  He probably likes them extra scratchy.  Miller has Venus, Ceres, Mercury, Mars, and the Vertex all in the 7th house of Marriage.  Venus is the only one in Cancer, all the others are in Leo.  A distinct double-standard for women and men in marriage, not surprising considering his generally antediluvian ethos.

Here Pluto and the empty patch are almost perfectly centered along his MC/IC axis.  It has everything to do with how he feels in his heart of hearts (IC) versus how he is seen by the world (MC).  Pluto adds passion and fire to whatever it touches.  This chart is set up to challenge Miller to reach deep inside of himself, shoot all of his energy toward that North Node near the IC like a bank shot.  If he were my son, I would strongly encourage him to worry more about how he feels about himself than what the world thinks of him, specifically loving himself more than he needs to be feared.

I have done a second chart to show some of the fixed star and asteroid activity in this chart, below.

stephen miller nessus chart

Miller has a lot of fixed star activity in that blank real estate portion, including:

  • Algorab and Seginus flanking Juno the Spouse.  Trump has Jupiter on Seginus, making a Seginus contact a Trump-specific marker.  Then Algorab marks the crows, a subgroup that is not necessarily Trumpish IIRC, but Trump works for their shared agenda.  The recap (which is already incomplete as I work on this all the time) details those lists of who has what.  I actually need a scorecard, like a posterboard for my notes.
  • Saturn opposition Algol
  • Acamar almost in orb for the Part of Fortune
  • Chiron and Pallas Athena conjunct Rigel and Cursa
  • over in the 11th house, don’t forget that adorable Antares Moon.  Antares, the “heart of the scorpion,” and thus to my mind at least can be thought of as Pluto headquarters.  I know I disagree with all the citable people here.  That is okay.  I still love them.  Antares is Pluto’s favorite chair in his man cave of Scorpio.
  • It gets really ugly from here:
    • Mars conjunct Nessus the Abuser
    • Dejanira 4 degrees from Antares, 6 degrees from the Moon
    • Toro conjunct Ceres the Earth Mother

Before I dip into it, I note that Miller does not appear to have any Mintaka connection, other than the 6th house cusp with nothing else in the house.  That is one of the points of the Astrosplaining series, looking at whether these deeper influences really are having the effect I suspect.  Because obviously there are plenty of ways people can go negative, they are not all necessarily connected.  And here, I feel like it is not Orion.  It is just Pluto and Saturn, pretty routine.  Maybe an Orion wannabe.  But mostly an ordinary selfish bully, albeit one who gives it his 100 percent.

I would expect Miller to be loved by the Antares crowd, including Bekah Mercer and even Czarinka Trump, who also has prominent Antares.  [Add Omarosa to that Antares list.  I will hopefully be Astrosplaining her before she gets called to testify but I have important things to do.]   Antares is the antagonist, the ultimate Bart Simpson, the conflict-driven one who rages against maturity.   Again, General McMaster, with his Mars on Aldebaran, is the natural enemy of the Antares crowd due to the natural Cain-and-Abel type automatic antagonism between both Mars and Antares (anti-Aries, the sign of Mars) and Aldebaran and Antares.

Miller’s Moon is conjunct both Antares and Uranus, the Inventor.  Uranus is a planet that I have not really explored in depth in this series, although it plays prominent roles in certain Trumpian charts.  Overall, Jupiter and Neptune are the most common focal points for those connected to the Donald.  Greed and lies alternative facts.

Uranus provides a certain detachment, a higher perspective.   The Age of Aquarius was about looking at humanity as one race, depersonalizing and seeing the forest instead of the trees.  That detached perspective can lead to phenomenal insights and bolts from the blue, as we saw in Nikola Tesla, who had Uranus conjunct Algol.  Tesla also lived a non-ordained but monastic life, detached from the mainstream of humanity, little understood.  He did not need a vow of silence to remain silent most of the time, the outsider personified.  People who saw him shoot lightning from his fingers still yanked him off the podium for “babbling like a lunatic.”  So there is a Uranian quality of disconnection from, yet intense interest in, humanity.  Miller does seem to live on his own lonely planet.  Misery loves company, if not the other way around.

Then the Moon is about our visceral experience of life, our moods, and thus our spirits.  Just as the Moon is constantly changing shape and position in the sky, we are constantly shifting and moving on our own internal cycles and within the overall world.  There is no way not to be a moving wheel in the watchworks of existence.  That is reflected in our sense of ourselves and our lives, as experienced in our bodies.  How do even small children know the difference between good and bad touch, before their intellects are fully developed?  They instinctively know whether it feels right or wrong.  Those instincts can be and often are smashed down so far as to no longer be evident at all.  But we all have this as a human birthright, that gut knowing and gnawing displayed in the Moon.  And the feelings never go away, only the benefit of speaking your own emotional language.

In Miller’s  case, that Moon is conjunct the above-described Uranus and Antares, creating a classic angry loner.  Now that I have begun looking at the asteroids of murderers and their victims, and seeing the actual parallels between Mr. Square’s chart and Miller’s, I got curious, since the Saturn and Pluto parallels are strong between the two men.

I am not in any way saying Miller has or would commit an actual crime.  I see him having ample expression for his Pluto and Saturn in his chosen domain of government, as discussed above reference Jupiter.  That is ample outlet.  He seems to have chosen his thoughts and words to fight with rather than his fists.  That said, I imagine that he treated his mother absolutely horribly, very emotionally abusive of her in particular, a sense that she should know her place as his servant and a tendency to lash out at her in particular.

Mars is in Leo, where the kings rule from on high.  Venus is in Cancer, barefoot and pregnant.  Those are both in the 7th house, so that is what marriage looks like for him.  Too bad Angela from The Office is already taken, they would be so great together.  Really I can’t imagine a woman meek, humble, and frugal enough for him, or able to crank out enough male offspring fast enough.

Again, pretending he is my son, and has not been horrible to me, I would recommend he jump on finding that sister wife pronto.  He has the victim asteroid, Dejanira, in the 11th house of society, conjunct Antares on the other side from the Moon and Uranus.  Not a pretty picture, the whole thing.  Perfectly reflected in that tank-inspired speech.  Importantly, the under-bus-thrower-in-chief will definitely be shoving young Stephen when his time comes.  That is where Miller becomes a victim, in society.  He is already a pariah.  That will never change.  Hopefully he is enjoying his heyday, because when his 15 minutes are over, they will be really, really over.  He will never get that stink off.


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