Crime: Michael Pak, Astrosplained

Michael Pak is the last identified person to see a woman found murdered.  He escorted her, a sex worker named Shannan Gilbert, to a client meeting.  He has been convicted of trafficking a Chinese woman and served time for that in Texas.

The question is whether Pak was involved in Shannan’s death.  Did he set her up, bring her there to be killed?  Did he participate or witness?  Who is this guy?

Mr. Rat chart

I am going to deviate from the first things first protocol to just throw a few bits of information before I get into the dumpster with Pak.  This aspect pattern with the big rectangle in the middle is called a mystic rectangle.  There is a T-square with Mercury at the apex, the classic factory-wired friction circuit.  This rectangle is the sort of thing that is said to give exceptional ability, like if the native learns to focus and harness it there is really no stopping them.  As a practical matter, the people I have known with that aspect pattern have a really hard time understanding the instruction manual that doesn’t come with this super complicated little gadget, their mystic rectangle.

Going forward, I am going to look at a number of asteroids on everyone in the crime series.

  1. Mintaka.  Speaks directly to human trafficking, one of the primary issues along with a serial killer investigation.  The Mintaka connection here would strongly support the theory that he brought Sunshine there knowing she would be hideously killed, because the price was right.  His entire chart supports that possibility.
  2. Algol.  Speaks directly to unimaginable heinousness.  Pak has Algol conjunct Venus, in other words, anything goes when it comes to women.
  3. Antares.  Toxic masculinity, acting out, boys will be boys.
  4. Nessus.  The Sexual Deviant/Wife Beater.  Violence specifically by straight men against women, but includes any rape or sexual murder.
  5. Dejanira.  The Victim.  All prostitutes and battered wives are represented by Dejanira.  Dejanira is what victimhood looks like in that life, both pitch and catch.  If a perpetrator, Dejanira is your target.  If a victim, Dejanira is X marks the spot.  For example, Stephen Miller has Dejanira in the 11th house.  Society is the target of his Pluto/Saturn meltdown, and when it is all over with, he will be shunned, but probably not in prison (that would be the 12th house).  Both sides of it are there.
  6. Toro.  If you were a red flag and there were a raging bull coming toward you, this is the aspect of him you would see.  This is where this person will see red and charge.  Pak has this flanking Venus, on the other side from Algol.   When triggered, his rage goes to women, and straight off the deep end.

The Dejanira condition will be crucial in this investigation and especially this chart.     Pak, for example, is known to be a career predator.  But he will ultimately be the victim of his associates, as explained below.  This investigation is a perfect example of why I need to use these asteroids, because the whole thing is like Michael Vick-level dog-eat-dog.  A lot of people are both victim and perpetrator.

First things first, Pak is as moody as John Bittrolff.    He has the Sun in Cancer, Moon in Pisces.  However,  Pak is nowhere near as organized or effective as Bittrolff.  Rat’s energies are quite scattered, and I expect him to use all kinds of substances.

All that fancy circuitry is well and fine, and it can make for a surprisingly effective person when evolution and purpose kick in.  But in practice, a lot of the time on a less-evolved person it can simply look like lack of focus and organization, and ultimately drive.  The energies are so constantly dispersed in all directions that they end up being somewhat stagnant, wheels spinning in their heads as opposed to observable things happening in the outside world.  I have found it often makes for less accomplishment than the natural gifts would allow, kind of like a grand trine.

This will be especially pronounced in someone with that Mercury T-square apex.   This is a rationalizer, someone possibly with bigtime ADD.  Substantial intellectual bandwidth.  Mercury at 24 Gemini at the head of this T-square, in a known criminal, is one with a serious disconnect between head mind and heart mind.  Not a grounded circuit like Bittrolff, who is constantly grounding with that intense Saturn, making his physical mark on the world, breaking things down and remaking them as he sees fit, setting things in order.  Pak is one to take apart your TV and not be able to reassemble it, and not care.  Bittrolff is a fastidious OCD king, Pak on some level can’t keep it together.  He really is like a gross giant rat, running here and there with whatever dirty crap.

Importantly, Pak’s Mercury T-square apex is conjunct Mintaka.  Pak is known to be involved in escort prostitution.  So that Mintaka connection, especially in such a pivotal position conjunct his Mercury (thoughts and words), is a lock on him being one who is on the opposite side of the Orion wars from myself.   It also suggests organized crime in this chart.  The whole chart makes him feel like a disorganized guy in organized crime.  He’s not there to be organized, he’s there to be brutal and versatile, check and check.  His 5th house, in the chart of a known pimp, makes perfect sense.  He is the stablemaster, he gets the party started.

Mercury is not such a physical planet, in terms of the amount of rage or physical energy that would be generated in that T-square.   This would generally speak more of head games and lies than beatings.  However Rat’s asteroids, discussed below, make him much more violent.  It is not that he is a super high-energy, wired-up guy like Square.  It’s that he’s very unstable, (Moon/water-intensive) abuses substances, (funky Neptune) and has bursts of rage (fixed stars, asteroids).  Also he is disconnected from reality (Neptune, 5th house), and an intense misogynist with his every breath.  My sense is that Pak spent a lot of time on computer games, especially the one where you exploit and kill hookers.  That is absolutely his ethos.  He thinks he is a pimp in a video game, and that is how he rolls.  It’s all just a big fucking party and a joke.

Pak has built a career on these gifts and talents, in my estimation making a name for himself in organized crime as an enforcer especially of women.  His mother was aloof, and protected him but didn’t get or connect with him.  I expect him to have extensive rationalizations for why women as a group should, by rights, finance his rock’n roll lifestyle.  Mostly it’s because we’re no damned good, ask Bittrolff.

Pak’s Mercury is square a Pluto/Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Saturn’s sign of Virgo in Mercury’s 3rd house.  So Mercury is still this winner of this kerfuffle, but it has the added rigidity of Saturn ruling Virgo.  Ultimately Pak is a flaky guy with a lot of loose ends and misdirected energy.  I expect him to be on the internet constantly,  a million devices and accounts.  Not a meticulous evidence minder like Bittrolff.  Way too flighty.

I need to go back to Pak’s Sun, Vesta the True Believer, and Mintaka conjunct Mercury, all in the 12th house.  As a 12th house Sun girl, I have put a lot of thought into this particular house, which represents isolation, prisons, and institutions, among other things.  So Pak has a great chance of rotting in prison at some point.  My life has been extraordinarily isolated thanks to people like him, so that works for me.

For me, the 1st and the 12th house have an automatic relationship that suddenly clicked into place for me, and is obvious when you think about it.  I think of the 1st house as the person’s face, the look on their face, what’s on their mind at the moment of birth.  That makes the 12th house like the back of the head.  And just like the back of the head, you have no eyes there, and thus cannot see what’s going on in that area.  It is your blind spot, and you always have it even if you remember to swivel your head a lot.  Pak has a lot going on in the blind spot.  Personally my 12th house Sun is why I feel so adrift in life, not clear why I am still here.  Pak also has Vesta there, suggesting he has no sense of the sacred.   Again, that placement would mean the opposite in a high-integrity person.  But this is a known quantity, no benefit of the doubt applies.  Pak has no concept of who he truly is, or why he is on Earth.  He is also oblivious to how transparent he is overall.

Importantly, that 12th house Sun makes him vulnerable to haters, being ganged up on in ways that may seem preposterous to others.   He could well have a life story that would sound like a paranoid persecution fantasy, but be true.  While his perpetrator status is well-documented, he does not see his own victimization coming.  That concept is in his 12th house, where he has never thought to even check.  A person so busy twirling in his own head misses a lot.

Dejanira represents what victimization looks like in this individual’s life, and is thus both a portrait of their prey and an indicator of how they will be victimized.   For this sleuthing, I am using Dejanira to represent all sexual victims, especially male on female, and any prostitute.  Her counterpart, Nessus, is the Sexual Deviant/Wife Beater.

The Descendant is about marriage, bigtime partnership like co-ownership of a business.  The 7th house is not the sort of partnership between a pimp and his prostitutes, that seems like more of a 6th house, subordinate thing, which can change faster and be much less deeply rooted than a 7th house thing I would think.

My sense of the Dejanira placement on the Descendant is that Pak is married to prostitution, i.e., a pimp.  This is borne out by known evidence, but that is how it looks in a chart.  However, it also suggests to me that he has very serious partners.  Like not a fucking joke-style organized crime.  At 24 Capricorn, they are bringing big guns and settling shit with finality.  They are well along in a very long game that they definitely intend to win.

Pak has Dejanira 3 degrees off the Descendant, which in combination with his 12th house situation again makes me believe he is involved in organized crime.  To me, he looks like a pawn, not a boss.  Likely to be victimized by a partner and never see it coming.

Okay, buckle up.  I am going off road here into my own intuitive understandings of Pak now, without necessarily connecting dots back to any of the charts in question.  This is my feeling sense of the scene as I am becoming versed in the players.  My pure intuition portion will be in italics, so it’s clear when we’re back on the astrological mainland.  Here’s my hypothetical scenario:

Pak is a low-level employee of someone I would never want to fuck with in any form or fashion.  At some point in history Dr. Hackett called for an escort from either Craigslist, Backpage, something like that.  Pak brought a woman to that location.  While the woman was inside, Pak gathered all the information he could about Hackett. 

Whoever Pak works for exploits everyone he deals with.  His drivers routinely surveil johns.  Later, when they have an idea what he has to offer, they come back and tell Hackett they have a video of Pak bringing an underage prostitute to his home, him handing Pak the money, etc.   Hackett is now on the hook.  This is straight from the Putin playbook.  Any contact with these individuals leads to you getting busted out, just like anytime the police contact you they run you for warrants.  Routine order of business.

Hackett is a doctor, and when I noted his Saturn placement I asked the investigator about him being coerced to misuse his position, or misusing it of his own free will somehow.  Hackett is the key to unraveling this whole mess.  But he is not one of the big fish murderers they are hoping to catch, not the LISK.  He is up to his eyes in it and knows a lot of the people, which is really messed up since he’s a doctor.

A local person told me Hackett allegedly ran a pill mill.  My sense is that Pak’s employers also brought people to him on at least one occasion that they could not bring to a straight doctor.  He is the Saul Goodman of the whole thing, the corrupt professional who is used as a dupe and is likely to be personally victimized, is in over his head.  He is known to have been in contact with Shannan near the time of her death.  I am not sure how much Hackett knows until I do his chart.

Okay, back to Pak and things I have astrological evidence for.  There is really a lot to look at here, so I will stick to the more salient points for now and hopefully update later.

In terms of his murderer profile, based on what I know of his track record I will say that Pak has possibly murdered at least one woman.  He is likely to have killed and/or disposed of at least one woman as a sort of job application to the big leagues.  This chart looks like a vicious stable manager, a go-fer who kicks up to somebody.

  • Mercury and the mystic rectangle make him very scattered.  Expect him to dispose of bodies by chopping and dispersing.  Actually this is a guy who lives in his head, and would probably dispose by traveling to dump very far away.  Mercury travels and scatters.  Either way, he did not make the burlap graveyard.
  • This is a subordinate, not a boss.  Specifically a driver/runner/messenger, with all that Mercury.
  • His victims will likely be women, and he will tend to financially exploit them.  He is capable of truly any level of violence against women, and can be very clever. (Mintaka, Venus, Mercury, Nessus, Uranus)
  • He uses a lot of devices and accounts, and will be sloppy with information.  Electronic tracking will be a good way to get dirt on him. (Mercury, Uranus)
  • He is someone who probably uses significant drugs and alcohol. (Hard Neptune, Moon)
  • He is likely to spend a lot of time on video games and other fantasy escapist things, especially if electronic.  Will love, love, love electronics.  (Hard Neptune and Moon/escapism, Mercury and Uranus electronics/internet)  When I was first told of Pak I had a sense of him spending a lot of time on the game where you get a blowjob from a hooker, then shoot her and get your money back.  That game might have been formative for him, at least the ethos is crystal clear in his head.  May run webcam or porn sites, or online scams.
  • My sense of Pak is one who lives in a fantasy world.  His Neptune is in late in Scorpio, conjunct Mars in early Sagittarius, both in the 5th house.  So Neptune in the house of parties also suggests pornography when looking at a known pimp.  He brings women different places and films whatever is going on.  That sort of thing is entirely likely for many reasons, including his Uranian inventiveness, and the Algol on Venus.  The exploitation of women to their fullest imaginable potential is the most fun Pak can possibly imagine having, basically.  And Neptune is there late in Scorpio, keeping it all super dark, perverse, and manipulative, as well as implying both substance abuse and the film industry, i.e., possibly porn.
  • Pak is an extreme liar.  Because of the fantasy world party zone of the 5th house, and his Moon-ruled chart with its emotional rollercoaster, I imagine Pak does his best to tell so many lies  that there is no truth anymore.  Everything gets to be what you want it to be.  He is  probably really bad with projecting and denial.
  • Because of his general tendency to scatter things far and wide, disperse evidence, his body disposal will be the opposite of Bittrolff’s.   He is versatile enough to do a copycat dumping, and that kind of clever shit is probably what his bosses like about him.  His natural instinct is to cut bodies up and ditch them in separate places.  He is not afraid to travel.  His ultimate preference would probably be to send them far enough to never be found, or destroy his victims to the molecular level, i.e., acid disposal.  He is not primarily a killer, more of a user.
  • Pak, again, would rather climb up a tree and tell a lie than stand on the ground and tell the truth.  No reason needed.  That just overall works for him.   Should be generally loose-lipped, again in stark contrast to Bittrolff.  If not a chatty Cathy, at least more wordy than you would think for his role.

I actually have some factual information about the bodies suspected of being killed by Bittrolff, and need to go and update my speculation on his criminal career.  But I will be back to add to this very interesting individual’s chart.  He is currently out walking around.

Pak and Bittrolff are quite opposite, and before I leave this for now I will note that while Bittrolff’s Mercury looks more like a double career, one legit and one predatory, here it looks very different.  In Pak’s chart I see more the versatility, words, and electronics aspect because it is his only career.  If anything, Pak may have an overt career as a pimp and a secret life as a pornographer.










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