Crime: Horary Answer

A few days ago, I posted a horary question submitted to me by an investigator into a number of prostitution-related murders.  The question posed was:

Did X Kill Y and Z?

HoraryMystic was kind enough to do the math on this and share with the class:

What you’ve said doesn’t surprise me about your querent (the questioner).  Scorpio rising very much matches someone who wants to use her resources in order to help bring about change.  This desire makes detectives of us all.  Perhaps your friend is a private detective.

Being a Modernist, I use the outer planets as rulers, so here, I take Pluto as your friend’s ruler.  Pluto is in Capricorn, in the 3rd house.  Her thoughts about this situation are indeed very serious.  Of course she wouldn’t be asking about it if it weren’t important.

Her dispositor is Saturn (ruler of Capricorn and the 3rd house), which is in Sagittarius in the 2nd house.  Her tool is the courts and the rule of law, in which she has a responsibility.  It may not look like Saturn has much dignity where he is.   But at 21 Sagittarius, he is in his own term and face.  So I can see the special role that her thoughts play here.  Also, while Pluto may be in Saturn’s sign, Pluto is also in Mars’ exaltation and Mars’ face, so she wants action.

As we’ve said, the 8th house is about matters of death and investigations, and here it is in Gemini, ruled by Mercury.  Mercury also rules the 11th House, where X/Mr. Square is.  Mercury is in a powerful spot, and is conjunct Mars, the ruler of the 6th House.  Virgo is a powerful place for Mercury, very methodical, precise and diligent.  And with Mars nearby, there is plenty of action going on, people wanting to do right and do it right.

Mars rules the 6th House of work, and being in the 11th, there are friends and associates involved (including yourself).  The Sun rules the 10th, and is also placed in this house.  But let’s try to answer the question, “Did X kill Y and Z?”  First we need to determine who X/Mr. Square is in this chart.

Murder suspects, in my mind, go into the 8th house, just as investigations do.  The ruler of the 8th house represents the suspect in a murder investigation.  Here’s why.  Any investigation involves an investment of resources:  manpower, time, money, information, connections, etc.  If it’s the right guy, and you find positive evidence, you’ve hit the jackpot, put this guy behind bars, and helped to increase the security and economic viability of the area maybe people will be more willing to do business in the area).  If it’s the wrong guy, you’ve wasted resources (or feel like you have).  You feel betrayed, and the guy who did it is still out there siphoning off quality of life.

So my vote goes to Mercury being your X/Mr.Square.  He is in a position of power here.  I interpret that as him having the knowledge of whether he did it or not, so he’s in a powerful place from the perspective of your friend.  Looking at it from the perspective of the 8th house (turning the chart so that the 8th/Gemini is the rising sign), he is in his own 4th house (Virgo), along with Mars.

Mars rules his 11th.  If he is in jail, Mars can be his cellmate.  Clearly, he calls the shots, ruling the house that he is in.  He’s probably going to keep his mouth shut, play tricks or manipulate, whether he did the murders or not.  He will probably play nice, being in the term of Venus (as is his friend), but Virgo is Venus’ fall, perhaps hypercritical of women in general.  [I will take this as underestimating women, like the ones investigating him.]

Any secrets he has would go into his 8th house, your friend’s 3rd, Capricorn, where your friend’s ruler Pluto is.  This is about as good as Pluto can be with respect to the suspect.  The 8th House is Pluto’s accidental dignity, so perhaps she is on the right track to discovering his secrets.  Saturn rules his 8th house, and is placed in his 7th house/Sagittarius, where Saturn is accidentally exalted.  Perhaps this means he is being made to face certain responsibilities to the law.  [Currently in prison for similar murders.-Artnunymiss]

Okay, who are the victims, Y and Z?  What represents them in your friend’s horary?  People to whom we do service are represented by the 12th House, being opposite the 6th house, the service we do.  Here, Libra is on the 12th, ruled by Venus.  So Venus would represent Y, being the first victim mentioned.  (Moonflower)

The second one (Z for now) would then be represented by the 2nd house, here ruled by Jupiter.  Though there is no essential connection between this victim and your friend’s possessions, you might find that she feels more of an obligation to this victim, or more of a connection, perhaps, than to the other, with Saturn being in this house.  There seems to be a connection between them.  Jupiter is in Venus’ sign and Venus’ face, and they are sextile, being considered in the same case.  Mercury is placed in the term of Venus, also in Venus’ fall by sign (Virgo) and in Jupiter’s old detriment Virgo.

But honestly, I don’t see much material connection between Mercury and them, as might be shown by an aspect.  Venus is in his 3rd House/Leo, Jupiter in his 5th/Libra–it could be that he is talking derisively about them.  They are in no dignity of his–Venus is in his fall by sign, Leo.  Was one of the victims his girlfriend, and the other a friend of hers, who may have had knowledge?  [Both women were sex workers, and may have run in the same circles so to speak.  He may have used the services of both of them at some point. -Artnunymiss]

I’m not seeing a lot here connecting them to him except that they are both in aspect to Saturn (Venus by trine, and Jupiter by sextile), and Saturn is in Jupiter’s sign.  So maybe he didn’t do it, but knows who did.

I see also the Moon moving towards Venus, and trine Uranus, so perhaps this can represent a break in her case.  What is keeping me from giving you a “Yes, he did it” is the fact that neither victim is in any of his dignities, nor in aspect to him.  Being in one of his dignities means that he has some direct control over their cases, and being in aspect means that they are influencing him in a way that would affect him directly, be on his mind, etc.   He is in Venus’ term, however, but this could mean that he merely finds himself being accused of her murder.  I’d just expect to see more.

I’m sorry if this is deflating.  Maybe I’m wrong.  There is a rather strong connection between both victims and Saturn, his 8th house ruler.  Perhaps this means that ultimately their killer(s) will be found, if it’s not him.


So of course you know me with the fresh mouth and the backtalk, of course I had some rebuttals.  I couldn’t even help rebutting while just posting his answer, look at me.


Thanks again, HoraryMystic.

I am at this point a lot more confident that Mr. Square is our serial killer.  My ideas about his predation business running parallel to his legit business, and his method of disposal, are a lot clearer now that I have some information.   I don’t have almost any basic facts about the crimes in question. The investigator has all this like encyclopedic in her head, dates and locations, etc.

Anyway she advised me that whoever killed our Z and Moonflower (our Y) is definitely a serial killer.  Since then I have confirmed that the bodies were neatly and efficiently packed and stored, the same way every time.  That screams of Mr. Square with his berserk Saturn OCD.  He would package them efficiently and inexpensively, and store them neatly.  The wrapping is a way to minimize evidence transfer.  I am sure his truck, all of his tools and materials are pristine with his Saturn.  Then he does all the Pluto stuff while they’re still alive.  I’m sure he does some lower-level Pluto things on an ongoing basis without killing them, to take the edge off.

Anyway Mr. Rat is definitely not the serial killer.  He has a mystic rectangle with Cancer Sun and Pisces Moon, Mercury at the head of a T-square in Gemini.  I would think him an ultimate liar/head gamer, but his asteroids and fixed stars make him look more like a mafia enforcer of women.  Anyway, I think the packaging/storing is definitely someone like Mr. Square, whereas I would expect the super scattered Mr. Rat to disperse far and wide, possibly to the molecular level with acid.

Also I intuited Square having a double life, like a legit version and a predatory version of his behaviors.  I estimated his killing would roughly track his construction trade.  I wanted to know what size and scale of enterprise he had, how his desire to exploit and harm women would manifest.  The investigator researched and told me that he works all alone, does everything by himself.  Doesn’t even trust a brother or cousin, which makes total sense.  Major control freak.  Anyway, to me that strongly suggests he is the serial killer.  He does every single thing by himself, all exactly to his anal retentive satisfaction, both the building and the murders.  If you want something done right, do it yourself.  As a murderer I expect him to be entirely workmanlike.  That is all consistent with the killings of Moonflower and Z.

I am also confident Mr. Rat has killed at least one woman, though he surely is not the serial killer.  I expect Rat’s killings to look like beating someone to death, pummeling them and doing a bunch of weird shit in a rage fit.  Then as I said, disposing far and wide.  I believe whoever Rat works for is organized crime, and may have used serial killers to do copycat dumpings of their “trash,” though Rat’s personal inclination would be, again, chopping up.

Then HoraryMystic said:

Hey, like I say, I may be wrong.  Mr. Square does seem to be very methodical, and would rather do everything by himself, as Mercury in Virgo might suggest, and never change a step.  Maybe the fact that Virgo being the fall of the first victim (Moonflower/Y being Venus) and the old detriment of the second (Z being Jupiter), would be enough to implicate him.  Plus he has Mars conjunct him, Mars being the archetypal aggressor.













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