Jim Jefferies, Astrosplained

Comedian Jim Jefferies recently came out with an on-air apology to women for his past trolling of rape survivors.  This got the media coverage it deserved based on believability, i.e., almost none at all.   My summary of his apology:

  • It’s a small part of my act
  • Everybody was doing it, so why am I in trouble?
  • I had no idea all this was going on
  • I didn’t realize it was harmful
  • I’m moving on now to a whole new career

I disagree with him on all of those points.  After the least-credible apology in the history of liars, and before he swirls down the drain of comedy, ladies and gentlemen, allow me to Astrosplain Comedy Central’s flagship rape troll, Jim Jefferies.

jim jefferies chart

First things first, Sun in Aquarius, Uranus is the ruler of this chart.  Before we knew about Uranus, Saturn was the ruler of Aquarius.  Remember that Aquarius carries that distant, cold, time-delayed, impersonal tone of Saturn, as well as the asexual, quirky cleverness of Uranus.  Uranus is the chart leader, followed by Saturn.  Though it is hard to see with all the crap I clutter charts with, this is a Saturn bucket chart.  That means Saturn behaves in this chart like a handle on a bucket, like the energetic fulcrum that everything else depends on.

The above factors make Jim not a warm or fuzzy guy overall.  The key phrases here are detachment, criticality, and hypermasculinity.  With the cold Capricorn Moon, the aggressive Aries Venus, and Neptune in fiery Sagittarius, there’s really nothing intuitive or inward-looking about this chart.  He has an enhanced Neptune in terms of the grand trine with the kites, and a TV career to show for it.   Neptune represents addictions, escapism, illusions, delusions, smoke and mirrors, and specifically film and television.   Jim doesn’t have an alternative-facts Neptune, he has a turbocharged one.

He doesn’t have a least-aspected planet, which can act as a sort of latent superpower that can be activated with love.  He has three least-aspected planets, all of which have one aspect each:  the Moon, the Sun, and Jupiter.  A least-aspected Sun can be a guru, a person with very little ego.  If I got Jim that way, you wouldn’t be reading this.  No, this trio of underrepresented planets is the most interesting thing in his chart.  Sun connections give a person heart, in terms of both empathy (“have a heart”) and stamina or determination (“an athlete with heart”).  This is an issue in this chart.  This is a markedly impersonal chart, co-ruled by the engineer (Uranus) and the police officer (Saturn) of the zodiac.

Saturn often gives an enormous sense of entitlement, as it represents things like tax collectors, doctors, and other professionals whose authority is unquestioned.  Men with strong Saturn are notoriously critical of women’s bodies.  They often feel they are doing the woman a favor by pointing out where she needs improvement.  It is the linear, physical, “what you see is what you get” planet, not good with abstractions or extrapolations, terrible social skills because he doesn’t care what you want.  Saturn looks at the tiniest of details, while Uranus floats around sending the occasional postcard from the stratosphere like a lightning bolt.  Jim probably has difficulty with the grounded things in the middle, i.e., the rest of us in everyday life.  His Saturn is also in a grand trine with Venus and Neptune, which I will come back to.

My interest in Jefferies is mostly his insulting apology, and what makes him a professional misogynist in the first place.  It is fairly straightforward, apart from the male-skewing impersonality of the chart overall.  In a nutshell his Venus, representing not only his ability to love and be loved but literally women in the world and in his life, is under attack by the whole chart.  In that apology he said he felt that being a non-rapist, and one who was just kidding and didn’t really hold those values, was good enough.  He feels like that was wrong now that people’s careers are ending about it.  This chart would dispute that those are not his values.  And like Kramer, you only get to go there one time.  Then everybody knows you are that guy.  He was commenting on the Cosby trial verdict, so clearly he didn’t get it at all very recently.

Jim has Toro the Raging Bull in Aquarius, not making any chart contact.  So he personally is a non-violent guy as far as physical things go.  He also has Nessus the Wife Beater early in Cancer, not so far away from Vesta the True Believer.  That suggests that his dad was actually a bit of an asshole in the home, probably selfish and passive-aggressive, and his mom thought nothing of it.  His take-away was that that was what a man looks like.  Poor male role-modeling, where it’s the wife’s job to keep everybody happy in her role as doormat.

Jim’s dominant Saturn and Uranus take on an even more male-skewing role in their T-square with Mars-Mercury.  Mars-Mercury in Aquarius would ordinarily make someone likely to attack with their thoughts and words, and to have strange or original ways of doing so.  Here that aspect occurs in the big red triangle, the T-square with the chart co-rulers.  Mars is of course the definitive male symbol, making Jim’s masculinity overall quite toxic due to the friction nature of the T-square and low degree of personal evolution evident in the native.  I am aware that things can always go different ways, astrology is very complex and people are quite dynamic.  But I can look at what I know of his behavior, which is self-explanatory.  Also he has some very ugly stars, which I will get to shortly.  Mercury and Mars get together and rationalize anger and aggression, or weaponize words and information.

Jim has that Venus grand trine with Saturn the Greater Malefic.  Other planets that modern astrologers consider malefic are Uranus, Mars, Pluto, and Ceres the Earth Mother.  All of these figure prominently in this chart.  So while that grand trine and its kites, along with the T-square, mark a very capable personality with a lot of talent and drive, all of that is very dark and mean-spirited in tone.  Despite being in a grand trine with kites, I cannot call Jefferies’ Venus (in her detriment in Aries) anything but sorely afflicted due to other chart factors, specifically Ceres and Jupiter.  Each of those two are normally benefic in general and specifically toward Venus.  However each of those helping influences is conjunct a big nasty.

Jim’s Venus is very, very busy, in the grand trine, being attacked by Pluto and Ceres, and semi-square the Sun and Jupiter (the hidden mega-asshole in this chart).  Visually, if you look at Venus over there on the left, it sort of looks like all the other planets are ganging up on her, as if the kites and the T-square are a fist about to punch her in the face while the Sun and Jupiter hold her down.  But I’m sure he’s a very nice man in person, kind to dogs and much more.

Worse yet, he has Pluto conjunct Ceres in opposition to Venus.   Pluto is the Devil, specifically the Rapist.  Pluto is about sadism and control.  Ceres the Earth Mother being conjunct here adds to the general sense of Nessus indicating an abusive home life growing up, negative male patterning that may have included actual beatings.  That would also maybe leave him thinking as long as you don’t do anything physical you’re in the clear.  There’s a strong suggestion that verbal/emotional abuse toward the mother was ongoing and seen as non-problematic.  That conjunction, with its extra bad connotations for Venus, who should be enhanced by Ceres, is why he became a rape troll comic.   He can say it was just jokes, a small part of his act.  But Pluto opposition Venus is about sexual obsession and control, dominance and submission.  Jim has a very strong desire to control and hurt women, it’s just that he likes to be impersonal and detached when he lashes out rather than laying hands on them.  I believe his moral compass is broken, and this plays into his pivotal Jupiter-Algol, which I swear I’m getting to.

Anyway he mentioned that he thought being a non-rapist himself was good enough.  In a chart this detached and impersonal, that’s still bullshit.   Even he doesn’t believe it.  It’s just that his brand has soured.  This is very clear from the Sun square Jupiter-Algol mini-T-square.  I haven’t seen this before, but I can see how it could be quite like the negative version of a mini-kite, a little cluster of personality factors working together in a sub-circuit to the overall personality, supporting each other in their bullshit as it were.  Mutual enablers.

Here, the conflict is between the Sun, the ego, and Jupiter, the desire to be the king with his pet blinking demon, Algol.  I see that Jim has pivoted to being anti-Trump now.  Trump is also quite Jupiterian, as reflected by his little buddy Stephen Miller.  While Jupiter is one of the least-aspected planets, anything conjunct Algol is automatically a Priority 1 situation.  There is an explosiveness to this contact that must be reckoned with.  Jupiter is the ends-justify-the-means guy.  I’m recycling this picture, not to be a hack but because it really does perfectly show what toxic Jupiter is all about.

fat trump golfing

Jupiter is the big fat guy with the crazy-looking hair, playing golf while his responsibilities go to hell in a handbasket.  That is the exact thing driving Jim Jefferies’ Algol situation.  He wants to let the good times not roll, but rip, like with jet packs.

Anything on Algol is a red flag for me on anyone whose integrity is even the tiniest bit questionable.  As discussed here, Algol is about taking the lid off.  With Algol, anything is possible.  In a chart with this much Uranus, truly anything at all is possible, even things that can’t be imagined yet.  But at the end of the day Algol is conjunct Jupiter here, thus in service of the me-me-me thing in the picture above.  It’s all about feeling good and having fun, exploring and having your name repeated.  Jupiter is notorious for externalizing consequences, letting others clean up after him.  He doesn’t sweat the details as long as he’s having fun.  That’s where Jim Jefferies’ motivations lie.






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