Sam Clovis, Astrosplained

Gentle reader, meet America’s newest heart throb, or at least walking coronary, Sam Clovis.  Mr. Clovis is apparently an expert on Iowa politics.  My mom was from Iowa.  That’s where they invented deep-fried butter on a stick, no lie.

sam clovis chart[Updated 11/10/18]  I have now splained Rick Gates and see that I’ve missed George Papadopoulos, James Mattis, and a few others.  And of course if anyone has the data please share with the class.]

One thing that jumped out at me right away in this chart, I still have my chart default to show the sexual predator/victim axis.  It’s still oddly appropriate despite the wide range of subjects.  For example, asteroid Toro the Raging Bull is conjunct Harvey’s prominent Uranus.  This is a perfect picture of sudden, impulsive attacks that the other person can’t always anticipate or counter, like literally being charged by a bull (Toro) that can pop out from behind a bush (Uranus).  (Don’t ask what he was doing to the bush.)

Sam’s Toro is directly on Venus in Scorpio, which has to give a feminazi cause for pause.  Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, but before we knew of Pluto it was ruled by Mars.  So Mars the god of War and Pluto the Rapist have Venus under their control in this chart, and Toro has her under attack.  I would imagine this makes Sam feel like attacking abortion doctors is the only loving thing to do.  Very much misplaced aggression and control toward women in particular.  Scorpio is underhanded and vengeful.

Sam’s Venus is also trine Uranus, so detached from others emotionally, but importantly square Mars.  Venus square Mars is kind of self-explanatory, friction between genders.  Toro directly on Venus suggests sudden, explosive lashing out.  The question is whether he does it physically or some other way.  He is a lifelong political operative from what I gather (I’m not looking into him a lot, he’s gross), so unless he’s ever been charged with assault I have to assume he’s doing that politically as discussed above, like a hardcore pro-lifer that wants women who miscarry to face charges, for example.  He’s trying to run right over women in some kind of way.  Corey Lewandowski, who famously shoved a female reporter, also has Toro on the same degree as Venus.

But I got ahead of myself.  The Sun is in Virgo, so Mercury is the chart ruler. Sam has the Sun at 26 Virgo, and Saturn also in Virgo.  Compare to Roger Stone with his Virgo, his dandy ethos and bodybuilder lifestyle.  Sam’s Mercury is pretty far away from his Sun, so he doesn’t necessarily personally identify with his thoughts, apparently focuses his attention on others.  That Pluto Moon sextile his hard Neptune should make it really easy for him to see things however he wants to see them, however his feelings want him to see them.

Sam has a locomotive chart with a Uranus locomotive.  This is a person with a significant amount of personal drive, one who has every intention of accomplishing something with his days, like General Kelly, Hope Hicks, and Stephen Miller.  Saturn tends to narrow the focus all the way down to a pinpoint if left unchecked, especially in Virgo, and Uranus is about bolts from the blue.  That particular combination of planets can make it difficult for people to be well grounded in the things that are between the tip of their noses and the outer reaches of the solar system, i.e., the rest of us.  Saturn is selfish and nitpicky, Uranus is weird and detached.  Both can be very smart and wildly effective.  But neither came to Earth to make friends.

Sam’s Sun is pretty interesting.  The Sun and Mercury can only ever get so far apart because of their orbits.  Sam’s are about as far apart as they can possibly be.  The Sun is the central mission of the consciousness, the reason this soul bothered to incarnate, what they came to do.   The Sun’s massive corona conceals things that are close to it.  Astrologically that means that “combust” planets (in the corona) can be incorporated into the native’s self-image, like woven into the fabric of their self-identity in a way that probably feels like everybody is the same way, though we’re not.  Sam has the opposite of that.  His Mercury, his conscious thoughts and words, are as far from his identity (the Sun) as they can be.  Sam identifies with his sense of self, and duty to field marshal (Virgo Pallas), not his thoughts and words.

The sign shows us how they plan to do it, what planet will manage the affair.  As discussed, Mercury, the thoughts and words, rule Sam’s Sun.  His Sun is also conjunct Pallas Athena, which is about identifying patterns and creating strategies.  It makes sense that he is a local politics expert, with the Saturnian drilling down to what he can touch.  Virgo is all about lists, and I imagine Saturn runs amok there.  With this strong Mercury chart I’m sure Sam is clever and able to work the angles, pull the right levers at the right times.  The Scorpio Moon-Pluto situation would turbocharge that with intuition and sneakiness.  This combination made him effective enough for the definitive small-timer to be on the big stage.   I would imagine he knows the precincts by heart and has been instrumental in gerrymandering Iowa.  That’s exactly the sort of aggressive microtargeting task to set him on.  Importantly, his Sun is also trine Jupiter, representing the government, in Saturn’s stubborn sign, Capricorn.

Importantly I would expect Sam to be a propaganda guy.   His Neptune is right there at sort of the lens of the locomotive, across from the big empty spot at ~the North Node in the middle of Aries, the energetic vacuum that the psyche yearns to fill.   The North Node is a perfected spot in any chart, where the life will end.  This doesn’t necessarily mean the literal death, but the energetic conclusion of the spiritual, emotional, and intellectual lives, the overall lesson learned.  So having it more or less in the center of the natural vacuum is self-explanatory.

Regarding the propagandist label above, I note that Sam’s Neptune is square both Uranus, the chart’s locomotive, and Jupiter.  It is also snuggled in between Algorab the Crow and Seginus the Guard.  As discussed in the recap, there are a lot of Algorab-connected crows in this administration.  I forget whether Don has Algorab or not, but he has Jupiter on Seginus, making that a Trump-specific marker IMHO.  From the link above:  “Fixed star Seginus gives a subtle mind, shamelessness and loss through friends and companies.”  I am coming to understand the crows as simply an extended soul family united in their love of shiny things and desire to pick the Earth clean of them. whether or not they need them, just because they exist.  Manafort, Stone, Hicks, really a lot of them have Algorab.  Anyway aside from those two agendas literally rubbing shoulders with his Neptune, his deepest values, is a huge hint.  Then the hard angles make a person truth-optional, or at least alternative-facts-friendly.  Neptune represents show business, smoke and mirrors, illusions, delusions, escapism, instincts, and things that are hard to articulate by definition.  Sam uses all of that to address the hole in his psyche over there in Aries.

This quirky little guy also has Pluto conjunct the Moon, squaring that poor Venus-Toro.  Pluto is all about our deepest, darkest urges.  Pluto is the part that has to watch them squirm, the sadist, the rapist who tears a hole in the Earth to abduct a child.  Pluto is at the outside of our solar system, the point of no return, the outer limits of human experience.  Then the Moon is our emotional self, the moods as we feel them physically and spiritually, the point where those two meet.  In Italian sentire means to hear, to feel, and to know.  Maybe it’s my Italian-American heritage, but I definitely know what that means, the combination of those three.  Anyway that is a very good way to think of the Moon with Pluto, things you can feel in your bones that affect you immediately, that you may find very hard to let go of.  Once something gets under his skin, he doesn’t get mad, he gets even, especially with that Venus-Toro in Scorpio.  Sam doesn’t necessarily identify with his conscious mind or his words, again.  But he does focus his attention on the material world, just not on his own personal world, like minding his own health and finances.  He has too much drive for that, he needs to share.  Don’t hate a giver.

With Sam’s complicated Neptune in Scorpio, I expect him to be an alternative facts guy.  His method of managing his facts may be so blurry, so custom-fitted to himself, that he may not be able to avoid facing charges for lying to the FBI.  I expect that just like the ocean floor, Sam has a lot of trouble locating the actual bottom line inside his head.  For one thing, it’s in Scorpio, which is co-ruled by Mars and Pluto.  Which hey, those two are conjunct!  I see that it’s quite a wide conjunction, just barely in standard orb.  But in reviewing the Long Island Serial Killer charts (Mr. Square/John Bittrolff, Michael Pak, Dr. Hackett, Jessica Taylor) I noticed that many of the sexual violence asteroids were just slightly out of an orb that would make perfect sense for the known facts of the native’s life.  So I am trending towards going extra old school and considering everything in the same sign conjunct, sort of.  At least I allow much fudgier orbs now.

Anyway, Sam’s Pluto/Moon/Mars conjunction is really the key to understanding Iowa’s Lance Romance.  Pluto is about rage, sadism, and control.  Of course it’s also about getting to the bottom of things, as with Bob Mueller.  But because of the relationship between Pluto and control-driven rage, the Moon is kind of an intense conjunction.  The Moon is about gut-level reactions.  So having your Pluto right on your emotional heartsleeve, to torture a metaphor, is like being led by your passions in a large way.  Very easy to lose perspective.   Sam also has prominent Uranus, which guarantees upheavals, bolts from the blue, and surprises.  And he definitely has quite a powderkeg to work with.  Pluto and the Moon conjunct Mars (again, this is a loose conjunction but in my experience I could go whole-sign, especially with angry or intuitive stuff) is just a powderkeg of willingness to lash out.

The Moon is our reflective quality, and creates a sort of emotional parallax that allows us to experience life on Earth as “real,” though of course scientists know it’s all in the eye of the beholder.  (I’m aware that the Wikipedia link specifically disputes my claim.  However, their objection is purely semantic.  There is no such thing as objective reality, and there is no machine or metric that can prove there is, period.)  So the Moon gives us an opportunity to buy all the way into duality and have our consciousness expanding process.  That’s why projection is such a non-stop theme in human experience, the idea that negative things found in oneself are actually coming from others.

The Moon is about not only the ongoing, waxing and waning emotional states that we all have, but the dark nights of the soul that we go through when the FBI is up our ass with a microscope.  So with Pluto and Mars both in the stew, I would expect Sam to be an irascible guy, especially these days.  Tantrums and flying off the handle, unexpected freakouts (Uranus) should be par for the course.  This is a moody guy.  That is happening in Leo, which tends to take the high road in general.  But Leo is ruled by the Sun, the ego, the conscious mind, his thoughts and words, which Sam really doesn’t identify with all that much, if you remember from his widely-spaced Mercury.  So the extent to which he maintains his regal bearing under pressure is something I would need more information to know.   But he definitely has his anger management work cut out for him with Pluto, the Moon, and Mars, even without Saturn or Uranus making him less of a people person.

Sam’s Sun is also trine Jupiter late in Saturn’s sign Capricorn.  Late Capricorn is about delayed gratification, long games, building your castle one brick at a time and being absolutely sure of it.  Then Jupiter represents the government, and specifically Trump especially for anyone involved in his administration.  Trump is Jupiter intensive, has Jupiter conjunct Seginus the guard, and almost all of his immediate family also has extreme Jupiter.  So whenever I see Jupiter in one of these charts it represents the government itself, but hints strongly at Trump personally depending on other factors.  In this case I would expect Sam to be a socially and fiscally conservative Republican.  He would be amenable to Trump because of his Seginus and Algorab connections, the man himself would appeal to Sam’s deeper personal agendas.  Plus again, Sam has some really harsh Venus, so controlling and nitpicking women is probably high on his list.  Also the strong Pluto works for Trump, as we see with Stephen Miller, Omarosa, and Ivana Trump.

Other than that, the super obvious thing is the focal point of his locomotive chart, which is again led by Uranus, the Inventor.  So Sam is a quirky and unique guy for sure, probably not real easy to get to know, doesn’t relate well to people.   Brighter than he looks with the Mercury rulership.  Then the big empty spot in the chart is sort of like the energetic drain, the low spot in the chart where nothing at all is happening, across from the sort of central hub of Neptune.

And Sam happens to have the North Node right there in the middle of Aries, directly across from that hotbed of activity with Neptune.  Neptune in this case should be about propaganda and alternative facts, as well as ideology.  So that is fairly self-explanatory in terms of the subconscious drive to that spot, the native has focused all of his energy where his soul most wants to grow, aimed the locomotive right there.  The second decan of Aries is somewhat benefic, a capable and versatile person with a lot of social graces.  To the extent Sam has achieved his spiritual goals with his life, he has been successful by coming up with creative solutions (Uranus) and implementing them strategically in a microtargeted way (Saturn/Virgo).  He has done this over the long term (Jupiter late in Capricorn) about things that he feels very passionately about (Pluto/Moon) and are his most deeply held ideals (Neptune).

Kozminsky:  16º Aries: Wild flowers growing amidst the corn in a sunlit field.
Denotes a person of charm, a lover of freedom- mental and physical-of nature, and of simple loveliness whose works in life will be blessed with success, and whose individuality will make itself felt amongst men. It is a symbol of Abundance.


Both of these symbols depict elemental energies, since I don’t believe the brownies in question here are edible.  Interesting that the North Node in this Saturn-intensive chart suggests a love of nature, an actual grounding of all that Earthy energy.  But again, Sam’s Mercury is quite far from his Sun.  He obviously doesn’t nitpick his own health, hygiene, and grooming.  He does not appear to be grounding his Saturn within his own life.


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  1. I enjoy this blog immensely and was pleased to see you on the astro forum. However, even speaking to sea hag the conservative is a waste of your talents. people like her are quite convinced of their natural superiority. the rest of us, not so much. Have a good weekend.

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