Harvey Weinstein, Astrosplained

I’m taking a break from my artwork to Astrosplain sexual harassment icon Harvey Weinstein, pictured above.  This follows pretty naturally from the Long Island Serial Killer series, using the same sexual perpetrator/victim axis analysis.  Harvey’s chart is stunningly on the nose for what we know of his life story.  So grab your pepper spray, and let’s go meet Harvey.

harvey weinstein chart

Before I get into the meat of this intense chart, obviously all those red lines explain a lot about what we now know of Harvey.  And again, thanks to the A students at astro.com, I have a birth time to work from.  So there’s angle and house information.

First things first, Harvey was born on a day when the Sun changed signs, from the very end of the zodiac to the very beginning, Pisces to Aries.  Harvey’s Sun is clinging to Pisces for dear life, literally 40 seconds from the end of the entire zodiac.  So Neptune is the ruler of this chart, and the traditional co-ruler, Jupiter, is also prominent for the same reason.   The last decan of Pisces is where anything can happen, the very tail end of the zodiac.  It has the nature of Scorpio, so Mars and Pluto, both of which feature prominently in this chart.  Jupiter is conjunct Mercury in Aries, so ruled by Mars.  Harvey is an aggressive guy in general, and specifically an aggressive self-promoter.  Jupiter is the man who would be king, especially with Harvey’s fixed stars.  Mercury represents the thoughts and words, all of which are directly tied to his sense of self-service.  In a chart where Mercury is this far from the Sun, I expect one who does not so much identify with his thoughts and words, like Sam Clovis.  Especially in a Neptune-led chart, the internal life is much more real  to the native than his thoughts and words.

Ptolemy didn’t know of the existence of Neptune, and would’ve used Jupiter.  So Jupiter is automatically a key player.  While Neptune is the planet of mystics, snake oil salesmen, and alcoholics, it is also the planet of show biz.  I was sure Harvey was going to turn out to be an Aries, based on his famous aggression and impulsiveness.  But no, it turns out that show business, the smoke and mirrors of it all, the personal fame and prestige was what really drove him.  Also Neptune is about illusions and delusions.  I saw yesterday that Harvey is now hailing himself as the hero of the whole thing, the one who brought the conversation to a head.  That is some extreme Neptune.  I feel that also reflects Harvey’s prominent Regulus and Jupiter.  Harvey has Regulus on the Ascendant conjunct Vesta the True Believer.  Harvey’s entire self-image, in his deepest heart of hearts,  is  that of a benevolent emperor.

Even after de-crapifying this chart, it’s still a little difficult to see exactly what the overall chart shape is.  I am calling this a locomotive chart with a Uranus engine.  A locomotive, like Hope Hicks, is one who came here on a mission with a lot to accomplish.  There is by definition an empty spot in the chart, reflective of an itch the native cannot scratch.  Harvey’s is not so pronounced as others, but his is located basically right on top of Algol, the blinking demon, which he seems to be in tune or compatible with.  Algol is about taking the lid off, anything goes in a certain sense.  In this case it is roughly opposed by Mars, a very important player in this chart.  But I will come back to that.

Harvey also has a nice grand cross, with feet in fire (Aries), air (Libra), water (Cancer), and Earth (Capricorn), making a perfect X in a box.  You don’t really see that every day, though it’s common enough to be identified.  Those are all cardinal signs, the mark of a person who is an initiator, a go-getter, a self-starter.   The grand cross native is remarkably capable.  Those red triangles are called T-squares.  Each of them is like a pebble in the psychic shoe, spurring the native to action in some way.  The grand cross has them nicely balanced, like two legs using their opposing actions to walk.  So of course all of those red lines amount to internal friction.  It’s no surprise to see that Harvey is quite abrasive on the inside, always at war with himself in multiple ways.  This is a guy who really could have accomplished anything he set his mind to.  He could give Alexander the Great a run for his money, like Paul Manafort.

All of those red lines across the center are oppositions.  Each of them represents two planets who are permanently in each other’s faces in this person’s life, two parts of himself that must be reconciled, or at least deal with each other forever.  In a well-actualized person, this can be like an arranged marriage, wherein two that didn’t necessarily choose the arrangement choose to adapt and flourish within it.   I’m sure this happened to some extent with Harvey, or he wouldn’t have been so successful.  All that harsh Neptune would’ve caused him to have serious substance issues, I would think.  If he didn’t manage to become successful with this configuration, it would’ve killed him for sure.  It’s a remarkable amount of tension.

Really interesting about Harvey, his sexual abuser asteroids.  He has Nessus the Wife Beater in the Gauquelin sector, 3 degrees off of the Midheaven in Taurus.  Planets within 5 degrees of the angles, especially the Midheaven, are thought to be markers of fame.  Harvey’s name is now synonymous with sexual abuser, so that is on the nose.  He also has Mars, whose symbol is literally a visual euphemism for an erect penis, 2 degrees off his IC.  The IC is sort of the heart of hearts, who that person really is on the inside as opposed to who they are publicly.  So Harvey really is a walking hard-on at heart, especially with all those hard angles in the grand cross.  Just to underscore the point, Harvey also has Pluto about 5 degrees from the Ascendant.  That would give him a foreboding, controlling, manipulative vibe.  He looks like a creeper even in the cleaned-up picture above, at least in my opinion.  People are quite intimidated by him in person, I’m sure.

The Ascendant can be likened to the front of the face, and the 12th house to the back of the head.  It’s the part of ourselves that we cannot see by definition.  So Harvey’s Pluto — which is not quite close enough to be considered in the 1st house — is something he is not really aware of, how much he scares and creeps other people out, how controlling and abusive they really find him.  Pluto carries the stench of death, and as I explained in Stephen Miller’s Astrosplain, he is quite like Popeye’s archenemy Bluto.  Harvey even kind of looks like Bluto, with his shaggy face and crazy eyes.

Importantly, Harvey has fixed star Regulus 5 degrees off of the Ascendant in the 1st house.  Regulus is one of the Royal Stars of Persia.  All of those are make-or-break influences, in that they are an integrity challenge.  I predicted the extreme demise of General Kelly, in no small part because of the integrity challenges I saw in the chart specifically with the Royal Star Fomalhaut.  The Royals bestow the greatest of glories, but only to high-integrity natives who evolve into them.  Those with integrity issues, like General Kelly, will crash and burn spectacularly, like General Kelly.

Especially with Regulus in the 1st house right in the Gauquelin sector, we can see how some people saw him as the king of kings — generous, fun-loving, one who showers favors and blessings on those in his court.  But of course that Pluto in the 12th house, and Mars on the IC, all of that counts for sure.  He could’ve used those things with integrity, developing the clarity and leadership qualities of Mars rather than indulging his own sexual needs and impulses.  But he has a very volatile and dynamic chart, with lots of riled-up, angry stuff going on.  So if you’re wearing Regulus on your proverbial sleeve, right on your astrological face on the Ascendant, your fall is going to be extra public and humiliating, and there will be no recovering from it.  You can’t fall from that height and survive.

Harvey has Dejanira, the prostitute/sexual victim asteroid, late in Sagittarius in the 5th house.  Late Sagittarius is like an aging satyr, still working on his hedonism well into his old age.  Because it’s right at the beginning of the 5th house, which is the house of parties, creativity, and fun, there’s a sense of young, sexually available women being what you need to get a party started.  Sagittarius is notorious for not sweating the details as long as he’s having fun.  Harvey clearly never thought there would be any consequences, he could just let the good times roll forever, no matter who they rolled over.

Importantly, his prominent Uranus is also conjunct Toro the Raging Bull in the first decan of Cancer.  That would suggest sudden surprise attacks that the other person couldn’t necessarily anticipate or counter, pretty much on the nose.  This is consistent with a “con”-type serial rapist.  He was planning the attack all along, got her alone on false pretenses, and decided when to spring.  He was accused of at least one blitz-style rape too, wherein he knocked on the door of a woman he knew professionally, and when she opened it, forced his way in and forcibly penetrated her in the small foyer.  But his basic approach was the classic con rapist, where he gets the woman to trust him and then surprises her.

Harvey has the Moon, Chiron, and Vertex all conjunct in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn.  The Moon is in her detriment in Capricorn, meaning she’s not comfortable there.  The Moon is the softest part of us, the feeling part, the part of us that curls up into a ball on our worst days.  Capricorn is the proverbial rocky hard place, a very cold place for the Moon.  Melania Trump is the classic Capricorn Moon, you never see her sweat.  It’s not that they’re unemotional.  It’s that they present an unflappable front.  They are the opposite of moody, they only have one mood:  off.  Chiron is the wound that will never heal, and the vertex automatically makes it something the native is destined to deal with, a question that will arise in the life.  Harvey appears to have a marked lack of empathy, which could be reflected in Capricorn’s Saturnian selfishness as his underlying emotional state.  A con rapist is by definition a sociopath.

Harvey’s Neptune is also conjunct Spica.  Neptune, again, rules show business.  From the linked article on Spica from astrologyking.com:

As the star of the grain harvest, it is the provider of our material needs, and indeed it does always show up well in that respect. There is, however, a word of warning to go with it: We only reap harvest if we have first sown the seed and cared for the fields, and what we reap must last us, and all who labored in our fields, until the next harvest is ready. He does not do so well from Spica who reaps what he has not sown, uses it profligately, or denies to others their share in his good fortune. As though to rub this in quite firmly, Arcturus in the sky above the Virgin’s Hand is the prime star of the much rougher character, the Herdsman, just as ready to take care of his herd but not to stand any nonsense from them.

The Royal stars make best friends and worst enemies.  Integrity is the make-or-break factor IMHO.  Harvey’s integrity breaches were significant, his entire world was built on them.

Before I wrap this up, I’d like to note that Harvey has Venus conjunct the North Node.  This is generally a sign of marrying well.  His wife certainly seems to be a much better and more socially acceptable person than himself, someone who puts a much nicer finish on his public persona.

Also, thought I don’t have it displayed on the chart, Harvey has Algorab the Crow conjunct Saturn.  This definitely makes him a cheapskate when it comes to his own money, though the Regulus, Jupiter, and Neptune things could tend to have him making it rain other people’s money, or at least in a way that actually costs himself nothing.  Algorab is very prominent in the Trump administration, with people like Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, and Sebastian Gorka all having Algorab connections.  I have come to view Algorab as a distraction with material self-enrichment, like a huge family of crows who arrived on Earth to pick it clean of shiny things, whether they need them or not.














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