Carter Page, Astrosplained

I really hadn’t planned on traipsing down Cuckoobird Lane all the way to Carter Page’s house, but I just saw a Jake Tapper interview that made me wonder if I was having an LSD flashback.   I can’t take any more of this guy.  Just WTF?   Gentle reader, I Astrosplain because I don’t want you scratching a hole in your head trying to understand Trump’s version of Gale Boetticher, the man so smart his friends killed him for doing a good job, because I care.   I care enough to understand Carter Page for the good of us all.  You’re welcome.

carter page chart

I chose the picture above specifically because the thing that freaks me out so much about Carter Page is the way he smiles, like in the picture.  I’m sure Anderson Cooper wasn’t telling him a charming anecdote at the time.  Jake Tapper and Chris Hayes ask him about things that constitute treason, about senate committees and federal investigations into his looney behavior, and he looks like what they’re saying just couldn’t be any funnier or more adorable.  It kind of makes me want to throttle him.  It’s obviously inversely proportional to how unpleasant the questions are.  I can only guess that it comes from being a Minnesotan, the old Minnesota nice, Minnesota ice, smile when you hate somebody.

A glimpse at this chart shows that we are not talking about an average bear.  I have never seen anything quite like it, I don’t think.

Step 1, the Sun is in Gemini, so Mercury is the chart leader.  Mercury is in Taurus, conjunct Algol the Blinking Demon.  Taurus is ruled by Venus.  Therefore since she rules the chart leader, Mercury, she is the co-ruler overall.  She also has prominence due to the importance of her other sign, Libra.  Algol can be either an amazing blessing, as with Nikola Tesla’s Uranus/Algol conjunction, or a curse, like most people who have it conjunct anything.  It’s an intermittent urge and ability to take some idea or experience beyond what other people can imagine, like open Pandora’s box on one topic. Carter has three Pandora’s boxes, two of them directly reflecting the native’s materialism:  Venus and Saturn.

Because of the Mercury conjunction, Saturn is the third most important planet in this chart, IMO.  It’s not really so much a four-way conjunction as a merger, like candles melting into one.  Saturn also co-rules Mars and the North Node, in Aquarius and the grand trine, as does Uranus.  Venus arguably overtakes even Mercury with the Sun, however the conjunction of Mercury, Venus, and Saturn here is truly a blend of all three with Algol into one blinking demonic bobble-head.

Carter Page has Mercury and Saturn on Algol, which explains a lot.  Though his Venus is out of orb for Algol, it is closely conjunct Mercury, putting Venus also into contact with Algol.   I think the crazy smiling while you’re about to be literally hung for treason is evidence of him having a very different sort of mind.  It’s partially attributable to his Moon/Uranus in Libra (ruled by Venus), which I will come back to.  Saddam Hussein had Mercury on Algol, as does General Kelly.  I ‘splained him when he first moved over to Chief of Staff, before his integrity issues really showed out in full.  In hindsight it’s easy to see the twisted rationale behind his understanding of slavery.  An intellectual contortionist.    See Mercury on Algol as one who might think or say anything, much more potentially random than Trump.

Mercury is an extreme cleverness, restless mind, sneakiness, willingness to involve siblings in business, flexibility, competitiveness, and importantly the spoken word.  Then Saturn is about materialism, and would tend to support his extreme ability in academics and intelligence.  However it could also make him sort of tunnel-visioned, unable to relate as much emotionally due to focus on money and material issues.  It would also tend to give the sort of stick-to-it-iveness that makes him so accomplished.  It’s a commitment to his own bizarre ideas.

But clearly, like Gale Boetticher, this is a truly brilliant man.  He has extreme intellectual bandwidth.  Whenever we find birth data on Papadopoulos, we are not going to find him to be so very clever.  Page, on the other hand, has a PhD, and has a truly impressive curriculum vitae in intelligence and international affairs.  Even so, this brilliant goofball goes on television over and over to dig himself even deeper into the hole.  I am speculating that this is his grand trine, the lovely blue triangle in the middle, making him perhaps overconfident of his ability to smooth things out with his giant turbo-powered brain.

Importantly, I am giving Carter an Aldebaran Sun conjunction, though he is an RCH out of orb.  I say this because first of all, this is obviously a remarkable person, or I wouldn’t be talking about him at all.  In a chart with either an Algol or Aldebaran connection, any integrity issues are a serious problem.  An integrity breach in an Aldebaran chart activates Antares, and nothing good comes of his monkey business.  An integrity breach with Algol can take your lid off — ask Saddam.  Aldebaran is something like a universal adapter that can be used to access any archetypal energies.  It makes the mind of the individual something like a universal remote, in terms of connecting with guides.  I believe this is partly what makes Carter so loopy-loo, he can see a lot of things, a lot of ways his crazy Uranian ideas could play out.

The Moon and Uranus are conjunct Algorab in Libra, ruled by Venus.  Uranus is about electronics, changeability, sudden insights and inspirations.  Uranus makes things change on a dime, adds a wild card and a streak of brilliance.  The Moon is constantly cycling, controlling the tides and reflecting the Sun.  In the astrological chart, the Moon represents our moods, feelings, and projections.  We project our consciousness outward constantly in order to have any experience at all.  Then like emotional sonar, it comes back to us reflected off of the people and things in our worlds.  A less-evolved Moon avoids painful feelings and projects them onto others instead.  As we evolve emotionally, the Moon becomes empathy and self-awareness.

Carter has the Moon and Uranus in Libra, ruled by Venus, in the sign of pleasantry.  Libra is an air sign, and can be very superficial.  This is especially so due to the conjunction of those two planets with Algorab the Crow, and their prominence due to placement in the grand trine and Venus’ overall importance here.  A grand trine is a circuit of positive interactivity and mutual support among planets.  They can put people in the gifted class, though things can come easy and people may not always motivate as they would with a T-square or some other hard aspect pattern.   With the Venus/Algol contact, and Algorab bringing a negative quality to everything it touches, I would expect the laziest, most selfish, superficial form of Venus.  The grand trine would only make her lazier.

As mentioned elsewhere, Algorab is a nasty star, bringing all manner of low instincts to bear.  Like a huge family of crows, the Algorab contingent have come to pick whatever shiny things they like off the ground, whether they need them or not.  Though there are many great things about crows, on the downside, as with Algorab, they are scavengers, opportunists, liars, coyotes of the air.  Their human counterparts are all over the White House these days.

This is a really fascinating combination of factors, and I believe this is ultimately what makes him do the crazy smiling.  That is Libra smoothing out the lightning bolts from Uranus and the upsetting way it would make him feel in the Moon, if his Moon ever experienced things instead of bouncing them.  Carter’s Libra Moon helps him not internalize negativity, but bounce it like a psychic mirror.

Carter has some super complicated oppositions to motivate him, namely the chart ruler, Mercury, opposition Neptune and Jupiter right in the beginning of Sagittarius.  Jupiter rules Sagittarius, which is about getting out there and having a good time, and not sweating the details.  Collateral damage is not something Jupiter worries about while he’s in Sagittarius, especially not while conjunct Neptune.  Neptune is the thing that blurs the lines between fantasy and reality, which seems to be a serious problem for Carter.  Carter has an afflicted Neptune, under the bad influence of his buddy Jupiter the sailor on shore leave and opposition the chart rulers and Algol.  This would tend to make someone likely a liar, and also liable to abuse substances and/or live in a fantasy world.

This particular Neptune/Jupiter conjunction in early Sagittarius I think is very unfortunate for Carter.  At the beginning of Sagittarius, Jupiter is at his most extreme, most likely to behave badly.  Jupiter of course represents government generally, and Trump in particular with his intense natal Jupiter.  So Carter is all set to turn a blind eye to anything that could impede his good time.  Having this opposed to his Saturn and Mercury, his ability to think strategically and focus logically, does him no favors.  He is truly delusional.  He keeps going on TV and jabbering like a madman because he lives in a fantasy world where it’s all going to be fine, thanks to his grand trine and genius Algol brain.  Carter Page is a one-man Pinky and the Brain — one is a genius and the other’s insane.

Mars, Vesta the True Believer, and the North Node are all in Aquarius here, with Mars and the Node conjunct.  The Nodes are perfected spots in any chart, sort of like the Sun, due to their importance in the life.  You may think of the South Node as the point where the soul emerged into the life, like a dragon coming up from the water into the sky.  Then during the life the dragon flies overhead, and plunges back down into the water at the North Node upon death.  The North Node is our life’s trajectory, whether we like it or not.  How we get through our lives is our own choice.  But we choose what we will learn before the birth, and there is no changing that lesson plan.  In Aquarius, Mars would be more passive-aggressive, taking the 1,000-mile view of human affairs, especially in this chart with the Venus/Saturn/Mercury Algol, where anything goes on any of those topics.  Venus on Algol would allow him to smooth over and blow off anything.  Mercury would allow him to similarly rationalize anything at all, no problem, especially with Saturn’s help.

So Mars becomes a key planet not only because of the North Node contact, but because of its placement in the grand trine.  Aquarius was traditionally ruled by Saturn, and is currently thought of as ruled by Uranus, both of which are key planets in this chart as described above.  Thus Vesta, the fire in his heart, the things he believes to be most true about himself, the things he would kill or die for, answer to both Uranus and Saturn.   Uranus with the weird ideas, and the wide-open Algol Saturn with the greed and selfishness.  This seems to have rendered Carter’s moral compass nothing more than a trinket, unfortunately.  He is an example of someone who could’ve been anything at all, so much so that he couldn’t focus and choose very well.  I don’t envy him.

Carter doesn’t actually have a least-aspected planet, which is something of a latent superpower that can be a hole in the personality if undeveloped.  It’s a free-agent planet, basically, that can operate free of the limitations the other planets face.  However, Carter’s Sun is almost the least-aspected, despite being in the grand trine, because it only makes two aspects and they are both positive.  A least-aspected Sun would tend to make someone a bit of a guru type, unflappable, peaceful inside.  And I think that is also part of the way he comes across that makes me want to slap the smile off his face.  With his airy Libra Moon, he really doesn’t feel things all that deeply anyway.  Even if he did, he has all kinds of weird ways to interpret them thanks to Uranus, and his Neptune allows him to the king of delusion.














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