Wilbur Ross, Astrosplained

At the risk of stinking this place up so bad I’ll need a hazmat team to decontaminate, I’m going to take a look at Wilbur Ross before he hopefully dies in jail.  The talking horse was funny, the talking horse’s ass not so much.

I have lit a candle for Bob Mueller et al.  to be the real rain that washes the streets of Washington clean. Good riddance to bad rubbish.  Gentle reader, Wilbur Ross.

wilbur ross chart

First things first, Wilbur has the Sun in Sagittarius, making Jupiter the chart ruler.  Jupiter represents the government generally, and specifically Trump with his prominent Jupiter.   Wilbur also has his Sun conjunct his North Node and Antares.  The North Node, as I have said elsewhere, is a perfected spot in any chart, the karmic end point of the life experience.  That is not necessarily to say it is a predictor of death, but more the primary take-away from the school of life.  Having the Sun on the North Node is about knowing exactly who you are, feeling your own destiny and charging toward it.

Then Antares has been discussed at length in this series.  It is the lower octave of Mars, representing all of the aggression and impulsivity with none of the clarity or leadership qualities of Mars.  Antares is the perennial brat, the defiant part of ourselves that stands in permanent opposition to the Archangel Michael’s star, Aldebaran.  Many of the Trumpets have Antares connections, including Czarinka.

Any Antares or Aldebaran alignment automatically makes enemies of those aligned with the other.  When there is a planet or point on the Aldebaran/Antares axis, the native will face challenges of maturity and leadership, whether they are for or against.  General McMaster has a very prominent Aldebaran, and is the natural enemy of the Antares natives — unless his integrity has been compromised.  If General McMaster’s integrity fails even the slightest bit, he goes down in flames.  The Archangel Michael will come for him.

Still on Wilbur’s Sun, it is in a grand trine with Saturn and Pluto.  Saturn is the bean counter, the money-grubber.  Pluto is the devil, the child murderer, the one who does whatever the hell he wants to anyone he wants to do it to.  This particular grand trine makes for a fine foreclosure king, especially with the Moon conjunct Vesta, Spica, Seginus, and Toro.   It was pointed out to me, and rightly so, that only Vesta is properly conjunct Spica here.  Spica is very far away, and has one of those ruthless orbs of probably 2.4, maybe 1.4 if I check astrologyking.com.   But as explained below, it automatically falls under Arcturus.  So if Spica lights up, Arcturus lights up, similar to Aldebaran/Antares.

After working on the Long Island Serial Killer stuff (John Bittrolff has extreme Saturn and Pluto, for example) I am feeling very old-school about conjunctions.  Because Vesta is conjunct the Moon, those two are fused into one.  The Moon is secondary only to the Sun, so lighting up the whole chart in her own way, just as we can often see her in the daytime.  Here Vesta is like an appendage of the Moon.  So when it contacts Spica, that automatically brings the Moon into the loop of Acturus.  Then Seginus is a longshot, but lo and behold there’s Toro right in the asteroid belt, well conjunct the Moon.  To me, Wilbur’s Moon is almost like an octopus with long tentacles reaching out to grab this handle and that one, as many as possible.

Spica is a lovely star, falling right under Arcturus’ gate.  Arcturus is the actual doorway to your higher mind, the path to your own true north.  Spica is thus highly auspicious, bestowing the most fertile of psychic fields, like the spot in your life where manna falls from heaven.  Ptolemy called it a Venus-Mars influence, which is unusual.   Jamie has described it here,

As the star of the grain harvest, it is the provider of our material needs, and indeed it does always show up well in that respect. There is, however, a word of warning to go with it: We only reap harvest if we have first sown the seed and cared for the fields, and what we reap must last us, and all who labored in our fields, until the next harvest is ready. He does not do so well from Spica who reaps what he has not sown, uses it profligately, or denies to others their share in his good fortune. As though to rub this in quite firmly, Arcturus in the sky above the Virgin’s Hand is the prime star of the much rougher character, the Herdsman, just as ready to take care of his herd but not to stand any nonsense from them.

Still on Wilbur’s Sun, the grand trine will tend to make things feel very easy to the native, like being in the gifted class and still getting As without trying, especially with the kites and T-squares in this chart, and the fact that it has an overall locomotive shape.  I believe the easy feeling of the grand trine with kites is mostly what allows Carter Page to be so completely oblivious, because his is heavily influenced by Neptunian delusion.  But it’s the same sort of feeling that everything is just fine, you can go for it.  And the world bears that out, by giving a PhD to someone as kooky as Carter Page.

Here we have two things, a proper kite in a grand trine, and a mini-kite with a sextile and two semi-sextiles, freestanding.  The kite is the little blue triangle from Jupiter to Venus and Saturn.  Saturn is thus highly empowered here, being like a fulcrum between a larger and smaller cooperative team.   Melania also has heavy Saturn.  I saw an article out of Slovenia about how kind she is, that she has decided not to sue bakers who make “Melania cakes.”  Is she not merciful?  So that little selfish bone, the one that lets you either forget or not care that other people can see you, is working overtime in Wilbur’s chart.  And I reckon it’s a part of Wilbur that Wilbur really loves.  Saturn is everything cold, damp, sour, and prickly, everything that makes you wait and then kicks your ass, like death and taxes.

Now, as I said (still on Wilbur’s Sun, his ego drive to come to this planet) Wilbur’s Sun is ruled by Jupiter in Sagittarius.  Jupiter is located in Saturn’s sign of Capricorn, conjunct Field Marshal Pallas Athena.  This placement, especially at the end of Capricorn and combined with his other chart factors, makes him one whose mission in life is to remake the government from the top down in such a way as to extract as much money as possible, forever.  If your agenda is to drain the economy in such a way that it could never possibly be refilled, Wilbur’s your guy.  With an Antares Sun, the warning of Spica, and the punishment of the Herdsman (in this case Archangel Michael, waiting on Aldebaran to kick Wilbur’s ass) is a given.

For the Venus-Mars nature of Spica, Antares points us to the lower nature of both, even the Lesser Benefic, Venus.   In Libra,  unevolved Venus can be superficial and vain.  In Taurus, she can be lazy and selfish.  Unevolved Mars, like the Antares Wilbur has so strongly committed to with both his alpha and omega, his Sun and his North Node, is about destructiveness for the fun of it.  This is an extremely ugly combination of factors, one born to smash the moral compass and erase it from our memories.  All those blue lines will make that extremely selfish agenda not only easy for him to accomplish, but he can feel just fine inside the whole time, not one qualm.  Especially with his Mercury opposition Mintaka.

Mintaka was my original line of investigation, specifically the fascist/antifascist axis I believe it represents.  Anyway Wilbur’s strong Mintaka connection, opposition my Venus, is probably why he makes my skin crawl.  The first time I ever saw his creepy little face I felt like I was looking at a literal gremlin.  He offended both my Mars and Venus, Aldebaran and Mintaka.  But enough about me, just to let you see how and why others may rub you the wrong way sometimes.

So bottom line, my dislike of Wilbur is very authentic.  He is exactly who he meant to be, and I am his nemesis also by choice.  His mini-kite goes from Venus to Jupiter and Neptune.  Neptune is in Mercury’s sign of Virgo, so on a head-centered, rather than heart-centered agenda.  Neptune is the turner of the blind eye, the one who decides whether to lie or avoid.  Neptune is about integrity, the spiritual nature of the individual.  I think of it as the oceans of planet me, the primary characteristic of my planet from space, like a negative image of a mountain range beautifully hidden by water.  There is no way to tell what exactly is down there, or where it ends.

Anyway once your integrity goes sideways, it can be really hard to recoup.  There is always the option of taking every single chart factor in the opposite direction.  Especially in a chart this dynamic, this is a person who really could have made the world a much better place.  (Like the slave trader who repented and wrote Amazing GraceExactly like that guy, who cried out for grace for himself while in a storm at sea, survived, and then continued trading slaves.  D’OH!)

In a high-integrity native, this would be one who creates new, sustainable economic systems that benefit the Earth and all her  children increasingly over time.  That would look like taking that Antares/Node/Sun and seeing that hell is the most direct route to heaven, on Aldebaran.  Just let go and Michael carries you directly to the top.  He could do that, or be Trump’s Putin-ball-licking foreclosure guy, one of the two.

Now that I’m finished talking about Wilbur’s ego/Sun and stinginess/Saturn, this is a locomotive chart with Pluto at the engine.  Speaking of plumbing the depths of your own bad instincts, Pluto, the guy who ripped a hole in the earth to abduct a highly fuckable child.  Again, the Antares/Node/Sun almost guarantees the lower echoes of everything in the chart.  So Wilbur has Pluto in the grand trine, opposition his chart-ruling Jupiter, either at the tail end of Cancer or 1 Leo.  The last degree of Cancer would make it the absolute bottom of your heart, like Vesta.  The first degree of Leo would make it almost like a mini-ascendant, the Sun stepping into his designated spot.  Without a birth time, I can’t tell.  Either way, as noted above, Wilbur has no emergency brake on his lower impulses.

With the locomotive, as with General Kelly, Stephen Miller, and most White House personnel, we see a native who intended to take charge of life and get a lot accomplished, someone with a lot of zeal for their interests, a getter-done of things.  (Stephen Miller has a prominent Pluto, evident in his speech writing.)  Hope Hicks is experiencing her Saturn return on the world stage because her locomotive chart rolled her into the White House like a coal train.  So again, Wilbur is a man with a plan, and the parts in his hand.  Despite being as trustworthy as Putin, Wilbur is basically a what-you-see-is-what-you-get guy.  If you look at his face, and read his Wikipedia, you will probably understand him just fine without even reading any of this.

So there’s also the Moon, Vesta, Spica, Toro, Seginus over in Libra, ruled by Venus.   Wilbur’s Venus is in Scorpio, so ruled by Mars (at the head of a T-square) and Pluto (opposition the chart ruler in the grand trine) and overseeing this mini-stellium.   Before I go back to that, his Venus is conjunct Juno in Scorpio.  I expect his wife to be his partner in crime, literally and figuratively.  Scorpio is underhanded and mean, and she’s in it to win it.  Sad.

Stelliums generally refer to the main planets.  However I use asteroids and fixed stars, because ultimately every single thing everywhere counts, has its influence, whether we acknowledge it or not.  My kipu show me different things as I look around the chart, and I follow their lead and do my research.  So I may look at things differently, but I’m very Neptunian myself so I have tides.

Anyway this little pack of factors I believe does matter, even though Toro and Seginus are kind of sort of out of orb, maybe.  Seginus is a Trump-specific marker, due to his prominent Jupiter being conjunct Seginus.  Keep in mind Seginus is far, far away, and has a really tight orb of 1.4.  However Toro is an asteroid, one I would not normally have looked at except I changed my defaults to look at the serial killers, and they’re helping me look at everyone now.  So Toro is basically where one would “see red” and charge.  Harvey has it on Uranus, marking these sudden lurches at horrified women.   I have it touching nothing, over in Aquarius, making me hate people like Wilbur Ross.  Everything counts, always.

Toro is an asteroid, in the belt where we go from our inner to outer planets, the interface between ourselves and other people in the ordinary course of things, in all things.   So that lights up Seginus for me, especially with someone in the Trump cabinet.  I’m coming to believe that orbs can be a lot looser than I previously thought, after reviewing the LISK/victim charts.  It’s also conjunct both Vesta and the Moon, under Spica as discussed above.  The Moon is our moods and feelings, the way our consciousness constantly ebbs and flows.  It does not emit light, only reflects the light of the Sun.  In the same way, the Moon represents that part of ourselves that we are never really fully in control of.  Some people have a harder time with moods than others (ask me, I know!).  Louise Linton, for example, is the proverbial princess born with the pea under her mattress.  She is exactly the woman in her wedding picture, precisely.   Her mood is probably almost never good.

The Moon is automatically important, right after the Sun.  This is not really a Moon-prominent chart, Wilbur is not that moody of a guy especially with so much Saturn.  Jupiter’s moods are usually pretty good, as long as he has two scoops of ice cream and somebody brings him a Diet Coke when he pushes the buzzer.  But Scorpio can run really hot, and he does have Toro right at hand.  With the Seginus connection I expect him to be an economic pit bull for Trump, check.   And with the Moon and Vesta the True Believer, that just lets you know he falls asleep every single night rubbing his money with a big smile on his face.  I’ve come to think of Vesta as a sort of mini-IC, that most tender spot where you live in your heart of hearts.  It’s the way my dad used to say, “I swear on my mother’s grave.”

Ultimately Wilbur will look great in orange.  Don’t let the door hit you on the ass, Precious my Precious.












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