Don McGahn, Astrosplained

I want to get out in front of my homework before I need to know about all of these people, like before their testimonies become public or they get charged.  It’s sort of like reading through the whole book on the first day of the class.  I’m a pain in the ass that way.  Anyway I started out to do Oleg Deripaska, but decided I’m too young to die.  So without further ado, let’s look at the fine young barrister riding the golden elevator of shame in the photograph above, White House Counsel Don McGahn.

[Update 8/18/2018:  My dear friend Pat from Australia (G’day!) tweeted out this article, reminding me that I had done it and causing me to take another look.   I really haven’t put so much work into these, you know.  I’m literally sharing my working notes with you in this format as I scan the charts.  But I look through later sometimes and see that I missed giant things, like the second yod below.  So keep that in mind, that’s why the Astrosplained series is headed for Kindle.   I’m working things out nicely in the books, which will be super cheap.

Anyway so the second yod, and the pattern I’ve since identified as the “skull and bones,” that criss-crossing set of inconjuncts or green dashed lines.  Those are points of challenging communication.  I’ve seen this pattern on Nikolas Cruz and many other people, and am wondering if it is some sort of impenetrable communication barrier, like an internal set of chutes and ladders that can be used to avoid.

So with the splendid news that Don McGahn has been cooperating all along (and has cut his hair, looking ten times more professional and credible, yay.  He wasn’t expecting to get famous, in fairness.)  I had to look up McGahn’s chart again.  I also looked at a few asteroids, played with it a bit.  I saw no problems with Lie, Machiavelli, or Pinocchio.  No Borassis issue to show that he’s delusional, has drank the Kool-Aid.

What I’m now seeing, now that I have reason to believe McGahn has found a way to uphold his integrity (maybe, I hope) is that he has the North Node and Vesta flanking Seginus the Guard in opposition.  Recall that Seginus is the marker for Trump and his train.  Actually here’s what I said about it, and I’m updating to show that I’m actually sorry for being so cynical. [This one time only.]

Don does have the internal wherewithal to draw the line in the sand.  He’s bright enough to get the point, to know how to cross Ts and dot Is.   I expect him to be flighty as hell, but he’s not an intellectual bumblefuck like Big Don.  McGahn’s Vesta sits between Saturn and the North Node, suggesting that in his deepest heart of hearts, McGahn wants things to be correct.  He knows very well the difference between right and wrong.  The question is whether or not he goes the distance, forces himself to do the right thing every single time as Regulus demands of him.  And I have to give that a resounding no, sorry.

I went on to say other things that I gave a negative interpretation to, and I will leave them as written below so you can see how things can really go either way.  I was looking at the Jupiter/Regulus/Algol thing and thinking, wow, that’s really a lot of integrity required from someone who is mostly a giant brain.  Because if his integrity flags even a tiny bit, he definitely goes down in flames.

But at  the end of the day let this be a lesson for us all to be open to people being much better than they would appear.  The opposition to Seginus could be, in an extra high-integrity individual like McGahn may turn out to be, that could be his destiny, (North Node) to use his devotion (Vesta, North Node) to his profession and the truth (Saturn) to oppose Seginus the Guard, the one who ruins people by association.  If McGahn is enough of a gangster to have ridden this whole thing out with his integrity intact, my God I’m in love.  Especially with the haircut, yes.  Move over Michael Avenatti.  [Update 8/29/2018 Senator Blumenthal was on TV tonight saying that McGahn was on the Trump train, working for the campaign.  Ergo I revert to my original cynicism.  This is the architect of the extreme swing our courts have taken to the right, may he burn in hell.]

As I said, before I space out again — I saw no asteroid problems with Machiavelli, Lie, Pinocchio, Pholus, or Ixion, though I didn’t do transits.  He has Spicer opposition Uranus.  I imagine Spicer and McGahn didn’t mesh, with Spicer maybe thinking McGahn a weirdo (which is how to interpret that goofy hair, like Boris Johnson, D. Trump, and others who should know better.  I see it as a stubborn Uranus, aka weirdo, I gotta be me, you gotta deal with me).  But McGahn may not be treacherous at all.  And if so, I owe him a million apologies and will say so publicly.]

don mcgahn chart

First order of business, the Sun is in the third decan of Gemini, so Mercury is where it’s at for Don McGahn.  He’s an attorney, so I would be looking for good Mercury bandwidth and solid Saturn.  Again, I don’t have the birth time, so no house or angle information which is always illuminating.  Mercury is combust, meaning hidden within the Sun’s massive corona.  Planets that get too close to the Sun, the human ego around which the life experience centers, get lost in the shuffle to some extent.  Don has a super complicated Sun/Mercury cluster with Mercury, Venus, and Mars all combust, a stellium late in Gemini.  His Sun is actually in a lot of trouble, IMHO.  I’ll circle back to that, I promise.  This guy probably identifies almost entirely with his thoughts, his head mind.

Before I come back to the specific stars and factors in this unusual chart, I’d like to point out that it is another locomotive , the definitive trend among White House personnel not closely related to Trump.   It takes a certain amount of focus and drive to get yourself a White House job by working your way in.  Importantly, Don has a rather unusual yod or “finger of God” configuration by way of Neptune in Scorpio.  Scorpio can be seen as God’s hand, Neptune the finger wagging back and forth between the Sun and Saturn.

Of course everything can go either way at any time, not only in astrology but in life.  So there are always different ways things could play out.  I am focusing on someone I expect to be charged with major crimes in the near future, an attorney at the highest level of practice whose Neptune is in as much trouble as McGahn’s.  As mentioned elsewhere in this series, Neptune is about personal integrity.  I see integrity as wholeness, an ownership of the entire life experience.  (This is the difference between a heaven or hell afterlife experience, how well you have processed your life, how complete your integrity is.  I go in-depth on all of that here.)

Don also has Jupiter conjunct Regulus, one of the Royal Stars of Persia.  Jupiter represents the government generally, and Trump personally with his strong Jupiter conjunct Seginus.  (I have used Seginus as a Trump-specific marker for this series, such as with Bob Mercer.  I have found Algorab to be another pertinent fixed star nearby with a lot of Trump-related connections, like Roger Stone.)  Then Regulus is the star of kings.   The royal stars make it possible for a commoner to make it to court.  But if you get into the palace and it doesn’t end well, it’s a rough landing for a regular guy.  Don also has Nessus the Wife Beater on Aldebaran, and therefore opposition Antares, putting him on the leadership versus brattiness axis, with a very bad influence there.  So two major fixed stars suggesting an integrity failure will be critical, unrecoverable.

Wait, did I say two?  His yod Neptune is opposition Algol the Blinking Demon, properly within the ruthless orb.  Three strikes, you’re out.  Especially Neptune, the blurrer or lines, makes Algol a very hard ride.

The combustion of all of his immediate planets except the Moon makes the Moon conspicuous in her absence.  And there she is, the engine of this locomotive.  So Mercury, the brainy, thoughts-and-wordsy part of McGahn, is by far the leader of his life.  He is a super cerebral guy, probably has a lot of associates and not so many friends, probably chatty, versatile, and able to relate to Trump in a lot of ways with the flightiness.  But clearly much, much smarter than Trump, smart enough to get that job honestly.  Still not quite able to get past the love of goofy hair, though.  Not quite smart enough to think that might undermine his credibility as a really sharp guy.

Don has the Moon in Pisces, where she is very moody, emotional, and empathic.  I have Pisces Moon and extreme Mercury too, what with my emotional rollercoaster and the Wordmatic 3000 running at all times.  I can only imagine with a Sun as busy as Don’s, that is much harder to control, especially when you’re as busy as he is in life.   In other words, I expect him to be a bit of a raw nerve, very easily triggered, emotions on his sleeve.  Looking as frazzled as he does in the golden elevator above.  His entire life must be an emotional rollercoaster.

Importantly, the Moon is opposite Pluto (conjunct Vesta) and Uranus in Virgo, ruled by Saturn.   Pluto opposition the Moon, just by itself, is a recipe for emotional volatility.  I expect Don has a lot of relationships end suddenly, whether by him or the other party.  Pluto is very all-or-nothing, very polarizing, and adds depth and passion, as well as secrecy.  Here, Pluto (described in depth in Stephen Miller’s chart) is on the same degree as Pallas Athena.  This, plus his Regulus Jupiter, can blow someone like hurricane Don McGahn into the White House.  There is no escaping Pluto’s penetrating insight and visceral drive.  Pallas’ glyph is like Venus’, but with a diamond for a head.  There is a hypermasculine quality to Pallas the Field Marshal.  She is a getter of shit-done, the head-chopper-in-chief.  So Pluto conjunct Pallas is outstanding for an attorney, even without the Gemini Sun stellium.  This is an attorney who goes for the jugular, because it really is personal.   Like Wilbur Ross, this guy has a really complicated Sun that could take up 3,000 words by itself.

Uranus is not such a key player in this chart, but it does something important.  Uranus is about flashes of brilliance, bolts from the blue.  It has been conjunct Pluto for a while, but in this chart it serves to keep Don off-kilter emotionally, I would imagine.  Don clearly has a tremendous inner life, with his Neptune yod.  But as I see it, his Neptune is in extra deep borscht.  McGahn’s Neptune is directly opposite Algol, the famous blinking demon that people either ride to glory like Nikola Tesla, or straight to hell like General Kelly or Saddam Hussein.    Integrity is always the make-or-break factor, I have it on good authority.   Anything can be either a blessing or a curse depending on your integrity.

There are too many ways for this McGahn thing to go wrong, is what it comes down to.  I would have to say key word unstable, even more than the permanently “I smell pee”-looking Louise Linton.  Louise is like the princess with the pea under her mattress.  But McGahn has actual depth, and much greater velocity as a human being.  It really is pretty bold of him to be living his life on the razor’s edge as he has been.  I kind of like him, because I still haven’t found out all the horrible treasonous shit he probably did.  He’s a bit Michael J. Fox-ish, kind of youthful and wind-swept.  Michael J. Fox News.

Anyway the Moon is probably Don’s least-aspected planet.  The planet with the fewest connections, especially in a chart where everything is aspecting everything, is a bit of a standout.  The least-aspected one is like a free agent, not necessarily working on the overall chart agenda.  It can be a hole in the personality, or a latent superpower that can be developed by addressing the issues represented by that planet consciously, as I have done with my least-aspected Venus.  Here, due to the overall volatility of the Moon herself with the opposition to Pluto, Pallas, and Uranus, and the nature of the Moon, I would expect his moods and instability to completely screw his life over.  Louise has a Gemini Moon, where she just doesn’t like feelings very much and defaults to her head mind.  But Don’s Moon is in Pisces, where it feels every little thing 100 percent in his heart mind, before his Mercury can mangle it beyond recognition.  His Moon is so unstable with the Pluto/Uranus situation, plus the shaky Saturn, that I imagine he’s a mess.

Saturn is the thing that provides infrastructure to the life, the actual physical expression of the life’s energy.  Saturn represents the body, the profession especially for an attorney, employers and employees.  When we see shaky Neptune in the chart of a professional like McGahn, we need to look also at Saturn.  With Dr. Hackett, for example, I saw problems with both his Neptune and Saturn, and suspected that he misused his professional license.  The investigator reported (allegedly) that Dr. Hackett was running a pill mill and was believed to also be a substance abuser himself.  I hadn’t thought about the pill mill, but believed he would treat patients unethically, like brought to him by criminals, which I believe he did with Shannan Gilbert.

Anyway here Neptune is in an extreme role.  It’s the caboose of the locomotive chart, which normally is sort of like the caboose on a train, more of an afterthought.  But anytime you have God wagging his finger at you, that finger is important.  Neptune, again, is about the things you can’t put a finger on.  It represents dreams (the Moon can, too) because if Buddhism is to be believed, “real life” is actually a dream.  That’s why Neptune is about intuition, and things that are deeply felt and thus believed.  So Neptune is bouncing McGahn back and forth between his complicated Sun and his also complicated Saturn.  His integrity, his higher mind, shifts its focus back and forth between his ego and all the things he believes about himself as a human being in the world, and Saturn, his internal fact-checker.  Neptune is the one that blurs the lines and opens the door to lies, for the reasons stated above.  Life could be a dream, sweetheart.  And thus you don’t have to buy into it at all, even though it is absolutely “real” when you wake up in a cold sweat.  The yod forces your hand, moves your eyes from here to there and back.

Don’s Saturn is complicated because it is conjunct both Vesta the True Believer and the North Node.  So Don does have the internal wherewithal to draw the line in the sand.  He’s bright enough to get the point, to know how to cross Ts and dot Is.   I expect him to be flighty as hell, but he’s not an intellectual bumblefuck like Big Don.  McGahn’s Vesta sits between Saturn and the North Node, suggesting that in his deepest heart of hearts, McGahn wants things to be correct.  He knows very well the difference between right and wrong.  The question is whether or not he goes the distance, forces himself to do the right thing every single time as Regulus demands of him.  And I have to give that a resounding no, sorry.

I would call Vesta being flanked by Saturn on one side and the North Node on the other something beyond commitment.  There is a sense of right and wrong that would be immediately and deeply felt and recognized as true north.  With the auspicious Jupiter and other chart factors, McGahn has obviously put that Saturnian stick-to-itiveness to work, driving his locomotive chart to where he currently is — on his way to prison.  I have no idea why.  But he’s going down.

Importantly his Saturn, his moral backbone, is inconjunct Uranus, and thus influenced by that whole deeply felt, off-kilter structure, which again tugs at his unstable Moon locomotive engine, making him likely to run very hot and very wobbly.  In a locomotive there is always a big empty spot.  Here it is pretty easy to identify visually as about the middle of Capricorn, ruled by Saturn.  So the hole in his soul that really wants to be filled, that itch that he wants most of all to scratch, is there in the land of Saturn, where the rubber meets the road.

That desire for integrity, for everything to line up perfectly, is a very strong impulse within this native.  It’s designed to tug at that North Node and Vesta, and that deeply committed feeling of Saturn that will wait forever to get to the end of Capricorn, and scream “true north.”   Unfortunately I do not see a snowball’s chance in hell that Don McGahn has risen to the challenges of Regulus, Algol, and Aldebaran.  Granted Nessus is a minor asteroid, not necessarily in play here as there is no suggestion of any physical violence or misogyny at all.  But this boy is playing with fire.

Seginus, the integrity-lowering fixed star, is opposite both Vesta and the North Node.  Those are both conjunct Saturn in a little merger.   Seginus is conjunct Trump’s Jupiter, and thus pertains directly to everyone in his cabinet.  From the link above:

Fixed star Seginus gives a subtle mind, shamelessness and loss through friends and companies. [1]

I see it as Seginus the Guard acting as sort of the doorman at the Bada Bing, shaking the strippers down if they want to go work in the VIP room.

bada bing

The fact that the president has natal Jupiter (the government) conjunct Seginus casts a shadow of low integrity over his whole cabinet, period.  Like that guard is standing there peeing on the carpet, everything stinks.

At the end of the day, whenever I find out what he’s been up to, I’m going to be glad he’s going to get what’s coming to him.


5 thoughts on “Don McGahn, Astrosplained

  1. Your work it utterly spellbinding. I read each delicious post and relish the sly humor as well as insights. I’m a total fan. Please don’t stop!

  2. Well, this is EXACTLY why I don’t waste time trying to predict anything with based on a person’s birth chart. The thing that predictive astrology (based on someone’s birth chart) does not take into account is a person’s level of consciousness or free will. One can not predict the outcome of events solely based on a person’s natal chart. According to Mueller’s report of events, Don McGahn apparently wasn’t the villain everyone thought he was after all and in fact acted with integrity when Trump asked him to do something unethical. So there it is. You can’t predict (nor should we) how a person is going to behave solely on an interpretation of a natal chart.

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