Jane’s Career, Astrosplained

There are so many creeps and criminals on this blog lately, I thought I’d Febreeze the place by helping a promising young lady get some perspective.  I don’t have a picture of Jane, so I’ve loaned her my profile picture from my other blog.  For this Astrosplain, I’ll be the confused sphinx in the background.

Jane wrote:

I am interested the field of Computer Science but I’m not sure if I would fare well or if I can nurture a liking in the field.   I’d like to know if there are any other career options from my birth chart too.

This is a really interesting chart with one, two, THREE yods.  In all the charts I’ve reviewed on this chart so far, I’ve seen a total of one, on Don McGahn.  Not sure if Jane can master the tie-over-shoulder, tousled-hair look that got McGahn into the big chair.   But she has a crazy amount of Saturn in her chart, so I’m sure she can do something useful.

Gentle reader, meet Jane.

Jane asteroids chart

So Jane, first thing I will say is you may come on very strong.  People may really not know how to take you a lot of the time.  I have really never seen a chart like this, so am not quite sure how to interpret some things.  I will use the methodical, systematic approach that I suspect you would prefer anyway.

Step 1, the Sun is in Virgo.  Your Sun is conjunct Toro the Raging Bull.  Saturn is your chart ruler, and he rules here with an iron fist.  Nobody dares question the authority of Saturn in this chart, but nobody — except Venus.  Heh.  Still I am concerned that you may be your own little Hitler, persecuting yourself.  Saturn loves to beat somebody up and tell them what to do.   Saturn always knows that he is right, and he is owed.

It was pointed out that I am biased in my Astrosplaining.  I’m obviously using astrology for political satire to some extent.  But importantly, I have thought about what I know of the person and compare it to what I see in the chart.  I am ready to be surprised.  But I don’t write all of my thoughts on a subject for obvious reasons.  Anyway it’s important to note that you are a younger person than I normally write about.  You are a woman, in an Asian country, just starting out. So a fresh page in a delightful way.  I am very grateful to have this opportunity to share my perspectives.  I have confidence that you can do great things.

I mention your location because sometimes Asian families emphasize education not in a liberal arts sense, in terms of what would make you happy, but as a means to a foothold in society.  This is often not just for yourself, but for your entire extended family.  I have known Asians whose parents basically arranged education the way they arrange marriages, for the same reason.  Your interests are irrelevant.  It doesn’t seem like you’re under that degree of pressure, though I wonder how computer science was selected, possibly not by you but by older people who see that field booming, and because of your 1st house Uranus in Aquarius.

This may or may not be your case.  But even in western families there is really a lot of pressure to get an education that will work for you and others who depend on your income and profession.  This has not been such an easy world to make your way in, though I see that changing.   The good news is, I believe you can find work that will both excite you and pay the bills in a credible way.  The key to your success is, like with everybody else, knowing yourself.  Know your own heart, your own motivations, and your core values.

I said I was going to be methodical.  Well, I used my extreme Neptune and gave an alternative fact.  I need to skip ahead here to your core values, what’s at the bottom of your heart.  Because while all your raging Saturn is scouring the ground for clues, your heart is screaming the answer you seek.  It’s really that easy.  You can trust yourself, because you have amazing gifts.  Once you relax into them, you will know whether they are righteous or not.  You know which path to follow.  The only thing that makes it hard is Saturn.  Saturn keeps you away from the path to your heart.  But Vesta the True Believer is where that eternal flame lives.  And your Vesta is very telling.

You have Vesta at 28:59 Cancer in the 7th house.  Since it is 1 second away from 29 degrees, I’m giving you both Kozminsky symbols.  I believe these two symbols show the nature of your core conflict quite well.

28º Cancer: An old mill-wheel lying on the bank of a lily pond, with pretty creepers growing over it.
Denotes one whose life will be peaceful and whose marriage will be blessed. His desires are simple and his talents are natural. He does not wish to rule in the world of men. His mental attitude and manner of living form a magnetic point of help and sympathy where the world-worn may have balm for their wounds. It is a symbol of Charm.

29º Cancer: A man in a prison cell, a ray of light flowing through the bars, on which a little bird stands singing.
Denotes one liable to be bound soul and body, who will be restricted in action and desire. But even so he may yet release his true self and meet the force flowing from the fountain head. Thus, though one side may frown and obstruct him, the other will smile and release him. It is a symbol of Obstruction.

Saturn is the one who constricts and closes in.  Venus in Libra is the one who does not wish to rule in the world of men.  Her attitude and manner of living form a magnetic point of help and sympathy where the world-worn may have balm for their wounds.  Venus in Libra is the picture of charm.  And there’s your Midheaven on Spica, in Libra.  So this is a flashing neon arrow as to which of the two choices is better for you.  Saturn himself is in Libra’s sign of Taurus, in Cancer’s 4th house.  So you’ve set things up for a male-female conflict, where there is a tyrant in Saturn, who ultimately answers to Venus.  I see the Moon as another benefic in your chart, supporting Venus.  I will talk more about her later.

Your Saturn has this entire chart in a death grip, in that prison cell.  But with those three yods, you can not only see the bird, you can see all kinds of things.  You may not have taken the time to imagine them or work with them, because Saturn tries to keep you always judging, criticizing, picking nits, and dumping ice water on everything.   Saturn is cold, unhappy, and unforgiving, really the opposite of Venus.  The Moon, your ability to actually feel other people, to empathize, that is your superpower and the way to get the reins in your chart.  (I really am being kind of methodical, it just doesn’t look like it.)

Saturn, my dear, is really a cautionary tale for you.  Your Neptune can work beautifully with the Moon, because of their natures, and because Venus is ruling Saturn, ruling Neptune.  But you will have to train yourself to use your intuition in that specific way, because your Neptune thinks he’s working for Saturn, in the rock hard old-man-chair of 29 Capricorn.  It’s like Neptune has such a mean, bossy supervisor (Saturn), that he might forget the supervisor works for the big boss, Venus.  Neptune is important, in the 1st house.

I see your Neptune as being one who works to deceive you that the outside, material world is more important.  But with your Pluto, Moon, yods, and Arcturus contact (by way of Spica), you can be masterfully intuitive and really write your own ticket.  The biggest concerns for you are guarding your integrity (Royal Stars, Neptune) and not buying into materialism (Saturn running amok).  Note that many of the miscreants I Astrosplain, like the serial killers and democracy murderers, have runaway Saturn.  You can use your powerful Moon to see such people as the Ghosts of Christmas Future, the ones you don’t want to be like.  This is why I cautioned you not to seek a position of authority for yourself, no matter how strong that urge may be.  It will not make you happy.  Connecting with others from deep within your truth will.  The harmony and balance that Venus loves, that’s the empty spot your locomotive is charging toward.

In terms of how your yods will play themselves out, this is something that you are going to have to work with and discover for yourself.  Pluto is the one that redirects the Moon and Saturn.  The yod configuration gives you a way to receive those internal GPS reroutes automatically.  It’s great that you love astrology, because learning your own chart, watching it play out in your chart, is a great way to apply all that Saturn.  You can document and look things up like a maniac.  You will be able to connect dots that nobody else can, like a walking database.

The Moon is not only right where she likes it, in Cancer, she has her own yod from Pluto to Uranus.  The bad news, she’s in Saturn’s 6th house of health and service.  But she has a mini-kite, and her own yod with Pluto and Uranus.  Uranus is in his own sign of Aquarius.  However that is co-ruled by Saturn.  So Saturn has fingers in a lot of pies in this chart.   Again, I can’t overemphasize what a bummer Saturn is, how he never stops criticizing, judging, disapproving, and putting down limitations.  I am old enough to be your mom, and I’m still working on helping friends older than myself learn to tell Saturn to just STFU.  Know that you have this aggressive unhappiness the way some people know they have diabetes.  You have to work around this constantly, or it will kill you.

Your Saturn is in Taurus, ruled by Venus.  So you have an interesting femininity axis here, with the superficial, hostess side of Venus displayed on the Midheaven, conjunct the spouse asteroid, even.  But in your heart, in the 4th house (which is extra important because of Saturn and because the Moon is actually very strong in this chart) is the other side of Venus, the lazy, selfish one, like Melania.  Saturn and Taurus are both known for stubbornness, even without a Capricorn Ascendant.  There’s a sense of guilt about self-love, as though the public sacrifice is imperative.  Saturn makes things feel obligatory and generally horrible, even when they really aren’t.  (Ask me, I know!)

About your career, your 10th house is auspicious with Libra and Spica (Arcturus) on the Midheaven.  You have Juno in the Gauquelin sector, suggesting that you may become famous with or have a famous spouse or partner.  However you do have several factors that concern me about you being taken advantage of by such a person.  Among other things, you have Juno conjunct Seginus the Guard.  Trump has Jupiter on Seginus, making this one of the specific markers of his administration.  Seginus suggests being brought down by bad associates, like with the Trump Administration where it’s a rotten barrel in a swamp.   This is especially so when conjunct Juno and on the Midheaven.  Imagine being the wife of Harvey Weinstein or Louis CK.  Avoid that, because such a person won’t lose a minute of sleep over how they’ve ruined you, no matter what they say.  Imagine that scenario as if it were really happening, and ask yourself, “Do I deserve that?  Who should I owe such loyalty to, and why?”

It will be very important for you to work with your Neptune, keep your discernment sharp by practicing ethical impeccability.  You are likely to lie to yourself, with your chart ruling maniac Saturn square Neptune.  The thing to remember is that Neptune is the part of you that directly reflects God.  The more you embrace and enhance Neptune, the more divinity you express with every beat of your heart.  The more Saturn you embrace, the less your heart can shine.  It is very difficult to be both warm and cold at the same time, though I guess there is fried ice cream.


Of course all that Saturn can be an amazing gift for someone with as much internal flexibility as you have.  You don’t usually see so much movement in such a heavy Saturn chart, because Saturn is an Earth planet, all about rigidity and stability, imposing order.  On this theme, there is a musical selection below that expresses your theme beautifully in the lyrics, even if the music is not your cup of wasabi.  (If you’re not familiar with this band, you might turn the speakers down.  If you are familiar, you’re welcome.)

Something else specifically on career.  There are a number of things that make me suspect you are likely to have social difficulties.   Saturn is not so feminine, which is unfortunately still a social consideration even in 2017.  You have Capricorn on the Ascendant, which can make you come across very serious and a long-term thinker.  People may experience you as a bit of a sourpuss, or wish you were more feminine, the old “you should smile.”  Saturn is not a smiler.

angela discipline

Also you have the Sun closely conjunct Toro the Raging Bull, as I said above.  You may come on strong for people in a way that women aren’t expected to.   Also you have both Capricorn and Uranus in the 1st house, which will automatically throw some people energetically, even without the presence of Neptune and Uranus.  The 1st house is akin to your psychic face, the thing that is front and center, what everybody sees of you as a first impression.

Neptune can be personified by the guru.  Some people think he has an amazing conduit to the divine.  Others find him to be a snake-oil salesman.  Especially the strong Saturn people.  They often have a very hard time feeling their Neptune, because the two have a sort of opposite focus.  Neptune blurs the edges and lines, while Saturn breaks things down to pinpoints and sorts them both chronologically and alphabetically, with the OCD.   Throw Neptune into the 1st house, automatically freak a lot of people out.

Uranus is the thrower of curveballs, the wild card, like Roger Stone.  So there is some strong sense of you appearing to be an iconoclast, one who is maybe detached and hard to get to know, a little out in left field like Dr. Hackett.  This is not the real you, not with that Moon in Cancer with her yod and mini-kite.  That is a deeply heartfelt, loving person with a strong feminine intuition.  But you may appear quite direct due to the Toro.  Saturn makes people prickly on a good day.

angela titillated

Please know that some people will key into your potential, and think they can harness it even if they don’t understand it.  There are always those so greedy they believe they can ride the lightning.  Your 12th house Dejanira is considered to be in the 1st house.  So you may carry a certain victim vibe that you are unaware of, especially with your Saturn square Neptune.  That can be very self-defeating, like having the valve to your higher self tending to rust shut.  But you have strong positives here.  You have given yourself ways to find your own truth and work from it.  The yods are all servants of Neptune, in a way.  The yods will keep you aware of the fact that at the end of the day, your higher self is the boss of your life, not your Saturn self.  The sands will move under your feet, the carpet will suddenly fly away.  I’m sure Saturn wants to fight that and has every intention of winning.  But know that feeling good, feeling happy and connected, feeling your own true worth, that is the only point.  You can map everything out to the nth degree, and at the end of the day that might give satisfaction, but never joy.

So it’s important that you understand you have to pave your own way.  When I asked what you were passionate about, you went on and on about astrology.  Well that is your answer.  Computer science can be very well applied to astrology.  Astrology needs Saturn people.  I’ll be honest, I didn’t like the career suggestion of you using that Saturn/Venus combination to go into beauty and makeup.  That came from a man.  Personally, I wish Saturn would really turn away from Venus, stop picking at her about every little perceived flaw.  Astrology, on the other hand, has a megaton of mathematical data to be considered, a mountain of reading to be done.  We need people to comb through old documents as cuneiform tablets are discovered, and consider what else needs to be incorporated into our canon of knowledge.  Clearly computers are integral to all of that.  Look at the extravagant selection of variables available at astro.com.  There really are an unlimited number of ways you can put Saturn to good use.

It’s possible to create a career that excites you while paying your bills.  The more you can be true to yourself, exploring your Neptune in ways that make you feel loved and accepted from within, the better career opportunities will open up.  Your Achilles’ heel, as I see it, is self-sabotage.  If you allow low self-esteem to be a factor in every decision you make about yourself and your life, as Saturn clearly wants it to be, you open yourself up to relationships with people who would exploit and abuse you.  You must now allow that negative, sour voice to carry the day when you look in the mirror.  You must know that your gifts are important, and only you can really feel them.  Then make your Saturn work for it, instead of you being a slave to Saturn and the insecurities it breeds/feeds on.  There are good jobs for Saturn, just like a German Shepherd, a personal trainer, or an accountant.  I suggest you make him work for the Moon and Venus, and you will surely find happiness.  But never let your dog or your accountant run your life.  They are all there to serve you, not the other way around, whether human or otherwise.  It’s your life.

I haven’t really discussed your locomotive chart yet.  But your empty spot is centered more or less around your active Midheaven.  Then your Saturn is over there in the 4th.   Your locomotive engine is Pluto, in that nice yod with the Moon and Saturn, like a family counseling mediator.   Pluto can get to the bottom of things.  If you think about planets doing rock, paper scissors, Saturn might be the scissors that cuts you short.  But Pluto is the rock that can smash it, just like he ripped a hole in the Earth to abduct Persephone.  Pluto flips over the apple cart and makes you start over, then Saturn has to pick it all back up and put it back right.

So I suspect that life will keep you on your toes.  I suggest you find ways to incorporate all of the things that excite you.  Your career itself can be an art form in which you express different parts of yourself as you discover them and learn to incorporate them.  Your astrology guides are obviously working overtime, because I’ve never even checked that thread at all before and they tapped me on the shoulder and sent me to look.  I pulled your question because you got the least answers, that simple.  There’s nothing simple about such things, dear.  That’s synchronicity, a sign that you are moving in the direction of better integration and alignment.

So with the Midheaven right in the empty spot of your locomotive, and your non-traditional sort of femininity, I can only imagine you would prefer to have something woman-centric and pleasant, if not fun with all that Saturn.  But if you can practice raising your fun-tolerance threshold I think that will help.  I suspect you might be quite introspective, and as I said with the 1st house, maybe not easily read by less clever or evolved people.

Ultimately I feel you can do amazing things with astrology.  You might consider getting a number of smaller degrees, like one in electronics, one in math, one in computer science, and creating a large toolkit while you are young.  Astrology can be incorporated into art.  you can create software tools that help astrologers.  I don’t know if you can imagine how much your Saturn would benefit a goofy Neptune lady like me who can’t keep her chronology straight on anything anymore.  The longer you go through life adding skills and training, the more ideas you will have about what you truly enjoy, what kind of people get you, and where you can make the best impact.  Because your Uranus and Pluto are both wanting to be a force for positive things, I think.  They are less-prominent because of the intense stuff.  But like with certain orange presidents, you don’t have to let the loudest, most obnoxious guy talk all the time just because he wants to.

Jane, I am excited to see what you will choose for yourself.  If you have any questions or comments please let me know.  And I mean that going forward as well.  I am glad to support you.


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