Jared Kushner, Astrosplained

Now that he’s quite possibly going to jail, I invite you, gentle reader, on a journey into JKush.  You might bring a book, because I warn you, this is not an interesting man.

jared kushner chart

First things first, Jare Bear’s Sun is in Capricorn.  So Saturn is the ruler of this chart.  This is not surprising, that Jared has a physical, material focus.  Jared strikes me as a guy who really likes money.  His real estate company is famous for its “tenant clawbacks.”  Saturn himself is conjunct Jupiter in Libra in this chart.  Jupiter represents the government, and specifically Trump, who is quite Jupiterian.  (Trump has Jupiter conjunct Seginus the Guard, making that a Trump-specific marker.  JKush doesn’t have any Seginus or Algorab contact.)

Saturn conjunct Jupiter, especially in the beautifully balanced Libra, suggests one who can come across as that unflappable rock of strength that Trump so desperately craves, the counterweight to the perpetual tsunami in his head.  Libra keeps everything very pleasant and comfortable on the surface, which is something Trump needs.  Saturn provides some rebar, some structure upon which to develop policies.  But how much of it does Jared have?  Sending him to use that squeaky little voice on an Israeli journalist was just asking for trouble.  Libra pushes everything toward a calm surface.  This was a classic example of “out of one’s depth.”

With the chart ruler Saturn in Libra, Venus is also an important planet.  Venus is about dissolving, being easy.  Venus, the feminine archetype, is about being passive and submissive, not holding fast and demanding — that’s Saturn.  Importantly, Trump’s hypermasculine approach pretty much demands this of people, I would think.  Like Hope Hicks with her extreme Venus, I expect Trump to be personally comforted by this individual’s presence, that he would crave that Venusian willingness to accede.  Venus doesn’t care what the issue is, she wants it resolved.  She stickles no principle but her own need for acceptance.

For me, the way Jared has Saturn running the show while hiding out in Libra acting like Venus is pretty passive-aggressive, like the whole tenant clawbacks thing.   Jared likes money (Saturn, Venus), being in charge/making decisions for others (Jupiter), and avoiding (not resolving) conflict (Libra).  Then he has Vesta the True Believer in Virgo, Saturn’s nitpicky, superficial sign.  That tenant clawback concept works for Jared on every level.  Virgo loves the fine print, especially when it lets him charge you extra.   Then Jupiter lights his cigars with $100 bills, and Venus is an online shopper.  And I bet Jared has never had to discuss clawbacks face-to-face with anyone who didn’t work for him.

Another thing to note about this chart, it is a bowl.  Could technically be considered a wedge, maybe, I’d have to look that up.  But it’s in six signs, so I’m calling it a bowl.  I talk so much crap about bowl charts on this blog, but of course anything can be used either well or badly due to free will.  The classic feature of a bowl chart is called a “rim opposition,” a red line across the center of the chart with all of the planets on one side, like Bob Mueller has.  That’s the psychic line in the sand, which the native stubbornly refuses to cross.  Jared doesn’t have that opposition, furthering the Libran, easygoing tone of this chart.  Jared is kind of oatmealy, he’s able to appear to be whoever you want him to be.

But bowl charts are truly intractable.  They cannot see it your way.  When you meet them where they’re at (which is what you must do to interact with them) they feel like that is the middle.  The classic bowl mindset is rather sour, like Saturn, which adds delay, coldness, and depression to everything it touches (again the opposite of Venus).   He and Ivanka are both very parochial people, with her even deeper in their shared bubble.  But these are people who only relate within a very small circle.  Stuff from outside that circle of influence literally does not enter their minds, ever.

A bowl is a chart in which the native’s energy is only going halfway around his life.  The bowls I have known and loved are frankly miserable people, whether they have rim oppositions or not.  My analogy is a person who halves a recipe to save on ingredients, then is disappointed by the low yield.  Bowl natives often do not pursue fully half of life, and have glass-half-empty lives as a result.  With or without a rim opposition, bowl natives have a very difficult time seeing things anyone else’s way.  Saturn rulership will tend to exacerbate that quality, as Saturn is impossible to please.

Then Venus herself is either at the end of Sagittarius or the beginning of Capricorn (I don’t have a proper birth time to know for sure.)  Sagittarius would link back to Jupiter, Capricorn back to Saturn, which are conjunct here and thus acting as one.  I would almost put the two of them into a giant conjunction with Venus, sort of, due to the mutual receptivity, where planets inhabit each others’ signs like guests in each others’ homes.  They are automatically tuned into and beholden to each other.  Those three are carrying this chart like a troika.  He’s about being a bigshot authority figure, having tons of money, and keeping everything pleasant and nonconfrontational.  Whatever else happens in his life is bonus.  He’s probably a picky AF eater and may spend more time on health and grooming than Czarinka.

In terms of the wacky stuff I look at in charts, there are a few notable points.  JKush has Pluto on Spica.  Pluto is slow-moving and considered “generational,” because it stays in one place for a while.  However, everything plays into everything, always.  So how it fits into the other chart factors is still unique and important.  Based on what I know of him, Pluto on Spica doesn’t bode well for young Jared.  Like Bob Mueller might actually fit this joker for a pair of cufflinks that I would LOVE.  Importantly Pluto co-rules Scorpio, which is where he has Juno the Spouse.  That fits Czarinka’s Scorpio influence.

You see, Spica sits directly under Arcturus, or heaven’s gate.  Arcturus is the door to the higher self, where integrity is the only question.  I define integrity as integration, how well every aspect of the life is integrated into the native’s consciousness.  I would suspect Jared of having very low integration overall, as described in the tenant clawback issue above.  Avoiding conflict can be the opposite of resolving it, which is what you need to do to anything with God’s spotlight, Spica, shining on it.

Pluto, as described in Stephen Miller’s Astrosplain, is about our darkest urges.  Pluto can get a bad rap because bad people often let their Pluto run amok.  But again, anything can go either direction depending on how you use it, anything can be used to avoid.  But Pluto is about aggression.  So if your Mercury goes off the rails maybe you have OCD or verbal diarrhea, but when your Pluto gets loose other people get hurt.  Pluto is about controlling the material world and the people in it, on a more direct and visceral level than Jupiter.  Jupiter loves being a bigshot.  Pluto loves being feared.

The point here is that integrity challenges don’t bode well for royal star contacts like Spica.  Pluto is the aggressive part that he and Czarinka both clearly have.  Our society is currently dysfunctional in such a way that many people truly do not understand the difference between politeness and passive-aggression.  Politely nodding and ignoring people while they speak to you is, in my estimation, very aggressive, even if you use respectful words and tone.  In other words, when those two are being pleasant and non-confrontational, I know they’re up to some shit.  Like his wife pretending to not know the meaning of the word complicit.  The fact that he has asteroid Toro the Raging Bull conjunct Pluto may help account for his ingenious plan to light Jerusalem on fire.  That’s how willing he is to charge with his feet that far from the ground.

So other wacky chart factors that I happen to use include the domestic violence asteroids, Nessus and Dejanira.  JKush has Nessus the Wife Beater conjunct Ceres the Earth Mother in Cancer, the sign of the early home life.  His dad is a super sleazy weirdo, as it sounds like the rest of his family is, too.  I’m not going to look up research links on them, sorry.  They aren’t worth it to me.  These are not interesting people, again, just run-of-the-mill selfish losers.  Anyway it would not surprise me if his father were physically violent with his mother, which is the straightforward interpretation of this conjunction.

Lastly, Jared also has Neptune opposition Mintaka, the fixed star I began this series with, the one I think of as the fascist/antifascist axis of human experience.  Jared is involved with fascism as I see it, specifically on the other side of it from me.  Neptune is the planet we use to either have integrity or not.  I think the clawback thing, aside from the whole thing of wanting to have walkie talkies with Sergei Kislyak, suggests Jare Bear is a lower-integrity sort of guy.  I am comfortable calling him an agent of fascism who does not think of himself as such, who tells himself whatever feels good, like his wife with complicity.

Hopefully they can keep him kosher in jail, because I do not believe in cruel and unusual punishment or degrading prisoners, even people like Jared Kushner.  He should be treated like a human being while he languishes in prison hopefully for the rest of his life.





11 thoughts on “Jared Kushner, Astrosplained

  1. Jare Bare! Love it. Another top-notch analysis with wisdom only matched by wit. Gives me hope for US.

    You’re doing divine work here, on the side of the angels, please keep sharing.

  2. Oh my god I LOVE you. I found you via a Medium post you wrote about being the child of a hoarder because I’m doing some work for the Children of Hoarders not for profit.
    Little did I know that I would fall in love with your (as another commented said) acerbic “voice”.
    I hope you’ll keep sharing and I’d love to shoot the shit about hoarding and it’s destructive force 😉

  3. I don’t think the bulldozers will help. It’s a matter of time before they clutter it up again. You know how this goes! They need serious mental health care. ::(

    1. You know it! Might give the neighbours respite for a few weeks. Maybe a month. I didn’t get the sense the Mum and Son wanted help which is par for the course as we both know. I’m all about helping people who reach out. People who hoard or children of hoarders alike.

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