Mike Pence, Astrosplained

Every morning as soon as I get up I check to see if Santa Mueller came early and left me the indictments I asked for.   While we await Bob and Rudolph, gentle reader, let’s meet the vice-traitor-in-chief, Indiana’s Favorite Christian, Mike Pence.

Mike pence chart

First things first.  The Sun is in Gemini, so Mercury is the chart ruler.  Mercury is combust, very close to the Sun and thus obscured within its corona.  Mercury rules the conscious mind, the thoughts and words.   Trump is highly Mercurial, and this is reflected in his flightiness, short attention span, verbal diarrhea, switching parties at will, and overall superficiality.  These are of course the less-evolved parts of Mercury.  Credit where credit is due, Pence was the governor of Indiana, a person who seems to have worked his way into his current position.   For our intents and purposes here, Mercury is the Liaison, the Fixer.

Importantly for my purposes, Pence’s ruling Mercury is on the same degree as Mintaka, which I am using as the fascist/antifascist axis marker in this Astrosplained series.  So that part of my hypothesis bears out, because Pence is arguably worse than his boss, due to Trump being an honest liar, if that makes sense.  Trump says he’s Christian too, but Pence believably pretends to be, like actually does the steps, so people believe him.  I hear someone asking, “Hey, Artnunymiss, you’re talking a lot of crap about someone else’s religious beliefs.  How can you judge their sincerity?”  Well, first of all, I’m snarky AF.  But also I use astrology as a way of decoding an individual’s life choices.   I have the luxury of taking what I have seen of the person and their public words, and comparing it to what the ancients have been saying all along.

In this case, there are a couple of red flags for Pence not being who he claims to be.  The primary place to look for integrity is Neptune.  It doesn’t seem right to me that he could have Neptune in Scorpio being 5 years older than me, but I place my faith in astro.com.  So Neptune has its own mini-kite, as does Pluto.  Pluto is conjunct Regulus here, the Royal Persian Star called the Heart of the Lion.  Pluto represents the devil, as discussed here and here.  As with all of the Royal Stars, impeccable integrity is what it’s all about.  Like with General Kelly, who I am sorry to say has proven my suspicions correct, higher speeds and pressures require impeccable integrity.  And none of these jokers have it, possible exception of General McMaster.  But I don’t have confidence in him based on the company he keeps.

Importantly, not only is Pluto conjunct Regulus ruling over Neptune here, Neptune is square some important business:  Venus, Mars, Uranus, Dubhe, and Vesta.  Venus and Mars are obviously personal planets.  And I actually like the way he lets Mother Pence call the shots.  That’s the one part of his Christianity that I appreciate.  Karen Pence is a boss in a plain brown wrapper for sure.  You can’t pick her out of a line-up, but look where she is.  Has anyone ever seen her and Cheney standing together?  But so Neptune is about who you really are, and whether you express that or not.   I would say with this little cluster of items squared Neptune, that’s a hard no.  Mike Pence is a secret.

Venus and Mars are the personal planets, and this Neptune issue would serve to feel one way and act or be seen another.  Like the thing of not being alone with the opposite sex, ever, it’s about perceptions.  I wish people didn’t hassle them about that.  As an Italian-American, I appreciate that.  Our guys feel like as long as you don’t take your comare to the same restaurants as your wife, she has nothing to complain about.  As a sexual assault survivor, I also appreciate knowing for sure that Mike Pence is a safe space.  I like it that he respects his wife enough to keep it that way, even when the world is fucking with him about it.  That is actual Christianity IMHO.

But the problem is the whole mix, not the individual nuts.  To be clear, Uranus is an outer planet, the “I gotta be me” factor as evidenced in Jeff Sessions and the murder-adjacent Dr. Hackett.  There is a difficulty in getting close to such people, because they don’t allow it, especially in a Mercury-dominated chart.  Tesla is another famously Uranian personality, with Uranus on Algol, though clearly with different ideas about integrity and humanity than Mike Pence.  So that Uranian insistence on doing it your own way, different than the societal norm, conjunct Venus and Mars, makes perfect sense for the dining considerations discussed above.  And that works perfectly, because it sets Mike Pence up to look like a wimp, as though Trump wasn’t the most pussy-whipped guy alive.  (He is.)

If you are old enough to remember the prior ass-grabber-in-chief — another one, okay — George H.W. Bush, who is still grabbing asses every chance he gets, people used to call him a wimp.  When he was Vice President, they made him out to be a Nowhere Man, a sad sack.  He’s playing the same sneaky AF card Pence is now.  My first thought was, “Director of the CIA a wimp?  Um, no.”   Passive-aggressive, yes.  Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.   They downplayed Cheney as much as his face would allow, too.  Here’s Pappy Bush, in a wheelchair with literally multiple flavors of baby food on his shirt, grabbing a horrified writer’s ass.  Clanking balls, all of them.

George Bush Christina Kline

As a locomotive chart, this is 15 degrees from a bowl, which would fit the sort of staunch politics he’s associated with.  But it extends far enough out to create a large amount of drive, with a big psychic hole to fill.  As a locomotive, this chart has a Sun engine, meaning Pence is ironically a this-world-focused guy, famous for being Christian.  As with Louise Linton’s Moon, Gemini and Mercury are the opposite of deeply felt.   Mercury keeps it breezy, chitty chatting and moving on to the next thing.  It can help someone as ideologically rigid as Pence come across as a nice guy, easy to talk to, approachable. Because as intense as he is about his agenda, he was willing to work for the opposite guy.  That’s very sneaky and Plutonian,  maneuvering.  Mercury keeps it light.  But Pence still got to be Vice President, and he’s not a nepotism hire.  So that’s a stealth skill, like with Hope Hicks (who I didn’t realize came to the White House via working for Ivanka.  That’s an extreme ninja move, and I am awed.  I’m still okay with her going to jail, but I don’t think she will.)

Back to Mike.  If you de-crapify this chart and look at the usual chart factors, again, it also looks very much like a see-saw.  And it could be one.  As with Bob Mueller’s “slingshot” bucket within a bowl, it’s possible for one person to express both styles simultaneously.   A locomotive would make it easier for him to get somewhere.  A see-saw would make it easier to work both sides of the fence, and I do see him in the Liaison/Fixer role.  The North Node is the only routine chart factor in the middle there, and it is not a planet.  I’ll come back to that.  Whether locomotive or slingshot, I don’t see Mike being deeply heartfelt about his ideologies, only extra rigid in adhering to them due to the Uranus/Dubhe/Vesta thing and Regulus.   When it suits him to flip flop, like being Christian Mike Pence and Vice Pussy Grabber simultaneously, Mercury kicks in and he switches.

So if you look at it as a see-saw, it’s almost evenly balanced, so quite Mercurial in the ability to go either way, like his boss.  He also has a 1st decan Capricorn Saturn, like his buddy and future cellmate Jefferson Beauregard Sweet Tea Sessions.   That double Saturn early in Capricorn is about taking as much response-ability as possible, grabbing hold of it right away and clinging to it for dear life.  The sort of person who starts saving for his retirement in middle school.   Saturn is focused on the finest details.  Saturn reads the fine print every time, because he wrote it, and he’s making sure it’s exactly how he wants it.  Saturn is about authority and demanding.  So that’s his rigidity.  Saturn is cold, sour, and sad, and opposition the Moon it has to be a huge bummer for his moods.  It’s possible he always appears to be in the same mood, though with that much Pluto and this Moon configuration his emotions are probably a mess.

While I’m looking at this chart as both a see-saw and a locomotive (hat tip to Bashar, who points out that it’s always this AND that, because all possibilities exist at once) the fly in the ointment is the little cluster around the North Node in Libra.  I do show different chart factors for every chart, because I am a self-taught, intuitive astrologer.  I am grateful to the lovely Del O’Connor of Chicago for getting me started on the basics in my youth.  But I move my eyes around the chart and see different holograms, and I follow them where they lead.

Anyway the point is, that little cluster around the node does not include a planet.  It includes asteroids Juno the Spouse and Pallas Athena.  Algorab the Crow, a very common marker for kleptocrats and thieves generally (like Roger Stone and Paul Manafort), is 20 seconds out of orb for the whole kerfuffle.  As I’ve said elsewhere, the more astrology I do, the looser my orbs get.  Algorab is implicated IMO, because the Node is such a sensitive spot, and because of the company Pence keeps.  He doesn’t have Seginus the Guard, which is Trump’s Jupiter star, the one tinkling on the whole administration and telling them it’s raining.  And non-Trumpets also have Algorab.  I’m just seeing a lot of those two, is all.  But it’s interesting that he doesn’t have the Seginus, Trump-specific marker.  He is absolutely not a Trump guy.

However the presence of Juno and Pallas together, especially in this superficial chart, with all this Plutonian intensity and secrecy, can only point to his wife having a whole lot more to say than people think.   I have come to see Juno as representing not only the spouse, but the people one calls and texts all day, the closest ones in your orbit.   As described above, I am calling Pence something of a faithless partner, one who is not there to praise Caesar but biding his time until he can bury him.  I think that’s pretty straightforward from the chart, if not the palace intrigue.

So I have begun a number of threads that I need to pick back up.  The little cluster including Venus, Mars, Uranus, and Vesta also includes Dubhe the Back of the Bear.  From the link above:

Constellation Ursa Major is like Mars. It is said to give a quiet, prudent, suspicious, mistrustful, self-controlled, patient nature, but an uneasy spirit and great anger and revengeful when roused. [1]

Astrologically both Bears were said to presage an evil influence. They are particularly injurious as regards to the affairs of nations and kings. [2]

Bob Mueller has a Dubhe contact, as do Hitler and Mao.  I think it’s safe to say that Dubhe makes one a bear to deal with.

Now, Dubhe is a “fixed” star, one that is so far away, and moves so slowly, that from our vantage point it appears not to move at all, like 1 degree in hundreds of years.  So in order to activate a fixed star contact, the orbs are pretty tight.  Jamie has done the math at the link above, and gives exact orbs for the fixed stars, hat tip to him for the reference.  But he gives 2.4 degrees for Royal Stars and others of that magnitude, which is the max.  Most are about 1 degree.

So with that orb, many astrologers believe only Uranus is conjunct Dubhe.  Uranus is stretching the orb to be conjunct Mars, and then technically out of orb for Venus.  Then Vesta might not be seen as conjunct Dubhe, because it is out of orb for Dubhe.  But Vesta is an asteroid, much closer in, and is conjunct Uranus.  I have come to see that it’s more like how a veneral disease spreads:  one makes contact with another, then that contact extends to everyone contacted by the second one.  So once Dubhe gets into the mix with Uranus, and Uranus connects with Vesta, then everything that’s bouncing off of Neptune is there bouncing off the same thing at the same time, if that makes sense.  I see them as like lights that light each other up.  You may not be able to see a specific one very clearly in the group, and their collective light helps you see all of them.

Importantly Vesta the True Believer is in that mix with Uranus, the I gotta be me factor.  Then add in Pluto, and his extensive influence with Scorpio, and it’s quite Machiavellian.  Pence feels things very, very deeply.  He just keeps his deep stuff hidden with everyone but his wife.  With Ceres in Scorpio, I expect his mother was the same way.  Such women are so much stronger, so much more self-controlled that Donald Trump can imagine, that they literally run circles around him without showing up on his radar.  They are smart enough to know how to stay off his radar.  I’m surprised we’ve heard in the media that Mother Pence dislikes him, she must be ready to kill him.  Well, that’s what you get for being a Christian lady who stands for pictures with him.

Anyway Neptune, Ceres, and Jupiter are all in Scorpio, co-ruled by Pluto and Mars, who is in Leo conjunct Venus and Uranus.  Leo is ruled by the Sun, the ego, the individual’s sense of self and why they are here on this planet.  Having both Uranus and Vesta in Leo would make one who believes very deeply in the rightness of himself, and being true to himself.  Pluto on Regulus makes for one who believes himself not a king among men, but an emperor among peasants.  Then you add the chart ruler conjunct Mintaka, and Mike Pence is not my sort of person at all.

Did you think this chart would be so flavorful?  I didn’t.  I knew he was a liar, an empty shirt.  I knew that he wants almost the opposite policies than I want.  But I didn’t get how deeply clever he really is, or how hardcore his wife is.  With Juno conjunct Pallas in Scorpio, she is definitely a behind-the-scenes field marshal.  He may have other field marshals, and probably does.  Again, this is the chart of a Fixer, not an ultimate boss.  Pluto on Regulus may feel entitled to rule the world, especially with with Saturn opposition the Moon.  I can only imagine that keeps him consistently feeling wronged.

Saturn opposition the Moon makes sense for one who attempts to control the behaviors of other people and make them conform to his values, like with abortion.  The Moon is about recognizing that other people only reflect of our internal states, they don’t create them.  Then Saturn is about the material world, the letter of the law, and being an authority figure.  When people don’t get it about projecting, and think that other people are really the problem, and their behaviors need to be corrected, that is Saturn and the Moon being off-kilter.  It doesn’t feel that way, it feels like the other people really are the issue.  But that can never be the case, because it’s your life.

So the bull’s eye, the center of the big empty spot in the chart, by my calculation is right in the last few degrees of Pisces.  Pisces is co-ruled by Jupiter and Neptune.  I’ve already touched on the highly complicated Neptune of Mike Pence.  But his Jupiter is tricky, too.  Pence has Jupiter inconjunct, or redirecting/redirected by Mercury, the combust chart ruler.  Jupiter represents the government, and here it is in Scorpio, the sneaky, passionate sign of Pluto and Mars.  This would have to help Pence hold his nose and put on the “I’m with Stupid” T-shirt.  Pence is able to restrain and redirect himself however he needs to.

Then Saturn is redirecting/redirected by Venus and Mars, further underscoring how easy it is for Pence to not be seen in public with women, ever.  That Saturnian ability to redirect while remaining firm is like an oak tree that is slightly bendy.

The last few degrees of Pisces is an interesting spot, where the zodiac comes to an end.  It’s said to be a fairly magical spot, and it features prominently in the charts of people like Harvey Weinstein.  I believe Pence has enough sense of his own Plutonian evil to be somewhat aware of the divine, though if my assessment is correct he wouldn’t be able to access it because his integrity is too poor.  But he can probably see the magic, knows it can happen.  That’s why he’s a fundamentalist, he sees the power of the Holy Spirit in people’s lives.  He just doesn’t get what it means to connect with it.  I will be okay with him dying in prison.






4 thoughts on “Mike Pence, Astrosplained

  1. So, this one was scary. The guy seems like a white-armored storm trooper to me every time I see him. But, but, but my own natal chart is strikingly similar, a rimmed bowl, Saturn v. Moon, albeit Sun in Leo with shifting inner planet’s. Disconcerting, at best. Another amazing piece that resonated very personally.

    1. Kim, don’t feel bad! Don’t let the Saturn Moon bum your moods out, that’s the big thing. And now you know that if you feel like you’re missing out, what you have to do is find your midpoint and get out there, strike out in the sign and house indicated. ❤

  2. Is Mikey the one who wrote the anonymous letter for the NYT? There is speculation on this since the letter contains some of his hallmark words such as “lodestar.” Manafort introduced Pence to Trump so the likelihood Putin is pulling some strings increases.

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