Ryan Zinke, Astrosplained

Gentle reader, today I am delving into the mysteries of our Interior Secretary, Ryan Zinke.  Many people don’t know who he is, or what he’s all about.  I admit to not having done any specific research on him.  His name has popped up a few different horrifying ways:  the utility company that screwed Puerto Rico blue were some nepotism hire of Zinke’s; the taxpayers are whining about his extreme travel expenditures; and in passing, a lot of terrible things are happening to our interior.

My take so far is that like Sam Clovis, Zinke performed his local role in a way that got him recruited for the Russian mob Trump administration.  So he traded what he knows about our natural resources for personal favor, much like Manafort tried to deliver the Oval Office to Oleg Deripaska.  But that’s all just a guess based on my passing observations.  So I will wrap my head around Ryan Zinke, this master of destruction, the only way I know how.

ryan zinke chart

First things first, the Sun is in Scorpio, so this is a Mars-Pluto chart.  I am giving him Saturn as a co-ruler, two for two on the Greater Malefics, Saturn and Mars.  Then many consider the three outer planets, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, to also be malefic.  I disagree with them about all but Pluto.  I have intense Pluto in my chart, and I can tell you it’s really challenging to use it well.  It makes me really have to work on self-control.  I am not surprised to see both the shape and condition of Zinke’s fingernails.  I would expect someone with this amount of physical energy to be a nail-biter and a teeth-grinder.  The short, wide beds suggest a hypercritical, Saturnian bent at least on his Jupiterian/middle finger.

So because Scorpio is co-ruled by Mars and Pluto, having the Sun there can make a guy want to be the exact guy in the above picture, which is his official photograph.  Like the Marlboro man, he needs nobody but that one photographer.  Then he’s off to conquer the mountain and everything on it, because it is there.  The combination of Mars and Pluto, even without Zinke’s turbo Saturn, is a recipe for Alexander the Great.  The fact that we still call him Alexander the Great, instead of Alexander the Rampaging Sociopath,  is why we have President Trump, and thus why we have Ryan Zinke as Interior Secretary.  Because we’re doomed.  j/k

Back to Ryan.  So to be clear, I don’t like Ryan Zinke or the horse he rode in on, which was probably a Hummer that I paid for.  Saturn is the bean counter, the tax collector, the person you have to answer to.  Zinke believes he is that guy.  That’s one of the three legs of his psychological table, as strong as co-rulers Mars and Pluto.  Ayn Rand would totally masturbate to this photograph of him, like a guy from her book is now Interior Secretary.   Zinke has probably returned the favor with her books, I’m sure.  Saturn, that gut-level love of and entitlement to money, is conjunct Jupiter, late in his own sign of Capricorn.  Then Pluto, co-ruler of the Sun, is in Saturn’s other sign of Virgo, along with Uranus, the I gotta be me factor.  Really the whole thing is spelled out in the picture.

Saturn conjunct Jupiter in an elected official is almost surely one who overidentifies with his office, someone who could not stomach being anything but an authority figure.  Especially with Zinke’s intense Mars and Pluto, either of those can spark white-hot rage.  (Ask me, I know!)  So the Saturn influence will tend to be a slow burn in Virgo, where everything is super nitpicky, micromanaging the surface, and build up to a huge finale late in Capricorn when you own every single bean on the face of the planet, ideally.

Jupiter represents the government, large organizations, and importantly, living like a king.  Trump is very Jupiterian:  big fat guy with crazy looking hair, golfing while Rome burns.  Jupiter lights his cigars with $100 bills.  So Zinke isn’t exactly frugal per se, evidenced by the controversy over his lavish travel expenses.  Jupiter is about spending other people’s money whenever possible, especially conjunct Saturn, which is super selfish.  This whole chart screams that it’s Ryan’s world, the rest of us live in it on his good graces, even more than Bob Mercer’s.  This past weekend I have witnessed the after-life reviews of some similar people, and even though the ones I know were nowhere near as destructive as Zinke’s, it was ugly enough that I no longer care if he goes to jail or not.  The karma they’ve created for themselves is worse than any jail.  And I’m quite sure that if we discover Zinke has committed five horribly underhanded crimes against nature and humanity, he will have committed at least 10, because of his Pluto/Scorpio.

Just to underscore the Freddie-Kreuger-looking soul of this chart native, note that Nessus the Wife Beater is conjunct Vesta the True Believer, 1 degree apart.  The divine feminine exists to be punished by this individual, much like with serial killer John Bittrolff.  And with that ugly little chart feature, we have a little fun with orbs.  The stark brutality of Nessus conjunct Vesta is worsened by Ceres the Earth Mother conjunct Nessus.  This is an absolute disaster for Interior Secretary, literally the least appropriate person he could possibly have chosen.  This is in keeping with Steve Bannon’s wrecking-ball agenda.  Scorpios don’t get mad, they get even.  And that Saturnian sourness and sense of entitlement has everything to do with everything in this chart.

But the orb thing comes into play because both Ceres and Nessus are straddling the famous blinking demon, Algol.  Algol has an enormous magnitude and an orb of 2.4, on par with the Royal Stars of Persia.  But those four stars, including Fomalhaut, which is conjunct Chiron in this chart, are enormous benefactors for anyone with enough integrity to utilize their energies.  Algol can also be ridden to greatness, as Nikola Tesla did with his Uranus conjunct Algol.  But as with the other far-off, enormous stars, your integrity has to be very strong, or you will crash and burn, like General Kelly.

Zinke has another Royal Star contact, Regulus the Heart of the Lion.  That’s where he has Uranus, the I gotta be me planet.  This could be someone who is an iconoclastic leader, someone who would face any  enemy for the good of humanity.  Especially with Chiron on Fomalhaut, this could be one with a deeply felt sense of justice and the divine.  But with Nessus on Vesta conjunct Ceres, the opposite is much more likely.    Any Royal Star contact is one some level a contact with an archangel, a finger on the third rail.  So you can get access to energetic superhighways.  But small mistakes are fatal at higher speeds and pressures.  So integrity is key, keeping track of who you really are inside and not letting your ego run amok.  I don’t see Zinke having good integrity.

Then he also has Spica conjunct Mercury, which will again open up another huge pile of trouble for him if his integrity fails, as it seems to have done.  Spica adds brilliance, and I expect Zinke to be smarter than the average bear that he’s about to shoot while it’s hibernating.  The problem with Spica is that it’s directly under Heaven’s Gate, Arcturus.  So his mind is like standing in God’s spotlight.  In other words, God sees everything this guy is doing to the planet, no worries.

Zinke has the Moon conjunct the North Node.  My intuitive sense of that is that Zinke intended to learn the difference between his gut and his body.  As with Bittrolff, I think a lot of his abuse of women came purely from his physical need for sex, and the amount of Plutonian rage that boiled inside him.  I have no reason to think Zinke is a physical abuser of women, he seems to be focused on the divine feminine, aka the Earth.   Anyway for this kind of a manly man, he’s so focused in his physical body and his sense of himself as a man, a man with Uranus on Regulus, that he mistakes his anger for true grit.  The Moon is about intuition.  Zinke’s intense Saturn and Pluto are more likely to make him one who covers all the angles.  He probably thinks that’s what intuition is, and Scorpio can be quite intuitive too.  So he may have strong instincts.  But Pluto’s sort of intuition is more about vulnerability, perceived holes in another’s energy field.

The Moon is about perception of the holes in our own energy field.  Life is but a dream, and the people we encounter each day are actors playing roles.  It isn’t that they aren’t real, they are.  But your perception of them is happening from within your dream.  Not only do you not know the true identities of other people, you have no idea of your own larger self.  No matter how enlightened you are, how expanded your consciousness, if you’re walking around in a human body it only goes so far.  You can access all of the glory that is.  But you can only bring so much with you to the surface of the planet at any one time.  That’s what your integrity does for you.  Your Neptune creates the pipe through which you can bring your own divine energy and manifest it on the planet.

Anyway I don’t see Zinke developing that relationship to his higher self described above.  He has inconjuncts, or energetic redirections, from the Moon/North Node and Uranus to both Saturn and Jupiter.  The North Node is like psychic grammar, the period at the end of your life.   The Moon is where we feel our moods, and with this much Mars, Saturn, and Pluto, I don’t expect Ryan to be a happy-go-lucky guy on his best day, quite the angry white guy.  Again, the rulers of this chart are Mars and Scorpio, with secretive, vindictive, zealous, jealous Scorpio the Sun’s home.  That is where this person lives, Mars in Scorpio.  Pity those sleeping bears.

This set of redirections, and the roles of the planets involved, suggests that this is a specific circuit that his emotions do.  Jupiter and Saturn together late in Capricorn will make him take a very long and serious view of his own entitlement.  While Saturn and Capricorn are time-delayed and sober, if Jupiter can find a way to spend other people’s money, that’s a different question.  If he can spend other people’s money while lining his own pocket, that’s the sensible thing to do.  That allows him to express his massive anger.

So I think the Saturn/Jupiter thing just make him itch to go get his due.  Then the inconjuncts to the Moon, node, and Uranus, with all the intractable baggage of that area, just make him moody AF, someone who can’t be calmed the hell down.   I went to a place near Pagosa Springs, Colorado, which is amazingly beautiful and quite far from population centers.  Unfortunately it’s full of people on all-terrain vehicles, which are made to be as loud as possible.  It’s like an army of mechanical cockroaches infesting the mountain.  I couldn’t find anywhere to be alone without man-made noise anywhere on that mountain, because of guys like Ryan Zinke.   I found them to be incredibly hostile, both consciously and unconsciously.  You are on their mountain, don’t get in their way.  Ironically I found a place to just pull off the road that was much quieter than right on that river.  Anyway.

So there are a lot of things to look at in this chart.  None of them are going in a good direction IMHO.  I should also mention Zinke has Venus conjunct Seginus the Guard, which is a fixed star that Trump has conjunct Jupiter.   Because of Trump’s bigtime Jupiter and the extreme Jupiter in his immediate family members’ charts, I am using Jupiter as a marker for Trump when appropriate and Seginus as a Trump-specific marker.  Seginus has the property of shamelessness and loss through associates.   This entire administration has a “lie down with dogs, get up with fleas” feeling for me.  Just as some people think Trump is the golden brand, many of us see it quite the opposite way.  Paint yourself with the poop brush all you want, Ryan.



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