Omarosa, Astrosplained

Wow, the greatness of today!  According to April Ryan — by far my favorite reporter of 2017 though many of them have been great — Omarosa threw an actual fit when they fired her.  Oh, the deliciousness of this video.

So in case you don’t believe April, aside from the fact that she’s a fine journalist, the chart I describe below should put all of your concerns to rest, you can believe everything April says.  Angela Rye cracks me up, too.  If I may quickly say, I absolutely LOVE April’s look in this video.  The silk blouse and “Tin Cup” necklace are sublime, and her makeup even matches.  She’s like a glass of champagne.  I wish they didn’t have to put that ugly mic right on her neckline, which I would like to see.

Also the deal with Omarosa not “resigning” until January 20 is some sweetheart thing Trump worked out for her with the Office of Management and Budget.  The thing is, the federal government can fire anyone for the first 365 days, for no reason at all.  If they do, you are “unfit for government service,” it’s a black mark on your record though the dismissal can be, and often is, completely arbitrary.  So if you “resign,” you are technically able to be rehired, though it will never happen.  Of course that makes you also ineligible for unemployment compensation, which you would otherwise be entitled to because you were terminated.  See?  This is why a lot of us even on the left are kind of happy to see the federal government get its comeuppance.  Americans have no idea how ugly our government is.  So bottom line they’re letting her save face, and paying her through the 20th so she can show exactly one year of employment.  It’s Trump’s way of hooking her up with severance.

Anyway, it is a shame Omarosa is so ugly.  Her face is lovely, she’s obviously very bright and capable.  The key word I would use for Omarosa is actually dynamic.  But she’s just an ugly person, mean and unpleasant.  She could’ve been anything, and she went with this.  Why?  Well, gentle reader, the chart below connects all the dots.

Omarosa chart

Once again, thanks to the greatness of, I have a proper time for Omarosa.  Thus I can look at houses and angles, which gives a lot of depth to the reading, especially in this particular chart.

But first things first, the Sun is Aquarius, so this is a Saturn-Uranus chart.  Uranus is the contemporary ruler, however the old timers used Saturn before they discovered Uranus.  So both of those two are automatically lit up.  The contrast between the traditional and modern rulers is also telling:  Saturn is about rules, and specifically about making people conform to them.  Then Uranus is “I gotta be me,” the one who marches to his own drummer.  Put those two together in the same package, and you have a certain kind of control freak, one who refuses to live in your world enough to deal with your agenda.  They just dance to their own drummer, and there’s no connecting with them on some level.

Saturn is in Gemini, ruled by Mercury, in the 9th house, ruled by Jupiter.  So those two are lit up.  Then Uranus is front and center, appearing in the 1st house.  I think of the 1st house as the face, and the 12th house the back of the head.  The 1st house and the Ascendant are what people see of you, the first take.  Then the 12th house is the part of yourself everyone else can see but you.  So wow, Omarosa has Pluto right on the Ascendant, same degree even.  Talk about a she-devil.

Pluto right on the Ascendant would tend to make someone sneaky, vindictive, confrontational, and controlling.  There are always at least two ways to use anything, but again, in this series I am dealing with known quantities.   As I said, if you don’t believe April Ryan that this woman threw an actual fit on White House security, cussing them out, or Symone Saunders that Omarosa jumped in her face at a conference, check her Pluto Ascendant.

That’s happening in the 1st decan of Libra, which gives her the amount of polish that she has, makes her camera-ready.  Because that is again my biggest take-away on this woman.  She could’ve been so many different things, so many different people.  She chose this on purpose.  She’s not sorry.  Having Venus on the Ascendant balances and smooths anyone out.  But aside from Pluto on the same exact degree, she also has Vesta the True Believer and Uranus, the chart co-ruler, in the 1st house.   Some modern astrologers consider all three outer planets malefic, Neptune (because of the addictions and integrity issues), Uranus (because of the weirdness and intractability), and Pluto (because of the rage and Machiavellian bullshit).  All of those things do come up when planetary influences are rough, or the way the native applies them are negative.

But really Uranus, or any other planet can be magical.  It’s a question of how the native has arranged their stars, that’s the reflection of their choice patterns.  Because that’s what this is all about, the choices we made on a higher level.  Our lives are the process of unraveling that mystery, and discovering why every bit of it is perfect for our highest good.  But you know, I doubt Omarosa feels that way about it, especially today, and this is her Astrosplain, so enough about me.

Vesta the True Believer in the 1st house, ruled by Mars, adds some rebar to the stubborn refusal to get on the same page with others that would come with her 1st House Uranus, even in genteel Libra.  This is a conflict-driven individual, underscored by the presence of Pluto, the devil, on the same degree as the Ascendant.

My take on the Symone Saunders incident is that that’s just how Omarosa plays.  She was intimidated in the big conference full of educated, organized black ladies.  She knows she is a craziness vendor for a living, and that her nonsense will not play here.  So she does what she would do in prison — and it would be awesome if she went to prison, that would make an amazing show.  But yes, so you walk in and jump the toughest one, to change the conversation from all the dumb things you say on TV all day.  Very obvious Plutonian move, manipulating with aggression.

But I don’t think she did anything at the White House but rub Trump’s rage boner with Breitbart articles, and keep track of who said bad things about him and what he should do for revenge.   To be clear that’s not a sexual innuendo.  If anything I believe Hope Hicks is more likely his comare, they have big chemistry.  But even if she didn’t use the wrong shade of foundation for him, Omarosa would scare the shit out of Trump as a woman with her totally aggressive attitude.  He’d be afraid to stick his junk in there, like there’d be a mouse trap.  He likes very Venusian, yielding women like Hope Hicks.

Also Trump of all people knows anyone who does the kind of things Omarosa is famous for can and will turn on you.  This guy is tight with Paul Manfort and Felix Sater, okay?  This is not his first appearance on Dancing with the Maniacs.  She wasn’t knowledgeable or valuable enough, or controllable enough, to do the weasel work with Russia and get herself jailed, I don’t think.  As the smarties of Twitter noted, Omarosa is a camera-ready version of Milton from Office Space.  And if you know your Milton archetype, not only does nobody know what he does there, but they stopped paying him a while back, and he kept coming in.  Omarosa is not coming in without the paycheck, and I’m sure she found every possible angle to exploit her work.  Saturn is a co-ruler of her chart, she counts the beans.  I was blown away by two things in April Ryan’s report above:  1.  Omarosa made $180,000 per year to be the stapler guy, and 2. She had an assistant for that shit.

But importantly, Milton was actually the hero of Office Space.  I won’t spoil it in case you haven’t seen this cult classic, because it’s amazing.  But the horrible place that nobody should be stuck in blows up, and hey, that’s not so bad.   It would be pretty amazing if Omarosa used her Machiavellian superpowers to collect a ton of evidence on everybody, like while they all thought she was just clipping the National Enquirer, she was wearing her own personal wire for insurance purposes.  She is exactly the person who would do that.   Don’t put it past her.  The difference between Omarosa and a coyote?  There are some things a coyote just won’t do.

One thing that blew my mind when I saw it was Omarosa’s Vesta on Seginus the Guard, in the 1st house.   I have been using Seginus, which adds shamelessness and loss through associations, as a Trump-specific marker.  Aside from the obvious relevance, our Jupiterian guy running the government also has Jupiter conjunct Seginus.  So that implicates the man and his administration.  And presto, magico, there it is, right on her face in the 1st house, and conjunct Vesta the True Believer no less.  Omarosa provides exactly what Trump likes:  someone who is loyal to the man, not the office.  Someone who comes across Plutonian, like Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller.  He likes tough guys, and again, I doubt she’s his flavor of ice cream, so for his purposes she’s another leg-breaker.  But yes, she has that Trump marker on Vesta of all things, and in her 1st house.  Gobsmacking.

Adding to the sour, bitterness of Omarosa is the 4th house ruled by Capricorn.  The 4th house is the home of Cancer, the opposite sign to Capricorn.  The 4th house is about our heart of hearts, the home we yearn for.  It’s how we really feel in our own space, and about our own lives.  So Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, gives that co-ruler a leg up, to compete with Uranus’ 1st-house location and other support.   And importantly, it makes that cold, hard, no-shits-giving feeling of Saturn come very naturally for Omarosa.  She has a prickly heart.

I am calling this a see-saw chart, enabling the native to take either side, move in either direction.  While for most people this can be a very useful sort of ability to compromise, as with Mike Pence, in Omarosa it adds to the highly Plutonian, confrontational, all-or-nothing vibe.  The see-saw can be a give and take, or it can be my way or the highway.  Which one do you think best fits Omarosa?  Then she’s got Venus, Juno, Taurus, and Ceres, all in a little row there, either in Capricorn or Aquarius, so all tinged by Saturn.

Before I leave this little hotbed of hate, I note that Venus, Juno, Toro, and Ceres is a pretty clear combination of factors.  Venus represents the woman, the Jane Doe in that sort of a reading, and all women generally.  In a woman’s chart it obviously represents herself as a woman, in society and in relation to her spouse and children, if any.  Ceres the Earth Mother is our nurturing, both give and take, the planet and our literal mothering.  Toro the Raging Bull is where we charge.  So I totally get Omarosa selling herself to Trump as one who will do anything, in that all-or-nothing Plutonian way, for her liege.   He gets that if he sics Omarosa on somebody, she will go for their jugular.  There will be no doubt in anyone’s mind.  That all comes very honestly to her.  Trump is her guy.

Interestingly her Pluto is at the head of a mini-kite.  The difference between a kite and a mini-kite is the presence of a grand trine, which Omarosa does have.  However Pluto is not in that trine, thus it’s not connected to the trine, the big blue triangle.  Pluto has a nice little circuit with the Moon and Neptune, and that all makes sense to me.   The Moon is in Leo, so ruled by the Sun, the ego.  Omarosa’s moods are clearly tied in with her self-image, I would say.  Pluto is greatly empowered, again, by its location directly on the Ascendant, and of course by this subcircuit of the mini-kite.

The Moon is opposition Ceres and Toro, which also makes perfect sense to me.  Omarosa is clearly a conflict-driven person.  That much Pluto is going to make a person changeable and emotionally volatile, capable of bursts of rage.  Then you add Toro the Raging Bull into the mix (which Harvey Weinstein has conjunct Uranus) and she sees red and charges, and that can be very much about projection.  Of course the Moon has no light of her own, she only reflects the Sun.   In the same way people interact with each other so that each can project their own experience into the physical world, and each can get the information and processes that they need.  People are never who we think they are, basically.  We can only see through our own eyes.  And the Moon can make it really hard to remember that.  It truly does seem to be the other people and the outside world, though it never really is.

So the Moon also represents the part of life that you can’t control, like dreams, moods, periods, when you get sleepy, all that.  As with Louise Linton, unfortunately you just can’t stop being affected by your own feelings anymore than the oceans can stop having tides.  The Moon does its thing all the time, even in the daytime.  In the same way your feeling self is always having some experience, whether you deal with it consciously or not.  And in this chart, I see a very conflicted Moon.  Early Leo has the flavor of an adolescent male, in terms of the ego and self-centered entitlement.  The boy king.  Then she’s in a T-square, the red triangle, with all the feminine planets in the Moon’s natural home, the 4th house, which is opposite its home in Capricorn.  So aside from the Moon being debilitated by her house being taken over by mean girls, the apex of the T-square is the chart co-ruler, Uranus.  The Moon is definitely getting her butt kicked.  It does not feel happy to be Omarosa, I don’t imagine.

Also, I note that her twisted Moon is in the 10th house, the house of career.  And her job does seem to have been putting Trump into a gnarly mood, like getting him to reflect the above-described way it feels to be Omarosa every day.

So many fancy things to look at in this chart, don’t let me forget that she has Neptune on Antares, ’nuff said.  Any strong Antares contact would make General McMaster hate her, with his Aldebaran.  But at a glance of course he would hate her, because he’s a general who has paid real dues to be where he is, and she’s Milton from Office Space.  And now that we know what a racist General Kelly is, I’m sure he only hates her 100 times more.  Everything he said to Ms. Wilson really sickened me, I have lost all respect for him.  But anyway I can only imagine how much he enjoyed having the Secret Service throw her out on her ass while she screamed obscenities like a crackhead.

The Antares thing is the sort of thing that would enable you to be an African-American spokeslady for Trump.  It’s a contrarian, anti-authority, raging at maturity sort of vibe.  Between her beleaguered Moon and her raging Pluto, that Antares is just like a pipe bomb that guarantees nothing good will come of it.  Neptune is, again, where we look for integrity, to see how much of the actual humanity is expressed in the life.   Antares sits opposite Aldebaran, the Royal Persian Star representing the archangel Michael.  So of course each star is an automatic access point for the other.  To choose one side, either the heroic Michael or the conflict-driven Antares, puts you squarely in the sights of those aligned with the other.  It is possible to use an Antares aspect to let past mistakes spur you to greatness, at least in theory.

Another thing that makes Omarosa perfect for Trump, and by no means a feminist, is her Nessus the Wife Beater conjunct Mintaka.  Omarosa knows exactly who Trump is, and she’s fine with it.  That Mintaka connection, again, is clearly from the opposite side than I’m on, based on what I can see of her life.  Nessus is not a huge chart factor, except for the 1st house Seginus, Uranus, and Vesta.  The fact that Trump is known as the pussy-grabber-in-chief strongly implicates Nessus, the one who violates sexual boundaries.

The counterpart to Nessus is of course Dejanira the Victim.  And hey, looky there, Omarosa has Dejanira right there on the Sun, combust even.  So the sense of victimhood is cooked into the sauce with her.  That’s what fuels that Plutonian rage, the sense of herself as the real victim, the one who deserves to be avenged.  I will absolutely pee my pants with happiness if Omarosa turns on all of them and tells all kinds of things they don’t think she knows.  OMG that would be so amazing.  And she will, like Papadopoulos.  These ego-driven people really don’t see it coming, they believe they are chosen.

Lastly, I should mention that Omarosa does have a Royal Star contact (other than the opposition to Aldebaran) with Mercury on Fomalhaut.  Like her Pluto neighbor Steve Bannon, Omarosa’s Sun is pretty far from her Mercury, in a different sign, even.  This suggests one who lives in their gut, not identifying so much with their thoughts, even in a Mercurial chart like Bannon’s, but with their feelings.  The Moon and the Raging Pluto (and with Bannon Mars), that stirred-up feeling of wanting to make them pay, is where those two live.  They are probably both quite un-self-aware, much too busy plotting their revenge.

Anyway as I’ve mentioned before, the Royal Stars can give amazing bandwidth, but they require the highest degrees of integrity.  I don’t see Omarosa having any integrity at all, or she’d have a real job.  I have no idea what sort of work she will be able to get after this, even Fox News won’t have her.  With her 1st house situation, she literally bet her whole life on Trump.  But no matter how much she identifies with the abuser in Nessus, bottom line, her Sun is conjunct Dejanira.   One of Omarosa’s famous quotes is, “If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.”  We can now see where Omarosa is, and when she sees it, I expect there will be hell to pay.  As much as I agreed with Angela Rye in the video above, I really hope she doesn’t kill herself or anyone else.




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