Steve Bannon, Astrosplained

To celebrate the Making of Alabama Great Again, gentle reader, I invite you to join me as I astrologically autopsy the bloated corpse of Steve Bannon.

steve bannon chart

So yes, it was super satisfying to see Steve Bannon hustle silently out to a black SUV after getting pounded in Alabama.  That looked to me like his Waterloo, but I’m pretty sure Waterloo is in Iowa, not Alabama, so I’m probably wrong.

Anyway first things first, and right off the top there’s a lot to understand.  The Sun is in Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter.  Then Jupiter himself is conjunct Mintaka, the fixed star I am using as the fascist/antifascist axis for purposes of this series.  I think it’s safe to say he’s on the other side from me.  Jupiter represents the government, and specifically Trump.  Trump is so strongly Jupiterian that almost everyone in his family has marked Jupiter, just as he is the Sun in their solar system.

So Bannon has Jupiter’s love of adventure, getting out there and making his mark, putting his name on things, being remembered.  Then Mintaka is all about taking things way too far, exploitation and cruelty on a scope and scale that cannot be sustained forever.  But Orion raged for a very, very, very long time.   I see that many of us who have this strong Mintaka connection are showing up on radar in our own ways, like me writing this blog instead of just stewing in my juices.

Bannon’s marked Mintaka Jupiter makes all the sense in the world.  And it’s sort of classic to have him be the guy with the wrecking ball, the guy who wants almost nobody working in the government.  At a glance, this chart looks to me like he thinks of all those boring suits at the State Department are just sandbags on his ankles, the Man holding him down when he’s trying to let his freedom flag fly.  He has almost said just that.   But of course that assumes that he IS the government, doesn’t it?  Like getting rid of the government will allow him the freedom to do the things he wants?  Seems straightforward to me, even if he hadn’t installed the orange menace.

So Jupiter is in Gemini in this chart, which explains Bannon’s role as “Trump’s brain.”  It’s dirty work, but somebody’s got to do it.   Bannon really was the architect of the current dumpster fire in the Oval Office.  So Mercury is the brain, the thoughts and words.  Interestingly because Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, is in Scorpio, that makes Jupiter, Mercury, and Pluto the key players in this chart.  Not so unlike Mike Pence.  And that might explain why Pence, of all the craven cardboard Christians in the GOP, slid into the No. 2 spot.  Because Pence doesn’t have a Seginus the Guard contact, which is the marker I’m using for Trump specifically due to his Jupiter/Seginus.   For me, a Seginus contact in a Trump-adjacent person is a direct tie to the man, not the office or the court.

Credit where credit is due, I believe Bannon is the one who extrapolated how to get Israel in bed with the Nazis by way of Trump.  I have to wonder how he feels about JKush‘s brilliantly nuanced Jerusalem strategy.

Also like Mike Pence, this is a bowl chart with no rim opposition, no red line across the middle.  The native’s consciousness does not wander into fully half of the life experience.  This tends to impart a certain “glass-half-full” pessimism and dissatisfaction.  I use the analogy of one who halves a recipe to save on ingredients, then is disappointed with how few cookies they get.  That will tend to keep someone with this Leo, Pluto/Moon situation very pissy.

And Bannon has Mars conjunct Toro the Raging Bull, conjunct Seginus the Guard.  This is really quite on the nose for me.  Bannon is a raging bull of a wingnut, the proverbial bull in the china shop of democracy.   Mars on Toro is self-explanatory, right down to the domestic violence allegations.  Bannon’s entire time in the government was one big tantrum against us all.   He used his Mercury, his cleverness and ability to talk to a lot of different people and connect a lot of dots.  He used his Martian, Plutonian rage to power through some crazy shit.  And then Jupiter, the man who would be king, is the driving engine behind it all.  Pluto and Jupiter combine here for rage at authority.

I’m not seeing a lot of Saturn here.  This isn’t about the rubles.  It’s about Bannon’s ego.  Anthony Scaramucci was fancy at press conferences, but he wasn’t necessarily wrong.  The thing is, not only does Bannon have a mellower Saturn than other Trumpets, he has a really big Moon problem.  I glanced over it without mentioning, but Steve has Neptune on Spica.  I have mentioned before, the Royal Star contacts (Spica sits under Arcturus, Heaven’s Gate) demand the highest levels of integrity.  Birds can rest on high-voltage wires because they’re not grounded.  In this analogy the ego would be the ground.  I don’t see Bannon having pulled that off.

I guard my integrity with my life, personally.  Things haven’t been easy for me, but they have definitely been worthwhile, and I will die happy, unlike Steve Bannon.  So personally I feel pretty great about my use of my fixed stars, and how I’ve processed Mintaka today, what I’ve done with the hand I was dealt.  Probably better than Bannon feels about his life, especially today.  ::sigh::

Another thing that makes Bannon probably moody AF is his problematic Moon.  Here the Moon is flanked by Pallas on one side and Pluto conjunct Juno on the other.  This all sits on Regulus the Heart of the Lion, speaking of Royal Stars not to mess with.  Regulus is a bit self-explanatory, the lion in his twilight days, the venerable warrior.  Pallas here is the field marshal, the visceral sense of battle weariness.  The Moon is our feelings and moods.    Any strong Leo can make someone kind of surly, like they need to feel the admiration of the throngs on a Tuesday morning or they get out of joint.   They can collect a lot of emotional taxes, especially somebody with this fierce Pluto and Mars.  Especially someone who drinks as much as Bannon is said to have joked about.  Any kind of escapism, addiction, or avoidance of reality is to be found in Neptune, but I’ll come back to that.   All in, the face of Steve Bannon is truth in advertising.

The Pluto/Juno conjunction is a little striking.  The neighbors used to complain about the noise coming from Bannon’s home, allegedly both from fights and parties, and there was a report of a hot tub damaged by acid.   I remember seeing some domestic violence complaints, which is very likely with the Mars/Toro and all that Scorpio/Pluto.  That is sustained rage, with outbursts.  Things that impinge on Jupiter’s need to kick his heels up probably feel like violent rape to Bannon.  He may literally think that corporate taxes and environmental regulations are as unpleasant to him as forcible sodomy is for others.  It makes him that angry, he feels that violated.

I have seen that Juno is not only the literal spouse, but the person or people you are energetically tied to on a daily basis.  For many people the ties to their partners can be as closer or closer than a marriage, as with Manafort and Stone.   Pluto represents the devil, the one who goes to the limit and beyond.  That automatically makes Pluto where we look for boundary violations, among other things.  But Pluto is also sneaky and underhanded, and most of all, vindictive.  Pluto doesn’t get mad, he gets even.  So this Juno conjunction may suggest a marriage to the devil, so to speak.  Or it may be a devil’s bargain to partner with him.  With Mars on Toro, his ex-wife would possibly agree.

Bannon’s Neptune doesn’t look that bad to me.  It’s square Uranus, which in this case I can see being sort of a willingness to overlook anything that doesn’t flip his switch.  Uranus can hold himself apart from others, so the Neptune square here looks like a way to externalize and dismiss other people, based on what I know of him.  He dismisses anyone he finds personally threatening, in other words, which I think is self-explanatory for the guy whose website is famous for words like “cuck globalist.”   Everything all of those people think is wiped away, just like that.

Interestingly Mercury here is quite far from the Sun, suggesting one who doesn’t so much identify with his thoughts.  Bannon is very much a gut-level guy, identifies with his Regulus Moon, which is of course conjunct Pallas and Pluto/Juno.  His Sun and Mercury are in different signs, with the chart ruler Jupiter in Mercury’s sign and Mercury in Pluto’s sign.  That’s a bit tangled, sorry.  But as clever as Bannon is, he lets his feelings, specifically his ego and rage, get the better of his thoughts.

Anytime you have a big empty patch of real estate, the center point becomes something of an energetic bull’s eye, a psychic vacuum crying to be filled.  If you think about the horoscope as a merry-go-round, you wouldn’t try to ride one that went halfway, reversed, and went back the same way, just back and forth.  You’d really want that smooth feeling of going around the circle, that energetic longing to experience the opposite side.   Sometimes people use this bowl chart configuration very well (for me), people like Bernie Sanders and Bob Mueller.  But God bless, they are both sour AF on a personal level, it seems like.  These are people who do not waver.  They don’t go all the way around life.  They stay extremely in their lane psychologically, missing out on everyone who doesn’t come right to them.  I’m speaking now about people I know personally, who are by no means rich or powerful.   Interesting to see how the zodiac levels people in a certain way, like breathing or blinking.  We all have the same setup on some level.

So Bannon, though, with that big empty patch, he has a mini-kite on the Moon/Pluto, the blue triangle, which is sort of aimed at the bull’s eye, which I put ~the first decan of Pisces, maybe 10.  Importantly, Pisces is co-ruled by Neptune and Jupiter.  I think of Pisces as a decidedly Neptunian sign, definitively so.  It took me a while to grasp what Jupiter has to do with Pisces at all, but of course we haven’t known about Neptune that long.  Anyway that’s interesting to me because of course Jupiter is the chart ruler.  With the Regulus Moon, there’s going to be a real feeling of entitlement.  So for Bannon, it could be almost like a switch, where he identifies with the Jupiterian part of Pisces and ignores the spiritual, giving side.  For me, Pisces is about dissolution into the One.  But of course it’s not dissolution, your consciousness regains full access to All That Is.  The only thing that dissolves is the boundary between self and others.  And that makes perfect sense, now that I think about it.  That feeling of wanting to have it all, every bit of it, like you were born to be king, explains everything I need to know about this once-influential person.

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