Ajit Pai, Astrosplained

Some of you may have noticed a foul odor coming from the internet lately, as if every computer in the world broke wind at the same time.  No cause for alarm, that’s just Ajit Pai, pictured above.  Gentle reader, let’s meet the guy who sold the internet.

ajit pai chartStep 1 is determining the chart ruler.  Not complicated here, it’s SATURN!  SATURN I TELL YOU!  Okay, Jupiter and Mars are also ramped up, combining for the Bart Simpson-esque sort of masculinity above, wherein he enrages about half the planet and then gloats about it with a fidget spinner and a light saber.  Very cheeky to dress as Santa while you administratively rob every home with a connection, coming down the electronic chimney like the Grinch.

The Grinch is actually not a bad representation of Saturn.  Look at how he treats his dog.  Why do people get into that operating mode?  Because their Saturn has gone haywire.  All they see is their own ravening demand for more material satisfaction.  It blinds them to all connectivity with other living things, because of course Saturn only takes.  The connection to All That is is ever-present, even for those who truly believe they are islands, like I imagine Ajit Pai does.  Saturn is about identifying with the body, the money, and the material world in a masculine way.  There is a permanent sense of entitlement.    Both of the traditional Greater Malefics, Saturn and Mars, are emphasized in this chart, with the Sun conjunct Jupiter for the extreme egotism.

Saturn is the police, the IRS, the one you must answer to.  He does not answer to you.  That’s why Saturn return is so painful for most people.  It does not allow you to cling to anything that does not meet the demands of the material world, no matter how much you love it.  Saturn return, when it makes that 27-ish-year orbit, is that process where you must pay the piper for the first portion of your life.  Saturn is the dues you must pay in life.

And heavy Saturn in a chart, like this one, can make one feel very authoritative, like they’re here to collect the taxes the rest of us owe.  Pluto is the other thing that makes people have intense control issues, but that’s more directly about rage.  Saturn is about money, but being miserly with belongings is often a sign of a small, cold heart.  Like the Grinch.

Personally I find Ajit very attractive, which is why I’m single.  I know my taste in men needs serious work.  Because other than his face and beautiful teeth, I don’t like anything about him.  To keep it 100.  The photograph above is a done deal for me on the immaturity and boorishness.

So why am I putting Ajit on blast?  Well, he has totally asked for it, for one.  And sometimes when people just sort of gall me, I need to know what their deal is.  And this is actually a pretty good chart to study.  Nothing hugely surprising, but worth a look, good to know.

The Sun and Jupiter are on the same degree here, late in Capricorn.  I actually like a solid Capricorn guy, if he’s balanced.  Love that Earth, with my water and air.   But here it’s off the rails, because Capricorn is the extra stubborn form of Saturn, and the Sun is always Point 1 in any chart.  And Jupiter here is combust, or obscured by the Sun’s massive corona, which of course represents the individual’s ego in astrology.  The Sun is about your self-awareness, your conscious sense of who you are and what your life is about.  Then Jupiter represents the government, Daddy Warbucks, and of course Trump.

Having Jupiter combust in any chart would tend to push someone’s ego off the map.  I knew a woman, a pensioner with an unremarkable life.  Her Jupiter was completely off the rails in the 12th house.  I came to see that she was really quite comfortable making decisions for other people.  Her own whims are truly the only thing she cares about.  It made me really glad she didn’t have any strength or drive, because if that lady had any Saturn she would make things happen in the material world.  Like Trump, people with runaway Jupiter tend to think consequences are for other people.

Fortunately for the rest of us, that lady’s sense of entitlement to a butt-kissing was so pathological that it completely derailed her life.  She just can’t light her cigars with $100 bills, she doesn’t have the skills for that.  But Ajit Pai has a ton of Saturn and Mars, the other traditional Greater Malefic, to let the good times roll with.  And with Jupiter combust, that sense of golfing while the internet burns is cooked right into the sauce, part of what his entire life is about, as obvious as breathing to him.

I would expect to see some sort of Uranus influence, the planet influencing electronics, engineering, all that sort of thing.  And hey, Ajit has Uranus on Spica, as do a number of the other people in this series.  Spica, again, is like God’s spotlight.  It sits directly under Arcturus, an enormous star with great magnitude.  Arcturus is heaven’s gate, the spot at which the divine light can be seen most clearly, the connection to who you really are, who you were when you were born at the South Node and who you will still be when you die at the North Node.  Arcturus is where you can really see all that.  And again, it’s further away than the lovely spotlight Spica, standing over it like an umbrella of light.

So Spica helps people rise to prominence if they have any promise at all, and it makes sense that we see it often in famous people.  Ajit Pai’s father-in-law probably didn’t get him this job, is what I’m saying.  With all that Saturn, and his extreme Jupiter, this guy identifies as an authority figure, basically the emperor to whom taxes should be paid, the shot-caller-in-chief.  He ate the competition, I’m sure.  Saturn is a getter-done of things, and this chart is like the bureaucrat’s accountant.

Ajit’s Uranus is gifted on Spica.  But Libra is ruled by Venus, which is the energetic opposite of Saturn IMHO.  Venus yields, Saturn advances.   Venus herself is conjunct Dejanira the Victim, which just shows you how bad my taste in men really is.  I’m sure if I heard him speaking or something I would be horrified, because his energy is disgusting.  Venus conjunct Dejanira is an automatic disempowerment of the feminine principle.  I get it, okay, Saturn is really in charge.

Interestingly for the current news cycle, Ajit’s Spica Uranus is also conjunct Toro the Raging Bull.   It’s really difficult to have someone with a Moon this severely afflicted, in his position.  We’re all the internet, not just Ajit Pai.  But that Toro conjunct the “I gotta be me” planet, that willingness to be right up in your face with the fact that he thinks he’s a one-man world (Saturn/Jupiter), has made him charge off in his own direction in a really aggressive way.

Where there’s a victim, there’s a perpetrator, and that’s Nessus the Wife Beater.  Is there any connection there?  Well, there is for me, because Ajit Pai has Nessus conjunct Mintaka, the fixed star I use to represent the ancient Orion conflicts playing out on the fascist/antifascist axis in humanity today.  So that tells me Ajit is as firmly invested in that particular drama as I am, and the fact that he’s on the other side from me is crystal clear both from the chart and his actions.  Again, while serial killer John Bittrolff also has this kind of turbocharged Saturn, we can see what Ajit’s been spending his time on, probably not choking women.

However, I expect his vision of the internet to be much more favorable to porn sites than to, say, Democracy Now.  As I said about the bratty photograph above, this is a toxic masculinity guy, demonstrated several ways.  For one, He has the Moon early in Aries.  If you think about the water planet, the one that governs the tides, and Mars, the fire planet, the Moon is not comfortable there.  Fire vaporizes water.  To make matters worse, she’s in a T-square with Pluto, the Devil, who isn’t really doing much in this chart except holding the Moon down while Saturn and Mercury, at the apex, beat her to death.  That sounds sarcastic, but if you look at that big red triangle there, the Moon is in real trouble, like a nun versus the devil and his lawyer (Mercury and Saturn are in mutual reception here, guests in each other’s homes.  Mercury, his thoughts and words, work for Saturn, period).    Also Ajit has Vesta the True Believer early in Gemini, Mercury’s sign.  I suspect he identifies very much with his conscious mind and physical body.

There is nothing happening at all in the Moon’s sign of Cancer.  She has less than zero influence in this chart.   Ajit is not a warm or fuzzy guy, he counts the beans.  The Moon represents our ability to reflect off of other people, and like yielding, that’s something Saturn has real trouble with.  Saturn isn’t there to reflect your feelings.  He’s there to lay down the law and check that you’re complying.   If you’re out of line, he lets you know how much you have to pay him.  That’s who Ajit Pai believes himself to be.  The part of him that might be kind or giving, the Moon, is instead more likely to be “in her cups,” under attack from Pluto, who hates her, and Mercury, who verbally abuses her.  That’s one of the things that makes Ajit feel hostile enough to the rest of us to take the photograph above.  Pluto opposite the moon really sucks.  (Ask me, I know!)

Anyway I am all the way down here now, and I haven’t even mentioned his Mars/Neptune nightmare.  Mars the God of War is also amok in this chart, as I mentioned above.  Mars is housing the Moon, burning up his intuition and empathy, keeping him feeling restless and itching for a fight, especially in that T-square with Pluto.  Then the Mercury at the apex would make one very insecure emotionally, changeable with Mercury and easily triggered with Pluto in the mix.  He could be fun in bed, depending, because Pluto is amazing when he’s turned on in a good way.  But mostly I suspect Ajit is way too selfish.

This is also a bucket or funnel chart, where you basically have a bowl with a focal planet, like Louise Linton’s (buckets can look a lot of different ways, but those two are quite similar in distribution).  The difference between Louise and Ajit, though, is that with Louise the energetic fulcrum of her life is her Gemini Moon, also afflicted though not as badly as Ajit’s.  In Ajit’s chart, Saturn, the chart ruler, is also the bucket handle.  Saturn and Mercury are in mutual reception, like guests in each other’s homes, automatically tuned into each other’s needs.   But Saturn is so much stronger overall, that Mercury is really his right-hand man.  Saturn and Mercury co-rule Virgo, and though he has nothing in that sign, he has a perfect blend of the two flavors.  Virgo is very nitpicky, detail-oriented, picky about food and health, very into their own grooming and self-care.   Virgo is one of those signs that annoys the crap out of spouses; they nitpick because they care.

Anyway Saturn is the Sun’s ruler and the bucket handle, which is why I screamed it up top.  But Mars, the other Greater Malefic, is also a serious problem in this chart as I mentioned above.  Importantly it’s conjunct Antares, which is of course opposite my own Mars on Aldebaran, so I’m biased.  But even without my own personal bias, as I have mentioned elsewhere on this blog, Aldebaran and Antares form the masculinity axis, the continuum of masculine consciousness.  Antares is the unevolved end, the toxic male that rages against maturity, and importantly, women.   Antares fights because he likes fighting.  Mars fights to save his community.

At the highest end of the continuum is Aldebaran, which carries the energy of the Archangel Michael.  So Ajit Pai has chosen to thumb his nose at Michael, as depicted in the photograph.  Ajit has cast his lot with the devil, Antares, with his Mars/Antares conjunction.  Then importantly, though Neptune is not conjunct Antares, it is conjunct Mars, which is conjunct Antares.  Because Antares is coloring Mars, and Mars is joined here with Neptune, I am calling both his Mars and Neptune afflicted by Antares.  Neptune is of course where we connect to our higher selves (or not).  It’s the other place we would look for intuition, or awareness of connectivity to others, aside from the Moon.  Ajit has discarded the tools he would use to keep himself in tune with the rest of us, in other words.

I have now seen that the above photograph is from a video, in which he violated the copyright of an artist who was furious with the decision Pai is so… maturely gloating about.  Hope that works out for you, Ajit.












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