Anthony Scaramucci, Astrosplained

I switched from Santa to Cernunnos this year, and I’ll never go back.   He’s the original Santa.  Instead of an appointed date with wrapped presents, you have to wait and see what presents you find.  Cernunnos makes you be open to what treats fall into your lap, and he continues carrying on as long as you let him.  He is often shown with the antlers of a stag.  This is because he teaches us that abundance is just as available to us as it is to the deer, when we allow ourselves to be that vulnerable, that trusting of the Earth to provide.

Once you understand that and go into vulnerability mode, Cernunnos will keep coming around when you least expect it, showering you with goodies.  I woke up this morning to weed, coffee, and this interview with Dana Bash and Anthony Scaramucci.  😀

First, I have to think Dana Bash owes Jake Tapper a solid now.  I think she actually screwed up a bit, not emphasizing the outrageousness of Trump running this parallel DIY press liaison out to say that he’s willing to make an alliance with the Democrats, since he knows they’re about to come into power.  Whose brain exploded harder, Mitch McConnell’s or General Kelly’s?  [Also “mooch” was already a verb, meaning to beg or freeload, and he was already a noun.  Mooch became a time-period in 2017.]

Ironically, this will take me much longer to unwrap than anything with cellophane.   So Trump had the Mooch go directly to the enemy, CNN — whose reporters he will dismiss with, “You’re fake news!” — and broker peace, not only with CNN but with the Democrats.  This guy!  And when I say that, I mean both of them!  This guy!!!!

That’s an Italian-American thing that we say, a nicer way of saying, “The balls on him!”  which is our way of saying, “Why, the nerve!”   The traditional response is, “What are you gonna do?” which is meant rhetorically, not conspiratorially.

So understand the potty-mouth thing of the Mooch is partially a cultural heritage issue.  And that is why I actually love the Mooch.  I am so, so glad that he’s back.  And I totally get this, as insane as it is.  It’s almost like the White House is now really good fan fiction.  I thought blowing a kiss to the White House press corps was a mic drop on life.  It was amazing for me to see a paisan in this particular way, the way other people might feel if they one day saw RuPaul doing the press conference.  I just never expected it.  Our version of “you might be a redneck.”

Italian-Americans are by no means invisible, especially compared to other groups.  But we are seldom taken seriously, and this is why.  But I will confess, this is my guilty pleasure.  I binge-watched all of the Mob Wives shows, and am watching as much of the Housewives of New Jersey as I can manage.  In my little moments, I sometimes fantasize about celebrities as if they were Barbies and Kens.  I would marry Oprah to Deepak Chopra, so she would be Oprah Chopra.  And I would have the Mooch marry another big Trump fan, Teresa from RHONJ, just because.  Thank God I’m not in charge.

teresa giudice

Gentle reader, I could go on all day, but the stars are speaking.  And thus I share with you the little gem I found in my stocking this morning, the gift that keeps on giving, Anthony Scaramucci.

anthony scaramucci chart

First things first, the Sun is in Capricorn, Saturn is the chart ruler.  Saturn himself is located in Aquarius, a sign he co-rules, so that settles that.  The Mooch is not a typical Saturnian hard guy, because Saturn is really all about discipline.  Mooch seems like a wild card, as you would expect from Aquarius, co-ruled by Uranus.  As Matt Taibbi described him, he looks like he owns a Lamborghini dealership.  Not someone you would think, yeah, White House spokesperson.  Capricorn is usually for attorneys, police officers, accountants, people who like to be authority figures.

Mooch has Mercury combust the Sun, meaning so close to the Sun that it is obscured by the Sun’s corona.  In the life that looks like relating to your thoughts more than your feelings, though with this much Saturn he probably very much relates to his body and the physical world.  Mooch probably does not believe in any kind of afterlife, he is likely to believe that what you see is what you get on the Earth plane, and that is all, that consciousness begins and ends in the physical brain.

With the Moon, the primary water planet, in airy Libra, this chart is quite metaphorically dry.  So moods aren’t really a big issue for the Mooch, which helps him gel with Trump.  Melania and Jared have a lot of Saturn too.  Trump needs stable, solid people around him like the eye of Hurricane Donald, and the Mooch is able to provide that feeling for him.  I note that Mooch’s Moon is conjunct Seginus the Guard, which I have been using as a Trump-specific marker, people who are loyal to the man himself — like Omarosa, who has Seginus the Guard conjunct Vesta the True Believer.  Seginus is described as imparting shamelessness and loss through bad associates.  And Trump has it conjunct Jupiter, the planet representing the government.

There is a lot to talk about in this chart.  The overall shape of the chart is a locomotive, like other very young White House luminaries Hope Hicks and Stephen Miller.  A locomotive chart is one in which the native has significant drive and determination, a capable and motivated individual.  Locomotives have engines, and in this chart the engine is Uranus, co-ruler of Aquarius, with Saturn.

Aquarius is the outsider, the mold breaker, the one who just has to let his freak flag fly.   Uranus is for non-conformists.   And we see in the video above someone who is very comfortable with not being what other people expect him to be, which I actually love about him.  I’ve learned to use such people as role models, and it has changed my life.  So Mr. I Gotta Be Me is very evident in this chart, almost a co-ruler with Saturn.

Venus is not insignificant here, because she is in Aquarius with Saturn, and the Moon is housed in Venus’ sign of Libra.  Venus, the need to love and be loved, works on the agenda of Saturn and Uranus here.  It’s important to note that Capricorn is about security and stability for oneself.  It is frugal and practical.  Capricorn guys don’t usually wear that kind of suit, they go to the warehouse suit place.  That’s more of a Venus thing, like Wilbur Ross with his Hermes pocket square (h/t to Debra M. IIRC).  Venus cares how she looks and feels, every detail of her personal grooming.

I once knew a Saturn/Uranus guy who was not attractive in the first place, but put the same amount of care into his hair as his front lawn.  Much less, actually, because he kept the lawn up.  When his wife got too loud, he’d go to this half-blind old man who only charged $5.00 and did a terrible job.  Mike only wanted to do it like every two months, and he wanted it basically cut almost completely bald so he wouldn’t have to come back as fast.  Which of course looked completely stupid and awful.  I came to really understand Uranus, though, when his moustache got so bad it upset my friend, his wife.  I used to ask him, “What color are the flowers going to be?” meaning the flowers on that nasty bush under his nose.  One of the big things about his wife, she was very Venusian.  Her hair and nails were always perfect, she always had an outfit with a bag.  Mike insisted on looking like a homeless guy, because Uranus needs to break rules.  It’s a little “screw you” to society.  And it plays into Saturn’s need to exert authority.

So that does factor into the Mooch’s personality, though obviously they have different ideas about grooming.  Some of that is cultural, as I mentioned above.  In general our people are very materially focused, like with the Guido culture.  I’m sure the Mooch grew up doing GTL — gym, tanning, laundry — just like the Jersey Shore guys.  Unlike my friend’s husband Mike, the Mooch has a little Venus in the mix, to make him a little more sociable, a little more ready for prime-time than he would otherwise be, a little choosier about his ambiance.

Pluto and Mars also need to be looked at here because they co-rule Scorpio, where Mooch has Neptune, Vesta the True Believer, and Juno the Spouse.  Trump likes Plutonian personalities like Omarosa and Stephen Miller.  Trump likes the power-trip feeling such people give him.  Jupiter (Trump) loves being able to have his way, do whatever he wants unimpeded.  Past a point, that can get ugly, even with the lengths Jupiter will go not to notice the consequences of his behavior.

The relationship between Jupiter and Pluto is complicated.  Pluto is in Virgo, ruled by Mercury (I am accepting the traditional rulership on this, though I still get much more Saturn than Mercury for Virgo).  Mercury is combust, meaning the native is probably not so much aware of how much they identify with their thoughts.  (Ask me, I know!)  So the Sun, the ego itself, is controlling Pluto.  The Sun is, again, in Capricorn, so both Pluto and the Sun are on Saturn’s agenda of guarding his wallet and enforcing the law.

In the video above, the Mooch references Cicero to proclaim his love of jurisprudence.  But he’s doing so to shill for our own Orange Jupiter, who on his best day thinks of the law as something for other people.  Trump is so comfortable being Jupiter that he said, “We’ll see” when asked about pardoning Flynn.  That is quite Jovian, that willingness to arbitrate without considering any viewpoint but his own.  There is a marked lack of self-awareness, ironically, when Jupiter blinds someone to everyone but himself.

So when you have contradictory things like the above, that is generally a Neptune issue.  Neptune is about the connection to the higher self, to source, and how willing we are to make and express that connection within ourselves.  So Neptune is about integrity, about how closely what you tell the world tracks with what you know of yourself.  Very often low integrity can come from lack of self-awareness, as with addictions, also represented by Neptune.

The Mooch has Neptune in Scorpio, square the chart’s ruler, Saturn, and Venus.  So Scorpio gives Neptune himself a Mars-Pluto rulership, and as noted, both of those are on Saturn’s agenda in one way or another.   It’s important to note that Saturn is not the Sun, the actual persona of the individual.   Nor is Saturn Neptune, the native’s actual connection to all consciousness.  Saturn is a self-described authority figure, who has as much authority as you choose to give him.  And like with the police, the IRS, and everyone else represented by Saturn, when you give them a little, they push for more.  Saturn is traditionally considered a malefic planet due to the hardship it always brings.  A Saturn native may believe he’s correct in punishing others, bringing hardship to others.  Or, like Wesley Willis with his Saturn T-square, they may be on the other end, where the whip comes down on them.  Anyway Saturn can get really lopsided really fast, become self-righteous and miserly.

Here, there must be some conflict between what Saturn and Venus want to do, and what the Mooch knows in his heart of hearts.  I do not get him as a substance abuser, though that is often an issue with hard Neptune aspects.  Here, I see the Neptune influence with the conjunct asteroids, Pallas and Juno, because of the mini-kite and what’s nearby in Sagittarius:  Ceres the Earth Mother conjunct Toro the Raging Bull, on the malevolent Antares.  In any chart with any sort of Mars emphasis, as we have here with Mars conjunct the Sun, Antares is a red flag.  As I have gone on and on about, Aldebaran and Antares form a leadership axis, with Aldebaran on the Archangel Michael side and Antares on the demonic side.  Do you get the Mooch as a warrior for the archangel Michael?

So we look at Ceres the Earth Mother, and with Mooch’s Moon on Seginus, it all makes sense.  Ceres was the one who charged into hell to retrieve her daughter Persephone from Pluto.  Toro the Raging Bull is that point where the native sees red, literally like a raging bull.  Frida Kahlo had this asteroid on her Ascendant, her astrological face.  She was very assertive about who she was, who she would believe herself to be.  Anyway Mooch’s Antares-Ceres conjunct Toro is like the mom who beats up another kid’s mother when her kid loses a game.  Not that the other kid did anything wrong, she’s just angry that her kid lost, so she punches somebody.

Then Neptune is over there with Pallas the Field Marshal and Juno the Spouse.  That’s forming a mini-kite, a nice little cooperative, soothing circuit, with the Sun/Mercury and Pluto/Uranus.  Remember that the Sun is conjunct Mars here, and Mars co-rules, along with Pluto, that mini-kite head in Scorpio.  So remember that Scorpios don’t get mad, they get even.  Mooch was very straightforward that he was brought in to chop some heads.  He’s not an emotional guy, but he does not soft-pedal the ugliness of politics, even he can see it.  His Libran Moon may have his feelings hurt a bit, because he wants to be liked.  But ultimately he smoothed it, which is what Libra prefers.   Mooch is a political hit man, who made his bones with Reince Priebus.  That’s what Pallas and Juno want to do together.  That’s what Ceres and Toro do together on Antares.  Anything on Antares, they’re up to no good.  And Neptune also rules show business and perceptions.

The Moon is also in a big fat T-square, that red triangle, with Jupiter and the Sun-Mercury.  Jupiter himself is located in Mars’ sign of Aries, and opposed by the wonder team described above with Neptune and the Mean Girls.  Then the Sun and Mercury are attempting to balance all of that discord, make that three-legged table stand nicely.

The apex of a T-square is often roughly across from a large empty patch, and this chart has that shape.  Mooch has an approximately 150 degree vacant lot, and I put the center of it, the energetic bull’s eye, approximately mid-Gemini, between Aldebaran and the North Node.  Mooch does have the North Node at 11:11, which is highly auspicious in any sign.  However it does happen to be in Cancer, which makes his South Node 11:11 Capricorn — directly between the Sun and Mercury.

That is kind of a deep thing, that honestly I would need to consider more than I intend to on this New Year’s Eve morning.  I can say that for me, having such a weighted emphasis on where you started out, with the inner pull (North Node) over there in the part of your life you can least relate to (in this case Cancer, the Moon’s sign), would be a difficult challenge.  I don’t see anything in this chart to bring Mooch’s attention to the part of his life he intended to address psychically, that North Node.

The exact center of the empty spot is somewhere late in Gemini, ruled by Mercury.  The North Node, however, is the end of that hallway we call life.  It is where you will end up, all BS aside.  We always have free will in the choices we make with our conscious minds.  But astrology is about the choices we make with our higher minds, before birth, and learning to bridge the gap between what we can see and what we truly know.

I don’t envy the Mooch with his North Node.  Like Ayn Rand and Louise Linton, this person has set their life up to avoid the one thing they would most benefit from.  With Ayn Rand, she had no space for love, the willingness to love and be loved.  Mooch has a similar deal to Linton’s, where he’s not a feelings guy.  Linton’s is a lot more pronounced, though, and will be easier to identify in her life.  With Mooch’s intense Saturn and Pluto-Mars, there is a lot of desire to get out there and mix things up.  But like Linton, Mooch likes to keep things very cerebral.  He needs to learn to feel things, to prepare himself for his North Node.

Anyway one other thing I wanted to mention about my Mooch, is the whole Moon-Seginus trine Saturn-Venus.  The Saturn-Venus is happening in Aquarius, which is about zooming out when you look at humanity.   Mooch’s Venus Moon is conjunct Seginus, again, representing Trump himself.  Mooch is not good at relating to other people emotionally in general, but I suspect he can definitely feel Trump.  The Moon is in conflict with Mars, the Sun, and Mercury, but she’s compensating for that by giving Saturn and Venus a little reach-around, to use a Scaramucci-esque analogy.  Mooch’s moods and feelings, though he does not so much like to feel them, boost his sense of self-discipline and self-care in Saturn-Venus.

Anyway that Aquarian detachment, combined with the unemotional Libra Moon, explain how the Mooch could decline the birth of his child to attend the needs of man-baby Trump.  Like Omarosa, the various chart factors here suggest that this is a person who can see so much of himself in Trump that he can lose sight of the outside world to a great degree.  I don’t believe Omarosa ever considered life after Trump, just as the Mooch clearly didn’t.  The Aquarian nature of the Saturn and importantly Venus (the one who’s giving birth to the actual baby, hey) make it seem logical to the Mooch that if he has a chance to impact society as a whole, that’s much more important than that one baby.




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