Trey Gowdy, Astrosplained

Gentle Reader,

I’ve missed you lo these long weeks, been working in the studio and drafting a new novel.  But there is work to do.  They’re running like the proverbial rats from a tremendous, fantastic ship, the greatest ship anyone has ever seen.  Nobody knew there were ships like this.   Like Lord of the Flies, but with worse people in more despair.

Each day it becomes increasingly clear to me that life is but a dream.  Thank God for lucid dreaming.  In this alternate dimension, a cohort of celebrity evil twins infest the White House under Donald Trump.


Evil John Oliver

Steven MnuchinJohn Oliver

Evil Nancy Kerrigan

Hope HicksNancy Kerrigan

Evil Gollum

wilbur rossGollum

Evil Michael J. Fox

An Evil Mayan


Evil Joe Pesci


Evil Pauly Shore

stephen miller

Evil Popeye


Evil Beavis and Butthead


An Evil Squeeze Doll


Oh, I could go on — and probably will.  But today, I’d like to kick the tires and look at the teeth of the Evil, Melted Anderson Cooper, Trey Gowdy, while he’s still on board the tremendous, fantastic USS Trump, really great.


trey gowdy chart

Alrighty.  Let’s begin at the beginning.  The Sun is in the very last degree of Leo here, on Regulus. Because I don’t have a proper birth time to work from, I don’t know if the Sun is in the last degree of Leo or the first degree of Virgo.    He does feel like more of a Virgo Sun to me.  Trey utterly lacks the largesse or grace that I would expect with a robust Leo Sun.  I’m surprised he doesn’t have more of that dignity or gravitas just from his Regulus contact.

Trey has Uranus, Pluto, and Mercury all in Virgo, and that’s a well-done Benghazi burger we can eat later on in bed with plenty of ketchup.  If his Sun is in fact in Virgo, that makes Mercury the chart ruler, present in his own sign.  So the choice, then, is whether Trey’s ego is more prominent (Leo), or his thoughts (Mercury).  I think it’s really six of one, half a dozen of the other.  This is a very cerebral, non-interactive guy, even if his Sun is in Leo.  Trey has the sort of extreme Jupiter that suggests a significant ego imbalance, excessive entitlement and shunning of responsibility.  He has a lot of planets in water signs.  But his Moon, the one who controls the tides, is not well at all.

The Sun is at the heart of our solar system, and is the energy source that makes everything go on this planet.  The Sun plays a similar role in the astrological chart, representing the individual, the spirit that couldn’t resist taking this particular form.  Regulus, the Heart of the Lion, is almost self-explanatory in this context.  An evolved, balanced expression of a Regulus Sun would be someone who truly knows the worth of their life within the divine scheme.  But Regulus often includes a fall, and I would expect that especially with such a strong Algol connection as Trey has.  While Regulus can bring you straight to the top, it often does not last.  Integrity is always the key.

There are many Regulus contacts in the Trump administration and in the news, like Harvey Weinstein, Jeff Sessions, Sam Clovis, Mike Pence, Rex Tillerson, and others.  Having the Sun directly on Regulus, as Trey does, would suggest a certain self-assuredness that could be laser focus on self-expression, like a man born on a *noble* mission.  Either that or a severe cranio-rectal inversion, if there’s nothing in it for anyone but himself.

cranio rectal inversion

Astrology, like everything else in life, is what you make of it.  Sun on Regulus could mean an extremely dignified individual, one who refuses to get down into the mud no matter who slings it.  The classic, “They go low, I go high” person.  Astrosplaining involves looking at the various possibilities on display in the chart, and comparing that to what I can Google on the native’s life in progress.  So are we looking at the next Mahatma Gandhi?

The shape of this chart is a little hard to determine.  It could be seen as a see-saw.  I am calling it a Jupiter bucket.  Jupiter certainly plays a key role here, not only serving as the handle to all of the other planets’ bucket, but at the head of a T-square, that red triangle in the middle.  Then of course it’s directly on Algol the Blinking Demon, a binary, malevolent star of enormous magnitude.  Of course nothing is entirely good or bad, again, it’s how you use it.  But Algol takes the lid off of things.  Algol opens Pandora’s box on one topic.  Here, the topic is Jupiter.

So let’s quickly recap what Jupiter is all about, as I’ve described elsewhere on this blog.  You can think of Jupiter as Trump on one of his golf courses.  It’s hard to say which emperor he most resembles.  I’m going with Nero.  But of course whether you see him as a robber baron, Daddy Warbucks, or deus ex machina (“Nepotism can be a great thing.” – E. Trump), depends on you and your perspective.  If you appreciate the things he spends money on, you like him.

Gowdy’s Algol apex with Jupiter, and the fact that he’s been in Congress all this time, scares the hell out of me.  Basically when it comes to governance, the difference between Trey Gowdy and a coyote is that there are some things a coyote just won’t do.

Jupiter is also where we get the word “jovial” from.  It’s not that Trump doesn’t care what you think; he freaks out at how small his crowds (and gloves) are.  But Jupiter wants enough money to live in his own fantasy world, where he’s the mayor of Tiny Town and it’s either Christmas or his birthday every single day.  At least that’s what people with pronounced Jupiters tend to want.  Stephen Miller has Jupiter in the 1st house, literally Job #1.

It can be noted that Jupiter represents the government, among other things, and that Trump has Jupiter conjunct Seginus the Guard, which portends loss through association.  Seginus is the old, “If you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.”  Stone, Manafort, and many others share contacts with Algorab the Crow.  I am using Seginus as a marker for those who have some karmic connection to Trump himself, and Algorab as a separate contingent that has him for a useful idiot.  Gowdy has neither of these contacts.

So that turbocharged Jupiter/Algol is driving Trey Gowdy in a very large way.  A T-square is like a psychic pebble in the shoe, a source of lifelong internal friction.  This can tend to make a person driven, especially if there are any positive or flowing aspects to the chart.  Then it becomes like an engine that can be steered by the more positive aspects of the personality.  And Trey does have what I call a mini-kite, the little blue triangle with Mercury, Pluto, and Uranus at the head over there in Virgo.  Thus we see someone with some fire in their belly, and the ability to take it somewhere.

Trey was part of the Tea Party wave that basically hijacked Congress in 2010.  They are famous for being the most extreme of extremists, willing to shut the government down altogether.  As Trey’s South Carolina buddy Mick Mulvaney recently said, shutting down the government was “kind of cool.”  So that’s what you get with Algol on Jupiter, which represents the government, anything goes when they get in power.  Seriously, anything, stuff that would boggle your mind.

Trey also has Venus and Mars conjunct on Sirius, which is of the nature of Jupiter and Mars, adding weight to those two.  IMO Jupiter is a co-ruler to the Sun here.  And the two planets have much in common, in terms of self-focus.  It’s appropriate for the Sun to be self-focused, aware of both the adventure and the responsibility, whereas Jupiter just likes adventure much more than responsibility.  And Mars loves to bloody his knuckles.

The Royal Stars and other “fixed stars” (of course nothing is fixed; these giant, distant stars move very, very slowly) turn up the volume in a chart.  They add more fuel to the fire, more potential to whatever the native does with their theme.  Especially Sirius adds a “sparkling,” brilliant connotation.  Algol is a fixed star, and you can see how a Pandora’s box, especially on the part of you that loves to party, could be trouble.  For someone who is as non-footloose as Trey Gowdy, obviously he gets his kicks somewhere other than Route 66, like in that horrible tax thing they did.  Jupiter does represent the government, making decisions for others (without necessarily getting their input), and spending other people’s money.

Then Trey also has a connection to Fomalhaut with Saturn.  That is where I see him really, really going afoul.  Fomalhaut boosts both his Mercury and Jupiter, neither of which needs any more help.  With Fomalhaut, you must either check yourself or wreck yourself, especially conjunct Saturn.  The swing factor with all of these is integrity.  That is what will make or break someone with an Algol contact, or any of these on the magnitude of Sirius, Fomalhaut, and Regulus.

All of these high-powered contacts add emphasis to certain aspects of the life.  Add a number of them, and you have someone who shows up on radar.  But it’s like driving.  The faster you are going, the harder it is to correct your mistakes.  And when you do wreck, the faster you are going, the worse you break up.  That’s basically what I see for Trey Gowdy.  He does not appear to me to be a person of high integrity, especially suddenly jumping ship right now after being a Tea Party hatchet man for years.  Not long ago he was trying to get her locked up.  #TimesUp indeed.

Astrologically — ahem — Trey’s Moon is late in Aquarius, so co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus.   I would expect prominent Saturn in Trey Gowdy based on his bony face.  I have pried myself away from thinking of Virgo as at least co-ruled by Saturn, despite how well it works for me, how much Saturn I see reflected in Virgo.  Maybe Trey has Capricorn or Aquarius rising.  Anyway Aquarius has a certain detachment, a certain incompatibility with others on a personal level.  Aquarius, like Jupiter, prefers the big picture.   Aquarius and Jupiter can both be very giving and philanthropic, Jupiter with money and Aquarius with ideas.   I suspect there is more Saturn to this chart than just his Aquarian Moon, because of his overall serious demeanor, and again, bony appearance.  Also his Moon is conjunct Saturn, which can give you Summertime Sadness all year round.  (Ask me, I know!)

The Moon, controller of the tides, is not so comfortable in Aquarius, an air sign.  Saturn is a bummer, and Aquarius is generally insensitive.  This tends to make someone very cerebral, less intuitive, less emotional.  The Moon, representing our moods and emotions, doesn’t do well in this environment.  Like Louise Linton-Mnooch with her Gemini Moon, air Moons really hate feelings, and that’s their thing.  They don’t like feeling them, try to avoid doing so, don’t want to know about anyone else’s, either, except in the abstract.  It’s like having eyes that hate to see.  With Aquarius the tendency would be to take anything on the big-picture, look at it as an engineering problem rather than a human tragedy.  I’m speaking of a less balanced or evolved individual here, again.  Not Aquarius Moons in general.  Remember this is Astrosplaining people I know about, not general astrology.

Importantly, Trey’s Sun and Moon are in opposition, in that T-square with the Jupiter/Algol apex.  Astrologically speaking, the technical term for that is “yikes.”  Algol at the head of a T-square is just an internal mine field.  The Sun and Moon in opposition tend to make someone uncomfortable in their own skin.  This is someone who in some way doesn’t easily connect with their own raison d’etre.   They may think they know it, could write 20 books about it.  But it could be very difficult for such a native to really feel their purpose in their bones, hear it in the voices of others, especially with this afflicted Moon.  This, and the pronounced Uranus, keep Trey from being a people person despite his strong Venus.

The desire to love and be loved, to people-please, is Venus.  And with Jupiter, the Greater Benefic, sitting pretty at the tail end of Venus (the Lesser Benefic)’s self-indulgent sign of Taurus, you’d think that he could be one really big-hearted guy.  Does he come across that way to you?  Even with his own children, do you imagine him being that goofy dad who lets them ride him like a pony, or barks like a dog because it makes them laugh?  He could be just all about his home and family, a major foodista, extreme spoiler of children.  But I don’t get any of that from him.  The Aquarius Moon, especially in that T-square and opposed to the Sun, probably keeps him feeling kind of weird all the time, about himself.

Before I go, about that Benghazi burger.  For years I’ve been thinking of Virgo as co-ruled by Saturn and Mercury.  Eventually I saw so much Saturn in Virgo’s tone that I stopped thinking of it as a Mercury thing at all.  Mercury is about thoughts and words, the part of our minds that we are conscious of.   Virgo is not such a wordy sign to me.  It is, however, chronically in the head mind.  The fact that it’s an Earth sign, and not an air sign, feels more like Saturn to me.  But I’m using Mercury because Ptolemy said to, and I can see that logic, too.  (Just sharing with you my learning curve/personal process.)

So my observation of Virgo over the past months is that Virgo the Virgin does not accept the input of others.  In this very literal way, we find an inroad to deeper understanding of this truly interesting and unique sign.  Virgo is all about small details.  Like Mercury, Virgo is linear and loves making lists.  Virgos tend to show affection by nitpicking.   That’s very Saturnian to me, believing oneself to be the standard by which all should be judged.  And to my eye it underpins the theme of Virgo.

But what the two really share in common is a failure to connect with the heart mind.   This is the same issue with the Moon in Aquarius, where it’s hard to sublimate water into air.  It takes a huge amount of fire to make water into steam.  Trey does not have any fire in his chart IMO, because again I think his Sun will be in Mercury’s sign of Virgo if a proper birth time is found.   But even if the Sun is in Leo, I don’t see him applying all that fire in that particular way.  He does not appear to be a very emotional or intuitive, touchy-feely guy, despite all the planets in Cancer and Scorpio.

That’s the thing that drives me crazy about the Virgos in my life.  They’re sort of intractable.  They absolutely refuse to see things any way but their own.  It’s not that they say they won’t see it that way.  Speaking as a watery, empathic Cancer, on an energetic level you can’t get your foot in the door with them.  There’s a certain buffer of incredulity, a refusal to entertain whatever it is you’re selling.   They are often not willing to internalize your input, like a bowl chart native.

So there in Virgo we have Mercury, just running amok in that mini-kite.  This is a guy who can build skyscrapers out of matchsticks on the clouds inside his head, and judges the world’s cathedrals against them.  He probably thinks words are exactly what he needs.  That’s what makes this the Benghazi portion of the chart IMO.  That whole situation was his attempt to just keep saying Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi, like Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, until Hilary ended up drawn and quartered.  He couldn’t be convinced that no, you’d need to have a there, there.  He has words and thoughts at the head of his kite.  How well he grounds his efforts is a matter of opinion.

Also at the head of his kite is Pluto, the Devil.  I’ve written a lot about Pluto on this blog due to the serial killers and other miscreants for whom it features prominently, like Ayn Rand.  Pluto is about control, plain and simple.  Pluto in Virgo, working with Mercury and Uranus, is about having a little tantrum with words until you get your way.  Uranus is the “I gotta be me” planet, the one ruling Aquarius, for whom people are an abstract concept.  And that’s how he truly “feels” about it, that’s where his Moon is.  Trey Gowdy does not even pretend to feel your pain.

So those are the three tools he put in his toolkit for Jupiter conjunct Algol, the focal point of this chart.  I would say that Jupiter overtakes the chart ruler due to the extreme emphasis and obviousness of it in the native’s life.  That’s where you get Benghazi.  He feels like as long as he still knows English words (Mercury), and he’s in any sort of position to make Hilary dance on hot coals (Pluto), that’s how he’s going to get his own way (Jupiter).  Say Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi until it sounds like the holocaust.  Why?  Because I gotta be me (Uranus).  That Sun on Regulus will surely let him feel that with his every breath.

Beyond that, Trey is not a super interesting guy.  He is in the self-service, with Jupiter given carte blanche in a Sun/Regulus-ruled chart.  He has enough fixed stars, and enough personal dynamism in his T-square and kites, to rise to prominence for some while.  But he has no significant Seginus the Guard contact to tie him energetically to Trump.  He also lacks anAlgorab the Crow contact, which so many of the kleptocrat cohort share.  He mostly just feels entitled to be king.








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