Devin Nunes, Astrosplained

Gentle reader, this is the part where I normally type some witty snark.  In this case, I’m saving 1,000 words:

Devin Nunes yearbook

So before he gets voted into oblivion from his normally safe seat, and/or sent to jail by Bob Mueller et al., let’s astro snoop on Devin Nunes.

Devin Nunes chartOn the one hand, this is not a guy that I like or would ever want to do a chart on under normal circumstances.  But now that I’m looking at it, this is actually quite an interesting chart featuring two yods, like Jane and Don McGahn.  But first things first, let’s look at the Sun, the mission of this soul’s incarnation.

Devin has the Sun in Venus, making this a splendid time to deep dive into her themes.  Venus is about connecting to other people.  Venus and Jupiter are signs of extraversion, being a people person, or at least having a well-peopled life.  Tarot shows Venus in her Taurean, earthy form as the Empress, lounging in her vineyards admiring all the stars on her crown.  There is a very self-serving, entitled part of Venus that is meant to be supported by others.

Venus is the archetypal object of desire.  This makes sense for a politician, if you think about it; donors make and break them.   They win popularity contests for a living. General Kelly also has a prominent Venus, for a reminder that this is a subconscious strategy, not an emasculation or feminization.  It’s a way the Venusian native approaches things.  Devin is all about the people in his life.  Melania is a great example of Venus/Taurus, Hope Hicks  classically Venus/Libra.

Where earthy Taurus focuses on material things like food and clothing, wanting the best, finest, and most lovely of everything, airy Libra focuses on thoughts and words and wants all that like birds singing, too.  Venus in Libra does not stand on any principle but comfort and beauty.  Venus does not like to argue, will duck and dodge every time to keep things pleasant, and will want others to do so, too.  It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.  Venus is a charmer, a flirt.

Devin’s Venus is located in Scorpio, so co-ruled by Pluto and Mars.  That’s worth a look before we start following the yods around, those green dashed lines that look almost like a pentagram in this chart.   So Pluto and Mars are automatically important, even if Pluto weren’t combust, or close to the Sun.  The easiest way to understand Scorpio:  Scorpio doesn’t get mad, he gets even.  Pluto is a key planet in this chart.

Pluto represents the devil, the rapist who ripped a hole in the earth to drag a little girl into hell.  Mars the God of War loves to bloody his knuckles.  Mars brings a restlessness and a chip on the shoulder, Pluto adds intensity and extremism.  Now, both of those planets are ruling a water sign, Scorpio.  Water is about emotions and intuition, the unspoken undercurrents between and among people.

If you think about the archetypal relationships between Venus  and Mars, where his symbol is literally a hard-on, that adds to the volatility of anything involving Pluto.  Pluto always adds an extremism, and Scorpio is all about secrecy and control.  So when you put Scorpio and Venus together there can be a sense of the stalker, a situation where emotions can build to a crescendo, connections to individuals can become obsessive and destructive.  Mars gets on a rampage and is not known for always using the best judgment when he’s ticked off.  But Scorpio has the slow burn of the water element to keep things below the surface and behind the scenes — as Venus/Libra would prefer.  This is not a front-stabber like the Mooch, but someone potentially quite mean and vindictive, one who can read people, with good intuition and excellent schmoozing skills, like Erik Prince.

I note that Devin also has Venus conjunct Pallas Athena, the field marshal.  Hope Hicks also has a prominent Pallas, which I think of as like the stone at the top of Indiana Jones’ staff that shows the way.  So there is definitely a sense of strategy and advancing the agendas of others, like Madame de Pompadour, who had a Venus superpower.

I’m going over the dynamics of a few key planets because in this chart, it’s all about the dynamics.  Devin is a dealmaker, a handshaker, and a mullet-sporting heartbreaker.  I’m calling the chart shape itself a see-saw, in which Mars and Saturn are on one side of the wheel and everybody else is on the other.  Mars is really a key player here, as you can see, despite the heavy Venusian influence.  And that Venus-Mars balance is on the see-saw, Libran-scales theme.  Like Mike Pence with his see-saw, and especially with a Libra Sun, the see-saw suggests one with no real bond to one side over the other, one who could completely flip-flop.  There is a superficiality and an ability to play both sides, whatever feels better.

The thing about Devin is, again, it’s all in the interplay.  A yod is when one planet has inconjuncts, or 150 degree aspects, to two different planets.  Those are the dashed green lines that give the pentagram look shown above.  Unlike an opposition, where two planets are situated face to face (or back to back) and must deal with each other, an inconjunct is two planets that have near misses with a third.  So instead of the energy of two planets bouncing off of each other and hopefully becoming integrated, creating major structural integrity for the consciousness, an inconjunct is like a relay circuit where a third planet provides a fulcrum.

This chart has two yod/fulcrum planets, Mars and Saturn.  Each of those can be seen as the hand of God.  You might imagine that each of those green dashed lines is actually God’s pointer finger, dashed because it’s moving from one to the other and back, pointing at this one then that one.  Those three (or more, in this case) energies are constantly rolling together and bouncing off of each other in a way.  The Saturn yod, given what I know of Devin’s life, suggests that the law will not be good to him in his later years.  That early Capricorn North Node, ouch.

I’m coming to see that the yod structure suggests a very complicated personality.  Larry Nassar, pedophile former doctor, also has a yod chart.  I will probably Astrosplain him fairly soon, though I have multiple plates in the air right now, and Larry has already been sentenced, so he’s not going anywhere — unlike Devin Nunes, who could have a Mueller problem before it’s all over.

Again, that Saturn yod is like a dark cloud over this chart with the Node at 2 Capricorn.  This is a place of great hardship, which I am glad is behind me rather than in front of me.  Then Saturn is in Cancer, adding more water to this moody chart with all its watery, obsessive undercurrents.  Saturn adds a sourness and sadness to everything, and it would be interesting to know what house it is in.  It probably detracts from the otherwise pleasant, superficial façade that comes quite naturally to Devin with the Libra Sun.  Really the way the Sun and Pluto play off of each other here, with the conjunctions and the sign placement, is quite Jeckyll and Hyde.  There’s a marked superficiality and smooth exterior, with the proverbial still waters running deep.

Saturn in Cancer is on the Moon’s agenda, where he does not belong.  Saturn and the Moon are each other’s detriments, polar opposites.  Saturn is what normally provides the structure to the life, the focus and definitive action, the bottom line.  The Moon makes it hard to see exact boundaries, which Saturn hates.  So this isn’t Saturn with Devin showing that intense backbone and sticking to his guns, no, it’s the opposite.  Devin’s Saturn is like a pier with half of the supports washed away after a big storm.  If he has as little integrity as he seems to have, the end of his life will not be kind.

This is as good a time as any to dig into the complex relay circuit with the yods in this chart.  Just as a medical student might follow a drop of blood all the way through the heart, let’s follow some spiritual energy through this yod maze.

Let’s begin with Jupiter, at the beginning of Aquarius.  Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Uranus.  Where is Uranus?  Oh, on Spica, over in Libra.  Uranus in Libra is a people-pleaser, even when it’s on Spica.  The deal with Spica, it’s God’s spotlight.  And yes, Devin has been in congress a long time.  He did rise to prominence with his people skills, not by marrying the boss’ daughter.

So Aquarius Jupiter takes us to the Saturn hub, which redirects to the Moon and Neptune.  Neptune is about the connection to the higher self, how strong that is, what sort of integrity the person has.  But it’s also about intuition, especially with the Moon in such a watery chart.  Neptune rules show biz, illusions, delusions, and addictions.  The Moon is by nature reflective, having no light except what she bounces off of others; yet you can often see her even in the daytime.  Devin really does have a schmoozing superpower, in other words.  He has excellent skills at reading people, knowing what they want, appearing to be that.

So from Neptune and the Moon, we go to the other yod, at Mars.  Now we’re at his aggression, and thus back to his chart ruler, Venus, which is in Scorpio — again, ruled by Mars and Pluto.   From Mars, the yod carries you to the Sun and Pluto.  So I guess I did it backwards.  The path goes Sun/Pluto to Mars, to the Moon and Neptune, to Saturn, to Jupiter, aka the government.  (Despite the Libra-focused chart, Devin does not have any contacts with either Seginus or Algorab, two fixed stars I have used to indicate specific karmic connections.)  Anyway that little circuit is very convoluted, and it’s covered in banana peels.  The whole thing gives me the image of trying to chase Devin Nunes to the truth, like a greased pig in a maze of his lies and manipulation.  Nothing is straightforward with him.  There’s always a catch, a trap door in his personality that he can escape through.

The yod is said to be a dynamic that the native has no choice but to deal with.  If they don’t address the underlying dynamics and balance them intentionally, life will throw curveballs on those topics.  This suggests to me an underlying energy of instability, where the native would do well not to allow their psychic knees to lock, so to speak, while they try to ride out the life.  There is a need to be fluid while cultivating an internal stability.  This is especially so with the afflicted Saturn, like weakened internal rebar.

So Devin has asteroids Ceres the Earth Mother and Juno the Spouse conjunct in Sagittarius, also conjunct the Moon.  As I mentioned the Moon actually has a rather major role here, due to being in both yods, as well as the abundance of water elements in this chart.  And Devin has the Moon conjunct Antares, the malevolent fixed star representing anti-authority or toxic masculinity, the unevolved reflection of Mars.

Mars plays a prominent role in this chart, and having the Moon conjunct Antares is a strong indicator of negative predisposition.  The Moon is where we project, where we see in others that which exists in ourselves.  Devin has much more water in his chart than Louise Linton, and is a much more emotional guy, moodier.  I expect Devin to have a fierce temper, which he would find subtle or sneaky ways to express, no matter how long it took, due to the prominent Scorpio and Pluto.  Mars is also known for his anger, which doesn’t disappear in a chart run on Venus’ terms, especially not with so much water, and the Plutonian influence.

The Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter) Moon suggests that Devin does just want to have fun, party ’til he drops, even if it is conjunct Antares.  Antares just adds an immature, selfish, mean spirit to everything.  But Sagittarius loves an adventure.  And with the Libra Sun, it’s probably easy enough for Devin to stay fairly surface level when it comes to awareness of his impact on others.  Antares makes for a good sociopath, which Devin may or may not be.  But his chart doesn’t rule it out.

In sum, Devin is a sneak and a phony, much meaner than you would think he is.  I expect his mother and spouse both support him 100 percent in this.  His immaturity and selfishness would tend to color everything in his life.  His participation in government has been convoluted and questionable.  And his 2018 challenger doesn’t seem worried.  Don’t let the door hit you in the butt on your way out, Devin.






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