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Tim Nolan

Gentle reader,

At the risk of turning my blog into a sex-offender registry, allow me to introduce Kentucky’s answer to Sam Clovis, Trump’s Kentucky campaign chairman, Tim Nolan.  The orange stripes aren’t an homage, that’s an actual prison jumpsuit.  Nolan was recently sentenced to 20 years on a score of human-trafficking-related sex offenses, mostly against underage girls.  So that puts him on my radar.  Also that the major news outlets aren’t covering this, though to their credit Breitbart and Fox both did (while downplaying the fact that this was during the campaign).  He gets the best people!

Nolan used his position as a county judge to coerce young women into sexual favors, with threats of violating probation, etc.  All the usual things of drugs, money, and cruelty.  Because the GOP is, and always has been, the party of family values.  Note that Nolan pled [Achtung!  Past tense of plead is not pleaded or plead.  It’s pled.  Thanks.] guilty to over 20 charges in exchange for reduced sentencing.  Even so, he has gone to the alternative facts where it isn’t actually true, he didn’t do those things, it was the only way he could get out of the trap.  Not unlike Larry Nassar, still trying to say that was actually medical after a literal week of victim impact statements.

One quick caveat:  I found a birth date for Tim Nolan, but not a location.  So I used the city in the county where he was seated.  He could be from Cincinnati, or for that matter Satan’s buttcrack.  So I could be quite wrong.  Nolan strikes me as the classic big fish in a small pond, the sort of guy who never travels any farther than his farts,  so I’m going with it.  Without further ado, let’s deconstruct today’s Trump-adjacent sociopath, Tim Nolan.

Tim Nolan chartAstrology happens in our solar system, where everything begins with the Sun, so we follow that rule.  Tim’s Sun is in Aquarius, co-ruled by Saturn (back in the olden days before we knew of the outer bodies) and Uranus.   So this native, who has a very dynamic, fully involved chart, is primarily on the agenda of Saturn and Uranus, though Mars, Pluto, and the Moon all play key roles here.  Uranus is not only a co-ruler of the Sun and thus the entire chart, it is the engine to this locomotive-shaped chart, with the big blank patch between Mercury and Uranus.  So Uranus is in the lead overall.

Uranus is the “I gotta be me” planet, of doing it my way.  My classic example of an evolved Uranian/Aquarian personality is Nikola Tesla, who had Uranus conjunct Algol the Blinking Demon.  Uranus is about consciousness in the abstract, electricity and electronics, flashes of brilliance, unexpected insights, unique visions and viewpoints.  You can see how all of this could really go either way in someone’s life.  When Uranus is really pronounced, however, it creates something of a psychic moat around the native.  (Ask me, I know!)  It’s often difficult for the Uranus native to get on the same page with other people energetically.  There can be a fear of loss of identity or individuality, fear of the collective, fear of commitment to practical human endeavors that can limit the freedom of thought or expression.

It’s useful to look at Saturn and Uranus together for Tim’s chart.  Saturn is again a co-ruler with Uranus of the Sun sign, Aquarius.  It also has accidental dignity here, meaning it becomes more important due to the position it happens to be in, in this case in the super ugly T-square, the big red triangle of misery, which I will come back to.

The musical Hair featured a song called The Age of Aquarius, proclaiming it to be about harmony and understanding.  Uranus is definitely the energy of that awareness, of how human consciousness does reflect electricity, and should be equally valued and unrestricted, that sort of thing.  But there’s another song in that show called Easy to be Hard, which criticized the hypocrisy of, “Especially people who care about strangers, who care about things like social injustice,” while lacking in empathy for the people in their own lives.  And that is the alienated, misunderstood outsider, Uranus.

Then Saturn is another one you just can’t get close to, he doesn’t allow it.  Saturn is the authority figure, and specifically represents judges.  Anyone whose word is valued above the word of others, like a doctor, clergy, judge, police officer, those people are all Saturn.  Saturn also governs the physical body and the material world.  Saturn natives tend to be frugal, thrifty, or stingy.  The thing that makes Saturn a malefic, or trouble-maker planet, is that Saturn represents people who say no, especially when you really, really wish they would say yes.  But Saturn does not yield by definition.  That’s what he does, refuse to yield.

So if you put those two together, the thing where he refuses to connect to other people on a heart level, i.e., empathize directly with individuals, plus he has real issues with authority, and Tim is a really unpleasant guy.  The thing is, there is really a lot of positive energy in this chart.  It’s actually sort of similar to mine, with a giant T-square and a lovely, Neptune-engaged grand trine with a kite.  The blue equilateral triangle is the trine, and then it has that smaller blue kite from Uranus to Neptune, with Saturn, Pluto, and the Moon at the head.  So this person has a lot of internal friction, drive, issues to resolve, and many positive, well-integrated ways of making use of that energy.  The blue lines are literally like a fancy kite that has its own fuel source.

Neptune is where we look for integrity in a chart.  And this is where I have to point out that free will makes all of this rather complicated.  People can do whatever they want with their feelings, ideas, and impulses.  There’s just no telling which direction they will go.  Nurture plays into it, in some charts more than others.  Ayn Rand’s chart set her out to be exactly who she was, very little wiggle room.  But Hitler could’ve gone a lot of other ways.  So could Tim Nolan.

Tim’s Neptune actually looks great to me.  It’s in both the trine and the kite, with positive connections to the chart co-rulers and the Sun, as well as the other troublemakers, Pluto and Mars.  The only thing happening in Neptune’s sign of Pisces is two asteroids, Ceres and Toro, conjunct fixed star Fomalhaut.   The worst thing about his blessed Neptune, aside from the weird asteroid group, is that it’s conjunct Algorab the Crow.  That’s a fixed star I’ve noticed among many of the kleptocrat-adjacent, like Roger Stone.   I have a sense of a large group incarnating with a specifically greedy agenda.  This is a group of souls who have been together in many lives, though they probably don’t know it.  They are something like a Viking crew, or a Roman legion, but much larger and with their own flavor.  They are rather grubby, petty, short-term thinkers, unaware of their own very long-term shared agendas.

Back to Neptune’s sign of Pisces, Fomalhaut is one of the Royal Stars of Persia, and thus is a connection to the archangelic realm.  Bit of a psychic third rail.  If I’m not mistaken, Fomalhaut is of the nature of Saturn, making this an especially bad bit of fire for a crooked judge to play with.  Saturn is the judge, jury, and executioner.  He doesn’t care about feelings, he doesn’t empathize.  He reads the letter of the law and executes, because his nature is authority; he is the law.  So when you as a judge use that spiritual advantage to abuse your power, expect the pain.  The archangels are coming for you.

Fomalhaut is sort of the truth-checker or the integrity warden.  If you are a servant of those concepts, Fomalhaut is your friend.  If not, then not.  Ceres the Earth Mother represents the literal mother, as well as how nurturing and protective the native is as a parent.  Toro the Raging Bull is where they see red.  It’s an oddball combination of factors, suggesting his mother was a piece of work.  I’m honestly not quite sure what to make of it.  And I don’t like him enough to ponder his mysteries.

Speaking of archangels that are coming for this guy, the toxicity isn’t actually all that mysterious, though the Nessus/Dejanira placements.  It’s rather subtle, and it could definitely go either way.  There are two fixed stars that I’ve written about many times, Aldebaran and Antares.  They stand in permanent opposition, with Aldebaran at about 9 Gemini (ruled by Mercury) and Antares at about 9 Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter).  Aldebaran can be seen as the Archangel Michael’s sentry post, his permanent seat in the zodiac.  (Of course fixed stars aren’t fixed, nothing is, it’s actually a silly concept.  They’re just very far away, moving very, very slowly.  As Aldebaran moves, Michael’s focal point shifts with it.)

Aldebaran and Antares are what I think of as the solution/problem axis, the leadership/predation continuum, maturity versus toxic masculinity on Antares.  The zodiac is of course a wheel, which always seeks balance as nature abhors a vacuum.  So when a soul is working within the zodiac, the choices it make can create balance or exploit imbalance, as the native wishes.  Sometime charts are really obvious, like with John Bittrolff, that the boy aint right.   This one actually looks great.  If a friend was dating him and everything else seemed on the up and up, I’d be glad.

But that North Node on Aldebaran, that’s a make-or-break thing.  The North Node is not a planet, it’s a calculation.  I’ve had a number of subjective experiences or impressions of the Nodes and their significance.  But I will confess that I am completely lost with the math of astrology.  It hurts my eyes before it even gets to my brain.  So I could be totally wrong about this, and please if you know I’m wrong, let me know.  At one point I experienced the North Node as the light side of the Moon, and the South Node as the soul’s shadow, the dark side of the Moon.  This with the Moon itself representing the dark side of the personality, the shadow of the Sun.  Then the South Node is the shadow’s shadow, if that makes sense.  It’s the part of ourselves of which we are least aware, the blind spot behind us, in a larger way than the 12th house.

The Nodes reflect the life’s position in the overall group of connected lives, if you’re looking at things from the inaccurate past-present-future life continuum.  If you think of yourself having past lives, the South Node is the door where you go from the last life you were in to the one you’re in now.  Then the North Node is the door on the opposite side, where you will pass from this one into the next one.  There’s a switching of position energetically, an about-face that isn’t represented in the 2D zodiac, between South and North.  It may happen gradually over a long time, or all at once.  But there’s a polarity shift.

So that’s where we find Tim’s Achilles’ heel, it’s his Antares South Node.  The Aldebaran North Node means he’s on a direct path to Michael’s door.  He’s basically getting away with a slap on the wrists with 20 years.  He’s a judge, and as described above he’s one for the gifted class.  As soon as the sentencing was completed he began trying to backpedal on his guilty plea, which is part and parcel of plea bargaining.  He took Alford pleas on some of them, meaning not guilty but accepting guilt for convenience, basically.  Like his buddy Larry Nassar, this empowered sociopath has zero remorse for any of it.  Unlike Larry, Tim will wiggle off this hook in a way that would sicken people if they found out about it, which they won’t.  Again, this is already barely being covered.  You’d think local media in Ohio and Kentucky (Tim’s area of operation is in Kentucky, across from Cincinnati, Ohio) would be all over this.  They’re not, Google it.

Astrologically Tim is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, unless you’re going to slam dunk him for having an Antares South Node, which I wouldn’t do in this otherwise nicely balanced chart.  A bit lacking in empathy, not a great people person maybe.  But again, if I had a friend who wanted to marry this young lawyer, and she felt good about him — which you probably would with Tim in person, at least back in the day — I’d be happy.  Being on that Mars/Aldebaran/Antares continuum doesn’t make you a bad person.  Even that hellish T-square with all the big mean planets basically in a mosh pit doesn’t.  I have that, too.  People ground that energy with their drive, the things they actually accomplish.  The only question is what they choose to focus on.

I wanted to go back to the Fomalhaut/Ceres/Toro thing.  There’s actually more speculation about the horribleness of his mother, but meh.  Just know it’s sitting with me, like that hummus I swallowed a bite of before seeing the mold.

The Jupiter T-square apex is where you find the real shenanigans in this guy’s life.   I can think of more than one really great guy who has this kind of an expansive Jupiter, and it’s a great thing.  With all the nice blue lines here, I’d say he had a better than average chance of being a real winner, a dream husband and father, a guy who would do anything for you, like Don and Czarinka.  But Antares is in Jupiter’s sign of Sagittarius, you know.  Some of us feel our South Nodes more than others.  That’s the sort of thing you feel subconsciously, in the Moon, in your dreams.  So that sense of entitlement to having a large time is in play in a very big way here.  That plus the prominent Saturn and Uranus already not making him a people person, and yeah, Tim is actually a huge jerk, as described in the sentencing.   He’s clearly chosen to leverage his gifts in service of his demons.  Oh well.

Gentle reader, I leave you with two relevant clichés.  1. You can’t judge a book by its cover.  2. People aint no good.



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