Mick Mulvaney, Astrosplained

Daytime friends and nighttime lovers,

America has a budget gremlin.  His name is Mick Mulvaney.  He’s the one who’s not an African-American lady reading the riot act in the featured picture.

When I heard Mick Mulvaney talking budget, I came away with exactly one message.  “The American people have one voice, and I, Mick Mulvaney have heard it loud and clear.  There is absolutely no way to misunderstand what we want to spend money on:  the military.  Not education.  Not art.  Not healthcare.  The military.  Any failure to devote as much of our budget as possible to the military is an affront to  the real Americans.”  In other words, he’s a shill for the military industrial complex, and a bad liar.

I love  Barbara Lee for calling Mulvaney out on a request to fund the Donny Rocket parade.   As a Catholic, the sight of him with those ashes on his head while he tries to rob the poor…  words fail me.  And you know me and my word supply, gentle reader.  Like a giraffe with a sore throat.  You see, Ash Wednesday, for non-Catholics, is about humility.  They put those ashes on your head and say, “ashes to ashes, dust to dust.”  In other words, don’t get ahead of yourself.  Keep it real.  Don’t think you’re going to wind up anything but a corpse.  Abandon the things of this world – like money and war.

Then there’s also been Sheila Lee, who obviously does a much better job of dealing with this guy than I do, look.  But she’s crystal clear.

So we’re tag teaming him now with elected women named Lee who are not here for his lies and manipulation.  I thank God for them.  Really every time Mulvaney opens his mouth my PTSD kicks in, and I fantasize punching his ugly face right off his stupid lying head.  (Which I would never do and you should not, either.  But thoughts are free, and sometimes they feel great.)

Anyway, I’d rather look at astrology than curse the darkness in Mulvaney’s heart.

Mick Mulvaney chart


While listening to Mick Mulvaney talk about the budget, it sounded like the barbarians were at the gate, and our little ragtag band of survivors might just make it as long as we don’t waste a second or a penny on anything but war.  So we need to divert all funds directly to the military, like immediately.  We can forego punishing those who spent on health and education — for now, while we’re in a pitched battle for our very lives.  Just don’t let it happen again.  All citizens want war, and any suggestion to the contrary is a mini declaration of war.

So the two big points I heard were money and war.  Money would be Saturn, and he’s okay with war, too, as is Pluto.  But Mars is the God of War.  You know how I play it by now, first I look at the Sun to see the soul’s mission statement.   Mulvaney’s Sun is in Cancer, ruled by the Moon.  Didn’t see that coming, did you?  Me either. 

The Moon is the feminine principle to the Sun’s masculinity.  The Moon has no light of her own, she only reflects.  She’s passive, moody and changeable, deeply emotional.  The Moon is how we reflect others emotionally, how we learn by interacting.  It’s also about projection, and when unevolved, can be moody, whiny, can be “in their cups,” clingy, needy, hoarder (especially if Chiron is in trouble), and/or stuck in the past.  With any sort of prickly planets, like Saturn, Pluto, or Mars, the Malefics, the Moon can go really bad really fast.  Once you throw chronic rage  (Mars) depression (Saturn) or control (Pluto) issues into that moody mix, you can see how the person would go sour pretty quick.

The Moon’s sign (Cancer) is also opposite Saturn’s (Capricorn), making that one of the poles in astrology.  Where Cancer is water, and represents dreams and the part of yourself you don’t control, Capricorn is Earth and strictly material.  So for a Cancer native to be completely disinterested in hearth and home, i.e., women and children other than as personal property to be defended, that’s odd.  Cancers are the homebody people, all about their families.  Most Cancers are kind of soft-hearted, if grumpy.  War bums Cancers out.  We don’t like to think of people’s homes being destroyed.

So that’s one contradiction in Mick Mulvaney.  With that out of the way, here’s another Mulvaney clusterbomb.  The actual shape of this chart is really hard to define.  Unless I’m missing something, this chart can be seen as a Moon bucket, Saturn bucket, a see-saw with the Moon and Saturn on one side, or a locomotive with a Moon, Saturn, or Mercury/Pallas engine.  As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, a bucket is where one planet stands apart from the others and acts as an energetic fulcrum.  That planet takes on added importance, like the handle on a bucket.  It could be argued that either the Moon or Saturn could be a bucket handle here.  That makes it both, due to Schroedinger’s cat.

The see-saw, I’ll say not really.  The two planets aren’t close enough to each other to be acting as an energetic fulcrum together.  They’re not on the same page.  In terms of the locomotive, it looks like the one with the Mercury/Pallas engine, so the blank area being from Saturn to Mercury, is about 10 degrees wider than the other two.  Therefore I’m giving him both Saturn and Moon bucket handles, and a locomotive pattern with Mercury/Pallas engine.  Whew.  In plain English, that means that Mick’s moods and subconscious/unconscious stuff (the Moon) and his greedy love of money and authority (Saturn) take turns on the mic.  The locomotive shape provides him an enormous drive, as does the Mars-dominant chart.  (I’m coming back to that.)

Then Mercury and Pallas together explain a lot, especially as the engine driving this locomotive chart.  Mercury is about the conscious, self-aware mind, opposite the Moon’s intuition and imagination.  Mercury is more concrete in that way, on the line of Saturn, because it represents the part of the mind you are aware of.  It is notably not good at emotions or connecting at the heart level.  Mercury has a masculine energy, like Mars.  So does Pallas, whose jealous father snatched the almost-ready fetus of Pallas from her mother’s womb and placed it into his own head (like Mercury, the head mind).  Pallas then emerged fully formed from her father’s head, and thus has a hypermasculine quality.  Pallas is the field marshal, who identifies patterns and creates strategies.  Mick is actually a very smart guy, who unfortunately for the rest of us, came correct for his job.

It’s notable that the Moon is so prominent here, ruling the chart and acting as a bucket handle.  Interesting that all that nurturing sensitivity does not seem to be directed at society in general.  As described below, I believe Mick’s mother worshipped her little man-baby, creating the monster we see directing the OMB and destroying the CFPB.  She raised him to think it’s his world, that he’s been cheated out of so far.  The Moon is unhappy in Capricorn, opposed to her own sign.  It’s like being locked out in the cold for your whole life.  And then there’s his real problem child, Mars.

Toxic hypermasculinity is the theme of this whole chart.  Here Saturn has co-opted the Moon, the primary feminine principle.  The other place we look for feminine energy is Venus of course, and then the asteroids Juno and Ceres, as well as Cancer, Taurus, Libra, and Pisces, and the corresponding houses which we don’t know in this case.   Mick has Mercury and Pallas right on Sirius at the locomotive engine.  Like with all of these high-voltage fixed star contacts, Sirius requires high integrity.  Otherwise, they guarantee failure.  This Sirius placement just kicks Mulvaney’s capacity for thinking and strategy up several notches, and will hopefully make his downfall a bit of a spectacle too, like a Regulus fall.

Mulvaney went through the line-item budget with Trump, manipulating Trump into de-funding many vital (IMO) things Trump simply doesn’t understand.  (Who knew healthcare was so complicated?  Everybody but you, Don.)  This was done with surgical precision, the dirty deed Mulvaney was born to do.  I expected a lot of Saturn and Virgo, to be honest, with the pettiness about money, and some Pluto with the sneaky, aggressive way he rooted out every single thing he doesn’t think the government needs.

And look, there in Virgo we have Venus conjunct Juno the Spouse.  I’ve seen Juno represent either the literal spouse, or a close partner, like Stone and Manafort.  It’s whoever you get the most face and thought time with, the one you text the most, the Vulcan mind meld.  Not always the spouse.   Venus is conjunct Juno in Virgo, ruled by the locomotive engine Mercury, conjoined with Pallas.  So he’s a control freak, basically.  In a partnership he’s the alpha.  He connects with women and partners from his head, not his heart.  Also in Virgo he has Pluto and Uranus.  So his Pluto is also working the agenda of Mercury/Pallas, in Mercury’s sign of Virgo.  I nailed that one.

Virgo is very nitpicky and usually passive-aggressive.  But here it houses both Pluto, everybody’s most boiling rage point, and the I gotta be me planet, Uranus.  All of that is ruled by his thoughts and strategies, and his turbocharged Mercury/Pallas/Sirius agenda.  So everything Gemini and Virgo carries that extra weight of Sirius.  It’s Siriusly important.

Anything involving Pluto invokes really ugly control issues.  Pluto conjunct Uranus gives a certain intensity to self-determination, self-definition.  I have this too, in my 2nd house.  These are people who absolutely will not be moved on some level, will never sell all the way out.  In this chart I see that being quite a two-way street between Mercury/Pallas and Uranus/Pluto.  There’s a charming blue sextile between Mercury/Pallas and Venus/Juno, a good working relationship.  Mulvaney assumes other people to be on board with his agenda, especially women.  He thinks that is true.  This is likely to be especially pronounced with his afflicted Moon, which can make for bad emotional boundaries, like not knowing where your wants and needs end and other people’s begin.  Mick probably doesn’t think that’s a real thing.  He knows what we want: war.

Neptune is where we look for integrity.  It’s how we connect to the higher mind, which is, after all, the thing generating Saturn’s body and the little brain that Mercury gets to play with.   But the thing that speaks the same native language as Neptune, the part of us that knows right from wrong, for example, is the Moon.  When we do something and it makes someone else cry, a healthy Moon reminds us how that felt, and that memory and its realizations then theoretically make Mercury clean the thoughts up, have new ideas and say apologetic words.

Mick’s Neptune is in Scorpio, co-ruled by Mars and Pluto.  Mars is shown just entering Scorpio.  But Mars is a fast-moving planet, so it could still be in the last degrees of Libra.  Without a time, we have to apply logic.  I will say that in the first degrees of Scorpio, Mars at the head of a T-square (the big red triangle) would be more like physical violence.  Mulvaney goes to meetings in a suit and strangles people socioeconomically rather than physically.  So I’m going to give him the late Libra placement.  Venus rules Libra, and again, she is the slave of Mercury in this chart.  Venus, whatever charm and people skills he has, are strictly in the service of his Mercury/Pallas/Sirius agenda.

Back to Mick’s Neptune for a minute.  That is definitely in Scorpio, and definitely conjunct both Toro the Raging Bull and Vesta the True Believer.  I believe that is what makes Mick Mulvaney the Face America would Love to Punch.

Neptune is about integrity, yes.  And therefore when it’s not in good shape, there is a structural flaw in the entire personality.  Neptune is the foundation of the life, the ability to get to higher ground.  When your integrity becomes degraded, a variety of problems can result, everything from lying to any degenerate behavior to substance abuse.  Neptune also rules over illusions and delusions, because it’s how we either see or don’t see the divine.  I see Mick Mulvaney refusing to see the divine.  His assault on humanity is why I’m Astrosplaining him.  It’s how I deal with bullies.

Then Vesta the True Believer is that which we would kill or die for.  And Toro the Raging Bull is where we see red.  These two asteroids closely conjunct Neptune suggest one who is willing to defend his own bullshit to the bitter end.  Any challenge to his lies, he will come at you with everything he’s got.  He knows he’s a liar.  He’s insecure about it.   The Moon brings the insecurity even when it’s healthy.  In this chart the Moon is being held prisoner, kind of.  I expect Mick to be quite unpleasant in person, moody, sarcastic, impulsive, mean-spirited, selfish, and petty.  I’ll quit before his wife thinks we’re having an affair.

So with both Neptune and Mercury ready to make trouble, gentle reader, I can tell you where I see Mick Mulvaney’s tell-tale sign.  It’s his asteroid Nessus the Wife Beater conjunct Aldebaran.  I blather on and on and on about Aldebaran and Antares, the Goofus and Gallant of astrology.  Aldebaran is the home base of the Archangel Michael, which is currently located in Mercury’s sign of Gemini.  I’ve discussed the Aldebaran-Antares in depth recently.  There’s a lot of this particular battle going on these days, I guess.

Anyway those two fixed stars are like a corridor, with the Archangel Michael on one end at Aldebaran, and the demons in opposition at the other on Antares.  Antares is literally anti-Aries aka anti-Mars, the worst end of Mars.  So anytime you enter that corridor, you’re exposed to both doors at the same time.  Mars is like the midpoint in that corridor, and can go in either direction depending on you.  Thus in such a Mars-heavy chart, any Aldebaran-Antares contact is significant.  Especially something as directly on Antares’ theme as Nessus the Abuser.   I don’t get Mulvaney as any sort of a #MeToo warrior, I expect he’s privately very much opposed.   This is a polarity thing, where you’re either in service of Michael or your demons.  It’s all a question of where you are in that hallway.

What would Maya Angelou say about Mars?  Well, he tells you who he is.  His symbol is basically an erection, okay?  That’s who he is.  A walking hard-on.  Now, many people, male and female, have personified very high octaves of Mars.  When Mars masters his aggression, impulsivity, and restlessness, he exchanges the sword for the pen.  Nobody has the clear-eyed leadership of an evolved Mars.  Personally I don’t see a lot of evolved Mars, at least not in the Trump administration.  General McMaster could surprise me, but my cynicism has plumbed new depths with the scumbaggery of General Kelly.  I can’t wait to find out which foreign adversary he pimped us out to.

So Mulvaney’s Mars is at the head of the T-square, the internal piston engine of friction.  A T-square keeps people riled up, especially in a Mars-intensive, Moon-ruled chart.  (Ask me, I know!)  This is a high-energy, intense guy.  He is truly driven; driven by his moods (Moon), his greed (Saturn) and his demons (Mars).  A total prick.

Mulvaney has Nessus’ counterpart, Dejanira the Victim, between the Sun and Jupiter/Ceres the Earth Mother.  Dejanjira represents victimhood generally, sexual and domestic violence specifically.  In a chart where there is no anticipated physical violence, it’s that feeling of victimization, disempowerment, having been abused.  Interestingly Dejanira is the only thing Mick has “combust,” or so close to the Sun that it’s obscured within the corona.  Anything combust becomes integrated into the self-image in a way that’s automatic.  The native is probably unaware that others have a different experience.

Mick’s Sun, his ego mind, the mission his soul set out on in the first place, is again in Cancer, ruled by the Moon.  Mercury never gets very far from the Sun, and Mick’s is about as far away as it can get.  For a Moon-ruled chart, his Mercury sure carries a lot of weight and has a lot of firepower.  I say that because with that great distance between the Sun and Mercury, Mick doesn’t so much identify with his thoughts.  He doesn’t think that’s who he is.  What he knows of himself is his feelings and moods, that’s who he believes himself to be.  I expect that he projects a lot onto others, the same way he projects his values onto the rest of us.    That’s what I see the Moon doing here, creating a safe distance between the little ghoul that is his Mercury/Pallas and his self-awareness with Neptune.  Neptune helps him fudge the lines of how aggressive he truly is.  The Sun is far enough away that it allows him to feel like he’s a different guy when he’s not at work.  Unfortunately the rest of us see only the one, highly punchable face.

Mick does not have any Algorab or Seginus contacts that would karmically link him to either Trump himself (Seginus) or the pack of thieves with Algorab contacts.  He’s an opportunist, basically.  I don’t imagine this man is easy to work with or get along with.  I expect him to be very moody, also very white-collar macho, like Trump, Jr.  — and for that matter, the jackass from Carl’s Jr., Andy Puzder, another good friend of theirs who can’t actually get security clearance.

The last thing to mention about this guy is his little Sun/Dejanira/Jupiter/Ceres complex.  Ceres represents the mother, and the part of us that nurtures.  This is an anti-nurturing chart, as described above.  Mick likes war.  He’s a very, very aggressive guy with poor boundaries.

The way Dejanira sits right between the Sun and Jupiter, the two places where people feel really, really entitled (along with Saturn, which is also prominent) caught my eye.  Jupiter and Ceres are a smidgin out of orbit for the Sun.  But all of them are conjunct Dejanira.  So that sense of victimization is really pronounced.  As I’ve discussed elsewhere, Jupiter is the man who would be king.  Jupiter is very comfortable making decisions for others, and spending other people’s money.  This Trump administration thing where they all fly private jets on our tab, that’s the haywire Jupiter of DC right now.  They’re not going to check themselves, they clearly insist on wrecking themselves.

As I pondered that Sun/Dejanira/Jupiter/Ceres thing, my sense is that Mick’s mother spoiled him to death.  She’s one of these aggrieved, upper middle-class white people who feels like they need to “take our country back,” as though they haven’t been in charge since Day 1.  She spoon fed that to dear Mick, right along with his sense of entitlement to have a large time on somebody else’s dime.











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