Wendi Deng, Astrosplained


Wendi DengLadies and Landlords,

The A students at astro.com have found birth data for Nikolas Cruz, and I have looked at his chart.  However I get tired of looking at awful men and figuring why they’re so awful.  I mean, I have actual pictures of Harvey Weinstein’s face that show up in my photo array, which I still see sometimes and get all turned on.  So for at least a little visual Febreeze, today I’m looking at a truly awful woman, Rupert Murdoch’s ex-wife and JKush‘s bestie, Wendi Deng.

The first time I heard of this woman I did some research.  She met Murdoch when he was doing some business presentation at some stuffy thing where she was almost the only woman in attendance.  They gave the audience a chance to ask questions, and after a lot of ass-kissing, Wendi got on the mic with a highly confrontational question about his Asia strategy, all in-your-face style.  She’s rather attractive, and more importantly, she’s bold.  She’s aggressive.  Rupert liked that about her, I imagine.  But I imagine he was heartbroken when he caught her skating with Tony Blair.  Poor Rupe got duped.

Discovering he’d been cucked by Tony Blair had to be painful for Rupert.  Probably helped him not even notice or care that she’s a Chinese spy.

I now get that Wendi Deng’s willingness to jump in Rupert’s face had everything to do with her assignment.  So without further ado, gentle reader, let’s get some insight into this Chinese Omarosa before she decides to marry us all and read our diaries to Xi Jinping.

Wendi Deng chart

First order of business, Hurricane Wendi has the Sun not surprisingly in Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter.  So having a good time and living large are primary motivators for this woman who was born in rural China and then married a billionaire.  In that way she’s kind of the evil Oprah, in terms of bootstrapping.  Jupiter is all about globe-trotting, especially in Sagittarius.

Wendi has a few clusters of planetary objects that feel important to me.  First, can’t help but notice that she has the Sun on the same degree as Dejanira.   I saw this same thing recently with Mick Mulvaney, and got a sense of the whole “I’m the real victim here,” like a built-in chip on the shoulder.  Wendi has the ruthless thing down to a science, and I did not expect to see this aspect.  However it could also indicate that she will be used and abused by her partners, and will not see it coming.  Anything located close to the Sun is obscured within its corona and can’t be seen.  So any important chart factors similarly situated will tend to become cooked into the sauce, so to speak, if the ego is a sauce.

When I say ego, let me clarify.  The ego is not a bad or good thing.  It’s just another part of the mechanism of our lives.  The ego is the identity, the part of the consciousness that can be aware of the thoughts and feelings at the same time.  It is not, however, aware of the higher mind.  The higher mind, the more brilliant, informed, well-rounded part of us, can only be accessed through the intuition, when the ego opens itself to that input.  The Moon and Neptune are the doors to intuition, and both of those feature prominently in Wendi’s chart.  Anyway the ego is a perfectly natural meeting point, sort of like RAM on your computer.  You need to have a part of your mind that does that, allows things to move around.

But like RAM, if the ego not open and available, it’s very hard for the overall personality to function.  The RAM is not the central processor.  If you don’t understand computers you’re totally lost in this analogy.  But if you know less about computers than me in 2018, you’re in deep coleslaw.  Anyway running everything through RAM doesn’t make sense, I don’t think, wouldn’t be possible.  That’s not how computer memory is designed.  But people can surely try to run their lives through the part of their minds that is designed to perceive, the filter called “identity,” and most of us do it all the time.  Taming the ego, strengthening and calming it so that the overall personality can function, is a lot of work.  (Ask me, I know!)  Most people just don’t bother.

So Wendi’s ego has a couple of notable factors, once again.  Mercury and Dejanira the Victim are combust.  They are so close to the Sun that Wendi probably can’t tell the difference between her true identity and her thoughts (Mercury) and sense of victimhood (Dejanira).  Someone who had the Moon combust might identify more with their feelings, and/or have real difficulty with projection and emotional boundaries, for example, because of the Moon’s function.  I get Wendi as a very cerebral sort of girl, in other words, or at least able to rationalize anything based on her own sense of having been abused.  Her Ceres the Earth Mother is right there, making this something she was bottle-fed, this attitude or approach to life.

While I’m still in Sagittarius, Juno the Spouse conjunct the demon pit Antares is a little eye-popping for someone who has bumped uglies with both Rupert Murdoch and Tony Blair, and probably JKush.  (Think about it.  While he’s in the bathroom you can download his entire phone.  You know he spends longer in the mirror than Czarinka.  But that trick only works on men you can convince to have sex with Wendi.  Surely JKush can be trusted, like with his whole family, speaking of China.)  (In fairness, Charles Kushner’s Sun is directly on Algol the Blinking Demon, and he has that conjunct Nessus the  Wife Beater.  There’s nothing anywhere near that spicy in JKush’s chart.  But Charles also has Vesta on Dejanira.  I would advise a friend not to date Charles.)

Juno the Spouse represents the partner.  But it can also represent platonic besties, business partners, or even a twin if they stick together in adulthood as the lovely Toro twins seem to have done.  (I’m grateful that they got busted right while Parkland was going on, denying them the fame they so desperately crave.  Also that they got caught before anyone died.  I won’t lie, if/when their birth data becomes available I want to see their charts.  I’d love to see where their asteroid Toro is.)  Anyway, with Wendi Deng I get that Juno represents Rupert Murdoch, Tony Blair and whoever else is in her web, and her spymasters in China.  Juno is whoever you text the most.

Wendi’s Pallas, Toro, and Neptune in Scorpio make sense to me.  Scorpio is ruled by aggressive Mars and Pluto.  Scorpio is sneaky and vindictive, and Neptune is where we find lies and delusion.  Pallas is the one who identifies patterns and creates strategies, the field marshal.  Then Toro is where we see red and charge, the raging bull within.  Though she is attractive and feminine, I don’t think anybody takes Wendi Deng for a pushover or an easy mark.  I don’t expect her to ever show her cards.  Most of all, with the Toro connection, I see a person who looks out for #1 in a very shrewd way, expressing her aggression through covert manipulation.

The Sun-Dejanira the Victim connection caught my eye.  And where there’s a victim, there’s a perpetrator.  In astrology that’s represented by asteroid Nessus the Wife Beater.  Wendi Deng is already on the Aldebaran-Antares axis which I never seem to shut up about, due to her Juno conjunct Antares.  That aspect is on the same degree, very strong.  However this particular theme of human development, whether we choose to be strong (Aldebaran) or weak (Antares) is like a coin.  Where there is one side, there is the other.  So that becomes a question of the native’s overall integrity, their Neptune.  I don’t see Wendi’s Neptune as necessarily in bad shape.  However with her other factors, I also don’t see her integrity overriding her greed, or the courage of her convictions (Saturn, who believes his word is law) or her unapologetic, itching to party Pluto/Uranus/Jupiter.

But then she also has Nessus the Wife Beater just a smidgin out of orb for Aldebaran, too.  So as I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I am getting much looser with my orbs.  Once you are active in the Aldebaran/Antares corridor, any activity along that axis automatically invokes both the Archangel Michael (Aldebaran) and the pack of demons on Antares.  Even if I believed in accidents, coincidences, or mistakes, this wouldn’t qualify in a chart with the Sun conjunct Dejanira.  Noted woman-hater Roosh V, for example, has Venus conjunct Dejanira, on Aldebaran.  In his Mercury-ruled chart, he has Mercury conjunct Nessus.  Not to get too deep into splaining him, but there are similarities.

Saturn has a lot to do with this chart, and he is notoriously not interested in the needs or feelings of others, or anything he can’t count or at least touch.  Like Wendi, this chart sort of defies easy categorization.  I have decided to call it a Saturn bucket, where Saturn is off by himself creating a focal point, like the handle on a bucket.  All of the other planets must refer back to Saturn, sort of like a team leader.   This imparts and automatic coldness and calculus to the personality.  Saturn here is located in Mars’ sign of Aries, making Mars more important or stronger than he would otherwise be, due to the strength of Saturn, Vesta, and the North Node in his sign.

Then the Moon also has that same role, serving as a second bucket handle.  I’ve seen that recently, just can’t remember who, sorry.  Maybe if I smoke some more weed it’ll come to me.  Anyway, both Saturn and the Moon are in arguable bucket handle positions, and at the apices of T-squares, those big red triangles.  Those are internal friction points, like permanent pebbles in the psychic shoe.   The Moon is a big part of our consciousness, everything we’re not in complete control of.  This is an emotionally-charged woman.  I expect her to be basically very volatile, and also have excellent self-control with her strong Saturn.  Saturn is selfish, judgmental, self-righteous, and adds a coldness, rigidity, and sourness to everything.  Wendi’s Moon is also in its own sign of Cancer, adding to her overall feminine, polished feel, despite her aggression and questionable behavior.  It makes her more emotional and intuitive, more reserved and insecure.

Another thing emphasizing Wendi’s Saturn is the Venus in late Capricorn, ruled by Saturn.  Venus is about how we love and are loved, how we connect with other people, and the people in our lives, especially women.  It’s the traditionally feminine part of a woman, and the daughter, wife, and mother that she is.  Late Capricorn is a rock-hard place for Venus.  The thing those two share in common is the love of money, which Venus is all about in her role as the supported one.  The Venus/Capricorn connection is not unlike Melania Trump’s chart.  Melania is another one I expect to have very deep feelings and control them as a superpower.

Importantly Saturn is conjunct Vesta the True Believer.  So Wendi is not a warm fuzzy or a touchy feely, even with the Moon also at the head of a T-square in her own sign.  Her Saturn/Vesta T-square apex is in Aries, ruled by Mars.  Then lo and behold, Mars is opposing Saturn/Vesta.  So Mars is somewhat disempowered, because he doesn’t belong in girly Libra.  But honestly that just adds to the feistiness and volatile nature of Wendi IMO.  Scorpio is co-ruled by Mars and Pluto.   Importantly, her Mars is conjunct Seginus.   Trump has Jupiter, representing the government, conjunct Seginus the Guard.   Since Trump is the Jupiter of his world, anyone in his orbit with a Seginus contact I am assuming has some karmic tie to the man himself.

Seginus the Guard portends ruin through association, and I expect that for everyone close enough to be splattered by both Trump and Wendi after this is all said and done.  It will not surprise me if the Russia mess pales in comparison to what China has done through these idiots, when the truth all comes out.  With Wendi’s Dejanira it will not surprise me if she is victimized, i.e. murdered, by one of her Antares/Juno connections.  Once you get into that Aldebaran/Antares axis, that’s the front line between good and evil, basically.  Things don’t happen in half-measures.  As I mentioned above, despite being visually feminine, this is nobody’s fool and definitely not a sucker.  Watch your jugular when she’s in the room.

That Moon across from Venus in Capricorn, this is truly a hard woman.  She is probably very hard to get along with.  I don’t expect her to empathize well, though she has a Moon-heavy chart and a solid Neptune, which make that more likely.  The problem is all the Saturn, the aggressive Mars, and the overall shape of the T-squares.

Note that in terms of red lines, representing hard angles, Wendi has a three-sided box with an X in the middle, right?  Well, Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz also has a red three-sided box, except his doesn’t have the X, he has no oppositions.   The way to make this three-sided box more comfortable would be to put a lid on it, sort of, and put another red line across the empty side, right?  That would give you a nicely balanced circuit where the energy can move freely in all directions.  When you don’t have that last leg of the circuit in place, all that friction has to find some other way to be grounded through the native’s consciousness.  Wendi is much higher functioning than Cruz in several very obvious ways.  But one thing she has in her favor is those oppositions, making it easier for her to connect her own internal dots.  Cruz’s three-sided box creates more of an energetic eddy, like a little puddle that gathers mosquitos.

Anyway back to Wendi.  Note that her Uranus, Jupiter, and Pluto all have lovely blue lines going to some of the important hot spots like a soothing fire hose.  The good vibes go from there to both the Moon and Venus, making Wendi much more palatable than she would otherwise be.  Libra and Venus in general make for a people-person, or at least one whose life is defined by the people they connect with, like General Kelly.  All of this helps Wendi be more charming.  I expect men to find her rather bewitching in person.  Pluto and Venus contacts can also create a stalker-ish obsessive type, and/or someone who is a pistol in the sack.

Then Jupiter is conjunct the intense Pluto.  Remember Jupiter is ruling the Sun here, and is thus the main player in this chart along with Saturn and the Moon.  This woman is about getting out there and making her mark on the world.  Set course for adventure.  She and Trump both like to be the life of the party, the one they’re all talking about.  Neither one of them is in love with responsibility, though Wendi’s strong Saturn make her a much more serious and responsible person than Trump could ever imagine being, like his wife.  Then Uranus is the one who does things their own way, who, like Saturn and Mercury, refuses to connect with others on a heart level.  Pluto connects at the heart level by pulling our your heart and taking a big bite while your eyes are still open to watch.

Other than that, I’m sure she’s super mellow.







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