Wayne LaPierre, Astrosplained

Wayne LaPierre

Gentle reader,

I can’t even.  You know who this is.  Let’s see if astrology will tell us WTF is wrong with this guy.

Wayn LaPierre chart

First order of business, the Sun is in Scorpio, the chart is co-ruled by Mars and Pluto.  Mars the God of War is said to rule guns, and that is straightforward.  However Mars has another sign that is even more explicitly about war, Aries.  And the only thing Wayne has happening in Aries is — lo and behold — the North Node, which is directly opposite his Neptune, his connection to his higher self.   The Nodes show the life in the context of all of the past-present-future lives of that soul; the South Node is the evolutionary point where this life begins, and the North Node is the point where this life ends and the next one begins.

That is a small, easily overlooked factor.  But I believe it has everything to do with what we see of Wayne LaPierre today.  Having Neptune, the part of the individual that connects to higher wisdom on the South Node, strikes me as a person who intends to do all of their learning after the life is over.  The intention is to use this life to gather up a bunch of karmic ties, not examine them at all while alive, and do it all after.  Because every time someone is killed in one of these shootings, all that rippling effect of so many deaths, every voter like myself who has stopped voting because I’m tired of being punked by people like Wayne LaPierre, all of that is karmic baggage for Wayne to deal with after death.  He set his life up that way.

There are a lot of things I could discuss about this chart, but really he makes me sick.  I’m tired of living in a world coated in his filth, and that of others like him.  I’m hacking this loser to disempower him, and that’s all I want to know.  How to cut someone like him off at the knees.

So Scorpio is where mean sneaky people like to be, i.e., Czarinka Trump.  Scorpio doesn’t get mad, he gets even.  This is a water sign, so the Moon is important.  The Moon is the emotional, moody, uncontrollable part of ourselves, the part that’s hardest to be aware of or put into words, like dreams.  The Moon is a very important planet to Wayne.  She is the engine of his locomotive-shaped chart, with the giant hole from Jupiter to the Moon with the North Node approximately in the center.  Unfortunately for the world, Wayne is a highly motivated and capable individual, as shown in the locomotive chart shape.  The Moon is the engine of that locomotive, so his feelings, moods, and man-baby butt rash basically drive everything he does.

The charming Louise Linton-Mnooch also has the Moon in Gemini.  I think it helps her connect at the heart level about as well as Wayne does, like not at all.  Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which represents the thoughts and words, aka the head mind.  In other words, with a Gemini Moon, the native has a very, very difficult time with their emotions.  They run all of their feelings through their thoughts; they very much dislike connecting with their guts, which is where empathy and wisdom can develop.  I think it’s a probiotic thing.  Anyway in my experience, the key to a balanced life has been turning off my Mercury and not letting it try to run my Moon.  I don’t imagine either Wayne or Louise has a single clue about how to feel good about themselves or other people.  [Not to get all Louise Linton about it, but I really disliked her just from her Instagram freakout.  The Cruella DeVille money-wanking picture with Mnooch was the last straw, now I will say anything horrible about her, any time.]

Back to the even-worse Wayne LaPierre.  As above, he has a really hard time with his feelings.  And he has a whole lot of them.  He’s just not equipped to deal with them well, like a giant man-baby.  Wayne is an equally cranky and more heavily armed Louise Linton, with bigger boobs.  No, I’ve never seen Wayne LaPierre’s man-boobs.  But I’ve seen Becky working those cleavage bones.

So the real problem with Wayne, though, how he became such a boil on the ass of humanity, isn’t just that he can’t get a grip on all of his feelings, because he pollutes them all with his crappy thoughts.  That is a giant chunk of it, how angry and moody and needy he is, between Scorpio and the Moon.  But I think it’s also largely his Uranus opposition Venus.  That’s literally his need to be “me,” to be on planet Wayne insisting that human society accommodate him though he’s really more of a drop-in.  His rights, you know.  If there are complications making that happen on the back-end, well, that’s what the Gemini Moon does for you, helps you just blow things off when they don’t feel good, rationalize them away.

Uranus is the iconoclast, the one who sees humanity in the abstract through the lens of his own personal individuality.  There’s a time and a place for that, you know.  Tesla was a great Uranian personality.  But he wasn’t emotionally defective like Wayne is.  His manhood wasn’t so constantly threatened.  Tesla became an adult, who contributed to the world in a positive way.  Wayne never will.  Wayne wants the rest of the world to ensure his right to be him, even if that overrides their right to exist.  Venus is about other people, specifically women.  If you look at the glyph for Uranus, the dangle in the center is a reference to his mythical castration.  This is about a disconnection from women.  There were rumors that Tesla had castrated himself, because Uranus has a very hard time connecting with others, especially women, even when it’s not opposition Venus.  Of course Tesla hadn’t castrated himself.  He had many monastic lives, he was not expecting to be physically sexual in that life.  He was enough of an adult male to do it, that’s all.  It’s not impossible.  The castration thing was an idiotic question, asked by idiots.  Uranus is naturally distant from women.

So that is one big fly in the ointment of Wayne’s humanity, that he likely has a stick up his ass about women, and views the rights of other people as a woman thing.

Then Wayne’s Sun is in Scorpio, co-ruled by Pluto and Mars, and his Pluto is in Leo, ruled by the Sun.  So the Sun, the ego, is in “mutual reception” with Pluto, the devil.  That means they are like guests in each other’s homes, automatically attuned to each other’s needs.  Wayne has a firm relationship between his ego and his worst instincts, in other words.  Of course that could go either way, anything can.   We can look at what this person has done with his life and gauge his direction, what he’d like to do with himself.  It’s quite clear.

So the ego and wickedness working nicely together do not bode well for one who is already very emotionally turbulent, angry from the Mars rulership, and emotionally unprepared to meet others where they’re at with Uranus opposite Venus.  Then there’s another major issue:  Chiron the Wounded Healer on the same degree as Antares.  That puts Wayne, like so many of us, on the Aldebaran/Antares axis that I just can’t bring myself to explain one more time.  Click on HR McMaster, Wendi Deng, Erik Prince, I can’t remember who else, but they all have Aldebaran/Antares connections and I’ve blabbered on about them.  Wayne is a toxic masculinity guy, in short.

Remember I said Wayne had Neptune on the South Node?  Well, that speaks of really being stuck in the past, in a way, focused on staying who you were rather than becoming who you will be.  Then Chiron is a fragment of a planet that was destroyed by the aggression of its citizens — don’t worry, that can’t happen here, ask Wayne — called Maldek.   So Chiron is about picking up the pieces and going home, redefining yourself after a loss, letting go of the past.  Having that particular asteroid sitting atop your pack of demons on Antares is an enormous challenge that Wayne clearly had no intention of rising to.  He’s still clinging to old Maldek, which doesn’t exist anymore and also really sucked even when it did exist.  Of course it does still exist; it’s space dust, like Chiron.  Get over it, like you keep telling people whose families are shot.  Of course he doesn’t say those words.  But when you never allow the conversation that’s the obvious message.  Send that your thoughts and prayers, Wayne, your need to cling to a fictional past.

That is more than enough ingredients for a shit sandwich that could choke this entire country to death, all of the above.  But astrology never ceases to amaze me, that’s why I persist.  Wayne actually has another little stink bomb inside his overall horrible chart, like a turducken of selfishness.  Wayne has Algorab the Crow, Pallas Athena, Neptune, and Seginus the Guard all right together.  Algorab represents a group of souls who have shared multiple incarnations together, who move about like a murder of crows, incarnating together.  Theirs is not a new game, or a complicated one, any more than a literal murder of crows.  They are aggressive, and they like shiny things.  (I know that’s controversial.  But look at this.

If only Wayne, Manafort, Stone, and the rest of them were literal crows.  That craftiness and persistence is adorable on things that don’t ruin democracy.)

Anyway as I’ve harped on about elsewhere, Seginus the Guard portends ruin through association.  Trump has that conjunct Jupiter, which not only represents the government generally, but features prominently in Trump’s chart and his whole family’s.  So I’ve been using Seginus as a marker of a karmic tie to Trump himself, in the same way that Jupiter represents Trump in the Trump-adjacent.

So Wayne has both of these specific markers that I see among many shitty people.  Sandwiched between them are Neptune, which is again about our overall integrity, our sense of wholeness, and our ability to ground who we truly are in essence within our lives.  I don’t get Wayne as necessarily an alcoholic or a substance abuser.  I think he’s delusional enough with his Uranus opposite Venus issues that he can just sort of hate-wank himself through any crisis without a drink.  Bad integrity starts with a habit of lying to oneself, disconnecting from your core wisdom.  Dying of an addiction is only the end of that slippery slope.

Then as I’ve discussed at length in Hope Hicks‘ chart, Pallas Athena is the field marshal, the one who identifies patterns and creates strategies.   So I see any desire to cultivate integrity, connect with intuition or personal balance, all of that is squashed between the part of him that is just as petty and thieving as a crow, and whose name will become so soiled as to ruin anyone associated with it — like Trump.

Go die in a shame puddle, Wayne.


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