Nikolas Cruz, Astrosplained

So, this is really upsetting.  There’s actually nothing funny about it.  The good thing is that the camel’s back seems to have been broken on school shootings, thank God.  Let’s look at the chart before I say things I’ll regret.

Nikolas Cruz chartThe first thing I like to do is see where the Sun is and determine what planet is ruling the chart, what the main point of this person’s life is.  In this case it’s not entirely clear, because we don’t have a solid birth time or location.  He’s adopted, could be from somewhere very different.  We do not know.

His Sun could either be in the last degrees of Virgo or the beginning degrees of Libra.  Virgo is ruled by Mercury, and suggests a somewhat unbalanced preference for the head mind over the heart mind.

Libra is ruled by the benefic, charming, people-person Venus.  Off the bat I’d say Virgo is more likely for this young man.  Virgo the Virgin, by definition, does not accept input from others.  Virgos can be difficult or impossible to connect with emotionally.  But a sorely afflicted Venus can greatly impair that same ability.  Funny how that works.  Nikolas also has a serious Mercury problem.  He’s actually extremely bright, he has major Mercurial bandwidth.

I will also say with respect to the Snead family, Nikolas is certainly bright enough to manipulate them and conceal his dark side.  They need to have a serious talk with their son, IMO, who certainly knew.  But I am sure Nikolas is smart enough to know where his bread is buttered.  He also probably had a deep craving for the sort of fathering that Mr. Snead provided, where there are rules, he has to ask permission, and sometimes he gets told no.  My sense is that the death of his mother wasn’t the triggering factor, as some has speculated.  On the contrary it was the empowerment he felt when he finally got into a structured, supportive, male-dominated home like the Sneads’.

However, an early Libra Sun (much less likely) could also make someone extremely bitter.  He could need external validation so badly that being given up for adoption, and adopted by people who couldn’t relate to him, could have provoked that sort of rage.  I still think it’s more likely to be a Virgo/Mercury Sun.  This is a bright, or at least clever lad.

Pluto plays a big role in Nikolas’ chart, as does Mars.  Pluto plays a big role in the charts of both Stephen “Evil Pauly” Miller and Omarosa.

When Trump gave that “American carnage” speech written by Miller, Nikolas applauded with every cell of his body.  I’m disappointed that people aren’t really talking about how this kid was a big Trump supporter.  I feel like if he were a Black Lives Matter guy we’d definitely have heard a lot about that at CPAC.  Omarosa apparently quoted Darth Vader in the clip above, or some other cartoon villain.  It’s not clear to me that it was intentional.  That’s just the river she swims in with her bigtime Pluto.  I’m truly not speaking about her skin now, but her soul:  she’s the dark underbelly of this White House personified, along with Miller.  The two of them are Trump’s Plutonian shadow, the part that resonates with his base — including Nikolas.

In Nikolas’ chart, Pluto is at the head of what I call a mini-kite, that little blue triangle from Pluto to the Sun/Mercury and Uranus.  This is a very antisocial chart.  Like Ayn Rand, it’s difficult to see how this person would take a positive path — as any of us can do with our life circumstances due to having free will.  I’m just having trouble extrapolating what that would look like.

Pluto is the devil in each of us.  Nikolas’ Pluto is bolstered partly by his sense of self, which he largely identifies as his thoughts, due to his Mercury being combust, hidden within the Sun’s corona.  When you ask Nikolas who he is, his reply is about his head mind, his thoughts and words.  The problem is, Toro the raging bull is also combust.  So there’s a sense of being enraged by your thoughts, and running with it.  Again, this could be happening under the auspices of either Mercury/the mind (Virgo) or Libra/balance (Venus).  I have to say it’s Virgo, though again, unbalanced thoughts about connecting with others could quite well be the root of all of this, and probably is, thanks to Schroedinger’s cat.  Everything you can imagine is valid from some angle, you know.

Anyway the Pluto thing is rather fierce in its alienation from humanity as a whole.  Pluto is the part of us that is willing to rip a hole in the Earth if that’s what it will take to abduct a child and rape/kill her.  How close people get to that level of intensity, how much they engage that particular part of themselves, is variable.  Here, that little flowing energetic circuit that I have nicknamed a mini-kite, that involves Pluto, the Sun/Mercury/Toro thing discussed above, and Uranus.  That’s another problem for Nikolas.  Uranus is the man who thinks he is an island.  Nikolas has Uranus in Aquarius, a sign he co-rules with Saturn, who is also very difficult to connect with on an emotional level.  In Aquarius, humanity is an abstract concept, one the native can’t necessarily relate to.  Especially with the impaired Mercury shown here.

Again, I don’t have solid birth data.  So it’s possible that Nikolas actually has Neptune in either Aquarius or Capricorn.  That’s a very slow-moving planet, so it’s most likely still in late Capricorn.  Either way, Neptune here is ruled by Saturn — who, as described above, is very hard to relate to on a personal level.  Saturn represents authority and authority figures, specifically where the hard times fall onto the native.  It can also be how the native uses whatever authority they have, as in the chart of the serial killer-adjacent Dr. Hackett.  Saturn is the punisher, where the native is unyielding, and where they are themselves hit hardest.  Then Neptune is our connection to our own divinity, our core wisdom.  Saturn doesn’t engage anything he can’t count, or at least touch.  In other words it’s going to be very hard for Nikolas to feel his own divinity, his own connection to the human family.

This is also because Saturn himself is square both of those planets from early Taurus, ruled by Venus.  What Taurus/Venus and Saturn have in common is money:  they love it.  Both can be extremely selfish.  You may think of Saturn as the tax lawyer and Venus in Taurus as his fat, lazy wife.  They’re a perfect match on that level.  Saturn looks only at the bottom line, refusing introspection.  Venus is superficial, and doesn’t care about principle as long as everybody’s happy.  So Saturn in early Taurus has a certain petulance, an unwillingness to even think about serving anyone but himself.  It also sort of sours the native, as Saturn does, on the support that is received specifically from women.  Saturn in Taurus feels very entitled to spoiling, in other words, to the extreme.  And he clearly didn’t get it.  So that went bad.

Nikolas also has the Moon and Chiron the Wounded Healer in Scorpio, co-ruled by Mars and Pluto.  Mars the God of War is of course aggressive, impulsive, and itching to fight.  His symbol is a walking hard-on.  It’s good to keep in mind that there is a higher end of Mars, the old soldier who has clarity through painful experience.  But of course it takes a really long time and a ton of sacrifice to get to that sort of Mars.  Highly evolved Mars is about leadership, true grit, to the point where you put down the sword and pick up the pen.  I have extreme Mars.  I’ve never shot anybody.  But I’ve also never owned a gun, because believe me, I know I’m plenty volatile.  I don’t need any more temptation to do anything I would regret.  I’m grateful that my Neptune has been strong enough to keep me non-violent, and I know now that it always will.  But it was a long hard road, a lot of work.  And I didn’t pass a lot of other people along the road to good anger management, after a point.  Most people don’t even try, they just lash out at others, like Nikolas did.

Anyway the Moon is where we get to the emotional self, the moods, the dark corners of our minds where we’re not sure exactly what we know.  Dreams, intuition, memories, projection, all of that stuff happens via the Moon, the emotional self.  It can be very hard to get into good moods when you have an afflicted Moon (Ask me, I know!)   Nikolas has the Moon conjunct Chiron the Wounded Healer, and this has everything to do with what went wrong here.

Chiron is an asteroid, a large fragment of a planet called Maldek, which was destroyed due to the hyperaggression of its citizens.  Chiron is thus of the energy of picking up the pieces and moving on, burying the hatchet because you don’t need it anymore and have a long, hard road to walk.  That’s an enormous challenge in this chart.  When Tom Petty said, “You don’t have to live like a refugee,” too bad Nikolas couldn’t hear that.  He wasn’t born to feel like anything but a refugee.  So that is problematic for him IMO, since he apparently hasn’t risen to the challenge of it in a healthy way.

In terms of the shape of this planet, it could loosely be called a see-saw pattern, wherein the native seeks balance.  However the other pattern which is more fitting IMO would be the locomotive, making him rather driven and determined.  There is a large psychic void from Saturn to Mars.  I am calling Mars the engine of this locomotive chart, again adding emphasis to the love of guns and overall aggression of the native.

There are a couple of other interesting features in this chart.  Nikolas has those dashed green lines, the inconjuncts or redirections of energy that criss-cross in the middle.  So there is a sense of balance within the native, a mini energetic see-saw that does not unfortunately carry over to the whole chart.  If the entire chart were in more of a see-saw shape, he would’ve stood a much better chance of using his Pluto and Mars in a good way, to become very clear on who he is and being the change he wants to see in the world.  I believe he may end up fulfilling his destiny in the negative, by opening up a conversation that his classmates seem to be very clear on.  Pluto at its best is about transformation, breaking through the unknown, rising from the ashes.

The inconjuncts in this chart are between Mars and Jupiter/Pallas, and Saturn inconjunct the Sun/Mercury/Toro.  First I note that again Mars is emphasized in this chart.  So any inconjunct or redirection from Mars is an important function of the personality, a way that he redirects or misdirects his aggressions.  Jupiter is well personified by Trump, who left Parkland and went straight to shake his big fat rump at Mar A Lago.  The problem with Jupiter, sauce for the goose is never sauce for the gander.  The inequality doesn’t bother him.  He says schools need to become hard targets, so full of guns nobody would dare.  Yet Mar A Lago is a gun-free zone, as is the White House.  He probably couldn’t make Trump Tower gun-free since half of his tenants are in the Russian mob.

But I digress.  I bring up Jupiter because Nikolas is a MAGA guy.  Jupiter is another thing that runs amok in the extreme ego crowd, the sense that the world is mine to burn down for my own amusement.  Pallas Athena is the field marshal, who identifies patterns and creates strategies.  So Nikolas has a sense of “go big or go home.”  He managed to do the most talked-about shooting since Columbine, overwhelming coverage of multiple similar attacks.  His was the truly spectacular one.  His plan was really big, both the weapon and the strategy.  This is not a stupid kid.  Just a sociopath.

Then that little Jupiter/Pallas aspect is opposite the Sun/Mercury/Toro, and importantly, Venus.  So we’re looking at someone whose antisocial behavior is designed to make himself feel very big and important, who uses strategy to make a huge splash.  Like a Trump-sized turd hitting the bowl.

Then Saturn is inconjunct the Sun/Mercury/Toro.  So Mars redirects his anger, and Saturn unsettles his boundaries with respect to responsibilities.  His sense of what he is owed, what punishment should be dealt, all of that has to do with his distorted sense of self, and his many negative thoughts.

Those two inconjucts create something that allows Nikolas to not deal with things that are comfortable inside himself, to sort of keep it all in motion so he doesn’t have to land on any hot spots that don’t work for him.  It’s almost like the reverse of a yod, the hand of God, where one planet acts as God’s knuckle while the finger points back and forth between two planets.  Here, Nikolas has not allowed God to take the wheel of one planet, but rather created a central exchange within himself where he can hop when he’s in trouble, like a psychic escape hatch, so he thinks.  It won’t get him out of jail alive.

Then the other very telling aspect pattern here is the 3/4 square of oppositions.  If you look at the red box from Saturn to Uranus/Neptune to the Moon to Mars, you see some very hard business.  This pattern creates a pattern of friction from his sense of authority (Saturn) to his identity in relation to society (Uranus/Neptune) to his moods and feelings (the Moon) to his aggression and love of guns (Mars).  Uranus has a very hard time relating to other people, seeing things their way, or getting with their agendas.  That planet happens to be conjunct Nikolas’ Neptune.  I know that’s a “generational” influence among outer, slow-moving planets, i.e., lots of people have this.  But I’m looking at how it plays in this particular chart, within the overall dynamics.

That three-sided box is IMO a recipe for disaster, the thing that ensured Nikolas could not somehow pull the rest of this chart out of the spiritual ditch.  Like with serial killer John Bittrolff, there is a lot of friction with no obvious means for relief.  Wendi Deng, who is demonstrably higher-functioning than either of these two murderers, has a similarly high-intensity chart.  The way to balance out that energetic pathway would be to add a fourth side.  A chart that features a four-sided box with an X in the middle is called a grand cross.  That’s just a highly dynamic person, someone with a lot of energy who can use all of their resources and create high-intensity balance.

Anyway in Nikolas’ chart, we don’t see the X in the middle that Wendi has, which allows her to be more flexible and stable than she would otherwise be.  Nikolas doesn’t have that X, which is IMO healthier than the little set of inconjuncts I’ve discussed above.  He’s also unlikely to marry any billionaire, even a really ugly one.

What Nikolas has with those four hard angles making that circuit from Saturn to Mars and back is more like a cul-de-sac, an energetic eddy where friction builds up and pools.  With the Pluto, Mars, and Mercury in this chart, that is unlikely to bode well for Nikolas.  I imagine all of those factors — from the sourness of Saturn, to the alienation of Uranus, to the depression and moodiness of the Moon, to the anger of Mars — creating a sort of psychic rut.  Like a lion pacing in a zoo, his Mercurial thoughts weren’t able to go all the way around his psyche.  He kept going back and forth in unhappy ways, and this is the end result.

God bless his classmates.  I will be very glad if they finally break the NRA’s stranglehold on my country.  Nikolas may have inadvertently, indirectly fulfilled the promise of his transformative Pluto and his leading Mars, ironically not by cultivating those qualities, but by forcing others around him to do so.



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