Eric Greitens, Astrosplained

Greitens-mug-shotGentle reader,

Don’t be alarmed, that’s a mug shot.  This wicked man can’t get you now.

Granted, nobody ever looks cute in a mug shot except Paris and Nicole.

I think a lot of people’s faces are contorted into a mask by their thoughts.  Frankly Greitens looks scary to me even in his “nice” pictures.  Something about the way his eyes don’t match is a bit Jekyll/Hyde for me, like he’s two very different people.  To me he always looks like one horrible guy, but I’m a bit of an outcast.

He’s probably still the Governor of Missouri for the time being, though he was taken into custody the other day, and has resigned from the Republican Governors Association.  I’m from neighboring Illinois, so even as deep dark dirty as this scandal is, they will need several more convicted governors to keep up with us.  I’m still glad he’s in deep doo doo.  But look at the thumbnail below.  His face is scary, not in a sexy way.  Scary like a guy who would do exactly the kind of evil revenge porn thing he’s accused of.

As they said on Bob Costa’s show:

“You have right now … the Republican Party of Missouri attacking a prosecutor for charging the governor with taking undressed pictures of his mistress.

That’s our adorable GOP, sailing merrily toward the mid-terms.  And if I thought Eric’s face was scary, yikes, look at his chart.

eric greitens chart

The woman in the horrifying phone recording was his hairdresser.  She was also married.  I wish married ladies would in the future have me run charts before trusting strange men.  I’m going to break form and first address specifically the things that would make me advise someone not to date this man:

  • Neptune and the Moon on Antares
  • Vesta conjunct Pluto
  • Venus on Fomalhaut (not necessarily bad, except with this horrible Mars)
  • Most of all, Mars on both Nessus and Mintaka
  • That horrible Mars conjunct Saturn
  • Mars/Saturn/Nessus/Mintaka at the apex of a T-square

Another thing that jumped out at me, which I saw in Nikolas Cruz‘ chart, was that pattern I might call a reverse yod, the criss-crossing dashed green lines.  I’ve probably seen this aspect pattern before.  I’m not quite sure exactly what it means, but it feels a bit treacherous to me.  Maybe I’ll see it in the charts of some nicer people, we’ll see.

Now that I’m past the red flag area, let’s start with the Sun, the soul’s primary mission for incarnation.  Eric has the Sun in Aries, so ruled by Mars the God of War.  That rulership makes a lot of sense for this former SEAL and obvious gun lover.  Eric also has Chiron conjunct the Sun, meaning that this energy is combust, or obscured within the Sun’s corona.  Anything that is combust will be an integral part of the native’s life, a mission-essential influence.  It would be something that feels automatic to them, like water to a fish.  They wouldn’t be able to imagine anything else.

I’ve been seeing a lot of Chiron popping up lately, and it leads me to consider its origin.  Chiron is an asteroid, debris from the planet Maldek, which was destroyed long ago by the aggression of its inhabitants.  Farah Suckabee Flanders has it conjunct Algol the Blinking Demon, speaking of yikes.  Nikolas Cruz has it conjunct the Moon, the emotional, uncontrollable part of us.  Wayne LaPierre has Chiron directly on Antares, double yikes.  So Chiron is thought of as the Wounded Healer, the part of us that learns through experience and can help others with things we have ourselves processed.  But of course that assumes one is doing the work, doesn’t it?  What if people don’t rise to the challenge?

It occurs to me that unevolved Chiron would tend to dwell in the past, and specifically perhaps to yearn for a past that did not actually exist the way they think it did, that sort of “real America” thing that has never happened in real life.  This country was never safe and peaceful.  We started out with a double genocide.  The 1950s weren’t in a magical bubble.  Anyway the 1950s were actually a very aggressive and unfair time, in which my government was considering detonating a nuclear bomb on the Moon.  There was an absolute refusal to look at how badly women or people of color got treated.  There was non-stop aggression, in other words, though some found it ideal.  And I suspect that may be the feeling with an unevolved Chiron, too, one who has learned absolutely nothing from all the violence.

Importantly, asteroid Toro the Raging Bull is also in Aries.  When anything is on the Aldebaran/Antares axis there is participation in the war between the archangel Michael on Aldebaran and the pack of demons on Antares.  Neptune on Antares is pretty eye-popping in terms of not trusting this person.  Hand your heart and your wallet to a pack of demons, sure.  The presence of the Moon suggests that he feels this very much in his bones, that it dominates his moods.  I’m sure Eric is an extremely macho and aggressive guy.

Like Farah Suckabee Flanders, Eric has the Sun and Mercury quite far apart from each other, in different signs.  This is someone who does not so much identify with their thoughts.  Eric’s sense of self, if I had to guess, is more about his physical body, specifically his junk.  In this Mars-ruled chart (remember Mars’ symbol is in fact an erection), Mars is conjunct Saturn, the physical body.  This is a very ugly feature in any man suspected of any sort of violence, because those two are conjunct Nessus the Wife Beater and Mintaka, which was the fixed star that got me started looking into all these awful people.

Mars/Saturn/Nessus/Mintaka are part of the grand trine, the big blue triangle in the center of the chart.  This aspect pattern is thought of as “born on easy street,” because certain aspects of the native’s life fall right into place easily and naturally, thanks to all those soft blue lines.  Here the macho, physically male identification is in a major cooperative circuit with Venus/Fomalhaut and Jupiter in Pisces, co-ruled by Jupiter and Neptune.  Jupiter represents the government, and I’m sure this made it easier for Greitens to be elected than someone without strong Jupiter.  Jupiter and Venus are considered benefic planets, which make things bigger and more fun.  Then the other leg of this reflection of the trinity is Uranus, the I gotta be me planet.

Uranus is an outer planet, who co-rules Aquarius with Saturn, prominent in this chart as described above.  In Aquarius, humanity is more of an abstract concept.  Uranian personalities have a very hard time connecting at the heart level, believing themselves in some way unique.  And they can be very out there, very inventive.  But a lot of the time it’s just intractability, refusal to meet others where they are at, insistence on being fully accommodated in a society you don’t fully participate in, like Wayne LaPierre.  I give Eric’s Uranus added importance with respect to the grand trine, because he has Juno the Spouse conjunct Ceres the Earth Mother.  So both Eric’s wife and mother support him 100 percent in his macho persona and position in government.

The women in his life (Venus) are conjunct Jupiter.  Venus and Jupiter are in Jupiter’s Pisces, again, and so is Dejanira the Victim.   Nessus and Dejanira have everything to do with any sexual abuse question, with Nessus of course the perpetrator.  So Dejanira for him is in a sign co-ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, in other words he expects the victimized woman within his relationships to people generally (Venus), women (Venus) and society/the government (Jupiter).  He also has Mars conjunct Nessus, and Venus conjunct Dejanira.  Go figure.

Eric’s Mercury is also quite close to the very end of the zodiac, that magical spot at the tail end of Pisces where Harvey Weinstein has the Sun.  Anything can happen there.  Eric’s thoughts can go in any direction, and will tend toward getting advantage over other people.

Overall, that particular grand trine suggests that Eric has always been accommodated in his aggressive, selfish, behavior, even rewarded for it.  Jupiter represents the government, and Venus represents other people and how you relate to them.  There’s not a lot of relating going on in this chart.  There’s a lot of war (Mars), and my right to be me (Uranus), and my awareness of what I’m owed (Saturn).  So there’s a great sense of entitlement to that particular set of circumstances, which actually sounds pretty awful to me, not a lifestyle I would choose.  Saturn sours everything it touches, and despite the easy, flowing aspects, there is an enormous amount of anger and toxic masculinity in any chart with the Moon on Antares.

Antares is in Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter.  Trump is quite the Mr. Jupiter himself, a big fat guy with ridiculous hair, golfing while his country burns.   Jupiter, and especially in Sagittarius where Eric’s Moon is, loves to party.  Specifically he likes to party on somebody else’s dime.  Jupiter can have a big “consequences are for other people” problem.  Jupiter is quite prominent in this chart.  The combination of Jupiter and Mars is what I think of as the “Alexander the Great” syndrome, one for whom the world exists to be plundered, like Paul Manafort.  I wish I lived on a planet where that guy was called “Alexander the Raging Sociopath,” and we learned about him the same way we learned about Hitler.

In summation, I’m sure that Eric did everything that woman said and more.  This is a sneaky, mean-spirited, selfish guy with a raging sense of entitlement to live like a king.  Don’t let the door hit you in the butt on your way out, Eric.









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