Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Astrosplained

Another Trumpet who has earned her star on the walk of shame, Farah Suckabee Flanders.  I’m mostly just getting ready for the giant info dump, in which we will all find out what these people have been up to.  I don’t like her at all, so let’s dive in and get this done.

Farah Suckabee Flanders chart

First order of business, the Sun is in his own sign of Leo.   So the Sun rules this chart, the native’s awareness of self.   This is a locomotive chart with a Moon engine, like Don McGahn’s.  Locomotives are far and away the most common chart shape among White House personnel not directly related to Trump.   The Sun ruler and Moon engine make this someone who is very grounded within herself and her own needs.   Her Moon is conjunct the Royal Persian Star Aldebaran, putting her squarely on the leadership vs. antagonism axis with Antares.

Farah’s Leo Sun and Aldebaran Moon should really allow her to feel like a moral high-road girl.  She also has Pluto on Arcturus and Spica, making her able to truly plumb the depths of her humanity and express it to the world if she is so inclined.  I haven’t really noticed her doing a lot of that, but will keep an eye out.   While we’re doing her inventory, she also has Saturn conjunct Seginus the Guard, which portends ruin through association.  Trump has Jupiter conjunct Seginus, making that unfortunate star a marker for his cabinet in particular especially since Jupiter represents the government.

As I keep saying, any contact with one of the Royal Stars brings an archangel into your life.  If you stay on the integrity side of things, you have a guardian angel.  When your integrity fails, the face of an angel looks like a demon.  The power disparity remains the same whether you are in a positive or negative orientation.  The Seginus contact, especially with Saturn, strongly suggests an integrity breach.   Saturn, as described in Don McGahn’s ‘splain, is about backbone, fact-checking, and reality-testing.  You can’t be the spokesperson for this administration, which coined the term “alternative facts,” and have healthy Saturn.  Saturn likes his facts cold and hard, thank you.  Except he’s unlikely to ever say, “Thank you.”

But lies and lying are not actually a Saturn thing, that’s all the domain of Neptune.  Neptune rules the individual’s higher mind, and how well they connect with it.  My definition of integrity is structural wholeness, like with a bridge.  Like integers.   How well a person engages that part of herself is a wide-open question, always.  Failure to process our higher selves, the divine part of us, can lead to all sorts of bad behaviors, everything from little white lies to addictions.

Farah has Neptune at 24 Sagittarius conjunct Juno the Spouse.  Neptune conjunct Juno gives me a sense of loss of boundaries in relationship.  Especially with a Moon-heavy chart like this, Farah may tend to project emotionally, assuming the emotional burdens of others and projecting her own needs and preferences onto them as well.  This would exacerbate the Gemini Moon issues that she shares with Louise Linton-Mnooch, where I believe Linton pretends she’s the secretary of the treasury sometimes.   Neither of them comes across as personable, approachable, or easygoing, which can come from a life of privilege and a non-emotional Moon.  There’s a certain lack of self-awareness, failure to recognize one’s own emotional fluctuations and shortcomings, as well as automatically assuming the strengths of others, and a tendency to rationalize where it’s best to empathize.  Gemini Moons are not your empathetic types.

Farah’s sterile Gemini Moon is also opposite Uranus, the “I gotta be me” planet, making her even less relatable.  When she stands up on the podium looking like she actually does not understand why anyone is interested in asking those questions, that’s legit.  She truly can’t relate to other people enough to get what they’re on about.  That blowing off of your concerns comes very naturally to her.  The third leg of that little anger management sandwich, the T-square shown by the red triangle, is Mercury.  Mercury is the ruler of Gemini, and thus the Moon.  He also rules Virgo.  So this is another chart with hyperactive thoughts and inability to ground them emotionally, like with Nikolas Cruz.  Mercury is about conscious thoughts, the part of your mind you’re aware of, and your words.  It is specifically not about feelings.  Farah has a serious feelings problem, because her head mind runs amok.

Farah’s cranky, unrelatable Uranus is also square the Sun and Mercury.  Mercury never gets very far away from the Sun, due to its fast motion and its orbit.  Farah’s hyperactive Mercury is quite far from the Sun, 18 degrees.  The two are not even in the same sign; The Sun is in his own sign of Leo, and Mercury is in his own sign of Virgo.  This speaks of an enormous lack of self-awareness.  Where Nikolas Cruz has trouble identifying himself as anything but his thoughts, because his Mercury is so close to his Sun, Farah has the opposite problems.  She’s quite detached from her rampaging thoughts, which are pretty much what she uses to connect to the rest of humanity, to see herself in our faces, which is what the Moon does for us.  Venus also shows how we connect with others.

Farah’s Venus is right at the end of motherly Cancer, ruled by the Moon.  As with Linton-Mnooch, the Moon doesn’t stop functioning when it’s in Gemini.  Such a person may be very uncomfortable with feelings and prefer to pretend they don’t exist at all.  But those people still have the occasional bad dream, irrational fear, or moment of bliss.  They rationalize them away as much as possible, throwing words all over them until they’re as useful as fully-popped bubble wrap.  But humans can’t think their moods away anymore than the wind can stop the tides.  The Moon rules the parts of our consciousness we’re not aware of, the things that scare and depress us, the parts of ourselves we’d love to escape from.

In a wonky Mercury chart like this, there’s a compartmentalization and detachment from feelings, not an eradication, as explained above.  The distance between the Sun and Mercury aggravate that dissociation from the thoughts.  Farah doesn’t necessarily feel like her thoughts are about her, they’re just more things in the world that she doesn’t have to feel anything about.   But one of the things I’m pretty sure she does have feelings about is herself.  Leo has a big ego and needs a lot of attention and strokes.  Then Venus is always a people person, always wants to connect.  The Moon is the woman who loves and supports, the mother archetype.  Venus is the mother/wife who lives to be supported, and whose love and support are available when her own cup runneth over.  Venus needs to be filled up by others, where the Moon rules the tides.  The Moon has the Sun to reflect, that’s all she needs.  Venus needs Mars or Saturn.

So I expect that Farah is very easily wounded, with her Venus in late Cancer.  Cancer is about your family of origin, and like other GOP Stepford women, ::cough:: Ronna Romney McDaniel ::cough:: she still wears her father’s brand, because she can.  (I swear I recall at some point Ivana Trump’s sister also using the surname Trump, which of course you would do when your sister is married to a guy.)  But with Farah I get that it’s not only as obvious as being born with a Birkin.  Her stupid, ugly father set the bar at stupid and ugly, and showered her in reflections of her own perfection from Day 1, I have no doubt.  This is Daddy’s Little Princess.  She will never fully leave the nest.

However the White House is only near Suckabee HQ, not actually in it.  Her dad only thinks he’s at the heart of everything in this country.  Most of us disagree, and therefore Farah was on thin ice for the non-Suckabee portion of America from the beginning.  Nothing has changed.  And she’s not on the same McDonald’s IV drip that keeps the Donald fat and happy.  She’s facing actual reporters who do live in the real world, not Mike’s fantasy land where Farah is God’s perfect angel.  She gets made fun of on TV, I bet that kills her.  Bottom line, she has to look at that face every day in the mirror.  At some point even she had to acknowledge that her dad was just being nice.  And with the Gemini Moon, whacko Mercury, and crotchety Uranus, she’s not equipped to roll with even slight friction with other people.  She’s just not.

The disapproval of others would tend to roll off her like water off a duck’s back for the many reasons described above.  But everybody has a Venus.  Everybody wants to connect to humanity, and know that feeling of love and acceptance.  In this chart it’s Cancer, the hearth and home.  That may be why she tried to pull that pie-gate situation, trying to show the human side of herself that can connect to other people.  And that’s where it stands, pie-gate.  In case you’re not following along, that was April Ryan’s super polite way of saying, “This woman is crazy.”

See, I’m a Cancer.  I’m the old fat lady who bakes cookies and dips strawberries for the neighbor kids.  I don’t care if they thank me or not.  I get to enjoy their enjoyment.  Do I feel that same vibe coming from Farah Flanders? Nope diddly ope, neighborino.

Even if those are her actual pictures, that’s a bizarre way to cook, where you dump all the chips into a bowl, unwrap the butter, leave the nuts in the bag, and put a whole dozen eggs into another bowl.  I’ve also never seen a pecan pie that didn’t include both kinds of corn syrup, and most use brown sugar, too.  Just goofy.  Is that six eggs in each pecan pie?  Um, I made three chocolate cakes yesterday and used a total of four eggs.  Just saying.  She didn’t make that pie.  And the fact that she went so insane about it, that’s this alienated, non-connective chart with her Venus in late Cancer.  She cannot tolerate having the pie-baking part of her not accepted by people, no matter how fake and sad it appears.  That’s really the only part of her that is open to connection at the heart level.  It must be brutally tender.

Farah’s North Node is also in Cancer, right on Sirius, a Royal Star that adds an archangelic connection and adds sparkle and brilliance to the life.  So Farah must really feel that nobody gets the amazing mom that she is.  And she probably is in certain ways.  Her father’s belief in his own (and therefore Farah’s) perfection is not healthy IMO.  But I will say it wouldn’t have hurt me at all to have parents that saw me as at least okay.  Parents who loved me unconditionally would’ve been great.  Farah probably is someone who provides that same level of acceptance to her children that she got in her home.  It’s easy for her goofy Mercurial way of relating to see herself in her own children.

Then Farah also has Mercury opposite Dejanira the Victim in Pisces.  There is no other chart activity in this area, other than to say it is the psychic bull’s eye of the chart.   In this locomotive chart, as with others, there is a large gap with no planetary activity.  That creates an itch that the native longs to fill, and a drive to get there.  Nature abhors a vacuum, and where there is no energetic circulation, the consciousness will seek to scratch that itch.  Here it’s from Neptune to the Moon, with the Moon again at the engine, leading the whole locomotive of Farah’s life.

I’ve only recently begun watching Dejanira, and I’ve seen it in the charts of men (Dejanira is specifically a female victim of sexual violence), for whom it usually doesn’t directly apply.  So I take it in those cases as a sense of “I’m the real victim here” where no such victimization occurs.  Dejanira describes the victim in the chart of a man who does commit sex crimes or wife-beating.  I don’t expect Farah to have been victimized, and despite how repulsive I find her, I hope she never is.  I’m sick of all the victimization, you know.

With Farah, I get that it’s that sense of “I’m the real victim here.”  There is another aspect pointing to that sort of attitude, Chiron conjunct Algol.  Chiron the Wounded Healer is an asteroid, debris from a planet that was destroyed by the aggression of its inhabitants.   So Chiron can represent the things we’ve learned the hard way, or the things we refuse to let go and get over.  So there isn’t a carefree Gemini Moon, where everything is light and cerebral.  Algol the Blinking Demon is like a Pandora’s box that pops open on its own every now and then.  Having an unevolved Chiron connection to Algol can make someone emotionally bound up to all kinds of things that actually have nothing to do with them, and act accordingly.  Especially with that Gemini Moon that really doesn’t want to deal with feelings at all.

There’s so much more to discuss in this chart.  Pluto and Mars are also problem children in this chart.  I’ve been talking about both of those a lot lately with all the maniacs, rapists, and school shooters.  Mars the God of War rules guns, and you can expect Farah to be a true believer in the NRA.  Her True Believer asteroid, Vesta, is in Aquarius.  As with Wayne LaPierre, Aquarius is about connecting with humanity as an abstract concept, not so much living, bleeding animals.  This furthers the non-interactive theme with the excess Mercury.

Farah has Mars, Jupiter, and Ceres in Scorpio, ruled by Mars and Pluto.  Scorpio is another water sign, ruled again by the impaired Moon.  Thoughts just don’t manage feelings well, that is all.  Feelings are not logical and cannot be handled with math.  I’m afraid Farah thinks that her feelings are logic, and that other people are just too stupid to get it, that her subjective reality is objective.  Scorpio doesn’t get mad, he gets even.  Jupiter represents the government generally, and Trump in the Trump-adjacent, especially if there’s contact with Seginus the Guard.  Farah has Saturn directly on Seginus, which, again, denotes ruin through association.  So I expect Farah to go down with the USS Trump.  The Scorpio situation leads me to believe she was comfortable with the American carnage speech, that like Omarosa, she’s glad the Donald gets revenge on everybody who ever doubted him.

Farah’s Mars in Scorpio will be mean and sneaky, passive-aggressive especially with all this Mercury in the chart.  And her Pluto is turbocharged, sitting directly at heaven’s gate on Arcturus.  Arcturus is like that cloud that can part if an angel wants to beam down and talk to you.  Then Spica is closer to us but in a direct line to Arcturus, like God’s spotlight illuminating the path to Arcturus.  Pluto is an interesting planet to have right exactly there at the gate, seeing as how it represents the devil and all.  I expect Farah’s treachery and awfulness to become well and widely known, even more than it already is.

Pallas Athena is sandwiched between Pluto and Saturn in Libra.  I’ve discussed both Pluto and Saturn at length, and I know I repeat myself.  I will say that overall this creates a sense of coldness and calculation in which the native seeks balance at all costs.  However the cost will never be to herself, that’s a given with this spoiled brat.  It’s more like the “fair and balanced” sort of balance you get at Fox News, in other words.  Balanced as long as Farah should always win and get her way.

Farah’s yucky Pluto is at the head of what I call a mini-kite, the little blue triangle from Pluto to Neptune to the Sun.  Pluto is the dark side of everyone, the little devil we could be if we were to let our worst impulses run amok.  But if you don’t engage your demons, if you listen to the angel and tell the one with the pitchfork to shut up, you transform and transcend that dark side.  That’s the healthy side of Pluto, constantly facing down your demons and seeing what you learn.  (Ask me, I know!)

Neptune is about our integrity, our deeper connection to divinity.  To the extent we are dishonest, that is Neptune using smoke and mirrors.  People can lie to themselves and to others, obviously.  Neptune can get really tricky really fast, which would allow Pluto to do whatever he wants.  And what Pluto wants to do involves exploitation and sadism.  The Sun is also in this little circle jerk, giving the overall impression of a mechanism that allows Farah to believe her own propaganda, and that she can use it to let her little devil run wild.  Her father’s brand of Christianity involves the idea that one’s own shit stinketh not, we can stick to judging and regulating others.

It will be interesting to see what Mueller finds out about her, and what will eventually cause her downfall.  Look for something that she just couldn’t let go of.













One thought on “Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Astrosplained

  1. This emotional disconnectedness seems to run right through the whole Trump family and his surrounding cohorts of who some seem to have found some kind of ‘lightbulb’ moment even though it may be having to face the music of their sooooo misguided loyalty to Trump and at least realised how important their families are first. I dont know if this girl will reach this point becasue she always comes across as someone who thinks anyone who questions Trumps actions has something wrong with them. I find her almost like a third species of neither masculine or feminine.

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