Ben Carson, Astrosplained

Gentle reader,

As America’s Sleepiest-Looking Surgeon, Dr. Ben Carson is one of those people I had really thought I could just ignore and he would go away.  It seems so self-evident, and yet look where we are.

Trump in his infinite wisdom has seen fit to appoint this crazy brain surgeon to be the head of HUD, partly because he’s African-American.  Carson has zero relevant experience, and was a seemingly random pick aside from having mentioned that his family lived in housing projects growing up.  That suggests that Trump intended to make deep, dark, dastardly cuts, and thinks the news will sound better coming from a browner face.  Lo and behold, vicious jugular-gouging at Housing and Urban Development.  So Ben is actually the perfect guy for the job, because he truly does not care, and Omarosa didn’t want to have her wedding pictures at the HUD office.  I’m surprised they didn’t try to leverage his medical career by having him de-fund Medicare.

But of course the Trump administration has a seemingly random choice for every dastardly deed, which I will attribute to the former White House Chief Sith Lord Steve Bannon.  Rick Perry becomes the head of the Department of Energy, the one he wanted to defund, and cared so little about he couldn’t name during a debate.  Betsy DeVos, sister of mercenary Erik Prince of Blackwater fame, famously wants charter schools and vouchers, which makes her a devastating head of Department of Education.   (She also thinks one big problem with campus rape is false accusations.)  Dr. Carson expressed real disdain for the “social safety net” in this country while on the campaign trail.  That made Trump love him for the job.  But ultimately Dr. Carson is more of a spokesman, a less offensive-looking person to break the bad news.  This is all the dirty work of Bob and Bekah Mercer, via Bannon, IMHO.  Insert the most hostile person possible to each federal agency.

Almost everything Ben Carson says sounds stupid and/or crazy now, because he has said so much.   Recall that Carson rejected his first attempted appointment because he “didn’t feel qualified,” despite having recently run for president, aka that other guy’s boss.  Kind of makes me wonder how confident he feels with the whole neurosurgery thing, now that I know he can still be talked into things even when he knows they’re not a good idea.  So who knows, maybe there really was a robbery at “a Popeye’s organization,” and maybe Trump will turn into a real president, too.  If I were going to make up a lie about getting mugged, I’d at least make myself neutral, if not the good guy.  But that’s me, and Ben’s Ben.

At the end of the day, though, this is not an interesting guy.  Gentle Ben is what you might call a “pole turtle,” like Sarah Palin or Dana Loesch.  The idea is that if you see a turtle up on a pole, you know somebody put him there.  He definitely couldn’t have gotten there by himself.  And the getting back down is likely to kill him.  Like Sarah Palin.  Not like this pole cat, who I saw lounging around on top of this pole most days.  He gets himself up and down.

pole cat

Anyway, let’s get this Ben Carson kerfuffle over with.  It’s basically like an astrological premature ejaculation: very anticlimactic, no surprises, wake me when you’re done.  The inside of Ben Carson is as sleepy and weird as the outside.

ben carson chart

Ben has the Sun in Virgo, so Mercury is the chart ruler.  Mercury is also in Virgo, which explains how someone as goofy as Ben Carson can become a neurosurgeon.  He has extreme bandwidth, can probably read until his eyes fall out.  It wouldn’t surprise me if Carson has a photographic memory or some other brain-related superpower that made him able to excel in academics while being completely insane, like Carter Page.

His Mercury is conjunct Venus, so his ability to connect with other people, to love and be loved, has everything to do with his thoughts.  That’s why we send each other brains full of candy on Valentine’s Day.  And his Sun is quite far away from his Mercury, like with Farah Suckabee Flanders.  So Ben does not so much identify with his thoughts.  This suggests a marked lack of self-awareness, especially in someone with the turbocharged brain of Ben Carson.  With Farah Flanders it makes sense.  Her sense of self comes from being the daughter of Mike.  The ideas he fed her are what she sees in the mirror.  She makes her thoughts conform to that.  Ben sort of makes his sense of self conform to his thoughts, like I don’t think he has any real connection to who he is, opposite of Farah.  For Ben it’s all in his head.  He may have a thinking superpower so strong it distracts him.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he has some encyclopedic knowledge of the brain.

Ben has a not surprising bowl chart.  I have harped on about them a lot, but it’s been a while since I’ve seen a classic bowl like Ben’s.  The deal with a bowl chart, all of the planets are on one side of the wheel.  There is classically a “rim opposition,” as Ben has from Neptune to Jupiter.  This is like a psychic line of demarcation across which the native does not venture.  I have some bowl people in my life, and they are on some level impossible to connect with.  This is exacerbated in Virgo for a few reasons.

Basically a bowl shape has a souring effect, like Saturn.  The native’s energy does not naturally flow all the way around through the houses like a river, but tends to stagnate and pond.  I have found this to often reflect a certain laziness, unwillingness to meet others halfway.  My best example of a wonderful bowl chart person is Bernie Sanders.  The stubbornness of Bernie, the absolute refusal to see it or do it any other way, that’s
Bernie’s bowl chart.  He shares that with Mueller.  A bowl is a psychic fortress.

Virgo the Virgin, by definition, rejects others.  Virginity is about not being penetrated, like with a bowl.  So there can be what Reggie Watts calls the “air of incredulity… I’m a cartoon character, you’ll never be able to be like me.”  That’s Mercury declining to connect with the heart mind (Moon/Neptune) to other people (Venus), preferring to remain chaste within his own domain, the insane membrane.  Which is convenient, since Ben both lives and works there, like one of those condos with a grocery and dry cleaner in the building.

With a bowl chart, there can’t be a beneficial grand trine, like in Carter Page’s chart, where there’s a sort of internal privilege, a leg up on life.  Ben has a T-square, the opposite of that, the red triangle.  I think of a T-square as a psychic pebble in the shoe, an internal lifelong friction that must be dealt with.  Such imbalances would automatically be harder to address in a bowl chart, because again, the energy is only going halfway around.  So that would tend to make someone a bit of a pisser.

The apex of Ben’s T-square is Uranus the Weirdo smack dab on Sirius.  And doesn’t that make sense?  Ben Carson is more famous and definitely more influential than Carter Page, his crazy brother from another mother, the Pinky to his Brain.  Sirius gives a sparkling brilliance, and I’m sure that has helped him rise to prominence.  The T-square gives people more get-up-and-go than they would otherwise have, like a self-poking bear.

Importantly, Uranus is the guy who refuses to connect with humanity.  The classic example of Uranus was Nikola Tesla.  Just as Bernie is the unusually lovable bowl chart, so is Tesla the most lovable Uranian.  Mostly they’re kooky, awkward, and difficult to relate to.  They like to take a long view of humanity, keeping us in the abstract as much as possible so he can be alone on planet weirdo.   But like Wayne LaPierre, Uranus when he’s being a jerk still wants the rest of us to accommodate him when he needs accommodation.  Every man is an island, until he gets hungry.  Ben has that problem bigtime.

While we’re in this T-square, Ben has Neptune conjunct both Seginus the Guard and Dejanira the Victim.  Neptune reflects our connection to our own higher minds, our higher selves, and thus reflects integrity.  I define integrity not just as verbal honesty, but as structural integrity, overall wholeness, full accountability for one’s own life experience.  So to the degree someone rejects their accountability or responsibilities, that’s dishonest.

And that’s where a lot of trouble comes in.  Narcissists maintain a fantasy world wherein they are more amazing than everybody else, because they fear the opposite is true.  That’s a Neptune problem.  Impaired Neptune can do anything from making someone mildly shifty or untrustworthy, to someone who lives in a fantasy world, to someone who dies of a substance addiction.  Attempts to run from oneself can go a number of different ways, none of them positive.

So in a low-dynamic chart like this, where there’s really not much happening but that thorn in Ben’s “I Gotta Be Me” foot with Uranus, and his runaway rampaging Mercury, the third leg of that angry little tripod is Jupiter, which is in Aries, ruled by Mars.  Jupiter is well-personified by Trump himself:  the fat guy with crazy looking hair, playing golf while his responsibilities go to hell in a handbasket.  He doesn’t concern himself with unhappy details, he loves to entertain himself and let the little people work that icky stuff out.  Anytime you see an impaired Jupiter, look for a spoiled brat.

For better or for worse, Ben’s mom probably did her level best to put him on the right road.  He has truly squandered his spiritual inheritance.  I suspect her son’s overall path may be something that would break her heart.  On the one hand she put so much care and effort into turning him into a brain surgeon, and the head of HUD, an enormous federal agency.  That’s a wonderful accomplishment for his whole family.  And yet it’s tarnished by who he actually is, and what he’s done with all their support.  But Ben has Ceres the Earth Mother conjunct Fomalhaut, one of the Royal Persian Stars denoting an Archangelic connection.  This is also conjunct his North Node, suggesting that his mother tried to put him on the highest possible path to success.  But Fomalhaut is also about high integrity, which Ben does not have with that impaired Neptune.

I’m sure Ben is weird and zany in person, like that time they were interviewing him and he just said, “My luggage!” and ran off.  Another super weirdo doctor like this is Dr. Hackett, who was peripheral to the horrific murder of Shannan Gilbert.  Like Ben, Dr. Hackett has questionable Neptune.  One time when a reporter went to ask him about Shannan’s death, Dr. Hackett feigned a medical emergency.

Okay, that would be hilarious if Shannan Gilbert weren’t dead.  Really just wow.

Anyway like Dr. Hackett, Dr. Carson has an aggravated Jupiter, making him really want to let the good times roll.  Jupiter leads a lot of people to a life of megalomania, I’ve done a ton of them on this blog.  So Hackett liked to party, especially with his funky Neptune.  His Uranian weirdness shines through, just like with Ben.  Like I said, nothing to see here.  He feels entitled to have big fun, just the way he likes it.  He doesn’t want to drop in on planet Earth and pick it up, either, he wants it on his own terms.  That seems reasonable to him.

Also like Dr. Hackett, I think Mrs. Carson is part of the problem.  Mrs. Hackett is portrayed in the chart as a harpy with money problems.  Here, Mrs. Carson is conjunct Toro the Raging Bull, in Jupiter’s sign of Sagittarius, where he likes to have a good time.  This is Mrs. Carson being rather aggressive IMHO, with the Toro contact.  She takes that part of Ben’s wonkiness and runs with it.

Mercury and Venus are trine the Moon, suggesting that the women in Dr. Carson’s life make him feel good about himself, validate him emotionally.  I believe his mother to be a better woman overall than his wife, character-wise.  But Dr. Carson’s character is also questionable, like Dr. Hackett and his wife.  I believe it’s Mrs. Carson on the spending rampage at HUD, and likely her that spurred him on even though he knows he’s not qualified.  Those two are in Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter the good time Charlie, who is again in Aries (ruled by Mars) in that T-square.

So Ben can be pretty aggressive about his entitlement to live large.  I think this is well displayed in the fake anecdote about having a gun shoved in his ribs, and directing the guy to the cashier instead.  When I heard Carson discuss that in an interview once, his logic was that he’s a neurosurgeon, that guy is just a Popeye’s cashier, society needs me more than him, which of course the robber understood.  Fortunately it was an imaginary robber from the crazy (Neptune) brain (Mercury) of Ben Carson.

Dr. Carson also has Pluto conjunct Mars, which is very prickly.  Think of it as someone who crosses their fingers, then uses them to poke your eyes out.  Why?  He’s restless, aggressive, and conflict-driven.  Especially in Leo, where that sense of entitlement to special treatment kicks in, like with Jupiter. 

Really all of this is pretty straightforward.  Dr. Carson may have come up with some innovative surgical technique or strategy that made him a legend.  His highlighted Uranus could do that for him, make him very clever with his outside perspective.  But his bedside manner, his overall judgment, well, let’s leave that blank for now.  He has a bratty Jupiter, and his wife reflects that for him and wants that for herself.  She also wants to be spoiled and feels entitled to live larger than others.  They deserve each other.

Last thing to note here, Again Dr. Carson’s broken Neptune is right on Dejanira the Victim and conjunct Seginus the Guard.  Seginus is an unfortunate fixed star that denotes ruin through association.  I have applied that to pretty much everyone in the orbits of both Trump and Wendi Deng, due to their prominent Seginus contacts.  Trump has Jupiter, representing the government, conjunct Seginus.  To me that’s a little eye-popping, in terms of right on the nose, super obvious.  His precious brand will be the mark of Cain for all who wore it proudly.

I see that Dejanira the Victim is also prominently placed here.  I don’t believe Dr. Carson to be the sort of guy who harms people physically, aside from screwing them out of their housing assistance.  But he wouldn’t actually try to stab a guy, as he inexplicably claimed.  Note that all of Ben’s violent stories involve a lot of words, talking, and thought processes, because he doesn’t get that other people aren’t like him (Uranus).

When I see that prominent Dejanira in a man, and he’s not a perpetrator, I have to wonder what it means.  I want to say Mick Mulvaney has a prominent Dejanira, and I can see it being a lingering sense of “I’m the real victim here,” which has infected the whole GOP for as long as I can remember.  That may lend a sense of the ends justifying the means, which is already a problem for Jupiter when he gets on a roll.  He’s not into taking responsibilities, especially not with a bad Neptune.

Alright, I’m off to a dream where maybe the Sleepiest Surgeon at HUD will find something better to do with his days.


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