Scott Pruitt, Astrosplained

scott pruitt

Dudes and Duchesses,

Just as Dr. Ben Carson was a very strategic appointment in a specific and cynical way, so was Scott Pruitt.  But Dr. Carson lives on Planet Ben, where he can’t hear the complaints.

Scott Pruitt has no such luck.  Pruitt has been appointed to head an agency he sued repeatedly while Oklahoma Attorney General.  And he claims people are so mean to him on flights that he has to fly first class.  It’s not that I don’t believe citizens would take any opportunity to scream obscenities in his face, lord knows I wish I’d get a turn at bat.  No, my problem with his logic is that he’s appointed to his position, not elected.  So if the people he works for really, really hate him — as we obviously do — we should be able to fire him rather than paying extra so he doesn’t have to receive our feedback.

So who is this delicate flower, this tender snowflake prosecutor from Oklahoma?  Gentle reader, clutch your rosaries to your chests, put your garlic necklace on, and let’s look at the oily, toxic inside of Scott Pruitt.

scott pruitt chart

Once again thanks to the A students at (namely Viktor) we all have a proper birth time to work from.  So in this case I have angles and houses.

Scott has the Sun in Taurus, making Venus the chart ruler overall.  Venus rulership makes the native a people-person, one whose life is focused on other people and their connections to him.  Venus is the Goddess of Love, but that doesn’t mean she’s necessarily lovable.  In Libra she just wants everybody to make nice.  If you have been legitimately harmed, however, she just wants you to stop crying, not necessarily feel better.  She’d usually prefer if you feel better, but mostly just wants things to be pleasant on the surface in Libra.

The other side of Venus is Taurus.  In the American South we have a saying:  “If Mama aint happy, aint nobody happy.”  In Taurus, Venus is spoiled, selfish, and lazy.  Taurus is her homebody, foodista, entitled side, like Melania Trump.  Taurus the Bull loves to lie in his own pasture munching flowers in the shade.  But if you come over that fence you will get the horns.  He doesn’t appreciate having his privacy invaded, or being forced to do anything.  Libra is an air sign, Taurus an Earth sign.  Libra in Taurus, like Earthy Saturn, is very materially focused and wants physical pampering.  Airy Libra is more focused on the thoughts and words, and wants delightful cocktail parties.  Either way, like Melania Trump, Venus actually doesn’t care, as long as she gets to be spoiled and lazy.

So that’s Scott Pruitt’s basic makeup.  Especially in Taurus, Venus is represented by the tarot card The Empress.

The EmpressThis doesn’t necessarily seem like Scott Pruitt, because it looks like she’s owned it for a while and there are still lovely trees and clean water.  But in basic makeup they are the same.  The Empress is Venus in Taurus personified.  She will sit right there, and people will bring her stuff that makes her happy.  If not, she will make life miserable.  That’s our Scott.  The Empress has never done a lick of actual work.

With 8 Leo on the Ascendant and Jupiter in the 1st house, you have a huge ego, with the Sun ruling the first decan on the Ascendant.  The Ascendant is like your face in astrology, which you may note changes constantly with your feelings and experiences, as well as age.  But there is sort of one consistent thread, in that it’s always the face belonging to you, whether you are 5 years old or 97.   Anyway Leo is the classic king, believing himself honor and duty-bound in a way that nobody else is, and expecting that sort of treatment even if he doesn’t live up to his side.  (Ask me, I know!  This is 1 degree off my Ascendant, yuck!)  Marilyn Monroe had a 7 Leo Ascendant.  That is said to be the ability to turn “it” on when she walked into the room.  I thought it seemed hard for her to turn it off, but people who knew her personally said they’d see her “light up” before making her entrance sometimes, and wow.

With Jupiter in the 1st house, “the man who would be king” factor will be very, very strong with that Leo Ascendant and Taurus Sun.  Jupiter is the Greater Benefic to Venus’ Lesser Benefic.  The two are sort of an obvious pair, with her Trump-like husband, Jupiter, also not interested in doing a lick of work.  Both are interested in making his lazy, selfish, shallow wife happy, and what she wants is (a) what she wants and (b) everybody shut up and smile.  If those people love you, then hallelujah, your life will probably be pretty good (unless you buy a really expensive building named 666).  I don’t expect Eric or Lara to go to jail, you know.  Venus in Taurus wants her kids to sit in their golden terrariums and STFU.

Stephen Miller is another one with Jupiter in the 1st house.  People mostly notice him for the raging Pluto hard-on he shares with Omarosa.  But the war on janitors thing is how Pluto runs amok on a 1st house Jupiter.  Pluto adds the “off with their heads.”  But the real problem is Jupiter’s selfishness and raging sense of entitlement.  Pluto is the sociopath, who knows he’s doing the wrong thing and doesn’t care.  Jupiter doesn’t care because like Venus, he doesn’t think about it.  Sorry, I can’t resist showing my classic “picture says 1,000 words” about Jupiter one more time.

fat trump golfingThat’s who Pruitt believes he should be.  Regardless of whatever he says, what’s front and center on his mind is the desire to live like Don at Mar A Lago.  Wesley Willis wanted this same thing — and I believe created it for himself — an interesting contrast between the two lives, Wesley so positive and Scott so negative.

I note that Virgo is on the cusp of both the 2nd and 3rd houses, giving Mercury some exaggeration.  Scott has Mercury in a different sign than the Sun, like Farah Suckabee Flanders.  Where someone like Nikolas Cruz with Mercury right on the Sun might not be able to separate himself from his thoughts, with this distant, next-sign Mercury, I see the opposite, someone who changes their thoughts to suit their ego needs very naturally.  This would be especially pronounced in a Venus-ruled, superficial chart like Scott’s.

Importantly, Mercury managed to scoot into his own sign of Gemini.  So Scott is a very cerebral guy.  Not as intense as Dr. Carson with his flaming brain, but definitely not a heart-centered type.  This guy operates from his head mind, and from his own body.  He wants to be personally, physically comfortable at all times.  Everything else is a thought stream that he wants to be able to turn off, basically.  Go away, peasants.  Virgo is bad for this, the Virgin, which he has on the cusps of both the 2nd and 3rd houses.  Virgo is Earth-Air, ruled by Mercury.  Earth people are about their own bodies and their money.

Continuing on the theme of compartmentalization, superficiality, and detachment from other people, Scott has Aquarius on the Descendant.  HoraryMystic’s analogy for understanding the Ascendant and Descendant works for me.  Linguistically speaking, the Ascendant is the 1st person, “I,” and the Descendant is the 2nd person, “you.”  This is because of course every person you encounter in your life experience is a reflection of yourself.  There is no “out there” out there.  Every person and situation is neutral other than the meanings you impart to them, always.  I know it doesn’t seem that way, I still don’t always feel the truth of that after years of applying it.

But if you do choose to take radical responsibility for your life, then the Descendant is what you see in others, not necessarily who they are.  It can be who you attract, because that’s how you’ve configured your own energies, as shown in your chart.  This is very much the case with Kyriaki and her love life, with the high-powered fixed star Algol on her Descendant.  Scott has Aquarius on the Descendant, which is co-ruled by Uranus and Saturn.  Both of those two planets are marked by their inability to connect with others.  Uranus the Inventor sees humanity through a very long lens.  Aquarians are broad-minded, but not necessarily relatable one-on-one.  They struggle with heart-centered connections and processes.

The strong Venus in this chart would of course help Scott have more heart-level connections than an Aquarian.  But importantly on the Descendant, that makes Scott more of a “close to the vest” guy, heart-level connected to himself and a few immediate people, while the rest of humanity beyond his doorstep is mostly a concept he’d like to ignore.  That’s not necessarily anyone with Aquarius on the Descendant, again, I’m talking about this specific guy and synthesizing his chart factors.  This would be more automatic in a wedge chart like Czarinka Trump.  Scott has a ton of alienating/shallowing features in his chart.

[Update 4/7/2018:  I’ve also been looking for what makes him so paranoid, that he needs to have soundproofing from his coworkers, around-the-clock security, all of his crazy security demands.  It’s been a while since I did this chart, and I didn’t remember if there was a ton of Pluto.  But that’s basically what you’d need to see, why all the secrecy and paranoia.  That’s Pluto or Scorpio — which are not very big in this chart.  Could it be the Dejanira on the IC?  Quite possible.  I think it’s that plus the severely wonky Neptune.  That really explains pretty much all of the mysteries of Scott Pruitt:  he’s a hugely egotistical con man, a grifter.  He brought his little pack of Okies to the feeding trough, and he does what Carl Icahn tells him to, just like Trump told him to.  I look forward to watching Mueller ravage him and everyone he loves.  Your friend in Christ, Artnunymiss.]

I hardly mentioned that Scott also has Toro the Raging Bull in the 1st house in Leo.  That doesn’t sound good to me, especially in a Taurus-Sun chart.  I take that to mean Scott is very willing to get right in your face, like suing the EPA on behalf of the oil industry over and over and over while complaining that the courts are — what did he say again?  Something something “judicial monarchy” yadda yadda “religious sterility.”  He’s outraged about the inalienable rights, and as the guy with Jupiter in the 1st house Leo, it’s his job to deign from on high.  Very fun that the population at large (Aquarius) is mirroring that aggression right back to him from the Descendant, in airports.

Scott has the Moon, Ceres, and Dejanira in Venus’ other sign, Libra, making this an even more Venusian chart.  Libra Moon can be charming and polished.  Ceres the Earth Mother in Libra suggests that his mother was a bit sophisticated, more of a decorator/hostess than a feeler.

Dejanira the Victim is directly on both Ceres and the IC, the cusp of the 4th house, which I think of as the heart of hearts.  The 4th house represents your family of origin, your feelings about yourself and your home and upbringing.   Put that all together and his mother was an extremely biblical wife, submissive and mild at all times.  She may have been a domestic violence victim due to the vivid Dejanira placement.

I also have Libra on the IC, and I can tell you the unpleasantness of the world, for example what Scott Pruitt does every day, makes me really unhappy.   I’d love it if everybody could be civil, hostility truly wears me down.  But I don’t have Jupiter or Toro in the 1st house.

Scott has Juno the Spouse early in Scorpio, the sign housing his deeply shady Neptune.  I had a hunch his wife would be younger and hotter than you would think, certainly not a reflection of his light-hearted Ceres-Dejanira with the black eye, the opposite.  Lo and behold, she is younger than him, attractive and sexy though modestly dressed.  I’m sure her and the children are the focus of 90 percent of his attention, with all this Venus in his chart.   It would be nice if some of that love could be bounced back toward Ceres the Earth Mother, who Scott literally physically brutalizes every day at work, and has for many years.  So in early Scorpio, his wife is likely to be a sneaky, secretive, vindictive woman, hot in the sack.

Juno is actually conjunct Ceres and Dejanira too, and just like Carmela Soprano, Pruitt’s wife Marlyn can’t just wash her hands clean.  In some way or another, she will pay for her association with this man, be victimized by him just as he victimizes Mother Earth, and probably contributed to the subjugation of his mother by his father through emotional and verbal abuse, with all his Venus and Mercury.  That Dejanira setting is an eye popper on many levels.

[Update 4/7/2018:  After seeing this report from Rachel Maddow, I immediately looked up a picture of Samantha Dravis.  She is young and blonde, go figure.  To everything I’ve said in here about his Venus, add that I will be surprised if Pruitt and Dravis haven’t had a long-term affair.  Dravis looks to me like she’s in a heap of trouble.  Spending the rest of her life in jail because of the things she did as Pruitt’s comare makes too much sense.]

And where there’s Dejanira the Victim, there’s Nessus the Perpetrator.  Scott also has a prominent Nessus, both directly on Aldebaran and conjunct Mercury in his own sign.  Like Eric Greitens’ chart, YIKES.  I’ve written so much on Aldebaran here, I just can’t do it again.  General McMaster’s chart has a good Aldebaran explanation and discussion of the male toxicity of Antares.  Needless to say having Nessus on this axis, directly on either pole of the good guy/bad guy continuum, is a red flag even without the prominent Dejanira.

Nessus the Wife Beater in Gemini will be more cerebral than physical, especially in this Venus/Mercury chart.  If there were a lot more Pluto, I’d think he may actually be more physically harmful to his wife.  Scott has Pluto in Virgo, ruled by Mercury, confirming that he is unlikely to be physically violent or sexually abusive.  Between his curriculum vitae and his chart, it’s very clear that abuse of the planet herself is one of the key goals of this native’s incarnation.  He feels like the planet is the woman he’s allowed to kick as much as he wants, to facilitate him being the lion king with Jupiter in the 1st house.  Mars is also in Gemini, keeping his rage in the domain of his thoughts.

That Jupiter really is the fly in the ointment of this locomotive chart.  The locomotive chart shows one who can get things done, unfortunately for the rest of us when he is on this particular trajectory.  Every locomotive has an engine, and in this chart it’s Saturn conjunct the North Node.   Saturn is about the wallet, as is Venus.  So this is where we get the drive to specifically extract money from the Earth (Ceres/Dejanira).  I get that this is where the aggression in this chart is misdirected, as described above.  This native can rationalize almost anything.

This is especially so with Scott’s troubled Neptune.  Neptune is where we find the connection to the higher self, the individual’s reflection of the divine, and how well it’s integrated into the life.  Problem Neptune makes poor integrity, basically.  That can be standard integrity, like lies, or overall integrity, like dying of alcohol abuse.   It can also be buying into delusions, whether through schizophrenia or force of habit.  In this chart there is almost certainly enough superficiality and rationalization to create very workable ongoing delusions.  Basically this individual is likely to be either a covert narcissist or a sociopath.  I don’t believe he would personally come across anywhere near as awful as he is, with all his Venus.  Probably seems like a nice enough guy if you don’t know who he is.  But I doubt he is familiar with “remorse” as a visceral sensation.  Even with all this Venus, this guy has a lot of trouble empathizing.  Venus is inconjunct the Moon, emphasizing that unwillingness to make a scene (despite the intense Toro, very passive-aggressive).

So money, and specifically the cold, dark mineral wealth found in oil, are the engines on this locomotive.  A Taurus guy surely sees himself as a provider for his family, and sees the rest of the world as the husband that’s supposed to provide that support, sort of.   While this is not a very Saturnian chart, this one important part of Scott’s personality makes all the difference in how his life has played out so far, due to his greed and sense of his own authority.   This is the one Malefic planet that Scott hasn’t castrated by placing it under the control of either Mercury or Venus, the chart co-rulers.  Saturn is actually in Mars’ sign of Aries, where he’s quite a jerk.  Saturn has notoriously poor social skills, being the opposite of Venus energetically, the one who does not care how it looks or how you feel about it.  Venus is passive, Aries is conflict-driven.

Scott’s Saturn is also conjunct his North Node, a perfected spot in any chart.  Saturn denotes a number of things, including where hardship will fall on the native.  There are two sides to every coin.  Even when a native creates a totally lopsided chart, like a wedge, the life experience has a way of rounding everything out.  The balancing can happen during the life and/or after the death.  But just like everything else, energetically consciousness has an equal and opposite reaction.  As ye sow, so shall ye reap.  If you plant potatoes, don’t expect to see roses.  “On Earth as it is in Heaven.”

So the super big problem with Scott’s chart, the thing that makes him a huge tool (as if all the other stuff I just said made him sound kind of okay) is the Jupiter/Sun/Mercury/Mars/Neptune T-square, the big red triangle in the middle.  Anytime you have Neptune opposite both the Sun and the chart co-ruler (Mercury) you are going to have serious integrity problems.  Both the ego and the conscious mind stand in direct opposition to the native’s higher self.  This makes it very difficult to evolve as a person, to even want to, unless outside factors force your hand, like misfortune, bad health, etc.  Especially in an Antares-contact chart (via Nessus/Aldebaran), having Mars opposite Neptune is scary.  That’s someone who carries a true demonic charge with them into the life.  I find this very creepy in someone with this Venus/Mercury chart, someone who plays it so very light and charming.  Very sociopathic.

Another interesting thing in this chart is the criss-crossing inconjuncts in the center of the chart.  School shooter Nikolas Cruz has this, as does Eric Greitens.  I have only begun observing this aspect pattern, and will be on the lookout for examples of it among people who don’t appear to be treacherous.  The Venus/Moon inconjunct described above makes perfect sense to me, as does the one from Saturn to Pluto and Uranus.  Saturn is about discipline, including self-discipline.  Scott has a restrained Pluto, under control of the chart co-ruler Mercury.  Uranus the Inventor is right there too.  His only role is co-ruling the Descendant with Saturn.  In other words, when Scott gets confronted by angry citizens, he feels like it’s very out-of-the-blue. (Uranus)  He cannot relate to them.  (Uranus)  He’s horrified.  (Venus ruled)  He feels they’re out of control.  (Pluto and Saturn)  He wants them arrested.  (Saturn)  If they can’t be arrested, he wants to be elevated above them. (Taurus, Leo, and Jupiter)

The T-square is that lifelong psychic pebble in the shoe, the thing that keeps the native wound up.  Jupiter in Leo is at the head of the T-square, in the 1st house, making him rather self-explanatory.  His drive to be in government, and be very arbitrary about it, is spelled out clearly in the T-square.  Scott does have a very ugly temper, despite his excellent self-restraint.  Despite his Venus rulership, he’s a hanging judge by nature, with his Saturn locomotive.  Remember this native has basically walled-off access to his higher, heart-centered wisdom and his third eye, with his wrecked Neptune.  Then materialist Saturn is also co-ruling the Descendant in Aquarius, adding to the alienation and inability to connect or empathize.  That plus his 1st house raging Jupiter make him truly one who should not celebrate Bastille Day.










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