Casey Cagle, Astrosplained

To Whom It May Concern,

By request from Kat, today I am Astrosplaining another man who would be king.  I had not heard of this adorable guy until Kat wrote me about him. Cagle is running for governor of Georgia against an African-American woman.

I don’t need a weatherman to tell me which way the wind is blowing here.  If I did, maybe Roy Moore could refer me to one.  In a nutshell (full nut here), Cagle threw down against a private business on behalf of the NRA.  Delta Airlines recently announced it would no longer offer NRA discounts, Cagle promised to eliminate Delta’s tax breaks in Georgia.

Needless to say this is a very stupid threat that would hurt Georgia more than Delta, if Delta decided to move their operations rather than pay the fine. Cagle is currently the Lieutenant Governor, and it’s not clear (to me) what if anything he could do right now.  The legality of this is being debated.  The ethics are obviously questionable.

Thus gentle reader, I’ve been lured in by those crazy eyes, that hunched posture that says, “I definitely don’t have any duct tape in the pockets of this suit, and I didn’t steal it off a dead guy.”  I can’t look away.  So let’s look at the chart.

casey cagle chart

I like to determine the overall chart rulership first.  Casey has the Sun in Capricorn, so Saturn is the chart ruler.

The second biggest player in this chart is Jupiter, which is so turbocharged it could be argued to overtake the actual chart ruler, Saturn. Mercury is also prominent here, with Jupiter in Gemini.  Jupiter is really hogging up the spotlight here.  Kat asked if Casey had either a Seginus or Algorab contact, which would make sense with this very straightforward right-wing politician.  But both of those are well out of orb for Casey’s Moon, and they are not opposed by anything.  So this is really more just about who this person is, rather than him trying to jump on a gravy train.

With a Saturn-Jupiter chart, especially on a white guy of a certain age, there’s a very certain flavor.  Like Jeff Sessions, the Saturn influence here speaks of one who seeks authority.  Saturn represents anyone who can tell you no and you will have to deal with it.  So when we see a Saturn-ruled chart, we know that this is someone with a material-world focus, one who may have great difficulty connecting emotionally to others or be unwilling to do so.

Melania Trump has a strong Saturn chart.  She has been very aggressive financially, for a Taurus woman who already has tons of money and can’t be bothered to do a make-up line.   She doesn’t need the money herself, not that she wants them to give her royalties on the cakes they sell in a small town in Slovenia.  No, it’s the principle of the thing.  Nobody can make a few dollars off of her.  She’s able to sue them into stopping, and her Saturnian, punishing, rock-hard inner self carries the day.  Even with all the Venus in her chart, Melania somehow can’t see how bitchy and awful that makes her look.  She looks very classy because she knows not to say much.  But she’s quite the selfish little miser.

Casey Cagle’s Saturn is obviously going to look slightly different.  Melania does have a Jupiter situation too.  But IMHO her Jupiter tendencies are projected onto her husband, which is one of the reasons he’s now the president.  That and he wants Putin to be his friend.  In Casey’s chart, Jupiter represents the government and his desired role in it.  Like with Sessions, Saturn can see authority as something to be grabbed through dogged persistence over the course of time, eventually becoming complete.  Saturn represents everybody whose word is more important than others, like doctors who can write prescriptions, IRS agents who can get people thrown in jail, judges who can sign death warrants.  In this chart those two things, Saturn and Jupiter, are the primary driving mechanism.

While we’re still on Capricorn and Saturn, Casey has Toro conjunct Mercury, the chart’s 3rd in command.  Toro the Raging Bull is where we will see red and charge.  in Capricorn, again, Saturn is comfortable being the authority figure.  With Mercury we’re talking about the conscious mind, thoughts and words.  So it makes perfect sense that when his beloved NRA had its authority challenged, he saw red and charged into battle against people who support teenagers.  Saturn loves to punish, like the FLOTUS sending cease and desist letters to mom and pop bakers in Slovenia, who are, at the end of the day, celebrating her success.  People are proud of her.  I know they make a few bucks too.  But WTF, really?   Saturn stomps all over any warm fuzzies.

Jupiter is the real bandwidth hog here.  This is truly an extreme Jupiter, not sure how I would make it worse except putting the Sun there.  But that would take away the cold sourness of Saturn.  Jupiter’s key theme is “embiggening.”  Trump is a classic Jupiter, the guy who lives to run  all around the world literally plastering his name on as many giant buildings as possible.  He runs multiple charity events, and gives none of the money to charity.  That’s a deeply shady Jupiter running amok.  Jupiter is all about spending other people’s money.  You could think of the government as two ideas in one:  the part that expands, enhances, and enriches (Jupiter) and the part that closes down and punishes (Saturn).  Jupiter giveth, Saturn taketh away.

In this chart, I see a very straightforward rigid Saturn being used to create the sort of privilege Jupiter feels ever so entitled to.   If you don’t let the NRA run amok, I will punish you financially.  Keep in mind he doesn’t have the authority to punish Delta right now.  He’s auditioning for the job with that threat.

Casey’s Jupiter is really berserk.

  • Conjunct Mintaka, making this an ancient-Orion connected soul like myself.  I think it’s safe to say he’s on the other side of the Huva wars from me, at least at this time.  (I was really a huge turd on Huva, much worse than Hitler.)  Casey is all about the authoritarian agenda.
  • Jupiter at the head of a T-square, that red triangle.  This is the classic psychic pebble in the shoe, lifelong internal friction source that drives the native to act.  Jupiter and its energies are the thing Casey uses to resolve the tension between his Saturn/Chiron and Pluto/Uranus.
  • Jupiter at the head of a yod.  This particular yod speaks of using his extreme Jupiter to facilitate his ego needs.  The redirection is in this case more of a misdirection, in that Neptune speaks of integrity and the connection to the higher self, and the Sun is the ego.  So there’s no direct communication between the ego and higher selves with Casey.  He filters everything through that Jupiter and its desire to live every day like Don at Mar A Lago.
  • Jupiter bucket handle chart.  In a bucket chart, one singleton planet acts as an energetic fulcrum for all of the others.  The handle is the energy that the entire life revolves around, in this case Jupiter.  That is self-explanatory.

Casey has Saturn conjunct Chiron in Pisces, co-ruled by Neptune and Jupiter.  As above, Neptune is compromised here by the yod placement.  Jupiter is at least competing to be the actual chart ruler, with the actual ruler, Saturn, in a sign co-ruled by Jupiter on top of the entire bulleted list above.  So the Saturn influence here is markedly not self-discipline, but discipline of others to facilitate the Jupiterian privilege.  Jupiter is notoriously unconcerned with details, believing his own good time to be paramount.

Chiron is a fragment of the planet Maldek, which was destroyed by the aggression of its residents.  So we call it the Wounded Healer asteroid, and it does speak of the part of us that picks up the pieces and goes home, just because they’re too exhausted and broken from all the fighting.  Chiron is where we learn to focus on our own healing process, and let all the Mintaka/Pluto/Saturn people do as they wish.  But that can be very, very hard to do.  I have seen that in the charts of people like Wayne LaPierre, speaking of the devil, Chiron also plays a significant role.  When I think about what it has taken for me to move on in a positive orientation, just let it all go, it’s obvious that many people have no intention of working that hard.

Another thing I’ve been noticing lately, which I first noticed in the chart of school shooter Nikolas Cruz and then noticed in several others, is that criss-crossing inconjunct pattern, the dashed green lines.  I discussed the yod from Jupiter/Mintaka to the Sun and Neptune.  But there’s another inconjunct intersecting that, and it’s between the highly malefic Mars and Pluto.  So this is about misdirecting the aggression or redirecting it.  Mars the God of War is always itching for a fight.  Pluto the Devil is the original conflict-driven motherfucker.  This is a guy who wants to appear like Jupiter, the loving father who makes it all right.  But that Saturn is where his Sun is located, the cold, hard, punishing tax man.  I will probably see this pattern in some nice people too.  But so far it’s people like Nikolas Cruz and Jeff Sessions.  So there’s a certain oppositional-defiant flavor.  The native may have a sort of internal “chutes and ladders” he can use to avoid responsibility, i.e., manipulate and evade when confronted.

Casey has the Moon in Libra, giving this chart a lighter, airier feel.  Libra is ruled by Venus, who is defined by the people in her life.  The Moon is about reflected light, and this aspect makes a person softer than a Capricorn would otherwise be, but not a whole lot.  It’s really more polished than soft.  He knows not to let butter melt in his mouth.  He knows to toe the line.  He knows how to schmooze and charm people, which sounds really weird to me because I’ve seen his face and can’t imagine being charmed by him.  But within his demographic, he totally works.  People who voted for Trump, a lot of them still see that winning Jupiter.  Jupiter can blind you to anything else, because he has so much fun.  It’s easy to relate to the life of the party, he’s aspirational.

But Mercury is also important in this chart.  So the air in Libra adds to a cerebral, heart-disconnected individual.  Libra is notoriously superficial and fickle, like Mercury.  She’s never unkind or harsh.  But she’s not deeply committed.  That’s Saturn.  This looks to me like someone who keeps his Saturnian rigidity hidden as much as possible, probably couching it in terms of extremist Christianity like Scott Pruitt, because that’s acceptable within his community (Libra, staying within the lines and keeping everybody happy).

So, gentle reader, I say it will be fun to watch Casey get the crap stomped out of him.  I will never vote within this system again.  Had I held my nose and voted for Hilary, honestly I don’t know that I wouldn’t have killed myself when Trump was appointed president.  If I were to ever vote again, I would vote for the black lady every time, just on principle.  I’m ready for the last to be first and the first to be last.

Also, I’m tired of people saying he did win the election.  He did not.  The election was handed to him, undemocratically, by the GOP’s pet demon, the electoral college.  Casey will have no such luck, in my estimation.  Good riddance to bad rubbish.  Go be governor on some planet that the gun-toting version of Jesus owns.

I get so many international readers on this blog, it really makes me glad when I come and see all the different flags.  Sadly, I know that many international readers better understand American civics than most of my countrymen.  For those who are confused by this confusing mess, here is how I understand it.

The 2nd Amendment was about former slave owners wanting to be able to have their own militias.  They wanted to be able to enforce slavery at gunpoint, basically.  The electoral college exists to make sure that only landowners, i,e., the rich, have any actual political power.   Similarly slaves were granted “3/5 of a vote,” which is pretty self-evident if you think about it.  So this is not a system that has broken down, it is a system working precisely as designed.  That’s the problem we need to fix or die.










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