Mike Huckabee, Astrosplained

Gentle reader,

Today I am in mourning.  I watched with my own eyes while God’s most precious and delicate snowflake melted, right on Fox News.

The video above was such a perfect storm of Fike Muckabee, that I had to pull up his chart.  And he was already in the database at astro.com, thanks to the good scouts who share with the class.  When the Country Music Association rescinded his offer of a place on the Board, it was totally arbitrary and unfair, no good reason at all.  Muckabee’s the real victim here.

“Huckabee… uses language that has a profoundly negative impact upon young people all across this country.  Not to mention how harmful and damaging his deep involvement with the NRA is.  What a shameful choice.” — Jason Owen, Monument Records

The above Fox clip is something like a Fellini movie IMHO.  And luckily for me ::SPOILER ALERT!:: Fike Muckabee is a great example of a wedge chart.  Fike is such a wedge chart guy that his daughter Farah Suckabee Flanders developed inside his bubble and mistook it for the whole world.  That explains so much.  ::END SPOILER::  Really the above video tickled me pink over my wake and bake. 

Fike and his Fox Friends believe Chelsea Handler is jealous of his daughter.  He also thinks he and Chelsea Handler are about the same age, and thus comparable.

Fave quotes from his appearance on Fox and Friends just for laughs:

Today the new direction of the left is, in the name of tolerance, be intolerant.  In the name of love, hate people.  And in the name of diversity, demand conformity.  Because that’s where we are.”  — Fike Muckabee

If I tried to parse his thoughts, the Christian pastor and NRA lover would truly baffle me, because I like logic.  That’s why I do astrology, gentle reader.  I haven’t got time for the pain.  I just want to know what’s happening.  So let’s get charty, shall we?  Right.

First I’m going to show you the chart without my standard defaults, as I call it a de-crapified version, “Just the facts, ma’am.”  This is actually a rather simple guy, the asteroids only provide subtle shading.

Mike Huckabee chart de-crapified

So at a glance you can see what’s up with Fike Muckabee, in a way.  This is a wedge chart, like Czarinka and Eric Trump, and IIRC Kim Jong Un.  One of my best friends has a wedge chart.  But her wedginess breaks my heart.  The thing is, when you have this tight bundle, where all of the planets are hugging tight in one corner of the wheel, that’s sort of how you live your life, too.

Where a bowl chart native often lives a “glass half-full” life, the wedge native lives life to the 1/3rd-est.  They focus their awareness very tightly on their own lives, their own inner circles.  If you’re on the inside, I’m sure that’s an amazing bubble of support, where you’re sort of the only real thing and everyone else always comes second.  I honestly can’t imagine being raised that way, my life was so opposite.

Not that my friend doesn’t love me.  In her own way, she does.  She just feels like her own family and kids, and the people she lives near, need to have a psychic moat around them.  After 20+ years of daily communication, she still at the end of the day only thinks of me as a work friend, because she met me at work.  Doesn’t want me to text her at home, just email her at work.  That’s a wedge.  That doesn’t seem rude or ugly to her, as it does to me.  It doesn’t feel like shutting me out, to her.  With her wedge chart that feels normal.  But I have a highly dynamic chart, where the energy zooms around and ricochets, hers is opposite.  Fike’s is very bubble-reality, like my friend.

Actually with this chart, the wedge shape is really the main thing you need to know.  It can be very difficult to build a bridge to the wedge native.  This guy has intense myopia with the way he sees the world.  Just like America is always in the middle of the maps we occasionally saw in school, Muckabee really believes the Sun rises and sets in the crack of his butt.  It’s his world, the rest of you need to conform.

With that stellium in Leo, Fike is enormously egotistical.  That’s what it takes to be able to insert your daughter into a high-profile White House job and still whine about being disempowered socially.

Most of this chart is plopped directly on the fixed star Regulus at the tail end of Leo.  I’m a believer in an old-school concept I think is called “shared illumination,” meaning that when planets are conjunct, their light sort of merges together just as smaller lights would make a brighter light overall.  Therefore things that wouldn’t actually connect by orb are connected by shared light, because it becomes one mass of light with each one more visible as a group.  But that’s not even necessary here, they’re all properly within orb for high-voltage Regulus.  So that’s Vesta, Pluto, Mars, Venus, and the Sun, all on Regulus.  That’s pretty much all you need to know about this chart, honestly.

I can safely say that Regulus is the reason any of us know this person’s name at all.  Regulus can make you king.  But like with all of the high-voltage fixed stars, if your integrity flags, you’re in for a big problem.  Regulus often goeth before the fall.  Ask Harvey Weinstein.  Wedge charts almost never get famous, because they’re not dynamic people.  They’re people who keep their lives laser focused, and like with visual myopia, they truly see things only in this one way.  Most of the world does not exist for them.

So Mike got to be governor of Kansas because he so perfectly mirrors most of the white people of Kansas.  Foolish me, growing up I thought Kansas would be very laid back, simple people living close to the Earth.  Like Dorothy.  When she says, “We’re not in Kansas anymore,” it makes Kansas sound like the world’s safest space, beyond there be dragons.

When I drove through Kansas, I was struck first of all by how beautiful and peaceful it is, and how sparsely populated.  Just like I imagined.  But then I noticed that despite driving all the way across the state, literally the longest way, there was nowhere for me to stop.  No tourist stuff.  Not only do they not want you to stop and look around, they make it so you have to keep going if you’re starting to get hungry.  No campgrounds, state parks.  There was almost nowhere to eat.   I was in my van, and normally I can just pull off the road and sleep.  But the only such accommodations were small paved strips for semi-trucks, and they were always full, because Kansas wants you to mind your business and just keep passing through.

I’m sure there are hotels in the major cities.  But I found it shockingly socially inhospitable, despite the lovely landscape.  I didn’t see any of the sort of mom and pop things I expected, the things you routinely see in similar rural parts of America.  Hey, I drove from one end of the state to the other and DID NOT SEE A STARBUCKS.  No exaggeration.  It’s a very small handful of very wealthy white people, who killed all the natives fair and square as far as they’re concerned.  They know what an enormous lap of privilege they’re in, a fact they keep hidden in plain sight.

So Fike Muckabee lives in his own little bubble reality, literally and figuratively.  He became governor of Kansas because he so accurately reflects the white people of Kansas.  And with that Regulus stellium, he’s able to get a lot of white Kansans to concur with his belief in himself as anointed.  Muckabee believes he’s the born king, which is why he’s both a pastor and a governor.  I know there are a lot of pastors who do double-duty, including my favorite, MLK.  But intention is everything.  Even without the wedge chart, the Regulus stellium is actually a bit of a mic drop on who this individual thinks he is:  the king of kings.

“And it’s not enough to say, ‘I disagree, and I wish this person, you know, would change his mind.  Today, it’s, ‘Let’s put him out of business.  Let’s close his store.’  It’s ‘Let’s destroy everyone who doesn’t agree with me.'” — Fike Muckabee

Hey, Fike?  Some ladies from Planned Parenthood have mentioned that they disagreed with you several times now.  They sure wish you’d change your mind.  Just saying!  🙂

The Sun is in that giant stellium on Regulus, the Lion King.  But it’s located in Mercury’s sign of Virgo.  Mercury is also in Virgo, making this someone who is ruled by his head mind, his thoughts and words.

And I was correct in my hunch about his daughter Farah having that wide-set Mercury honestly, getting it from her father.  He also has the Sun and Mercury quite far apart (for those two) suggesting one who does not so much identify with his thoughts, though they’re quite prominently ruling his life.  I have a combust Mercury, and I’ve noticed that I do think I am my thoughts.  I work on it.  I don’t know if wide-set Sun-Mercury suggests a lazy eye or not, or if Sun and Mercury in different signs does.  But I suspected the chart similarity, and found it.

But I still can’t imagine how it feels to be Fike or Farah Suckabee Flanders, feeling so solid within my own ego that even my dominating thoughts feel like outside influences.  Really the setting of the Sun and Mercury in these two is reflected in the physical comparison of the eyes.

She has his eyes, and hers are even slightly more askew, because her Mercury is not just far away, but in a different sign.  I’m not talking so much about their faces, which I find as ugly as their insides.  But specifically Sun/Mercury shown in the windows to the soul, and how these two are chips off the same block.  They’re both strangely dead-eyed to me.

Okay, so briefly let’s look at the full chart, for a few details.

Mike Huckabee chart

The main important thing in the full version is that he has Pallas the Field Marshal on Antares.  While Pallas is not a hugely important asteroid generally, when we’re looking at someone who is arguably a strategist, or anything that looks like a field marshal, and it’s on the Aldebaran-Antares axis, it’s important.  Mike has been a soldier for the people he represents for a very long time.  He has been as unequivocal in his positions as only a wedge chart can truly be.  And for the people who like him, he seems to be a warrior for the Archangel Michael.  I see him quite clearly as field marshaling for the pack of demons on Antares, namely the NRA and their spokesgoblin Wayne LaPierre.  It’s the old, one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure.

I do not think his Nessus is close enough to Algol to be making contact there.  The Moon, Saturn, and Juno the Spouse in Scorpio are all ruled by Pluto and Mars, making him quite aggressive.  Antares is a lower octave of Mars energetically (I am not sure that’s true astrologically, so I am warning you that I’m going off-road here.  But I work quite a bit on my Mars and Aldebaran issues.)  Energetically it is certainly true, that for me, the Aldebaran/Antares axis is like a hallway, with the Archangel Michael at the high end and the pack of demons at the low end.  Then Mars is where most of us stand, somewhere in the middle.  Unless you have a major contact on either end, like Pallas on Antares.

The presence of Juno tells me that Mrs. Suckabee is also right on board with the deviousness, and is probably quite the sneaky little trickster herself.  Also Juno does represent  partnerships generally, and we can see that this extremist Christian is willing to partner up with both the gun vendors and David Duke’s favorite pussy-grabber, all at the same time, because Jesus doesn’t like gays and wouldn’t make Muckabee sell them a wedding cake if he owned a bakery.  That’s communism.  No, you may not have an abortion.  Signed, Jesus (by his spokesman, Fike Muckabee in his absence, with his permission)

Also it’s not a very tight conjunction, but he does have Dejanira the Victim conjunct Toro the Raging Bull in Virgo, again ruled by Mercury, the thoughts and words.  This guy plays the victim pretty much  non-stop, and as shown in the videos and links herein, he does it to go on the attack.

Interestingly he does not have any of the money-grubbing, power-hungry aspects that we see in the Saturnian or Jupiter-driven charts.  For him, it’s purely social control, plain and simple.  That’s the Pluto/Mars Moon kicking in to serve the Antares connection with Pallas.  He’s purely ideological, and his ideology is about his ego and his birthright to rule over us all from on high.  Pluto is a control freak and an extremist.

Thank God for the Regulus fall, may it come quite soon.  I would love, love, love it if Farah has stepped in it with Mueller.  I don’t recall her having much bandwidth in the Mercury department, if you know what I mean.  I believe she has an afflicted Mercury in Virgo.   So she could be duped, or maybe just be not bright enough to step out of the way in time.  She could get bogged down in the tree-counting and not notice the forest is on fire.

Ultimately I don’t know what will bring Fike Muckabee down, assuming he has strayed from his integrity.  His Neptune is in airy Libra conjunct Spica, which can be thought of as the spotlight illuminating the path to Heaven’s Gate on Arcturus.   So he has the ability to connect with archangelic-level energies.  That’s how he’s able to insert his daughter to the position where we all met her.   As I’ve said over and over, anyone who has a contact to any of these archangelic-level energies (including anyone with an Antares contact, due to the Aldebaran opposition) had better use that gift wisely, or pay a dear price.  Misuse of this particular sort of power does not end well.

So in fairness, it’s entirely possible that the people who think Fike is a warrior for the good are right, and I’m wrong.  I’m on the Aldebaran/Mars side, with my Neptune also on Spica.  My Pallas is there, too.   He and I are simply soldiers for opposing teams.

Anyway I do believe Regulus will deliver this guy the fall he so deserves.  Judging by how badly he took it when they wouldn’t let him be on the Country Music Association board, the coming GOP bloodbath in the mid-terms is going to be a major challenge for him.  Tough.




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