Martin Shkreli, Astrosplained

Daytime Friends and Nighttime Lovers,

Today on behalf of all humanity, The WuTang has been avenged.   Finally some justice in this system.  The above-linked blog has this amazing picture, God bless whoever screen grabbed it.

Martin shkreli crying

I wasn’t sure it was Martin at first, because I’ve never seen anything even remotely like that look on his face before.  But if you look at the teeth, and other pictures of him in that room, yes, it’s him.  WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!  Isn’t that satisfying, after so much of this?

Martin Shkreli

Hey Martin, if it hurts that much letting go of your favorite album, imagine being told you can’t get your AIDS medication! [mic drop]

martin shkreli chart

I don’t wish AIDS on anyone, even Shkreli.  Nor sexual assault.  But forcing sociopaths to deal with consequences?  Oh, yes.  Jail is a great place for him.  And so gentle reader, we come to the obvious question.   Like Omarosa, you could’ve been so many things, just why this?  WTF?

I like to start at the top when decoding a person.

Sun is in the last few degrees of Pisces.  This is something of a magical spot in the zodiac where anything goes.  Harvey Weinstein has the Sun near Martin’s.  Pisces is an intuitive, emotional water sign, traditionally ruled by Jupiter, co-ruled by Neptune now that we’ve discovered it.  So that explains how Shkreli can be both a Bernie bro and Shkreli, pissing off everybody on the left, all at the same time.  It’s that last bit of Pisces, where all of human experience gets tossed in together, like the garbage disposal of our collective psyche.

Shkreli has Mercury just about to peek out from behind the Sun’s corona, also in Pisces.  Importantly both of these are square Neptune, co-ruler of this chart.   Neptune represents the higher self, the ability to access and integrate that information into the conscious, waking life (the Sun) and the thoughts and words (Mercury).

It has taken me quite a while to understand certain co-rulerships, and this is one of them.  I never got what Jupiter has to do with Pisces.  Neptune and Jupiter are quite opposite in character and in function.  

The explanation that I was given is that if you think about religion in general, there are two parts:  the mystical and the hierarchical.  There are prophets who have visions and thus give holy scriptures.  Then there are organized ways of distributing and maintaining that information.  Neptune is the one who has the vision.  Jupiter is the one who loves his brand.  He’s the one who builds an eponymous organized religion, like Martin Luther.  Then Joseph Smith is the guy who does both.  I expect both of those two to have raging Jupiter, like Shkreli.

You could argue that Luther was a visionary, too.  He wanted to bring a heart-centered approach to Christianity.  But he didn’t personally have visions, like me and Joseph Smith, and my namesake, Teresa of Avila.   And like Joseph Smith, he was very whoopsie on the “whatsoever you do” — for Luther it was Jews, for Smith it was women.

So, Shkreli.  This chart beautifully shows how the co-rulership splits Pisces.  Martin’s squares to Neptune will make it very challenging for him to access his own higher wisdom.  When we make negative choices in our lives, as Martin seems to have almost continually done, we limit our own options going forward.  I believe the NYPD is currently ready to arrest Harvey Weinstein, if Cy Vance will allow it, speaking of the negative consequences really ruining your good time.

And that’s what Jupiter is after, at the end of the day.  He likes to live large, life of the party.  He feels entitled to spend other people’s money.  He’s not a hard worker.  He likes to see his own name in lights.  So that’s the duality explained.  Pisces is where the snake eats its tail.  Where is this Mr. Jupiter in Shkreli’s chart, you might ask?  Good question.

Jupiter and Neptune are both located in Jupiter’s other sign, Sagittarius, confirming the Cain and Abel relationship between those two planets.  Neptune is in Jupiter’s sign, with Jupiter.  Done.  Then of course that’s the other thing he has square the Sun and Mercury.  So Martin really doesn’t like himself, is my guess.  Really, really doesn’t.  Likes himself less than the rest of us do, which is actually sad.  He still deserves his consequences.  But his story is a tragic loss of human potential, even just referring to himself.

Where Shkreli really goes off the rails, IMHO, is that his chart-dominating Jupiter is conjunct Uranus, Mr. I Gotta Be Me, on fixed star Antares, the malcontent.  I’ve written so much about Aldebaran and Antares I just can’t anymore.  Please click the tags.  But having your extreme Jupiter on Antares really can’t be good for anyone.  I mean like anything in astrology, of course theoretically it could.  But like Ayn Rand, this guy has really painted himself into a psychic corner.  Anything’s possible, but it’s not probable.

Interestingly, Martin has asteroid Dejanira the Victim smack dab between Vesta the True Believer and Mars, in Aries.  That is liable to make him highly aggressive all by itself, much less all the other things in this chart.   I’m beginning to consider what Dejanira reflects in the charts of men, specifically ones who are not suspected of sexual abuse, like Shkreli and Mick Mulvaney.  Martin’s abuse pattern is pretty obvious.  It’s society and the people who live in it, from AIDS patients to the Wu Tang Clan.

Venus conjunct the Moon is where I see a lot of this going sideways again.  Venus is also in Aries, which she totally hates.  Venus is about how we interact and interface with others, the people in our lives.  Having that conjunct the Moon means Martin is needy AF, moody, clingy even.  Venus and the Moon are in two different signs despite being conjunct.  So it’s one of those complicated marriages.  While Venus is basically a battered wife in Aries, the Moon is right in the beginning of Taurus, ruled by Venus.  I don’t have a birth time, and the Moon moves rather quickly.  So it could still be in Aries.  That would just make him more angry and quick to lash out.

I think he actually has the Moon in Taurus, ruled by Venus.  Again, that’s ruled by Mars anyway, so he’s likely to have a big chip on the shoulder and some impulse control issues.  Taurus is Melania Trump:  bourgeois, spoiled, lazy, compulsive shopper, snob, gourmet, connoisseur.  Hoarding coveted items in the home is very Taurus Moon.  Of course one could be all of the above and still be a fine person.  But we’re talking Shkreli and his Wu Tang album.  But that I don’t think is the ultimate trigger.  That Taurus Moon, so selfish, so spoiled, wants to keep that album even though they obviously hate him having it.  That’s not a Taurus thing.  Venus really does want everyone comfortable, even in Taurus.  Just that in Taurus there’s a moat around her and hers, where the comfort can end.

Knowing how much everybody including the artists hate him having the album, and still being extremely in your face about having it anyway, that’s Antares.  And Shkreli has his chart ruler, the point of his whole shebang, right smack on Antares.  There’s no way to mistake his intention with this placement.  I appreciate him not trying to play at having any redeeming qualities with some minor placement on Aldebaran.  No, that would be firmly outside his bowl chart.  See?  This chart is so oppositional and intense that I haven’t even mentioned that it’s a bowl chart.  (That’s another one you can click the tags for more examples.)

Speaking of the bowl, whenever there’s a large blank patch in a chart, there is a psychic vacuum, a pull toward something the native is missing.  In Martin’s chart, Nessus the Wife Beater is close to the middle, the bull’s eye of that hole in the psyche.  I’m not really sure how to interpret that, especially with the prominent Dejanira.  Again, I don’t expect Martin to be involved with physical violence based on what I know of his life.   So it would appear that he either doesn’t feel those influences strongly enough to act on them, or channels them toward hating society in general.

While I’m on the asteroids, I don’t imagine Martin being in a relationship.  But in terms of his partners, he has Juno the Spouse conjunct fixed star Fomalhaut.  Fomalhaut, like the other Royal Stars of Persia, carries an archangelic vibration.  It adds high voltage to the native’s life.  Abuse of such power automatically carries with it the equal and opposite negative reaction.  The Royal Stars can bring you to the top, and then slam you right back down twice as hard.  Regulus is famous for this, but it’s true of the others as well — especially Aldebaran, the seat of Archangel Michael, with its equal and opposite negative reflection on Antares.

So basically this is a deeply antisocial man.  The presence of Uranus on Antares only exacerbates the sense of insisting the whole world meet him on Planet Martin.   When he brags that even if he does go to jail, he will sit there and “make paper,” that sounds like a Saturn thing, that it’s a money-driven individual, especially with the guy who got famous for price gouging AIDS medication.

But no, his Saturn is in Scorpio conjunct that sign’s co-ruler, Pluto.  So aggressive Mars and mean-spirited Pluto are pulling the levers of money in Martin’s life.  For Martin, money is about social control and having a good time.  He’s not a Plutonian character like Mike Huckabee, who seeks social control for his ideology.  Martin has that Jupiter/Uranus on Antares.  He wants to make society kiss his butt because he feels like he has a right to be an island that is facilitated by the mainland, aka humanity, no matter the expense.  That’s his Jupiter run completely off the rails.

Uranus can have a very hard time relating to the rest of humanity on an interpersonal level, connecting with the heart.  Uranus feels like his needs and problems are unique — though there’s nothing new under the Sun.  Especially conjunct Antares with the extreme, over-the-top Jupiter, this speaks of a pervasive sense of alienation, a sense of having in some extreme way been cheated out of one’s rightful due, and a willingness to respond accordingly.  Even a little bit of Antares, or a problematic Aldebaran, can make someone highly malignant.  Martin’s exaggerated personality is splayed all over Antares, wrapped around it, like rust on discarded metal.

Before I sign off on Martin Shkreli, one other thing to note.  That pair of “rim oppositions” from Pluto/Saturn to the Moon/Venus, ouch.  Hurt my eyes to look at.  With the bowl chart, again, we’re talking about someone who does not meet others halfway.  The only way for this to be more exaggerated would be a wedge chart, where everything is happening in two or three signs.  But it’s still pretty straightforward, exactly what I’d expect from Martin.  Those oppositions remind me of the way we were taught to lock arms to carry someone in fire academy.  People can interlace arms for a very strong grasp, almost unbreakable.  And that’s how this particular pair of strangleholds feels to me.

On the one side of the oppositions, we have the two softest planets, the benefic Venus and the maternal archetype, the Moon.  Venus represents not only women as a group, but   Those two are locked in opposition with two of the most malefic planets, Saturn and Pluto.  Saturn is the police officer, and Pluto is the devil.  Put those two together, and you have a really, really antisocial guy.







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